Egypt: Muslim scholars call for destruction of theatres showing “Noah” movie

Noah movie psoter 660Once again we see Islamic scholars calling for forcible restrictions on the freedom of speech and expression. We already see that in the U.S., and this story shows the next step: in calling for the destruction of movie theatres that show this film, these Muslim scholars are showing what lies behind the calls to criminalize criticism of Islam (under the guise of supposed “hate speech”) in the U.S.: if we don’t toe the line and not say anything that Islamic supremacists find offensive, there will be violence.

“Egyptian Scholars Urge ‘Noah’ Ban,” from OnIslam, March 5:

CAIRO – The controversial biblical movie Noah, scheduled for release in Egypt within a few weeks, has sparked outrage among Egyptian Muslim scholars who demanded its ban over depicting Prophet Noah (peace be upon him).

Depicting prophets in art is a “crime; not art, that is harmful to the image of prophets,” Sheikh Sameh Abdel Hameed, a member of the Salafi Call, was quoted by Youm7 on Wednesday, March 5.

“Depicting prophets opens the door for doubting the behavior of prophets … Actors cannot accurately mimic the behaviors, manners and appearances of prophets,” Abdel Hameed added.

The $125 million film, Noah, depicts Prophet Noah who suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood, according to the movies website IMDb.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, the American biblical epic movie is due to be released by the end of March.

The film has drawn much criticism for depicting the Prophet (pbuh) and not abiding by the original story.

An outcry by several religious organizations, saying that the script had strayed from the original tale, had forced producers to add a message at all trailers and poster that clarifies that.

“The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide,” read the message that was added to trailers

“The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis,” t [sic] message added.

In both Jewish and Christian traditions, Prophet Noah is acknowledged as a righteous man in a world crushed under the weight of sin and disbelief.

The Qur’an and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, teach us that Prophet Noah was a beacon of hope among the descendants of Adam in an era where sin and lawlessness had overtaken the people.

Mixed reactions

Egyptian scholars have urged authorities not to allow screening the movie that insults prophets in Egyptian theatres.

“Egypt has a special place in the Islamic world and movies that damage Islam or harm prophets should not be displayed in the country,” Abdel Hameed, the member of the Salafi call, noted.

Other scholars have called for “destroying” any movie theatre that displays the blasphemous film.

“The Senior Scholars should call for an urgent meeting to discuss the matter and sue movie theatres because prophets, their voices, and even their shadows cannot be depicted … Prophets are holy people,” said Mahmoud Mehanna, member of Al-Azhar’s Senior Scholars.

The movie has also stirred mixed reactions among social networks users.

“OMG did you even READ the bible when making this movie. This film is no way what happen to Noah,” user Arthur J. Carlson Jr. wrote on the movie page at Facebook.

“Hope they keep close to the bible,” Salvatore Alioto wrote.

“I saw the previews, it looks fantastic, cannot wait to see the movie,” Kay White posted at Facebook.

In 2004, a similar controversy erupted after the release of “The Passion of the Christ” movie, which depicted the 12 last hours in the life of Prophet Jesus (pbuh).

In 2012, a television series depicting the life of second Muslim Caliph Omar ibn al-khattab also sparked a heightened debate in the Arab world with thousands opposing the depiction of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) or his companions.

Muslim scholars oppose the depiction of the Prophets in any form of art.

This means a movie maker should not do that, nor should any Islamic organization, mosque or institute promote such a movie/series, by showing it to their congregation.

Qatar, Bahrain, UAE ban "Noah" film; Al Azhar says it violates Islam
US appeals court permits YouTube to display Muhammad video with changes
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    • Tommy Peters says

      Keep an eye on the stars, Mariam. Screen persona does not reflect real-life. Even Jet-Li was caught on film running away from a tsunami wave while others behind him perished. I’m sure Crowe will not hold a press conference to say he was unaware he was playing Noah nor will he sue the director for ‘misrepresenting’ his role, but it is safe to assume the Gladiator will bolt if he is stopped on the street and asked for directions, in Arabic.

  1. Buraq says

    Ah, the old question about free speech again: Is it legal to shout Noah in a crowded theater/cinema?


  2. Shmuel says

    You know what’s most interesting? how islamists know to get dressed by their own. so much stupidity in 1 filthy religion [AKA “religion of peace”].

  3. Eliminhate Islam! says

    10 most influencal laws in ISLAM

    1. Rape all people
    2. Be a pedophile
    3. Kill everyone
    4. Moms should teach their kids how to be proud terrorists.
    5. Humiliate women
    6. Beilive that a STINKY-ANALPHABETIC-PEDOFILE-MANIAC is the “Ultimate prophet” of all.
    7. Act like you are inocent people & most importantly never stop crying about racism, although you are the most racist uneducated people on earth.
    8. Be stupid.
    9. You shall steal from ‘infidels’.
    10. This is the final & the most segnificant law in the Quran [=Book for idiots]: You shall use camel’s urin in order to get cured. LOL.

    And God almighty is watching and laughing about Muslims.

  4. Wellington says

    It’s always an inverse proportionality: The more of Islam you get the less freedom you get. I know of no exception to this rule.

    • mortimer says

      Sharia law creates dysfunctional, failed societies because they are based on dogmatism and fear, rather than open-mindedness, creativity and trust.

  5. Philip says

    They know it works. Even gets videos sensored and taken offline.
    Bend one time leads to bending everytime.
    Tell them to f off. They contribute zilch to the world to dictate.

  6. Januk36 says

    So much liberal new-speaks is oozing from the current media that I to check whether I had an erroneous understanding of blasphemy.

    “A contemptuous or profane act, utterance, or writing concerning God or a sacred entity.”

    What a relief. However, I’m utterly confused now as I always have been told that islam is purely monotheistic and I am already counting three entities in islam for which blasphemy has been claimed. Mohammed, Noah and the Koran. While Mohammed clearly leads the list ironically I cannot remember ever heard of muslims enraged over blaspheming “allah”.

  7. says

    Why does one say “peace be upon him” after the sociopath MUHAMMAD who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 unarmed Jews in 627?…there are many phrases that are appropriate for a murderous sociopath…..”peace be upon him” is not one of them…

    • Gharkad says

      The muslims say ‘peace be apon him’ or ‘salla Allah alaihi wa sallam’ (SAW) after they mention mohammed since they know in their heart of hearts that he has been, is, and will be judged harshly by the deity of justice and compassion in the afterlife for his crimes while he was alive. This deity’s name is not Allah, either.

      • says

        Actually, “Allah” was an Arabian moon god, descended from the Chaldean moon god “Sin”. Mohammed was not only NOT a “prophet,” but he was a rapist, pedophile, racist, enslaver, murderer, likely demon-possessed, illiterate, plaigiarizer, and incestuous. In fact, his “Qur’an” is so incoherent and unbelievable a rant that it makes Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” seem a great work of literature in comparison.

        One reason Mohammedans (Muslims) idiotically say, “Peace be unto him” after every mention of the name is that, according to the Qur’an and Hadiths, only Mohammedans who die fighting to force people into submission (which is what “Islam” means) are guaranteed to go to the Mohammedan “paradise,” and Mohammed didn’t die doing that. All other Muslims have to wait and have their deeds and lives weighed by “Allah,” to see if they’ll get in. Further, the Qur’an and Hadiths say that 999 of every 1000 people will automatically be going to “hell,” no matter WHAT they do.

        Think about THAT for a bit

    • Hass says

      Actually the translation is wrong. Sh*t be upon him.

      As in, Pedo Mo (Sh*t be upon him) and every Muslime.

  8. says

    Why would any rational human being say “peace be upon him” after the sociopath MUHAMMAD who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 UNARMED JEWS in 627?…There are many phrases appropriate for a murderous sociopath: “peace be upon him” is not one of them!

  9. Rachael says

    Jesus, is merely a prophet in their books only.

    He is God in human form, he walked among us, and we killed him…for awhile.

    When the original book says ‘son of god’ don’t go changing the story to their bullshit lies.

    A ‘great prophet’ wouldn’t lie and say he was the ‘son of God’.

  10. says

    Notice the arrogant supremacist appropriation by Muslims of Noah: He is their prophet, following their God, Allah. Islam is a colossal act of plagiarism of the Judaeo-Christian theologoumena. Muslims not only physically pillaged and plundered the classic lands of the Jews and Christians (the entire Mesopotamian, south Europe, and north Africa), they also treat their religious symbolisms as so much booty to be seized and claimed within rings of their stinking primitive urine soaked in our blood.

  11. Transmaster says

    From what I hear about Noah it is a star spangled Halal porker. Show it is theaters in Egypt use it like fly paper get a bunch of holy worries of Allah in the theater Allah Akbarring then blow the place up with a pig fat pumped neutron bomb.

    • says

      Casting Russell Crowe is a spectacularly amusing move. I haven’t had a chuckle like this since they cast Nick Nolte as Thomas Jefferson (a 1995 movie). (Come to think of it, there was that monstrosity of casting more recently, when Leonardo Di Caprio — fitter to play Baby Faced Nelson — was chosen to play Edgar J. Hoover…) What next? Brangelina as Adam and Eve…? (Christopher Walken could play the serpent.)

  12. Ayatrollah says

    I don’t think the bible and the Quran story of any prophet are the same. So the Quran blasphemes the bible. Of course Muslim scholars have no problem with this. Saudi Arabia solves this problem by banning the bible in the kingdom. Mashallah

    • Angemon says

      According to islam, Noah was a prophet who came to tell his people to stop worshipping many gods and idols and worship only the one true god but was reviled and mocked by his peers so God sent down a flood to kill those who wouldn’t listen to him. It was a story “revealed” to muhammad, a man claiming to be a prophet and was telling his people to stop worshipping many gods and idols and worship only the one true god but he was reviled and mocked by his peers. Yeah right, no personal interest there… Although in muhammad’s case, his peers didn’t revile or mocked him until he started attacking their gods and ancestors.

      • Brian says

        Don’t forget this is a guy who even stooped down to pluralism JUST to win more followers (ie, the Satanic verses), and then he makes all these claims about prophets that no one even had/has ANY record of, not even in oral traditions.

        Al-Rasooli made it perfectly clear that the name “Allah” was given to the pagan supreme God worshiped at the Kaaba, AND the only reason why the [arabized] prophets from Judaism and Christianity were ever introduced was because genius wanted to gain legitimacy, a ploy that failed and that’s why antisemitism and anti-Christianity is riddled throughout the Qur’an.

        So these Egyptians “scholars” have no right threatening a theater who plays the film. They have no right to STEAL people’s prophets and turn them into a nonsensical parody of themselves, and then have the audacity to say that the predecessors are corrupt.

        You made a good point about Noah being mocked (according to Islam): Prophets usually only get bad treatment when they say something to offend the masses, and I guess Muhammad needed yet ANOTHER scapegoat to justify is “Mistreatment” in Mecca.

        • Angemon says

          It’s a common motif (well, “running gag” might be a more accurate description) in islamic “prophets”: they came and claimed to be prophets, they were not acnowledged but mocked and persecuted instead, and so allah punished those who didn’t acknowledge them as prophets.

          For example, Moses. The TL;DR version of the biblical sources is this: Moses came to the pharaoh and asked him to release his people. The pharaoh refused and so God cast 10 plagues upon the egyptians: waters turn into blood, plagues of frogs, plagues of lice, swarms of wild beasts, livestock epidemics, boils, hail, swarms of locusts, darkness and finally the death of the first-borns.

          The TL;DR version of the islamic soure is this: Musa came to the pharaoh and claimed he was a prophet of allah. The pharaoh didn’t acknowledge him as such and so Musa was given nine signs of prophet-hood: the rod, the radiant hand, draughts, shortage of crops, epidemics among men and beasts, swarms of locusts, plagues of lice, plagues of frogs, and water turning into blood.

          You can check their version of the story here:

          Allah told Musa that he was to be a prophet. His mission was to go to the Pharoah of Egypt and tell him that there is no god but Allah.


          Musa went on to warn the Pharaoh of all the calamities that would occur if he did not follow the guidance of Allah.

  13. flier1010 says

    Mohammed was taught by the Jews and Christians who populated the Middle East BEFORE Islam reared its blasphemous, thieving head. Mohammed plagiarized the Biblical stories that he had heard from his Jewish/Christian teachers and he was also aware of the various myths about Jesus that were popular in the Middle East around that time. Combine a rudimentary knowledge of the Bible, mix in a little ancient mythology and add an enormous dose of your own perverted desires to the mix and you have the Quran.
    To say that Islam is one of the great Abrahamic faiths is ridiculous.

  14. arh long says

    ‘Allah’is name created by this nomad to call prayers and worship. Terrorism, violence,insugency and any form of crimes is moslem way to praise Satan… Allah is Satan not name of God!

  15. ygalg says

    noah? now that’s promotion. all the time “muslims” burst with anger exclusively due the “insult” to muhammad.

  16. Alarmed Pig Farmer says

    Our next president, Hillary, twice signed the OIC to make it a felony to criticize religion. The crowd in here knows which religion urgently needs criticism. What are the chances that her lawless and stupid backing of such a mandate will be brought up during her campaign in 2016?

    • Defcon 4 says

      Of course it’ll be brought up in her campaign in 2016 — but not by enemedia, not by craven, corrupt, amoral journalists, but rather by shrillery’s deep pockets islam0nazi backers.

  17. Angemon says

    Of course muslims leaders don’t want the populace to watch Noah. It won’t match their version of the story. In islam, Noah was a prophet who was sent by god to tell his people to stop worshipping idols and many gods and to start worshipping the one true god. He was mocked and attacked for doing so, his people rejected him as a prophet and for that god sent down a flood to punish those who rejected him as a prophet. It’s funny to notice that it was a story “revealed” to muhammad, a man who claimed to be a a prophet who was sent by god to tell his people to stop worshipping idols and many gods and to start worshipping the one true god, was mocked and attacked for doing so and his people rejected him as a prophet. Quite similar stories (no personal interest there whatsoever, am i right?), but in muhammad’s case he wasn’t mocked and attacked until he started insulting, mocking and attacking his people’s gods and ancestors.

  18. David says

    Being a Muslim, there is a 50% chance Watchdawg is inbred. I’m guessing he is in the positive half of that too. Gee it’s a good idea to keep marrying your first cousins, isn’t it. I’m guessing the Imams like it though, if you keep intelligence down they can keep peddling their “72 virgins in heaven if you blow yourself up” crap.

  19. JOAO INALDO says


  20. Brian says


    “In 2004, a similar controversy erupted after the release of “The Passion of the Christ” movie, which depicted the 12 last hours in the life of Prophet Jesus (pbuh).”

    It’s as if these morons don’t realize that they aren’t the ONLY religion that has the claim on these prophets. But excuse my ignorance: I don’t recall Muslims ever getting this uptight about the Passion. I know some Jews were concerned, but honestly???

    The amount of Bible movies that have been made, and now Muslims make a big stink, forgetting that their hierarchy of prophets is just recycled from Judaism and Christianity.

    Muhammad must have made a fail of himself, because even in the hadiths you can see both Christians and Jews trying to correct Muhammad about his theology, like Moses being Jesus’ uncle.

    All I’m saying is, Islam has a bad habit of taking something they didn’t invent and claiming full ownership over it, despite it not being original or exclusive.

    Jesus escaping crucifixion, for example, comes from Gnostic teachings, but clearly Muhammad couldn’t tell the difference between theology and heresy. And so, I think this anti-Noah propaganda from Islamic scholars is both hypocritical and stupid.

    Islam needs to piss off, and allow people to think for themselves, because these morons are just proving that the only way for Islam to have any power of any kind is to play “Spanish (or in this case, Egyptian) Inquisition”, and force people to live and act a certain way. It’s just like Nazi Germany.

    • Defcon 4 says

      I think islam is a lot worse than Nazi Germany — because it’s worldwide, and spreading fast, and corrupting every aspect of the governments of western style democracies. Islam0fascism is buying off out liberties and freedoms — at wholesale prices, all over the world.

      • Brian says

        It’s too bad no one wants to wake up to the reality. Banning Islam as a faith is the only solution I see, but that’s ALSO stooping down to their level.

        What a shame… I see no solution to finally shut this crazy religion down… Except an unlikely mass apostasy.

  21. gravenimage says

    Egypt: Muslim scholars call for destruction of theatres showing “Noah” movie

    Once again we see Islamic scholars calling for forcible restrictions on the freedom of speech and expression.

    Yes, indeed—”Nuh” is barely an afterthought in Islam, but any occasion for Muslim violence in the name of violating “Blasphemy” strictures is to be taken advantage of.


    Mixed reactions

    The movie has also stirred mixed reactions among social networks users.

    “OMG did you even READ the bible when making this movie. This film is no way what happen to Noah,” user Arthur J. Carlson Jr. wrote on the movie page at Facebook.

    “Hope they keep close to the bible,” Salvatore Alioto wrote…

    So what? Whatever the depiction and general quality of this film, we are not going to find Jews and Christians threatening to destroy theaters where this movie is shown.

    If it’s particularly controversial, we might find a picket line or two and perhaps a pithy letter-writing campaign—not call for violence.


    Muslim scholars oppose the depiction of the Prophets in any form of art.

    This means a movie maker should not do that, nor should any Islamic organization, mosque or institute promote such a movie/series, by showing it to their congregation.

    If this were just opinion, there would be no problem. But it is the fact that pious Muslims *always* back up their strictures with violence and threats of violence.

  22. Ro says

    Notice how Jihadwatch doesn’t list their sources or even the name of the person calling for the destruction of theaters. Sensationalism at its best.

    • Mirren10 says

      @ ‘Ro’

      ”Notice how Jihadwatch doesn’t list their sources or even the name of the person calling for the destruction of theaters.”

      Oh, for God’s sake.

      Notice how you are severely lacking in reading comprehension. The source is from onislam, a **mohammedan** site, as is the quote about calling for the destruction of theatres that show the film.

      Try clicking on the link.

      Take up your quibble with **them**, not Jihad Watch, which is merely reporting the article from the **mohammedan site**.

  23. says

    An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a colleague who
    had been conducting a little homework on this.
    And he actually ordered me lunch because I stumbled upon it for him.

    .. lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!
    ! But yeah, thanks for spending the time to talk about this issue here on your internet

  24. meg says

    Sorry…,but this movie is not biblical…not that that matters to Muslims..But Christians have already been warned about this movie. When non-believers try to do biblically based entertainment…the outcome is messed up.

  25. says

    The Banu Quarayza just wanted to left alone to worship one G-d. Muhammad had not even been to Medina until five years earlier. He was nothing more than a visitor to Medina. He had the power to PERSONALLY decapitate unarmed Jews…just as OJ had the power to PERSONALLY decapitate Nicole Brown Simpson…Both are sociopaths: check the dictionary.

  26. ygalg says

    you don’t agree how the numbers added up, direct your complaints to islamic scriptures (ahadith)

  27. Defcon 4 says

    LOL, I agree “sociopath” doesn’t begin to describe Jew hating muhamMAD. Narcissistic psychopath is more apt.

  28. gravenimage says

    “WatchDawg” (watcher1, Bookman, et al) wrote:

    So now it’s up to 900? You can’t even keep your lies straight…

    From the Hadith:

    “The Jews were made to come down, and Allah’s Messenger imprisoned them. Then the Prophet went out into the marketplace of Medina (it is still its marketplace today), and he had trenches dug in it. He sent for the Jewish men and had them beheaded in those trenches. They were brought out to him in batches. They numbered 800 to 900 boys and men. As they were being taken in small groups to the Prophet, they said to one another, ‘What do you think will be done to us?’ Someone said, ‘Do you not understand. On each occasion do you not see that the summoner never stops? He does not discharge anyone. And that those who are taken away do not come back. By God, it is death!’ The affair continued until the Messenger of Allah had finished with them all.”
    Al-Tabari, Vol. 8, p. 35 (See Also Ishaq:464)

    This was not written by “Islamophobes”—this is a Sahih (reliable) Hadith. Islam is proud of this savagery.


    Once again, every traitor against the state would have been executed in modern day USA. The only difference is method of execution.

    “WatchDawg” has made this grotesque claim before—as though the United States were in the habit of massacring every man and boy of their adversaries, and enslaving their women and children. Ludicrous.


    And look up “sociopath.” Doesn’t describe ANY behavior of Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of almighty Allah be upon him, his companions, and his followers until the last day. Ameen.

    Only a pious Mohammedan believes that a figure who is a warlord, pedophile, slavetrader, assassin, rapist, and mass-murderer is *not* a sociopath.

  29. [FA] says

    Influential Muslim scholars are calling for a violent destruction of buildings over a movie. A threat we know can become reality all to quickly in the Islamic world. But you….. you are worried about what the comments are on Jihad Watch. Just how do I get the love you have for humanity?

  30. Carolyne says

    All of those “Rules” are found in the Koran, dictated by their “Prophet” who actually was a pedophile, abused and beat women and told other men to do the same, beheaded those who would not fall for his delusions, etc. etc. etc.

    Being aware of the truth is not hate. Most people will not submit to this Islamic nonsense.

  31. Defcon 4 says

    What a hypocrite. All islam’s holey books are full of rabid, pervasive Jew hatred.
    When a muslime points the finger of accusation at anyone, a thousand fingers point back at him and islam.

  32. Champ says

    Thanks, Marc! …it’s good to know that this mohammedan is using several different monikers.

  33. says

    “can I ask if you were mentally ill before you picked up the koran, or was it the cause of the illness itself?”

    Good question, one we can ask all “reverts”. It’s likely a little — or a lot — of both. And putting a Koran in the hands of someone already disturbed and/or sociopathic, is like putting tinder and a box of matches in the hands of an arsonist. Then inducting and indoctrinating him in the Sunna would be to pour on gasoline (or “petrol” for the American-English-challenged…:)

  34. dumbledoresarmy says

    You just don’t *get* the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation, do you??

    Christians believe that the very Word of YHWH became a man. In Him all the fulness of Godhead dwelt bodily. He is the Living Word. We see the glory of God in the face of Yehoshuah, the anointed one.

    Not a demigod. Not half-god, half-man.

    Rather: *wholly divine* AND *wholly human*: at one and the same time. The eternal manifesting *within* time.

    Of course He wept, and sang, and slept, and ate and drank and partook of all the realities of bodily existence, including, finally, death. That is part of the meaning of His glory: his divine ***humility***, his embrace of the humanity that was originally created in his own image. (You don’t believe that, either, do you? – the biblical teaching that God, YHWH, created human beings in His own image and likeness).

    We Christians are *awestricken* by his humility. His self-emptying, his self-giving; what Christian theologians call the kenosis.

    You mohammedans, hopped up high as kites on malignant narcissism, will never in a million years get your heads around this concept. You *cannot* possibly comprehend a servant King; a God who descends even into the depths of death and beyond, to rescue His beloved. Because *you* are drunk on sinful pride. And therefore agape, charity, self-giving love, the steadfast and everlasting covenant love of the Holy One for His creation, His creatures, is incomprehensible to you.

    Precisely *because* the Holy One is infinite, He could become human. For *nothing* is impossible for Him…

    Time for some shock treatment, mohammedan.

  35. Wainwright says

    Jesus said that when you persecute Christians you are persecuting Him. Remember that on Judgement Day, “Isa”.
    Or remember it before, repenting and obeying the True God who is Truth, and avoid Hell. You can ask God for the required courage, integrity and grace.

  36. Jerry C says

    Yeshua haMessiah (Jesus Christ) was the only human being to live a perfect life without committing a single sin according to the Torah. Only GOD is perfect. So, Jesus Christ is the physical representation in human form of our GOD (Elohim, Yahweh, YHVH). In other words, GOD is a Spirit; a flaming Fire and no man can see Him and live. So, GOD emptied a part of Himself into His physical Creation to become a man, Jesus Christ. GOD lived a perfect life as an example for us to live. He then willingly died as punishment for our sins according to His Holy Perfectly Righteous Laws. Jesus Christ is GOD. There is only One GOD. GOD died for your sins because no man can live a perfect life (your works will not save you). Only accepting GOD’s GRACE can you be forgiven your sins. Absolutely Amazing Grace!! GOD has given us everything in return for nothing! Every human being, with the exception of Jesus Christ, deserves to be destroyed in the Lake of Fire for our sins. John 3:16. GOD loves you so much He died for YOUR sins so that you can live with Him for eternity. May YHVH bless you as He has already forgiven me my sins. Amen.

  37. dumbledoresarmy says

    It’s worse.

    He says – IF he’s telling the truth, which is not necessarily so – that he’s a standard-issue white American *convert* to Islam. A *willing* recruit to the Mohammedan Mob or Allah Gang, the world’s oldest, biggest and nastiest crime syndicate-cum-death cult.

    If so, he has of his own free will embraced Islam, and plunged himself into the bottomless Void.

  38. Champ says

    Mortimer, he also uses several different monikers besides “WatchDawg” …

    marclouis has exposed him here:

    March 6, 2014 at 9:59 pm

    Are you Kenneth Marcus Lowe? AKA WatchDawg, Watcher 1, Isa, Bookman…
    You might want to see a physiatrist about this multiple personality disorder, preferably a not a Jewish one.
    BTW can I ask if you were mentally ill before you picked up the koran, or was it the cause of the illness itself?

    Here’s the thread:

  39. Rob Crawford says

    Not “his” story. It comes from a Muslim source.

    Your Imam is lying to you about quite a lot, trusting that your apparent reading problems will keep you from figuring it out yourself.

  40. Angemon says

    “Spencer’s story”? You did notice all Spencer did was to comment on a news article from, right?

    Is it just me or this guy has a hard-on for Spencer?

  41. Defcon 4 says

    Does he have any problem w/the three “authentic” hadith that call for the slaughter of Jews?

  42. gravenimage says

    “Isa” (WatchDawg, watcher1, Bookman, et al) wrote:

    My imam is from Egypt, has a masters degree from Al-Azhar University, and has no problem with the film. Hmmm… Spencer’s story stinks…

    Nice try. This story is from OnIslam, which is a resource *for* Muslims, not for “Islamophobes”.

    And perhaps your Al-Azhar trained Imam is not up on things with his own alma mater:

    “Egypt’s Azhar prohibits screening of Noah”

    And this story is from the “Islamophobes” (sarc/off) of Al-Arabiya.

    So your implication that Muslims actually gave no problem with freedom of speech and the depiction of “prophets” here is complete bs.

  43. D S Dunlap says

    Speaking of “Isa:” Did you know that ONLY Muslims call Yeshua (Iesuos, Iesus, Gesu, Jesu, Jesus) “Isa?” Arab-speaking Christians call him Yashua (sp?). “Isa” is the Arabic equivalent to the Hebrew “Esau”, the brother of Yachov (Jacob, Yacub, Yakov).

    Once again, the Qur’an and Hadiths screw it up.

  44. Kalliope says

    “Prophet”… pffft.
    A man who never made a single prophecy in his life.
    The Qu’rān is just a collection of choice ravings from a demon-possessed man.