Karzai: Release of jihadis from prison “of no concern” to U.S.; U.S. should “stop harassing” Afghanistan

KarzaiKerryGood idea. The best thing would be for the U.S. to stop harassing Afghanistan altogether: no troops, no aid, not a cent for this duplicitous pseudo-ally with a Sharia constitution and an endless tolerance for the Taliban. There is no enemy in Afghanistan, as Obama has said that the Taliban are not the enemy and the U.S. does not want to fight them. If there is no enemy, why are there troops?

“Karzai: Afghan Prisoner Release Is ‘No Concern’ to U.S.,” from NBC News, February 13 (thanks to Kenneth):

If U.S.-Afghanistan relations seemed like they were already at an all-time low, Afghan President Hamid Karzai threaten to inflame them even further Thursday.

Karzai said the release of detainees considered dangerous by Washington was “of no concern” to the U.S.

Despite U.S. pleas, the Afghan government released 65 alleged militants Thursday.

U.S. officials say some of the men were explosives experts who were directly linked to attacks that have killed American troops, as well as Afghan civilians.

The prisoners release has been criticized by senior U.S. military officials to U.S. senators.

“It is of no concern to the U.S., and I hope the U.S. will stop harassing Afghanistan’s procedures and judicial authority,” Karzai said at a press conference in the Turkish capital Ankara.

The release comes at a particularly contentious moment for U.S.-Afghan relations. Karzai has refused to sign a Bilateral Security Agreement with the U.S. that the White House and Pentagon consider absolutely essential to keeping any American forces on the ground in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

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  1. jewdog says

    There are troops in Afghanistan because Obama’s ignorance has precluded him from acting decisively, so we drift along, carried by the inertia of past mistakes.

  2. Mohammad says

    What was the point of occupying this sh*t hole for 11 years? We should have had a scorched earth policy and simply left. Modern nation state democracy for 7th century barbarians, what a joke. We could have backed some strong man dictator to install as a puppet without a full scale ground invasion and an 11 year occupation. At least poppy production is up a lot. Just think how many billions banks are making laundering the money.

    • Bettina says

      Any good reason you honor him with the title “Pres.” when he has and is continuing to prove he’s not the American people’s friend, kissing ass as he does to the MB and other Islamic filthy low-life scum supremacists?

      • JessieJames says

        My sentiments also Bettina, I had a big argument with my sistrer-in-law a while back when she refered to obama as “president”. I told her that he was not now nor has he ever been my president nor will he ever be. I am more of a U.S. citizen than he is. I can prove my citizenship. My sister-in-law still argued that he “still holds the title of president” to which I replied “and that’s only because panty wasted wimps like you keep refering to him as such.” If only someone could invent a spray like pepper-spray that would repel liberals and PC’s and keep them at bay, I would by stock in it and make a killing.

  3. mortimer says

    The Afghan judiciary is independent in principle, though there are widespread accusations of corruption and bribe taking.

    However, according to the report, 65% of the people that were surveyed admitted to having paid a bribe to the judiciary in one form or another at least once in the previous year.

    With regard to the police, 33% of Afghans are of the opinion that the police are involved in corruption, and 51% admitted to giving a bribe to the police at least once during the previous year.

    All together, the findings of Transparency International, a reputable organization often cited by governments and academics around the world, indicate that administrative corruption has increased in Afghanistan in the last two years.

    When asked about the report, Bahawuddin Baha, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court’s Criminal Court, admitted to the existence of corruption in the judiciary, but highlighted the recent examples of several judges being put on trial and convicted for corruption.


    • Mohammad says

      Sounds like the U.S as well. I wonder which country is more corrupt Afghanistan or the U.S. Both countries are Banana Republics.

      • Bettina says

        I feel insulted that you dare compare the U.S. with this 3rd-world scum in terms of corruption! When we find corruption, our media keeps rooting it out and exposes it. Where you been? My Moroccan friend, for instance, told me repeatedly that the toxic smog in Casablanca is because when drivers are stopped for poisonous exhaust, they simply bribe the cop and get off the hook! How many cops or troopers have you seen bribed in the U.S.? I resent the allegation, which only shows your inflammatory ignorance. Get off your false equivalence positions and join the fight on JihadWatch! Furthermore, why are you called Mohammad? Is this a joke?

  4. JamesonRocks says

    “Good idea. The best thing would be for the U.S. to stop harassing Afghanistan altogether: no troops, no aid, not a cent …”

    Robert, I couldn’t agree more… We’ll also need to take or destroy all our equipment, supplies, weapons, etc…

  5. Chief Peter B. says

    Thirty years in the military and I have come to the conclusion, get our troops the hell out of Afghanistan.

  6. erniemagoo says

    The only thing the west should give too any Muslim is death after all that’s all they shout about!!!!

  7. fair_dinkum says

    please U S, abandon the place now. it going the way of iraq but it will be faster and just as gruesome.

    please, western alliance, stop ALL aid. stop ALL red cross and other aid workers.

    please leave it to rot. leave it to create instability with it s neighbours borders and internally. please just let it implode and rot.

    please let drones be the only interaction with this putrid, backwards cesspit.
    starting with this criminal, this ape/pig in charge.

  8. Sam says

    Please let our troops come home ASAP as our obama administration is clueless about what is going on in the Midddle East and infact in the World. What a shame we send our children to this hole to be a shooting target by people who hate us. What are we doing there?

  9. William Bradley says

    31 years in the military and 3-1/2 years in Afghanistan (Bagram, Kabul, Kandahar) as a contractor. I agree, get them out. Within 6 months of us leaving Afghanistan it will be like we were never there. Afganistan is the way it is because that’s the way the Afghani’s want it.

  10. Dennis Trisker says

    Living in India, I have had contact with Afghani refugees here, now citizens. What the U.S. has never understood is both tribal and Islamic counties. Afghanistan is both. These people are not ready for imposed democracy. They will vote for whoever the tribe or family votes for. They will vote for whomever they are told to vote for. Actually most people there only want to survive, make money, gain power, raise family, etc. I think, being a U.S. citizen, that our government must educate itself in Islamic thinking, tribal societies, and Islamic feudalism before going into these countries. I lived in Iran during the Shah when we had the chance of helping him to create a western-like democracy and instead we destabilized his country and destroyed the Iranian fledgling democracy. No see what we have!

  11. Ciccio says

    Karma is certainly fun to watch. I remember to British fury at the US support of the IRA, one man’s terrorists are another’s freedom fighters. Remember too the Russians reaction the the US intervention of their fight in Afghanistan. Don’t forget about the US insistence that Israel release terrorists with blood on their hands. which is of course nothing like Karzai is doing now.

  12. peter says

    You know what goes back comes back! The greatest idiot in the history of world and US was Ron Regan who in his short sightedness encouraged and created jihadis in Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight in his own words”the ungodly Soviet Union” .Now the same jihadis the brain child of Regan has come back to haunt is upsetting the west. As the saying goes you reap as you sow!