Albania arrests two imams who recruited Muslims for Syrian jihad

imametThese are imams. They are teachers of Islam, and devout Muslims. They have dedicated their lives to understanding Islam and teaching it to others. How did they come to hold the idea that jihad involved violence against unbelievers — an idea that we are constantly told in the West is something that only greasy Islamophobes believe?

“Albania Nabs Suspected Al-Qaeda Recruiters,” by Besar Likmeta for Balkan Insight, March 12:

The seven suspects are accused of recruiting a number of Albanian citizens to fight in the bloody civil war in Syria.

The suspects include the imams of two Tirana mosques, Genci Balla and Bujar Hysi, who are believed to be ringleaders of the group.

Balla, who is also known as Aburrahman Balla, has drawn attention with his fiery sermons posted on YouTube, calling on Albanians to join Islamist militants linked with al-Qaeda in Syria.

“Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State [of Iraq and al-Sham] are the only groups that are fighting to create an Islamic state where sharia law will rule,” Balla says in a sermon posted on YouTube.

“The [mainstream, anti-government] Syrian Free Army… don’t want Islam to rise up,” the preacher adds.

Jabhat al-Nusra, also known as the al-Nusra front, is a branch of al-Qaeda fighting in Syria. The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, ISIS, was founded in the early years of the Iraq war. It pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda in 2004, becoming known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

The mosques where Balla and Hysi preached are not part of Albanian Muslim Community, the official organization representing Muslims in Albania.

A 33-year-old Albanian, Anri Maliqi, who died fighting in Syria, used to attend Balla’s mosque, which is located in a poor suburb of Tirana.

A growing a number of Muslims from the Balkans are being drawn into the sectarian conflict raging in Syria, Iraq and, increasingly, Lebanon. Most Albanians are Muslims, at least nominally.

The International Center for the Study of Radicalization, ISRA, a think tank based in King’s College, London, believes some 300 Albanian fighters, from Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania, have joined Jabhat al-Nusra or ISIS.

The arrests follow an investigation launched by Prosecutor’s Office for Serious Crimes in cooperation with Albanian state police.

During the arrests, police sized an AK-47, a hand grenade and hundreds of automatic rifle rounds.

“All the suspects are accused of the crime of ‘recruiting of individuals in order to carry terrorist acts, incitement and propaganda”, the general prosecutor’s office said.

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  1. Bezelel says

    You could see where these imams would take offense at all the chatter about them misunderstanding islam when they are so diligent in their studies.

  2. says

    “The seven suspects are accused of recruiting a number of Albanian citizens to fight in the bloody civil war in Syria.”

    Did you notice the pattern? Imams don’t fight, they recrute others to fight!!!

    Just like the coward Muhammad, they prefer death in jihad than life, as long as this jihad is fought by their gullible followers and not by themselves!

  3. southeuropean says

    And Albania became a NATO country,with 70÷ of its population- Muslims…and potential jihadists

  4. dumbledoresarmy says

    From the article – “some 300 Albanian fighters, from Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania, have joined Jabhat al-Nusra or ISIS.”

    Macedonia, btw, is not officially an Islamic country: it is secular, with a majority of the population at least nominally Orthodox Christian.

    Let us hope that all 300 Albanian Muslims – whether from Kosovo, Macedonia or Albania – have met or will meet sticky ends in the jihad in Syria.

    That way, there will be fewer murderous mohammedans to endanger the lives of the non-Muslim remnant in Albania and in Kosovo, or of the non-Muslim majority in Macedonia.

    I would advise the government in Macedonia to declare that those ethnically-Albanian Muslims who have gone from Macedonia to Syria to wage jihad are no longer Macedonian citizens, and cancel their passports. Let them go; and don’t let them back in. The more Mohammedans leave Macedonia, the better.

  5. Joel says

    All was fine until your last line.

    Judaism, the Religion of Moses ( and Abraham) BROUGHT LAW AND CIVILIZATION to the pagan world.

    In just the last 50-60 years Jews have won more Nobel and other prizes in medicine and the sciences then virtually any other group. And, in total, worldwide, number under 20,000,000 (under twenty million).

    Compared to 1+ billion Muslims; the same (or perhaps more) Catholics.

    Know idea about the various Protestant religions, Hindus, etc.

    Israel publishes more books then ALL OF THE ARAB MIDDLE EAST COMBINED, in numerous languages. The population is perhaps 6 million, compared to 100+ million for the Muslims.

    Israel is in the forefront of medicines for MS., MD, Parkinson and other diseases.

    What have the Muslims–anywhere–given the world-in the last 50-65 years, besides roadside bombs, homicide bombs, honor killings and hatred?

    And 9if you can think) back to Sept 11, 2001– the Muslims were CELEBRATING the attacks.

    Think–more recently-Hurricane Sandy –Israel and the Jews- the only nation to OFFER AND GIVE ASSISTANCE TO THE PEOPLE OF THE NORTHEAST. Where was the Pope? The Protestants? The Hindus? BuddhistsThey all are in NY.


  6. enwhitenment says

    Dismail Mophead,

    If you keep calling me a kaffir i am likely to cut off your head.
    Or at the least i will sue you & the islamic community for being derogatory to my beliefs.
    I may even claim a charge of racism against you.
    Also seek medical help with your fixation on white women as all women are equal in beauty.
    your sexual perversion comes from the koran which we know is incorrect.

  7. Jan says

    Sounds like ‘mr dude’ finally got tired of the worship Dawkins theme, and has put on a new mask.

    Interesting, and rather nauseous to see what his latest fantasies are. Ick.

  8. gravenimage says

    Where to start with the bs from the fake Saudi apostate “Ismail Mohamed”?

    For one thing, the idea that most of the Jihadists flocking to Syria are *not* Alawites, a tiny sect that barely exists outside Syria itself.

    Most of them, instead, are mainstream Sunni Muslims off to wage Jihad *against* Assad.

    Certainly, the two groups cited by these pious Imams—Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham are both Sunni Jihad groups intent on establishing a new Caliphate.

  9. eib says

    A desert demon leading them all to hell.
    Islam is profane.
    Mohammed is a false prophet.
    The “gabriel” who guided him was of the world, for the world, and never transcendent.
    Islam is submission to the immanent, a denial of the transcendent.

  10. Ismail Mohamed says

    ”for being derogatory to my beliefs” I thought you were an atheist and I can call you whatever I feel like and should you want a physical confrontation with a 6 feet tall, 250 pounds weighing body-builder, which I am, get your ass to Cairo ASAP, and we will sort things out, like men do. Book only a one-way ticket though, no need for a return flight, consider this a threat. FYI, many non-Muslims who are awaken to the reality of Islam have branded them as ”Proud Infidels” on FB( profile pictures and cover photos) for example. Infidel which is English for ”kaffir” is a badge of honor for all non-Muslims to carry, it sets them apart from the sub-human animals.

    ”all women are equal in beauty” You are entitled to your own opinion on that one, bud. Your JW name of choice suggests that your a white supremacist who have given up on his cause of ensuring the survival of the white race. White women are the most beautiful in the world, get over it .

  11. enwhitenment says

    Dismail, You think i use the tag “enwhitenment” because im white ?
    Sorry that is not the reason.
    You could watch some mma on youtube to see why body builders belong in gyms not in combat.
    I myself have self control & my supremacy would only ever be viewed by those who feel inferior not because i courted it.
    If you grew 3 inches we could almost be twins.
    I have 4 children but they are kind of “off white , slightly dark with a yellow tinge & a lovely Mediterranean glow.
    So sorry i cant save the Nordic purity you seek

  12. eib says

    Judah is the lion and the lamb.
    Salvation is from Judah, as were David, Solomon, and Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
    There is no salvation in Islam.

  13. eib says

    Judaism, the Religion of Moses ( and Abraham) BROUGHT LAW AND CIVILIZATION to the pagan world.

    It did not do so alone.
    The primary gift of Judaism was the concept of holiness, the transcendent, as opposed to the immanent.
    The chief characteristic of God is that he is holy, and the most repeated command to the Israelites is “Be holy as I am holy.”
    They wandered in the desert for 40 years, at God’s command, to become holy and self-consciously aware of it.
    Salvation comes from Judah, the Jews today.
    It does not come from the Arabs.

  14. eib says

    They don’t give their lives.
    Muslim martyrdom is killing the infidel.
    It has nothing to do with giving at all.