Just before takeoff, Malaysian pilot got call from someone using phone obtained under false identity

malaysia-plane“The discovery raises fears of a possible link between Captain Zaharie, 53, and terror groups whose members routinely use untraceable SIM cards.” However, like everything else surrounding this plane’s disappearance and the subsequent investigation, it is inconclusive.

“Police hunt mystery woman who made final phone call to doomed jet captain as first picture emerges of his estranged wife and family,” by Simon Parry for the Daily Mail, March 23 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The captain of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 received a two-minute call shortly before take-off from a mystery woman using a mobile phone number obtained under a false identity.

It was one of the last calls made to or from the mobile of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah in the hours before his Boeing 777 left Kuala Lumpur 16 days ago.

Investigators are treating it as potentially significant because anyone buying a pay-as-you-go SIM card in Malaysia has to fill out a form giving their identity card or passport number.

Introduced as an anti-terrorism measure following 9/11, this ensures that every number is registered to a traceable person.

But in this case police traced the number to a shop selling SIM cards in Kuala Lumpur.

They found that it had been bought ‘very recently’ by someone who gave a woman’s name – but was using a false identity.

The discovery raises fears of a possible link between Captain Zaharie, 53, and terror groups whose members routinely use untraceable SIM cards.

Everyone else who spoke to the pilot on his phone in the hours before the flight took off has already been interviewed.

Today, planes and ships were scrambled to find a pallet and other debris in a remote patch of the southern Indian Ocean as the search resumed for the missing jet.

The pallet was spotted by a search plane yesterday, but has not been closely examined. Wooden pallets are commonly used in shipping, but can also be used in cargo containers carried on planes.

It was the latest in a series of clues experts and searchers are trying to pin down to solve the mystery of what happened to Flight 370 when it disappeared on March 8 with 239 people on board.

In a separate development, The Mail on Sunday has learned that investigators are now poised to question Captain Shah’s estranged wife in detail.

They have waited two weeks out of respect, but will now begin formally interviewing Faizah Khan following pressure from FBI agents assisting the inquiry.

Although the couple – who have three children – were separated, they had been living under the same roof.

A source said: ‘Faizah has been spoken to gently by officers but she has not been questioned in detail to establish her husband’s behaviour and state of mind in the days leading to the incident.

‘This is partly for cultural reasons. It is not considered appropriate in Malaysia to subject people in situations of terrible bereavement to the stress of intensive questioning.’

The softly-softly approach has been challenged by the team of FBI agents working with Malaysian police. They have pointed out that she may hold ‘vital clues and information’ to Zaharie’s mental state.

‘The whole world is looking for this missing plane and the person who arguably knows most about the state of mind of the man who captained the plane is being left alone,’ said a source close to the FBI team.

The source added: ‘If we want to eliminate the chief pilot from the inquiry, we must interview her in detail to find out what his state of mind was.’

The mystery caller emerged when Malaysian investigators examined the phone records of both Zaharie and his co-pilot, 27-year-old Fariq Abdul Hamid.

Investigators were keen to trace the caller and interview them, although they have stressed that the fact the SIM card was registered to a non-existent ID card does not necessarily indicate a criminal or terrorist connection.

Political activists in Malaysia sometimes use SIM cards bought with bogus identity cards if they fear that their phones may be bugged by the country’s authoritarian ruling party.

The Mail on Sunday revealed last week that Zaharie is an avid supporter of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, a distant relative, and may have attended a controversial court hearing where Anwar was jailed for five years. It took place only a few hours before the flight.

The timing of the call has intensified scrutiny on Zaharie as investigators struggle to establish whether the cockpit crew, a catastrophic accident or hijackers are to blame for Flight MH370’s disappearance.

Meanwhile FBI experts in the US are continuing to examine the hard drive of a flight simulator seized from Zaharie’s home after it emerged that programs he used on it had been deleted.

Zaharie used the home flight simulator to practise extreme landings, including on remote Indian Ocean islands such as the US air base in Diego Garcia, investigators have revealed.

The hard drive was flown to the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, at the end of last week after Malaysian investigators failed to retrieve the deleted files, which they suspect may have been ‘buried’ in an elaborate process to cover the user’s tracks.

The delay in handing the computer hard drive to the FBI has proved to be a source of friction between the Malaysian and US investigators, the source close to the FBI said, adding: ‘We have the technology to do this work quickly and effectively and they simply don’t.’

Malaysia’s acting transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein yesterday said investigators are coming under increasing pressure as they are aware that time is running out – the black box voice and data recorder only transmits an electronic signal for about 30 days before its battery runs out.

But he claimed a thorough investigation of the plane’s cargo manifest had not shown ‘any link to anything that may have contribution to the plane’s disappearance’.

Malaysia plane disappearance no accident, pilot solely responsible
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  1. miriam rove says

    weather this pilot had anything to do with this plane, the Islamic Malaysian government is doing what Islam is telling them to: lies, deceptions and with holding information.m

    • umbra says

      Lying is a primal trait of the Malaysian government. But then again, so is incompetence. The authorities in malaysia appear not to know what is going on (in all likelihood, they are completely lost) in this situation. On the rare occasions where they do know what is going on (in similar situations), they often do not know what to do.

  2. Bob Smith says

    “It is not considered appropriate in Malaysia to subject people in situations of terrible bereavement to the stress of intensive questioning”

    How very convenient for Muslim terrorists that their families won’t be questioned. Also, who knows what Malaysian authorities, who are as infilitrated by Islamic terror cells as the Pakistani ISI is, did to that hard drive before handing it over to infidel authorities.

  3. Brian C. Hoff says

    Robert Intelligent Agency and other secert group like the Mason use those kind of cards rotine. This might be than secert worldwide effort to question afew chinese scientists on board that flight and the China Government is going along with it for they reason.

  4. Islofob IS-1 says

    This whole event should be viewed as a direct threat to the U.S.

    Assume the worst, and start from that point. Every 777 that is to fly into the U.S. from another country must first report before it flys, and must be searched before it is cleared into our airspace. Anything out of place, or odd, will ground the flight until it clears.

    We know what plane is missing, start from there. If a crash site is found, no harm is done in the readiness. If not, well …

    And Israel is way ahead again, they know what to do.

    • Brian C. Hoff says

      The plane landed at the USA secret Base in the India Ocean on than island off the coast of India. They will find wreakly to hide the truth from the world.

      • steve says

        No Brian, no doubt some bastard Muslin used a shoe bomb or similar to send himself to heaven . Strange animals these Islamics, what use are they except as manure…..

  5. Rezali Mehil says

    Hello all,

    I think at this point it is wrong to blame the muslim pilot until something underhand is found.

    I saw this poor woman on TV today saying that she had lost 3 generations of her family…Allah SWT that is unthinkable …a death sentence whilst alive.

    A muslim simply would not be responsible for that…

    My heart goes out to all who lost friends and relatives…

    May the grace of Allah SWT be upon them.

    I cannot write anymore at the moment …it’s all too sad.

    More Later…


    • Jan says

      The terminally stupid ‘rezali’ pops into JW to again defecate some words of ‘wisdom’, merely proving, yet again, how vile and evil islam is.

      “A muslim simply would not be responsible for that …”

      Shreiks ! (Of laughter).

      You purport to be a shiite, don’t you ? What’s happening in Syria ? In Iraq ? :) :)

      But I do hope you all carry on ! :)

      • Rezali Mehil says

        Hello Jan,

        Long time no hear ….how and where have you been? Not by chance on a holiday to Malaysia and then onto China to teach them English?

        No…thought not….too much for your old frame….BTW are you retiring?

        When is the party?

        More Later ….


        • Jan says

          Hey, ‘rezali’ !

          How’s the beard ?

          I hope you’re keeping hairless and smooth that bit “under the nose, and above the top lip”, which is, believe it or not, the *same* place !

          By the way, was it you who called that FGM helpline, to order a mutilation for your daughter, granddaughter, niece ?

          Betcha …

          More later, chumbawumba !

    • gravenimage says

      The grotesque Rezali Mehil wrote:

      Hello all,

      I think at this point it is wrong to blame the muslim pilot until something underhand is found.

      The Malaysian authorities have just acknowledged that the pilot was responsible.


      I saw this poor woman on TV today saying that she had lost 3 generations of her family…Allah SWT that is unthinkable …a death sentence whilst alive.

      But if she was an Infidel you would not care, and if she is a Muslimah and this was Jihad, then all her relatives as Islam sees it go to paradise.


      A muslim simply would not be responsible for that…

      This is just grimly laughable. Pious Muslims *regularly* slaughter innocent people, as we see by just picking up the paper every day.

      Right now, the number of Jihad attacks just since 9/11 is up to 22,684. Most of these attacks have multiple victims.

      How can you say such a thing with a straight face? Certainly, the savvy Infidels here at Jihad Watch are not buying it.

  6. Carolyne says

    Pardon me, but did I read that correctly? “A Muslim simply would not be responsible for that?” Killing people is what they do. It’s what they live for.
    It’s who they are.

    • Rezali Mehil says


      says “Killing people is what they do. It’s what they live for…..”

      Do you even know any muslims ? You are “educated”at the school of Robert Spencer…each on to it’s own …and good luck with that….but seriously…

      You know what …step into the shoes of a muslimah for a week or so …experience the love that we have for each other …know how precious that we think life is …and soon …very soon you will see the light.

      THEN…if you say what you say now and if you feel the same way …it’s a fair cop.

      BUT UNTIL THEN…..shut that fat obese lip of yours because you don’t know what you are talking about.

      I don’t want to say much now because of respect for all the dead .

      More Later…


      • Bob Smith says

        Muslims may indeed love each other (except when they deem other Muslims heretics, who are then permissible to murder), but they hate everyone else, whom the Quran deems beasts doomed to hell. Not to mention the perpetual example of Muhammad himself, which makes the theft, rape, and murder of non-Muslims morally acceptable.

      • citycat says

        I know non-infidels very well

        From the curse casting Imams to the newly arrived shoeless Bengali frightened of magic.

        Apart from the alcoholic imam they advocate death to the infidel.

        They loved nine eleven.

        They make a Nazi salute if a Jew is mentioned, saying “my beloved Fureur ”

        The odd non-infidel will not agree with the violence or the misogyny.

        The boys are indoctrinated that they are superior to girls.

        I reckon I could make a long list of the non-human activities and attitudes of the non-infidels.

  7. Carolyne says

    Yes. In fact some of my relatives are Muslim.

    I have learned about Islam by reading the Koran and observing Muslim behavior worldwide. Probably not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim. And they are terrorists because their so_called religion requires that they kill “Infidels……where you find them” and “Smite their necks.” And quite frankly if you do not know the true nature of Islam and your fake pedophile prophet, then I know more about Islam than you do.

    • Rezali Mehil says

      Carolyn with an e, says

      “In fact some of my relatives are Muslim”…

      Mashallah, Mashallah …..you are almost one us …only pretending to be kuffar….Lol …you did that well Carolyn with an e.

      So do you eat Halal when you see your relatives….indeed DO you see your relatives.

      So you are a secret reader of the Koran are you….you are a dog Carolyne…yes a dog….but well done…keep going …teach you daughter well…tell her the kuffar has nothing compared to us .

      What was their analysis to the plane coming down? Did you tell them that you think it was one of them ….or did you just think it …sly dog….

      More Later….


      • Reality Check says

        Ah! Rezali finally showing his true colours! So Carolyne is a “dog” and a “kuffar” just because she’s not a Muslim like you? Or maybe because she knows more about Islam than the people like you deem convenient for themselves?

        Well done, well done! Finally, the gross smell of a racist Muslim pig coming through all the suave words!

        Are you living in the United States or another Western country, Rezali? If you are, I wonder where you would be now if you still vegetated in your native Middle Eastern hellhole where no advancement is possible.

        Biting the hand that feeds you is exactly the Muslim thing to do.

        In the meantime, learn how to use full stops when writing. Did nobody ever tell you that three dots is not the way to end a sentence in the English language? You are on a board full of educated people, so try to catch up with the rest of us.

      • Carolyne says

        No, I have no need to read the Koran secretly. You see, dear, here in infidel land, we may openly read whatever we wish without dirty smelly men in drag coming to take us to jail for blasphemy.

        Insofar as my being a dog, I take it as a compliment. Dogs are loving, faithful. They are great companions and they are capable of love. These are qualities completely missing in a Muslim.

        It is my belief that this so-called superiority that Muslims claim is actually a cover for their own feelings of inferiority. After all, why shouldn’t they feel inferior. They are.

  8. Carolyne says

    And further, the love of a Muslima for a child extends to sexually mutilating that little girl,sometimes with a piece of glass on the ground in the dirt. I would die before I lived even an hour as a Muslima wearing a shroud and being the property of some dirty old Muslim male.

    And save your fake respect for the dead. Your ilk made them that way.

    • gravenimage says

      Carolyn wrote:

      And further, the love of a Muslima for a child extends to sexually mutilating that little girl…

      It also extends to envisioning little boys as “Shahids” wired into suicide vests.

      And with Shi’ites like Rezali Mehil we have the added horror of their slashing their male infant’s heads for Ashura.*Ugh*.

  9. joeb says

    The UK Telegraph reports today comments from Malaysia Airlines about evidence now pointing to a suicide mission:

    “this has been a deliberate act by someone on board who had to have had the detailed knowledge to do what was done … Nothing is emerging that points to motive.”

    This is why I have never and never will fly on an islamic country’s airline – there is no way of knowing when a pilot will turn from being a so-called “moderate” muslim, to a jihadist. And all the security on the planet can’t stop it from happening. Ever.

  10. Buraq says

    @ Rezali, the benighted bint.

    Muslim pilots. Tons of flying hours and experienced. Super-reliable infidel designed plane with near immaculate record. But plane crashes into the sea with full load of passengers more than 1,000 nautical miles from land.

    Now. let’s see …………sheer accident, deliberate, sheer accident, deliberate, she loves me, she loves me not, ……..

    You’re a baggy-trousered, red-nosed, wire-wigged clown! Begone!

  11. Philip Jihadski says

    Above, in “reply” to Jan, the indubitable “Reza” spouted:

    “BUT UNTIL THEN…..shut that fat obese lip of yours because you don’t know what you are talking about.”

    Thank you, yet again, Moslem, for illustrating classic supremacism.

    I wonder what you would, actually, do, Reza, if confronted by Jan. I’ll bet you a month’s salary that Jan would deal with you appropriately.

    Now, in “reply” to Carolyne, a real howler from the Mohammedist:

    “…you are a dog Carolyne…yes a dog….but well done…keep going …teach you (sic) daughter well…”

    Yep. leave it up to the Moslema to make a 1st grade mistake in grammar/spelling, as she lectures Carolyne.

    Nope, ya’ can’t make this stuff up, folks.

    Truth is – indeed – stranger than fiction.

    Finally, this little Muslima Nugget:

    “I don’t want to say much now because of respect for all the dead .”

    How the hell do you know they’re dead? You seem awfully sure of yourself, Muslima Clown.

    Hiding something from us?

    You are truly vile, Reza – you’ve got several screws loose, at least. Islam made you that way, “doggie”

    • Carolyne says

      When that ridiculous person calls me a dog, I take it as a compliment. Dogs are loyal, loving. They are great companions. Faithful to a fault.

      Muslims on the other hand have none of the above qualities. And as for feeling they are superior, it is my conviction that all of that is just a cover for how truly inferior they feel. And why shouldn’t they? They are inferior to human beings.

  12. Carolyne says

    I didn’t mean to post that twice, but my computer told me the first time that I was posting a duplicate. So then I typed it again with some slight variations and once again I was told it was a duplicate. Now, I discover that it posted both. However, it needs repeating.

    And this ridiculous person who calls herself Rezali really needs to get out more. Oh, that’s right. She can’t get out without a male relative to guard her from those lusting Muslim males who are just waiting in the bushes to jump on an unaccompanied Muslima.

    I don’t want to be too hard on her, though. After all, when one marries one’s first cousin generation after generation, it does not make for brilliant children. Perhaps her parents were first cousins. After all, in Pakistan 70% of the married population is married to their first cousins. This answers a lot of questions about Muslims’ intellect, or lack thereof.

  13. gravenimage says

    Thanks for confirming that this plane would have had GPS, Dan.

    I didn’t see how it *couldn’t* have in this day and age.