Kansas City: Mohammed Whitaker charged in highway shootings, given 18 felony charges

Mohammed WhitakerIn light of the fact that Mohammed Whitaker’s father’s name is Edward, it is likely that he is a convert to Islam. And he may be yet another convert to Islam who has somehow misunderstood his new, peaceful religion. Whitaker’s sniper attacks against drivers on the highway recalls the Beltway jihad sniper attacks of John Allen Muhammad in the Washington area. Still, this may not be jihad. It may be that Mohammed Whitaker is a “right-wing extremist,” driven mad by his reading of Whittaker Chambers. If it is a jihad attack, the mainstream media will do its best to cover up and obfuscate that fact, or downplay and ignore it if it is indisputable.

“Grandview man, 27, charged in area highway shootings,” by Christine Vendel for the Kansas City Star, April 18:

Kansas City police used tips about an erratic driver, a fingerprint from a plastic bag of shell casings and a bullet from a house that was shot last year to link Mohammed Whitaker, 27, to a series of recent highway shootings.

Jackson County prosecutors on Friday announced 18 felony charges against Whitaker involving nine separate shootings. Two of the charges relate to cases where victims were wounded. Seven cases involve shootings where victims were not hit.

Whitaker remained in jail Friday in lieu of a $1 million cash-only bond.

Officers had been trailing Whitaker for about a week while they finished testing evidence and gathering new information. They arrested him at his Grandview apartment Thursday night as soon as they thought they had enough evidence to justify it.

Police found a gun inside his apartment, where he apparently lived alone. Whitaker told detectives he didn’t know much about the shootings, then said he was the victim of the “highway shooter.” He declined to take responsibility but wept at times in the interrogation room, police said.

The arrest shocked Whitaker’s father, Edward Whitaker, of Cairo, Illinois.

“I thought everything was okay with him,” he said. “I just thought he was working and trying to pay off his college bills.”

Police had linked 12 of about 20 shootings to the same gun, leaving at least three linked cases without criminal charges, including one case where a victim was wounded. More charges may be added, prosecutors said.

Investigators first noticed the pattern of highway and roadway shootings in early April, when a police analyst identified four Kansas City cases and three cases from other cities that bore similarities. Police eventually identified about 20 shooting cases from March and April that could be related. Police announced last week that they had used evidence to link 12 of those cases.

Most of the shootings occurred in Kansas City, with most in or near the Three Trails Crossing.

Authorities at Friday’s press conference said they knew of no motive, they believe Whitaker acted alone and that he had little criminal record.

Mohammed Whitaker last called his father April 7 to ask for money to get him through until his payday. His father sent him $50.

Mohammed Whitaker graduated from high school in Moberly, Mo., and attended but later dropped out of a technical college. He worked at a medical supply company in Overland Park in sales, his father said.

Whitaker is on administrative leave from his job at OptumRx in Overland Park, the division of UnitedHealth Group that fills prescriptions, a company spokesman said.

Whitaker had moved into his home in Grandview in January after moving out of a home in south Kansas City that he shared with several roommates.

“To my knowledge, he’s never fired a gun,” said his father, who had heard of the shootings in Kansas City, but “never had a dream or clue he could be involved in something like that.”

A high school friend of the suspect recognized Whitaker’s image on television Thursday night and called Whitaker’s brother, who called their dad.

The father, who is divorced from the mother, said he could not reach the mother Friday to see if she had heard the news.

The car towed by police Thursday night bore Illinois license plates registered to Edward Whitaker, who said he recently paid for the plates for a white Buick that he gave to his son. But the Buick had transmission problems, so his son began driving a different car recently. His son apparently moved the plates from the Buick to the Dodge Neon.

The investigation began to point toward Whitaker last week after two witnesses reported erratic, road-rage type behavior by a driver of a green car. One witness provided an Illinois license plate that police tracked to Whitaker’s father….

Robert Spencer in PJ Lifestyle: How the Ft. Hood Massacre Could’ve Been Prevented
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    • jihad3tracker says

      Thanks Mike —

      For facts about a pattern which is becoming clearer with every violent event.

      Please post more here at Bob Spencer’s superb truth resource…

    • Shane says

      This could be a jihad attack. A lot of black American males convert to Islam because they hate America and hate white people. We can give thanks to the likes of Revs. Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama’s pastor Wright for keeping the hate alive.

  1. says

    “He declined to take responsibility but wept at times in the interrogation room, police said.”

    Sometimes they WEEP, sometimes they PLAY DEAD!!!

    Biography of the Prophet by Ibn Hisham p.304

    The first man to recognize the apostle after the rout when men were saying ‘The apostle has been killed’ was Ka’b b. Malik, according to what al-Zuhri told me. Ka’b said, ‘I recognized his eyes gleaming from beneath his helment, and I called out at the top of my voice “Take heart, you Muslims, this is the apostle of Allah,” but the apostle SIGNED ME TO BE SILENT.’ When the Muslims recognized the apostle they took him up towards the glen.


    • essdee says

      Here’s my 2 cents: His name is probably Pedro Whitaker originally. Made the asinine conversion, and added the name (sh)mohammed. The rest is history.

      • Shane says

        There’s a reason that so many black American males convert to Islam, the religion of war. They hate America, which they consider a racist nation, and they hate their white oppressors.

  2. says

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    Police said these latest cases involve boys 7 to 12 years of age, allegedly assaulted in the late 2003 to the late 2010, while Jennie was a basketball teacher at Bert Church High School Airdrie, AB, Canada and volunteered at local sports clubs.

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    Police believe there may be more victims.

  3. says

    This is exactly what I thought it was when it happened.. it is common jihadi routine in Russia, Eurasia by islamist ambush.

  4. Islamisdeath says

    Personally I think the assholes convert infidels for the express purpose of using them for suicide attacks and other criminal actions thereby saving the “best of people”

    • Defcon 4 says


      Possibly, but not always. Some possible converts might be more important to be used exactly where they are — like maybe the governors of Tejas or New Joisey. Then there are the reverts that may financially support islam’s worldwide jihad.

  5. Giovanni99 says

    What a smug prick this one is. Laughing while they put him in the police van. Can’t wait till they sentence him to at least 10 years for each count of attempted murder or 180 years, (I hope). Then we can watch the little bitch cry. At least in jail he will have plenty of time to pray and read the rag better than as the koran.

  6. Bezelel says

    ” Two of the charges relate to cases where victims were wounded. Seven cases involve shootings where victims were not hit.”
    I guess he actually shot two of nine attempts. (sarc on) Looks like a right wing tea party member!!! (sarc off) He should never experience freedom again.

  7. Bezelel says

    You might consider using tour cell phone to record any audio video etc..It may not be admissible but it could be very persuasive.BTW Prayers of course.
    Ephesians 6:12
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  8. Jay Boo says

    @Crusader Prime (check out Proverbs 6)
    When you make such crude comments and end your rant with “Pray for me.” you come off as a fool who uses religion as a POLITICAL tool.

  9. marken says

    The easiest way to understand them is to read the Koran but reverse the names. When the Koran says ‘believer’ substitute how you see yourself, if you are Christian use Christian, when the Koran says ‘unbeliever’, substitute the word Muslim. You will quickly understand how the Koran molds these people in supremacists.

  10. Defcon 4 says

    His plea to pray for him could be sarcasm. At least he sees muslimes for what they are, not what he wants them to be.