Boston jihad murderer Tamerlan Tsarnaev had black flag of jihad on wall of his home

And meanwhile, his widow Katherine Tsarnaeva went to Kazakhstan to cozy up to his Allahu-akbaring mother, who so disgusted the world in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon jihad bombing by whining about how authorities had killed one of her murderous sons and were planning to kill the other. That this was and is a thoroughly jihadist family, contrary to continuing mainstream media reports, is increasingly clear.

“PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Boston bomber’s widow cozies up to his mother on trip to see her in former Soviet state months before atrocity – as disturbing video emerges of jihad flag on wall of her home,” by M R Freda for the Daily Mail, March 6 (thanks to Twostellas):

The widow of Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev cozies up to the terrorist’s mother on a trip to see her in her homeland months before the marathon massacre, in an exclusive photograph obtained by MailOnline.

In the family photo captioned Kyrgyzstan 2013, Katherine Russell, 24, is holding the daughter she had with Tsarnaev, who was killed during a shootout with police days after he and his brother Dhzokhar allegedly detonated two pressure cooker bombs along the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15.

The picture shows just how close Russell was with mother-in-law Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, who lives in Kyrgyzstan and has an open arrest warrant hanging over here in the US. Also in the picture is the brothers’ sister Bella.

Meanwhile, MailOnline has also found footage showing the flag of jihad hanging in the Cambridge, Massachusetts home shared with the Tsarnaev family.

The startling video was discovered while investigating images and video posted by the ‘Free Jahar’ community – who are fighting to clear the name of Tamerlan’s brother Dhozkhar, who is currently in custody awaiting trial for his part in the mass killings.

He has pleaded not guilty.

The flag used by Al Qaeda is visible at the end of a short video clip showing Dhzokhar Tsarnaev with his niece, daughter of Tamerlan and Katherine.

In it, he is teasing the baby, and as he says ‘give me a kiss.’The flag, which was identified by a federal expert who examined the video, is visible behind her.

It is often called the Black Standard and has the shahada – a creed that declares in the oneness of God written on it.

The flag started appearing on Islamist websites since 2001.

While Russell may not have known its violent symbolism it adds to the disturbing questions over how much she knew of her husband’s radicalism.

Russell, a wealthy American Muslim convert, has had the threat of charges hanging over her for nearly a year related to the bombings….

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  1. mortimer says

    Jihad is deceit. More Americans are finding out how deceitful Muslims are.

    The depressing reality of TAQIYYA is becoming better known.

    No jihadist is ever ‘guilty’.

  2. Veracious_one says

    While Russell may not have known its violent symbolism it adds to the disturbing questions over how much she knew of her husband’s radicalism.

    The Russians knew…

  3. duh_swami says

    They was framed. There was no attack. There were no deaths, no injuries, the blood on the street was paint. The ‘victims’ were crisis actors. This was a false flag operation…
    Or so say the wild eyed, drooling, conspiracy fanatics.
    I was kicked off of Infowars for strenuously challenging those ideas.

  4. eib says

    Another day, another likely black widow.
    May she never spend another hour without having to look over her shoulder.
    May she never sleep without being watched, watched, watched.

  5. says

    She is a Black Widow…She reveres the sociopath MUHAMMAD who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 unarmed Jews in 627…Killing infidels is foundational to her all observant Muslims…

  6. Free Speech says

    “Free Jahar” … what a bunch of fffing jokers. America if full of uneducated, superstitious lunatics.
    Startling to find a black jihad flag … hardly.
    The mother is one of the most disgusting people I’ve ever laid eyes on. She perfectly represents the psychopathy of Islam. It’s as plain as the nose on your face to anyone who has ever worked around mentally ill people in an institutionalized setting like I have.

  7. mortimer says

    The black flag of jihad and the false flag of Katherine Russell, traitor to America, a female Benedict Arnold.

  8. veggiedog says

    That there should be any question of guilt is a sad thing. That Rolling Stone makes this monster look like a pop star is despicable. That any American can be duped by Muslims anymore is at the essence of what is wrong with our culture. Instead let’s hate Jews, Republicans, people that think for themselves, anyone that would hold one accountable for their actions. This nation has not gotten to hating Christians yet, but wait. A purge of Muslims and Muslim sympathizers must begin. Take away our guns so you can take away our other freedoms, you know that if we are armed your agenda will fail.

  9. Reality Check says

    Daily Mail is the poorest excuse for a newspaper I’ve ever seen and the most heavily censored, as well. It deletes any critical comments about the true nature of Islam before they are even published. They have people who read the comments in advance and decide what to publish and what not to publish. God forbid that somebody succeeds in posting something that embarrasses Islam – the dhimmis in DM’s editorial room will never let it happen!

    This article is no exception – you won’t read anything shocking in the comments’ section. They’ve made sure you won’t.

    In fact, the dhimmitude of Daily Mail goes so far that they betray their own citizens whenever and wherever they become the victims of crime in Islamic countries. One of the most recent examples is the case of Lauren Patterson, a young British woman who worked as a teacher in Qatar when she was abducted, raped, stabbed, burned and then her body dumped in the desert.

    Given the enormity of the crime and the fact that the victim was as British as many of the readers, Daily Mail’s articles attracted a surprisingly mild outcry from Lauren Patterson’s compatriots and you would see the typically lukewarm responses, such as “Women in Britain also get raped and killed” or “This unfortunate type of thing happens all over the world. Are you saying that in London women don’t get raped and murdered??!!”

    But then the comments below the article started with an explanation that “The comments below have been moderated in advance.” Typical Daily Mail behaviour – they are so manipulative and so concerned about causing a frown on Muslim foreheads they denied the victim the public outrage and the sympathy she was entitled to.

    I stopped posting my thoughts there a long time ago because it became clear to me that most of the time they will never see the light of day. The editorial assistants are already living in the times of Shari’a. Whoever needs something like that as a tribune for their thoughts?

  10. JIMJFOX says

    I’m willing to be wrong, but the Mail seems to me to be the only British paper that calls islam what it is and reports muslim atrocities where the rest do all they can to avoid mentioning the I or M words.

    The BBC is far more worthy of attack and only recently was forced to say ‘muslim’ and not its usual weasel ‘south Asian’

    But I may be wrong…

    • Reality Check says


      You are right but most of the Daily Mail articles that name and shame Muslims as the perpetrators of sex crimes in Britain end with the line “Comments are not allowed for legal reasons”, so they’ve found a way to mute anyone who wants to say anything about it one more time. They are very diabolical and want to have their cake and eat it, too – look like the only newspaper that tells the truth and yet not give a tribune to anyone who wants to be heard on the issue.

      They must be paid big bucks for that but given how indescribably rich their sponsors are, I am sure they still sold themselves very cheap.

  11. Gba says

    It is so obvious as to be laughable…the Brits who cozy up to Muslims are getting paid big bucks (or pounds) payola – under the table!!!