“Democracy is dead”: Pilot of missing Malaysian airliner was “fanatical” supporter of Muslim Brotherhood-linked politician

MalayPilotDemocracyDeadZaharie Ahmad Shah was a “fanatical” supporter of Anwar Ibrahim. ” That is telling: “Anwar Ibrahim’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood run deep. Ibrahim helped establish the International Institute for Islamic Thought, or IIIT, a Muslim Brotherhood front group in the United States. IIIT has come under fire for their connections with terrorist organizations. In 2002, Anwar Ibrahim’s IIIT was included in a lawsuit by victims of 9/11 seeking damages from organizations linked to ‘rendering material support to radical Islamism.’ In 2003, US government prosecutors ‘submitted court documents detailing financial support (PDF) from the IIIT for convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad fundraiser Sami al-Arian.’ They also found that Taha Jaber al-Alwani, the president of IIIT had once stated via a fatwa that ‘jihad is the only way to liberate Palestine.’ A US Customs official said that the government is also looking into the possibility that IIIT was involved in ‘terrorism-related money laundering activities.'”

“‘Democracy is dead': ‘Fanatical’ missing airliner pilot pictured wearing political slogan T-shirt,” by Simon Parry, Amanda Williams and Wills Robinson for the Daily Mail, March 15:

An image has emerged of the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet wearing a T-shirt with a ‘Democracy is Dead’ slogan as it has been revealed he could have hijacked the plane in an anti-government protest.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a father-of-three, was said to be a ‘fanatical’ supporter of the country’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim – jailed for homosexuality just hours before the jet disappeared.

It has also been revealed that the pilot’s wife and three children moved out of the family home the day before the plane went missing.

It comes as FBI investigators say the disappearance of MH370 may have been ‘an act of piracy’ and the possibility that hundreds of passengers are being held at an unknown location has not been ruled out.

Officials also revealed that it is possible the aircraft could have landed and transmitted a satellite signal from the ground. If the plane was intact and had enough electrical power in reserve, it would be able to send out a radar ‘ping’.

Captian Shah was an ‘obsessive’ supporter of Ibrahim. And hours before the doomed flight left Kuala Lumpur it is understood 53-year-old Shah attended a controversial trial in which Ibrahim was jailed for five years.

Campaigners say the politician, the key challenger to Malaysia’s ruling party, was the victim of a long-running smear campaign and had faced trumped-up charges.

Police sources have confirmed that Shah was a vocal political activist – and fear that the court decision left him profoundly upset. It was against this background that, seven hours later, he took control of a Boeing 777-200 bound for Beijing and carrying 238 passengers and crew.

Yesterday, Malaysian police searched his house in the upmarket Kuala Lumpur suburb of Shah Alam, where he had installed a home-made flight simulator. But this newspaper can reveal that investigators had already spent much of last week examining two laptops removed from Shah’s home. One is believed to contain data from the simulator

Confirming rising fears, Malaysia’s prime minister Najib Razak announced yesterday that MH370 was deliberately steered off course after its communication system was switched off. He said it headed west over the Malaysian seaboard and could have flown for another seven hours on its fuel reserves.

It is not yet clear where the plane was taken, however Mr Razak said the most recent satellite data suggests the plane could have been making for one of two possible flight corridors. The search, involving 43 ships and 58 aircraft from 15 countries, switched from the South China Sea to the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean.

In another dramatic twist early Sunday Indian officials however, said the search was on hold until ‘fresh search areas’ were defined by Malaysia. It is unclear what the reason was for the delay.

Data showing the number of plausible runways where the plane could have touched down – which need to be at least 5,000ft – offer a baffling number of potential locations.

According to a map drawn up by U.S. radio station WNYC, there are 634 locations which could fit, from Australia to the Maldives to Pakistan.

However, the true number is likely to be even higher, as estimates of how far the plane could have travelled have been increased since the calculations were carried out.

US investigators say faint ‘pings’ were being transmitted for several hours after the flight lost contact with the ground.

Meanwhile, military radar showed the jet climbed to 45,000ft – above its service limit – which could have been a deliberate attempt to knock out the passengers and crew.

Anwar Ibrahim is a broadly popular democracy icon and former deputy prime minister whose prosecution on a charge of sodomy is seen by many Malaysians as political persecution.

The raids on Captain Shah’s home appeared stage-managed as a display of intent after the Prime Minister said the focus of the investigation was now on ‘crew and passengers’ as a result of the latest leads.

But investigators have told the Mail on Sunday inquiries into the background of the pilot actually began days earlier.

Malaysian police, helped by FBI agents from the US, are looking into the political and religious backgrounds of both Zaharie and his co-pilot. Zaharie’s home was sealed off yesterday as police spent an hour inside.

However, a senior investigation source said two laptops were taken from the property in low-key visits by police early last week despite a series of denials by officials that his home had been searched or raided.

One laptop taken away is thought to contain data from the flight simulator while a second contained little information. Zaharie’s personal laptop was not found, and is thought to have been with him in the cockpit of the plane, the source said.

Zaharie’s co-workers have told investigators the veteran pilot was a social activist who was vocal and fervent in his support of Ibrahim.

‘Colleagues made it clear to us that he was someone who held strong political beliefs and was strident in his support for Anwar Ibrahim,’ another investigation source said. ‘We were told by one colleague he was obsessed with politics.’

In their interviews, colleagues said Zaharie told them he planned to attend the court case involving Anwar on March 7, just hours before the Beijing flight, but investigators had not yet been able to confirm if he was among the crowd of Anwar supporters at court.

Zaharie is believed to be separated or divorced from his wife although they share the same house, close to Kuala Lumpur’s international airport. They have three children, but no family members were at home yesterday: only the maid has remained there.

Anwar Ibrahim is a broadly popular democracy icon and former deputy prime minister whose prosecution on a charge of sodomy is seen by many Malaysians as political persecution.

Campaigners say the politician, the key challenger to Malaysia’s ruling party, was the victim of a long-running smear campaign and had faced trumped-up charges.

Captain Shah, who is thought to have attended the trial in Putrajaya hours before flying, is thought to be incensed by the verdict.

Co-workers have told investigators the veteran pilot was a social activist who was vocal and fervent in his support of Ibrahim.

Investigators said: ‘We are looking into the theory that Zaharie’s political beliefs may be a factor. There are huge sensitivities surrounding this but we cannot afford not to pursue any angle brought to our attention.’

In the days after Flight MH370 disappeared, Zaharie was affectionately described as a good neighbour and an eccentric ‘geek’ who had a flight simulator at home simply because he loved his work so much.

Malaysian officials initially appeared keen not to direct any suspicion towards Zaharie or his co-pilot, 27-year-old Fariq Abdul Hamid, who was last week revealed to have invited two women passengers into the cockpit and smoked on an earlier flight to Phuket.

But evidence of the way the plane’s transponder and communication systems were disabled and the way the plane was expertly flown over the Indian Ocean apparently using navigational waypoints meant only a skilled aviator could have been at the controls. Investigators were also baffled by why, if hijackers took over the plane, there was no Mayday call or signal from the two pilots to say the cockpit had been breached.

At yesterday’s press conference, the suspicion over the pilot’s involvement mounted as prime minister Najib Razak said that investigators had found ‘deliberate action’ on board the plane resulted in it changing course and losing contact with ground crews.

As a result of the new information, Malaysian authorities had ‘refocused their investigation on crew and passengers aboard’, he said. Police sealed off the area surrounding Zaharie’s home and searched the house shortly after the press conference.

Mr Razak said the new satellite evidence shows ‘with a high degree of certainty’ that the one of the jet’s communications devices – the Aircraft and Communications Addressing and Reporting System was disabled just before it had reached the east coast of Malaysia. ACARS is a service that allows computers aboard the plane to relay in-flight information about the health of its systems back to the ground.

Shortly afterwards, near the cross-over point between Malaysian and Vietnamese air traffic controllers, the plane’s transponder, which emits an identifying signal, was switched off or, less likely, failed.

According to a military radar, the aircraft then turned and flew back over Malaysia before heading in a north-west direction.

Here is Anwar Ibrahim with Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the international Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader who has praised Hitler and endorsed jihad/martyrdom suicide bombing:

"Plane diverted to carry out terrorist activities in India"
U.S. admits contact with terrorist Brotherhood org — to ‘support people of Egypt’
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    • Stephen Poole says

      … Listen up, people !! … Put all of your thoughts aside for a moment and say a fast prayer to Jehovah God for all of the innocent people on that Malay plane … It certainly couldn’t hurt … Just sayin’ … SP OX …

    • Tim says

      The problem is … angry, violent, murderous, evil, cruel, sadistic, insane, vicious, MAD DOG, demonic, terrorist bastards …

        • Alarmed Pig Farmer says

          Here at the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport, Delta’s plane cleaning crews are Somali women. A flight attendant told me that they’re rude, refusing to say hi back, and bumping into the Infidel attendants going up and down the aisle between flights. The hiring of Moslima cleaning crews was started by Northwest Airlines, formerly headquartered here, before it merged with Delta Airlines of Atlanta.

          Cleaning crews pass through security only once a day. It’d be easy to get a package in for them to retrieve, unpack an explosive, and slap it under a passenger window seat by a wing.

          Comforting, ain’t it?

  1. Mah29001 says

    And the same “moderate” Muslims claim they’re so gosh darn repressed….they go hijack another airliner and likely take the people on board hostage in secret….

  2. Daphdong says

    Perhaps all airlines should start questioning their pilots religious affiliations. I know this is not exactly Freedom of Speech, but we do not have that anyway. But it could stop this sort of hijacking inthe future.
    Islamists are a danger to everyone who is in contact with them, even ‘moderate’ Moslems tithes go to the jihadists, so they do believe that the world would be better Islamic. They really should have the skull and crossbow on their clothes to make people beware. but perhaps that is going a little too far.

    • Brian C. Hoff says

      It would very easy to hide your connection to religish group. Then you would to have to ban christian and jew from being airliner pilots as well as ban aleste who donot believe in than god from being airliner pilots.

      • Ann Silver says

        Out of the three groups you mentioned, only one has flown planes and killed people in the name of religion. Nice try.

      • thomas_h says

        “Then you would to have to ban christian and jew from being airliner pilots as well

        Only as long as life of the taboo of discrimination is held more sacred than the life of man.
        Once you legalize profiling of passengers (which is nothing but discrimination) what prevents you from profiling pilots?

      • Angemon says

        Then you would to have to ban christian and jew from being airliner pilots as well as ban aleste who donot believe in than god from being airliner pilots.

        Someone says that jihadis should be banned from flying planes, you reply that jews, christians and atheists should be banned too. Islamic logic right there.

        BTW, you forgot to mention zoroastrians, buddhists, sikhs, hindus, jedis, and a huge number of other religions. Then only agnostics could fly planes since they don’t believe in god but also don’t don’t believe in god.

      • gravenimage says

        “Brian C. Hoff” wrote:

        Then you would to have to ban christian (sic) and jew (sic) from being airliner pilots as well as ban aleste (sic) who donot (sic) believe in than (sic) god from being airliner pilots.

        What is “DefenderofIslam’s” ‘logic’ here? Christians and Jews and atheists are not waging violent Jihad.

    • billreitzes says

      Please pat attention to the comments of friends and neighbours, after the fact.
      They always say, that “they were such nice, quiet, allah fearing people”
      We need a guide, that will tell Joe Infidel, just who to be careful from, because not all Muslims are terrorists.
      A guide please

    • gravenimage says

      Daphdong wrote:

      Perhaps all airlines should start questioning their pilots religious affiliations.

      I’m not sure that would fly—pun intended—in Dar-al-Islam.

    • Defcon 4 says


      Duh, what muslime doesn’t have those beliefs? Do you think there’s some sort of magical, good brand of islam0fascism? Do you think there’s some sort of good brand of Nazism?

  3. Daniel Moshe Johnson says

    Shalom All
    We face a very old energy, that had been present in the world for quite some time.

    It has been hidden among this war ideology known as Islam, that has done nothing but cause the opposite of love and human brotherhood.

    Where hate exist, there is no room for expansion or growth, will it become so unsafe that certain regions will have to be considered off limits, that’s how I see it.

    These huge undisciplined areas are prone to indoctrination and subservience, a recipe for a suicide jihadist breeding ground.
    It has already began…

  4. mortimer says

    WHAT? ‘Democracy is dead?’ Muslim Brotherhood?

    Are the Malaysians unable to screen their pilots better than this?


    • billreitzes says

      61.3% of Malaysians are Muslim.
      The majority think like him.
      Why would they suspect someone, who shares the same thoughts and prays to the same god, who reads and understand the same book of hate, the Quran?

  5. Bradamante says

    I pray that the passengers are being held somewhere and that eventually they can be rescued.

  6. epistemology says

    This is the nicest company you can think of, Sheik Yussuf al Qaradawi, one of the greatest anti-Semites of this planet. Obviously this airline was hijacked by Mahoundians, there is no Islamism only Islam and we have to get rid of the scum as we got rid of Nazism.

  7. Mr. Squat says

    CNN had a feature about “pilot suicides”. Somehow they failed to see the common denominator of all the cases: Islam. It was all about pilot being depressed.

    • gravenimage says

      Mr. Squat wrote:

      CNN had a feature about “pilot suicides”. Somehow they failed to see the common denominator of all the cases: Islam. It was all about pilot being depressed.

      You’re right, of course. This is “suicide” only in the same sense that suicide bombings are suicide.

      One doesn’t strap on a bomb vest and head for a crowded public area if they are simply feeling despondent; nor would a depressed pilot decide to “check out” with a plane full of passengers and crew that he had been tasked with protecting.

      Instead, this is just a variation on “killing and being killed in the way of Allah”—in other words, violent Jihad.

      Of course, we don’t have all the information yet—but it appears less and less likely that this was just some sort of tragic mechanical failure.

  8. Defcon 4 says

    Yeah, who wouldn’t jump on an airplane being flown by musl0nazis? I wouldn’t fly Malay Air if you gave me the ticket — or any other musl0nazi airline.

  9. fair_dinkum says

    have barely followed it since the different countries and authorities seemed to be
    determined for days to speculate …

    and it was jihad all the time. what a surprise /sarc

    do the math. it’s a daily occurrence. it’s only varied in its numbers and intensity and brutality.

  10. sidney penny says

    Democracy is dead refer to Malaysia not his religion connections.

    Anwar Ibrahim has probably toned down his ties to Muslim Brotherhood and his views on it.

    • Alarmed Pig Farmer says

      That would be cuz he is unhappy with the Mo-Bro-Hood, which has been delegitimized by its pact with Prez Barack Hussein, an apostate.

    • says

      By Ahmed Simon
      John – Tell me Ahmad, why did your prophet Muhammud claim that he talked with an angel, and this angel carried the conversation to Allah and vice-versa; unlike our prophets who communicated direct with God?
      Ahmad – That is what my Quran says in sura 2.67 (chapter/verse in the Quran).

      John – In sura 22.52, Allah says he removed Satan’s verses from the Quran. How sure are you that all Satan’s verses were removed and how did Satan get to the Quran?

      Ahmad – I really don’t know, John. That is what is said in sura 22.52 of the Quran.

      John – In sura 2.106 & 16.101, it says Allah (Muslim God), cancelled many verses in the Quran and added better verses. What made Allah change his mind, and wasn’t the initial verses of Allah any good? Why did Allah correct his own work?

      Ahmad – That is what the Quran says in those suras. I don’t know why it is mentioned.

      John – Your prophet Muhammud waged various wars. What did he do with the booty?

      Ahmad – He killed the Christians and Jews, in Saudi Arabia, and took their wives and daughters (always the best for himself before passing the rest to his companions). The same applied to their belongings. He also fought wars, with the Arabs and some muslims.

      John – In sura 33.37 of the Quran, it says prophet Muhammud married his daughters-in-law while their husbands (his sons) were still with him? Wasn’t all his women enough?

      Ahmad – Prophet Muhammud had a great sexual appetite. He had 12 wives, numerous concubines, temporary wives and female slaves. He even married a 9 year old girl, named Aisha when he was 52 (9 years in muslim calender is 8 years in our Gregorian calendar. Present 40 years will be 44 years old in the muslim calendar. Somebody goofed).

      John – Why did prophet Muhammud overrule Allah who created 1 woman for 1 man, and allow muslims to have 4 wives at any one time? Can prophet Muhammud overrule Allah?

      Ahmad – It sounds ridiculous to me also. But how do you know so much about Islam?

      John – From http://www.islamreview.com and their links. Try it. Doesn’t the Quran say in sura 2.62 & 5.69 that all Jews and Christians will go to Heaven?

      Ahmad – I know, but resent that sura and I don’t know why it is stated in the Quran.

      John – Why does the Quran also say in sura 19.71 that all muslims will go to Hell?

      Ahmad – Though it’s not said, I hope, after spending time, some like me,will be saved.

      John – In sura 43.61 it says Jesus the Messiah will come again on Judgement day.

      Ahmad – It is, John.

      John – In sura 21 Abraham destroyed the idols, then, why keep idols in the Kaba in Mecca. Aren’t muslims facing and praying to these idols in the Kaba (Mecca) today?

      Ahmad – I suppose they must be holy idols, John.

      John – I cannot understand sura 2.142-144 of the Quran, which basically says the Qibla(direction to face to pray), was changed from Mecca to Jerusalem and back to Mecca again. Isn’t Allah everywhere? Why face one spot on earth to pray to Allah?

      Ahmad – I did not know the Qibla was changed and rechanged.I must check this sura.

      John – Why did prophet Muhammud’s soul go to Jerusalem to rise to Allah? Isn’t the Kaba the house of Allah? Then, shouldn’t he have risen from the Kaba (Mecca)?

      John – The Quran in sura 3.106,107 says Allah recognized white people, as good and black people as bad. Why did Allah judge people based on the colour of their skin?

      Ahmad – Prophet Muhammud had very fair skin colour according to Bukhari. I have to check this sura to see why Allah said black was bad.

      John – The Arabs invented Slavery, and even prophet Muhammud had hundreds of slaves himself, so did all his companions. Isn’t this slavery in muslim nations continuing today?

      Ahmad – Not so rampant today, as before though.

      John – Every muslim is required to pray for 365 days a year with no exception, for subuh at 5.23 a.m. syuruk at 6.49 a.m. zuhur at 1.08 p.m. asar at 4.14 p.m. maghrib at 7.16 p.m. and isyak at 8.25 p.m. but Ahmad, with so much of prayer, the muslims still face hell. Prayer in Christianity is not perfomed in a set of obligatory and mechanical rituals as in Islam. In christianity, we pray because we love God and enjoy His presence, and, ultimately, in seeking an even closer presence in Heaven. The pleasures of Heaven in Christianity is life in the presence of God.

      Ahmad – (In Silence).

      John – In sura 7.157 the Quran says prophet Muhammud was illiterate (cannot read or write and uneducated) and so were all his companions. Most of the suras in chapter 18 refer to them living in caves. Why did Allah pick such man as his messenger.

      Ahmad – (In Silence). John – In sura 4.11 & 2.282 the Quran says a male’s inheritance is double that of a female, (A legal will is not allowed in Islam). It also says one male witness equals to two female witnesses. Why are muslim females only half of a male?

      Ahmad – Females are recognized as inferior, because Allah made man superior, period.

      John -The Quran says in sura 96.1 & 96.2 that man was created from a blood clot, but 21.3 & 24.45 says from water,19.67 from nothing, 3.59 & 35.11 from clay, 15.26 from mud and 16.4 & 75.37 says from a thickened liquid. Which part of the Quran is wrong.

      Ahmad –(In silence.)

      John – Why stone a woman to death for adultery, while a man is only whipped?

      Ahmad – Because women tempt men and that is why they have to cover, head to toe.

      John – In sura 4.34 of the Quran, Allah says a disobedient woman should be beaten and deserted by her husband. Isn’t Islam the only religion to sanction this punishment?

      Ahmad – Sura 2.223 says women are basically to serve man and Allah is merciful.

      John – In sura 2.219 & 5.90 of the Quran, it says muslims must not consume wine, because it is ‘Satan’s Handiwork’. But in sura 47.15, 55.54-56, 83.22, & 83.25 it says repeatedly all male martyrs will go straight to heaven and awarded “voluptuous fair virgin maidens, rivers of wine, best fruits, milk and honey”.Why you cannot drink wine on earth, but can in heaven? How did ‘Satan’s Handiwork’ get to Heaven? Is this why muslims are committing suicide in the name of Allah, to have virgins, etc in Heaven- Sex Maniacs? Is this the only way muslim males can go direct to Heaven and why not muslim females? In my opinion, these men will be sadly disappointed when Satan welcomes them in Hell, for killing innocent men, women and children, don’t you think?

      Ahmad – (In silence).

      John – Nothing to say, Ahmad?

      John – Allah orders muslims to kill to spread Islam as stated in sura 4.74. Why?

      Ahmad – It was done in the formative years of Islam, not so many nowadays.

      John – Allah orders muslims to kill anyone who gives up Islam, in sura 4.86? Is this the only way Allah has, to keep muslims within his fold, by getting other muslims to kill?

      Ahmad – (In silence).

      John – In sura 9.29 & 9.5 Allah calls muslims to kill unbelievers unless they submit.

      Ahmad – (In silence).

      John – Why all this killing,Ahmad? Why chop off a person’s right hand and left leg for theft? My God is a creator and not a destroyer.

      Ahmad – I am also ashamed, but what can I do? Even muslims are killing more muslims.

      My belief is most muslims don’t think of people, but want more money, power and land.

      John – After prophet Muhammud and his companions were poisoned to death, according to Bukhari’s Hadith 3.786 & 4.394, but before all of them died, the Jewish widow who served the poisoned mutton, said to prophet Muhammud, “ I wanted to see if you are a real messenger of Allah. If you were, Allah would have saved you and your companions, if not, good riddance to bad rubbish”. She was then ordered to be beheaded. Also according to this Hadith, prophet Muhammud suffered greatly for his last two and a half years, and he finally died on the lap of his favourate child-wife, Aisha. But what puzzles me most is in sura 4.47 of the Quran, which states, Allah confirms the Jewish Torah (Old testament) and the Christian Injil (new testament), and also in sura 3.84 of the Quran, it calls on the muslims to believe in the Scriptures given to Jesus the Messiah. The original Manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, dated 650 B.C. to 70 A.D. now publicly displayed in the Jerusalem University Museum, further confirms everything in the Bible. Then why condemn and criticize the Christians and their Bible as wrong?

      Ahmad – (In Silence).

      John – In sura 16.103 of the Quran, Allah says it is written in clear Arabic, but in sura 3.7 it also says, only Allah can interpret this clear Arabic in the Quran properly. No wonder, each muslim has a different interpretation of the Quran, if asked upon. Do you agree?

      Ahmad – The Quran is written in the old Arabic language. And we have ustaz (religious teachers) trained to explain to us the Quran. But I must admit, each ustaz has a different interpretation of the same sura. That is why, if you ask a 100 muslims, you could get a 100 different interpretations. Generally, a muslim will tell you, Islam is wonderful, nice, good, great, superb, and all the positives but no substance, because they don’t know how to interpret. You see John, I have read your Bible, but the Quran has no such sequence, no such chronology or history, no pattern, no geography, no biography, no prophecy, just verses in a jumbled up fashion. A chapter will contain different subjects all jumbled up in a haphazard manner within this chapter. The chapter which comes first, is just because, it is the longest in length, followed by the next longest and so forth, and finally the shortest chapter. One sura might say something reasonable, but another will be the opposite, in complete contradiction. The entire Quran is supposed to be from Allah, but actually it is as though different Allahs (Gods) or authors, wrote the different chapters or even parts of the chapter due to the varying styles, fashions, words used, patterns, and content. For example you mentioned the wife beating sura 4.34, it says just that. It does not say how many beatings, where, when, how, which part of her body, how hard, for what, why etc. I suppose, it is left to her husband’s discretion to just slap his wife or beat her to a pulp. Because the suras are mostly left open-ended like this, it leads to all sorts of diagnosis or interpretations. And no expert can honestly say, whether an action by a muslim is correct or wrong. What the word quran means in Arabic is to read and that is all a muslim has to do, minus the understanding. This is my honest answer. If a muslim hears me say this, it will be his duty to bring it up and a religious authority will put a Fatwa (Islamic Decree) on my life (just like Salman Rushdie who is hiding for 25 years and also thousands have been killed), and believe me, some muslims, fed up of life, will use this ticket (opportunity) to go to heaven, and kill me, and might include my family too.

      John – I thank you for your honesty. But I also blame, Human Rights groups, NGOs, Workers’ Unions, etc. whose constitution is grossly violated by the Quran, and yet the muslims use them against non-muslims, when it suits them, but never on the atrocities created by muslim countries on their own muslim citizens and foreigners. These organizations must get their act right and with the help of Governments, have the Quran, re-written, remove all violence, gender bias, etc.which do not comply with the United Nations Human Rights Convention. In the guise of religious freedom, no religion should be allowed to perpetuate inhuman atrocities against humans, period. Only then this world will see peace, happiness and prosperity.

      Ahmad – What you are proposing John, is to tear off most of the Quran’s pages.

      (Please distribute copies of this factual and undeniable article,( I was a former Islamic religious teacher and please believe me, what is said above is true. Go to Links in this website for further confirmations if need be), and help to make as many people as possible, aware of the need for peaceful solutions to the world’s problems, and if wars are necessary to bring about ultimate peace, then, it should be fought by us for a peaceful world, We owe it to our children, parents, brothers and sisters or the ultimate price will be far worse and unthinkable. Let us not fool ourselves, the ultimate Goal of Islam is to destroy every non-muslim and create a muslim world, as the evil Quran states in the suras as mentioned above. This is no secret and they pretend to be docile and harmless, and when they are caught, it is we who get shocked. You and I know their Satanic deceit and aim. Muslims have already started their war by bombing us indiscriminately everywhere, and no place or country is spared. We, non-muslims build and the muslims destroy. We put it up and the muslims bring it down. They are evil parasites. They have already damaged and retarded the world economy and brought misery to so many of us. How sure are you that a muslim you know, is not a terrorist or not aiding another terrorist? Can we risk more misery and destruction in all our countries (not mentioning the loss of lives)? If Islam is so wonderful, why can’t the muslims go back to their muslim countries and receive the 100% Islamic treatment there, instead of coming to our non-muslim countries and complaining about everything we have and do. Let us share our space and country with our unfortunate non-muslim brothers instead. So, readers, whichever country you are in, please make as many people aware of the dangers subscribed in the Quran, by printing, fax, forward, hand-deliver, e-mail to all in your address book and to addresses in your magazines, and photocoping as many sheets as possible of this information and distribute to colleagues, friends, relatives, shops, businesses, clubs, government officials, etc. locally, overseas, and in your travels. Let us together, stop this scourge of cancer from spreading or it will be too late, for the civilized world and future generations to come. Please distribute this information, and keep distributing).


      For information or comments, write to Feedback@IslamReview.com

  11. Alarmed Pig Farmer says

    An image has emerged of the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet wearing a T-shirt with a ‘Democracy is Dead’ slogan…

    Much as we have health laws to ensure against infection and the spread of disease, I have a serious question to axe: Shouldn’t there be laws against Moslems serving as doctors, nurses, police officers and airplane cleaning crews, flight attendants and airline pilots?

    Such a law would be discriminatory, but it’s a modern day myth that all discrimination is inherently wrong. For example, I wouldn’t invite a person to a party I was hosting if I found out he was a heroin addict with several theft counts on his rap sheet. Is that wrong?

  12. Mazo says

    Complete crap by people who don’t know anything about Malaysian politicas.

    Zaharie was wearing his “democracy is dead” shirt in response to last years elections in which the ruling party (for several decades already) UMNO, won the elections against the opposition which us led by Anwar Ibrahim. There were allegations of widespread fraud and Zaharie’s shirt is referencing that.

    The ruling UMNO is responsible for all the pro-Malay Bumiputera policies which are supposed to help economically disadvantaged Malays (compared to Malaysian Chinese) but actually in reality the policies have furtherd nepotism and corruption among UMNO cronies, and many ordinary Malays don’t benefit from the system.

    Anwar Ibrahim was challenging the UMNO and promising to overturn the policies, and Ibrahim also got alot of support from the Malaysian Chinese population.

    Ibrahim was convicted of sodomy by the UMNO government to get him out of the way and stop him from challenging their power.

    UMNO supporters are the ones who are insinuating that Zaharie did this hijacking in protest of the sodomy conviction, in order to besmirch his name.

    Its funny how people here like taking shots and attacking the ruling Malaysian UMNO government for being “Islamic” and then promptly believes UMNO supporters accusations against Ibrahim just because one of his allied parties (PAS) is linked to Qaradawi.

    The Muslim Brothehood is also noted for its support for participating in democratic elections, while radical Islamists like Hizb Ut Tahrir reject participating in democracy and label it as “shirk”, which is why Hizb keeps telling Muslims never to vote in elections while MB does the opposite.

    • Philip Jihadski says

      “Complete crap by people who don’t know anything about Malaysian politicas (sic).”

      No, it’s complete crap by people like you who don’t comprehend the meaning of Democracy and can’t spell the word, “politics”.

        • Philip Jihadski says

          “In fact, Mazo is right. Please study things before commenting.”

          Oh, really? Right about what – that it’s all simply “complete crap”, or that everybody here, down to the last one, doesn’t “know anything” about Malaysian politics?

          Or was it more of the obfuscation that you seem to be such an expert on? tell us, which is it?

          Now answer this question, Mr. Smartass – how do you, or Mazo, or anyone else come to such sweeping conclusions – that all of us know nothing and/or are spewing crap?

          Finally, I don’t need your permission to comment under any circumstances. I’ve studied the topic and the poster to whom you refer – I don’t need you to be my nanny, so please kiss my ass before commenting again.

        • gravenimage says

          Who else has noticed that Muslim apologists are apt to sport monikers like “Republican” and “Americana” and “Real Patriot”?

          Really, it gets old…

    • gravenimage says

      Mazo wrote:

      Complete crap by people who don’t know anything about Malaysian politicas…

      Anwar Ibrahim was challenging the UMNO and promising to overturn the policies…

      The idea that Ibrahim is just some sort of anti-corruption activist is ridiculous—he is on record ranting about Jews controlling the Malaysian government on behalf of the United States.


      Ibrahim was convicted of sodomy by the UMNO government to get him out of the way and stop him from challenging their power.

      Well, that could be so—it is not at all uncommon for unfree Muslim countries to trump up charges against opponent of all stripes. This tells us noting in and of itself.

      And no one here is concerned about the sodomy charges, but just about his links to the Muslim Brotherhood and other “Islamists”.


      The Muslim Brothehood is also noted for its support for participating in democratic elections, while radical Islamists like Hizb Ut Tahrir reject participating in democracy and label it as “shirk”, which is why Hizb keeps telling Muslims never to vote in elections while MB does the opposite.

      Good God—here’s Mazo positing the Shari’ah-imposing Muslim Brotherhood as models of democracy. Ludicrous. The only difference between Hizb Ut Tahrir and the Muslim Brotherhood is one of tactics, not aims.

  13. Larry A Singleton says

    ” That is telling: “Anwar Ibrahim’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood run deep. ”

    Is it me or is there a problem with the link?

  14. Ranchman says

    *Braking News*: Fox News now reporting wreckage from the plane found off the Australian coast. 3:00 a.m. Thursday morning, 3/30/14

  15. rick james says

    I don’t believe the pilot or co-pilot were involved in anything regarding the disappearance of flight MH370. I don’t care for Muslims myself but this had nothing to do with Islam followers. Indeed this is a mystery as to the were abouts of this 777 and the black boxes by this time have probably stopped sending a signal so like the France flight 447 in 2009 was not found for two years after it went down , flight MH370 may also not be found for some time.

  16. dumbledoresarmy says

    All I need to know about Malaysia is comprehended in this one fact: that its population is 63 percent Muslim, and only 37 percent non-Muslim (comprising Buddhists, Confucians, Taoists, animists, Hindus, a few Sikhs, and some Christians) and that Muslim Malays are simply *not permitted* to leave Islam, on pain of severe punishment. And no non-Muslim citizen of Malaysia is permitted to make any attempt at all to persuade a Malay Muslim to consider changing their faith; whereas, more than once, Muslims in Malaysia have LIED THROUGH THEIR DAMNED TEETH , suddenly claiming that this or that newly-deceased wealthy and/ or famous Hindu or Buddhist or Christian citizen had secretly converted to Islam before his or her death (surprise!!!), and must therefore be buried as a Muslim…and, oh yes, since Muslims cannot bequeath property to non-Muslims, the non-Muslim heirs of said alleged secret converts cannot inherit and the deceased’s estate, ALL of it, must now go either to someone among their kin who *has* converted to Islam, or else to…guess who? – the greedy and grasping Muslim Mob. IN other words: body-snatching, posthumous ‘conversion’, and brazen daylight robbery of the inheritance of non-Muslims.

    A Muslim Malay woman some years ago converted to Catholic Christianity, taking the baptismal name of “Lina Joy”. She tried to have her change of religion officially recognised. All hell broke loose. Mohammedans in mobs screamed death threats at her. And her request was flatly and stonily **denied**.

    That and that alone tells one all one needs to know about Muslim Malaysia.

    No matter what sort of image Muslim-dominated Malaysia tries to project – for example, by the recent series of tourism ads aired on Australian TV , rhapsodising about the ‘colours of Malaysia’ and “Malaysia, truly Asia” – when I see those glossy images and hear the flowery lies, I think of Lina Joy, and the religious freedom that the whole of Muslim Malaysia rabidly refused to grant to her, and I want to spit.

    • Mazo says


      Comeone from someone like DDA who lied through her teeth repeatedly on how Pattani got annexed by Thailand and lied again and again on East Timor.