1. Is Dumbo going to bring up the fact that the Saudi and US backed “rebels” are committing war crimes on an everyday basis? Is he going to ask the so called king to help in opposing the murderous hostility of sunni muslims towards Christians and other non-muslims?

  2. More turnspeak from Obama. But that kinda talk is very risky in dealing with Moslems, as has been demonstrated repeatedly. Obama *will* accept a bad deal with Iran, and there will be hell to pay down the road. With this guy, it’s all about winning the next election, always that is the top priority. He’s a serial campaigner cuz he’s buying time to complete the conversion of the U.S. to socialism, and if possible globalism. He’s well into the process of destroying the nation’s healthcare system, and he lied to win two election cycles to keep the scam going. But Moslems don’t give a rat’s ass about elections, except where fake ones are required to get money from the Infidels.

  3. POTUS should persuade KSA to open the flood gates and force the world oil price down.
    That would ruin the Russian economy and get Putin off his new Russian Empire ideas.

  4. Sadly, even tragically, for what’s left of the free world the smarter guy in this photo is sitting on the right.

  5. I still don’t see where it’s remotely in US interests to destabilize Syria or arm the rebels. Syria is an ally of Iran and was an active enemy of Israel, but replacing the relatively stable Syrian government with anarchy and a jihad breeding ground does nothing for US security.

    I don’t even see the benefits to a Muslim sympathizer like Obama in supporting the Syrian rebellion.

    I can kind of see the benefits to Saudi Arabia. They see Iran as their worst enemy, and the Syrian government as a firm Iranian ally. The Syrian rebels are mainly Sunni, and likely to be sympathetic to Iranian interests and hostile to Shi’ites. Furthermore, the Christian population of Syria will be completely decimated, which is probably attractive to the Saudis, who can’t stand the presence of any religion except Sunni Islam.

    I don’t understand why the US Congress tolerates US activity in Syria. Hasn’t anyone asked whether such actives are in the US interest? We know the deep penetration of Saudi money and intelligence in the US government, in conjunction with the Muslim Brotherhood, a very Sunni organization. I’d hate to think the US government and Congress is so responsive to Saudi money and espionage, but that seems to be the most likely conclusion.

    • It is not in US interest to have an unstable syria, but it appears to be in obama’s (and some members of congress) interest, for whatever reason (money, oil, ideology).

      saudi arabia (and other gulf states) is simply doing what it has done in the past, contracting the US and other western countries to “resolve” it’s regional issues. Gulf states funded saddam’s army during the iran-Iraq war. When saddam turned against kuwait, GF1 erupted. Western countries did the bulk of the fighting, even though it was essentially local conflict. Evidently, the combined forces of the rest of the Arab world plus turkey appeared not to be able to overcome Iraqi forces. In GF2, western countries, again, got rid of another thorn-in-the-side issue for saudi arabia – the removal of saddam, permanently. Naturally, iraq did not turn out the way saudi arabia had hoped. An iraq that is very friendly to iran is not something that was envisaged. To counter this, a syria that is not so friendly to iran would have to be manufactured. That has not turned out so well either.

      With a US no show (non military intervention) in syria and obama snuggling up to iran, saudis are seriously worried. Their foremost military contractor, the US, is not very responsive to them, presently.

  6. “He who fails to learn from history is doomed to repeat it.” We unfortunately are saddled with a president whose mindset/attitude toward America is straight out off the 60’s. Simply put America has been a force of oppression and evil in the world. I suppose to a communist, socialist, liberal, progressive, that is acceptable. All one need do is listen to the hatefull, bitter, rants that pass for “sermons” of Obama’s pastor of several years that of course being Jeremiah Wright. Understand who the potus kept company with in past decades to see how he views this country. The fundamental transformation, the hope and change that Obama spoke of during the 2008 campaign are made obvious to any rational person. Obama’s destabilising of our economy, his shrinking and weaking of our military among other things is the setting of the stage, the arrainging of the chess board for what is to follow. And, what is to follow is not going to be pretty. We had better open our eyes. We had better wake up. WE HAD BETTER STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!!! If we love our country.

  7. That’s a modern version of Laurel and Hardy. The big guy says to the little guy, ‘You see that policemen standing over there ? You go right over there and kick him square in the rear, and if he says anything about it, send him over here to me’…

  8. Back when communism was the world’s biggest problem and most immediate threat, there sprang up university departments and think tanks to work on the problem. The cohort of Sovietologists was big and diverse.

    Now Islam (Moslems) is the world’s biggest problem and most immediate threat, and what to we have. Well, there’s Spencer and Geller, laboring in the wild with a smattering of support, Steyn – who can’t resist the idiocy Islam, Bostom – who can’t stand the lies, and then a couple of dozen security analysts who are willing to acknowledge Islam as a factor in the explosive growth of Jihad violence, but unwilling to consider whether that’s systemic or exceptive.

    The truth-about-Islam cadre is tiny and waaay underfunded in comparison to the Sovietologists of yore. The difference? The government recognized Russia and China as immediate threats; the government does not now, or ever has, singled out Moslems and a dangerous group to be as a problem, and immediate one to be overcome at all costs.

    We need a Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine for dealing with the Moslems, and can obtain that only by changing what seems mad today as common sensicle.


    Click my name for the article

  10. Islam, of any persuasion, Shiite, Sunni, fundamental, moderate, any brand of Islam is the greatest enemy of the West today. I was so tired of hearing George W. Bush go around saying, “Islam is a religion of peace.” He no doubt got that from his Saudi pals. Now we have a president who seems to be one of them. Obama is a Muslim. He was born a Muslim, raised a Muslim, registered in school as a Muslim. He has referred to “My Muslim faith,” on national television. He has said that the sweetest sound in the world is the call to evening prayers. But the most telling evidence is when he went before the UN after the Clinton Benghazi massacre and said, “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” To whom, then, does it belong? To those who worship the so-called “Prophet” of Islam? Bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia sort of put the icing on the cake when one considers whether this country is being delivered to Islam. Of course it is. Our intelligence agencies are forbidden to even utter the words, “Jihad,” or “Muslim terrorist,” when investigating our enemies, but foolishly try to convince the public that we are in danger from our own ex-servicemen.

    Obama entertains the Muslim Brotherhood at dinner in OUR White House frequently. He has placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood in high office in our country. Hillary Clinton’s right hand assistant, (Or whatever she was and is to Hillary Clinton) Huma Obedin’s father was one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Her connections to Iran are close.

    There is just too much evidence that ties Obama in with Islam and the destruction of Western civilization to be ignored. We do so at our own periol

  11. Obama to Saudis: We will not accept a bad Iran deal

    Grimly laughable…

  12. WW III seems a plausible scenario if Turkey continues to provoke Syria until the first serious countering strike follow. After which I would expect Turkey to call on Nato invoking Art. 5 of the Nato treaty. From then on any outcome seems possible…

  13. Turkey didnot provoke syria in any way that Mig 23 was carrying bombs and missile into Turkey air space Turkey have every legal right to shoot it down before it drop it bomb load on Turkey cities and villages. The USSR have the prefect legal right to shoot down the South Koran passenger plane that was flying over top secret areas in the USSR, the crew flaying the plane was sleeping and the plane was on autopilot. The Russian order the plane to land at they airbase and they got no answer to their radio hail on the international radio channel for non-milart planes. The fighter fire warning shot from they cannon in front of the airliner untril they where given the order to shoot it down. We would do the samething also.

  14. Ah another person who sees the writing on the wall. As for Saudia frankly such an old man with hardly any breath left should be in power. Surprised one of his princes hasn’t assassinated him yet. I gather this is normal practice in Islamic Kingdoms much like the Ottoman’s who killed one another to get the power the money and the throne. I couldn’t care less if some one blows out the oil wells in Saudi. Might put them in their place since for so long they have held the rest of us to task with their vast quantities of Oil we dug out of the ground for them. Upon which like Napoleon they crowned themselves Kings of the Emirates and all other Middle eastern Kings swear failety to them much like the Medieval Europe
    in the 6th Century before the rise of Islam in the 7th Century.

  15. More apologia for savagery from “Brian Hoff” (“DefenderofIslam”). Disgusting, but hardly surprising.

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