Nigeria: Muslims murder over 150 Christians, including a pastor and his wife and children

Worldview-Nigerian-violence-2010-09-14Islamic jihadists (aka “herdsmen”) are operating with impunity in Nigeria, terrorizing and murdering Christians, but the world community remains largely unconcerned. And that’s understandable. After all, it isn’t as if “Islamophobia” were breaking out, or something really serious like that.

“Massacre: Over 150 Christians Butchered in South Kaduna,” from, March 15 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):

Information reaching from competent sources in Kaduna indicate that another massacre by unknown Fulani herdsmen occurred in the southern Kaduna town of Ungwar Sankwai in Manchok under Kaura Local Government Area [LGA]. The massacre is reported to have left over 150 lives [including a Pastor, his wife and children] killed. Homes numbering over 200 were set ablaze.

According to the information received, the supposed Fulani herdsmen arrived at the christain [sic] dominated town at about 10pm on Friday and began their killing and burning operation till 3am Saturday morning – when the Nigerian military arrived.

A surviving eyewitness, who spoke through the telephone, stated that the Fulani attackers were about 40 in number and were armed with dangerous knives, guns and other unidentifiable equipment. The survivor said that the attackers began with setting homes on fire – with the occupants. “Those that tried to escape were butchered or gun down”. He added that many of the dead, died as a result of fire.

It took the arrival of the Nigerian military at 4am for the supposed Fulani herdsmen to depart the area by 3am. This was according to a source who also noted that the military upon arrival refused to enter the bushes to comb the area for escaping Fulani attackers. He said the military only occupied the affected community – without taking proactive measures to hunt after the culprits.

It is recalled that in 2012, a similar attack was recording in the neighboring town of Dongondaya in Plateau State – where over 140 persons were butchered over night by supposed Fulani attackers. Both towns share a border – and both attack share striking similarities.

In 2011, according to security reports leaked out of from Abuja, a plan by unknown persons hiding under the guise of Fulani herdsmen were said to be on the offing – to be used to terrorize the Christian communities with the northern middle belt communities – suck [sic] southern Kaduna, communities in Plateau and others….

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    • Defcon 4 says

      CNN vomited forth the same lie about “herdsman” vs. “farmers” — at which point I flipped channels.

  1. King Dave says

    This is genocide. Rwanda in slow motion.
    “Never again” must mean, never again will we contemplate stopping genocide. Especial if we have to mention Islam.

    Effectively the Christians that stay put are dead.
    These Islamic herdsmen are distinct from Boko Haram they are merely another Islamic genocidaires. It’s not Boko Haram
    Still have to thank the BBC, no major US media is covering Nigeria.
    Understandably, it’s incredibly dangerous to travel to Northern Nigeria.

    • islamisdeath says

      the left wing media will never honestly cover the slaughter of Christians because they support it.

      The left wing idiots want Christianity annihilated but are such pompous idiots that they just cannot believe that those they support thru silence and thru their supportive reporting styles will then turn on them.

      The left are the poster children for all that islam hates. Left winger heads will roll, so to speak.

      • says

        wheres the like button on this site Mr Spencer lol because this is the truth “The left are the poster children for all that islam hates. Left winger heads will roll, so to speak.” So True imho

    • Dennis Dabney says

      Islam has not proven itself to be a peaceful, nonviolent religion. Ask any Israeli how nonviolent they are. Ask the business in the Twin Towers in New York City, how nonviolent they are. Ask the athletes in Munich in 1972 how peaceful their abductors were. The list of atrocities have been committed in the last half century attributed to the peaceful and nonviolent Islamic people is too long to consider discussing here, but I think the point is made. Islam is a religion that has used the teachings of Mohammad to justify the blood lust.

      • Defcon 4 says

        Israel hasn’t even experienced the lion’s share of islam0nazi terrorism. The Indian sub-continent has, including a genocide of some 2.5 to 3 million Hindus carried out by muslimes in Bangladesh that featured the rape of thousands of Hindi women.

    • islamisdeath says

      Is that a joke or are you so deluded as to believe it? The world is dripping with the blood of innocents spilled by satans addled minions the muslims.

  2. gerard says

    “..about 10pm on Friday and began their killing and burning ..”
    ie after they’d been worshipping the Goat at Friday “prayers”.

  3. David says

    What will it take for the leftist media and the public in general to rise up and stop these Muslim massacres? Where are the Muslim leaders of the world to stop their own people? Is it connivance? If the Holocaust, if Rwanda, etc. are to mean anything more than just figures and facts of chronology in history books, if they are to mean “Never Again”, then they should serve to awaken us from this slumber to stop it now in Nigeria.

    • islamisdeath says

      The leftist media supports the slaughter of Christians. They will never report accurately. They are too blind to see that after Christianity it’s their turn on the muslim chopping block.

      • gravenimage says

        I wouldn’t go so far as to say that leftist media actually *supports* the slaughter of Christians.

        It’s more that this just doesn’t fit into their world-view at all—it just “doesn’t compute”.

        As they see it, Western Christians “colonialists” are the aggressors, even and anon, and they are just incapable of recognizing anything that falls outside that paradigm.

        Ergo, the killings cannot really be happening, or else they are just retaliation for Christian violence against Muslims, or some such crap.

        Please note that I am *in no way* making excuses for Western media here—they are supposed to be objectively reporting the news, not pushing their own false “politically correct” agenda.

  4. Docs357 says

    I’m sure our Demonic prez is cheering along with the rest of the muzzy’s . Not once has he lifted a finger to stop these senseless slaughters shame on him and his followers

  5. Charli Main says

    ” wickedness must stop”
    Eradicating that foul disease called Islam, would be a good start.

  6. Huck Folder says

    “…the military upon arrival refused to enter the bushes to comb the area for escaping Fulani attackers”

    Does anyone know the ‘faith’ of those soldiers? Aren’t there many thousands of mohammedans in the armed forces? Anyone from Nigeria care to comment?

    Any news from the cair-crickets?

  7. David King says

    I do not understand why Christian villagers and congregations in areas where they are regularly attacked and murdered do not arm and organize themselves for effective defense. 40 “farmers” destroyed 200 homes and murdered 150 people. If an alarm had been sounded at their approach and fifty armed men had fought back, the result would have been far different. And if this happened every time a church or village is attacked, it would seriously dampen the zeal of the Islamists for killing Christians. They know no one will fight back, so they are unrestrained by any fear of consequences. Jesus & Paul are clear that Christians are not to advance the gospel by force. But there is a moral imperative to defend the lives of one’s dependents and fellows from murder.

  8. Anthony Rose says

    Most of attacks occur in the north east, particularly in Borno and Yobe states where Boko Haram’s operating base is, it is not true Mr Spencer, that they are operating with ‘impunity’ the Nigerian goventment has deployed troops in an attempt to keep the peace. It is also spurious to promote the notion that Islam is the sole cause.

  9. gravenimage says

    Val wrote:

    I can not independently verify that this story is true. I am suspicious.

    Anthony Rose wrote:

    Most of attacks occur in the north east, particularly in Borno and Yobe states where Boko Haram’s operating base is, it is not true Mr Spencer, that they are operating with ‘impunity’ the Nigerian goventment has deployed troops in an attempt to keep the peace. It is also spurious to promote the notion that Islam is the sole cause.

    I see the Muslim apologists are out in force.

    The fact is that there is an out-and-out genocide against Christians by Muslims in Nigeria today.

    And if someone (really?) considers this story by 247ureports for some reason “suspicious”, then just look to the scores of stories covered by the Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France Press, CNN, etc, etc, etc…

    As for the idea that the Nigerian government is trying to “keep the peace”—as thought the violence was equally instigated by Christians and Muslims!—I believe the emphasis should be on ‘trying’.

    Muslims, now at around 50% of the population in Nigeria, are making a final push to impose supremacy there—and the government, hampered and outgunned as they are, has not been able to much protect its Christian citizens at all.

  10. says

    The organization is made up of five
    blocs; they are the Christian Council of
    Nigeria , the Catholic Secretariat of
    Nigeria , the Pentecostal Fellowship of
    Nigeria , the aforementioned
    Organisation of African Instituted
    Churches, and the Evangelical
    Fellowship of West Africa.[2]
    The CAN has Women and Youth Wings,
    a National Executive Council consisting
    of 105 members (which elects the
    President), and a General Assembly of
    304 members (which ratifies the
    President’s election). [2]
    The Christian Association of Nigeria was
    founded in 1976, and originally only
    contained the Catholic Church and
    mainline Protestant groups. However, it
    later expanded to include Pentecostal
    churches as well.[3]
    In 2000, the CAN protested the adoption
    of Sharia law in northern states. [4] In
    February 2006, while President of the
    organization, Akinola issued a statement
    in response to Muslim violence against
    Christians, telling Muslims that they did
    not have a “monopoly on violence”. The
    following day, Christians rioted in
    retaliation against Muslims, leading to
    more than 70 deaths. [5][6] Akinola later
    claimed his statements had been
    misinterpreted in the western media. He
    even threatened to resign in case the
    riots should continue. [7]
    On May 2, 2004, more than 630 Muslims
    were killed in Yelwa , Nigeria . The dead
    were pinned white name tags identifying
    them as members of the CAN. [8] The
    massacre is known as the Yelwa
    In September 2007, the organization
    endorsed a social security plan put forth
    by Jigawa State Governor Sule Lamido.