New York: Muslim group’s libel suit dismissed against book saying it held terror training

Muslims of AmericaThe lawsuit was akin to the one that the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed a few years ago against Anti-CAIR. The problem in both cases was that the Muslim group claimed it was being libeled but couldn’t prove that any of the statements made by the people they were suing were actually false. The lawsuits themselves were simply an attempt to intimidate critics into silence — which Islamic supremacist thugs more often do by defaming them as “bigots,” “racists,” etc.

“New York Muslim group’s libel lawsuit against Christian Action Network over book is dismissed,” from the Associated Press, April 25, 2014 (thanks to Twostellas):

ALBANY, N.Y. – A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit accusing a Christian organization of defaming a Muslim group in a book that alleged that the Muslim group conducted terrorist training.

Judge Thomas McAvoy says The Muslims of America, which incorporated last year, failed to prove it has the legal standing to sue.

He granted Christian Action Network’s motion to dismiss the suit filed last year but rejected its request for sanctions against the Muslim group for allegedly seeking $18 million in damages with no legitimate legal basis.

The suit had accused Christian network founder Martin Mawyer’s 2012 book “Twilight in America” of falsely portraying the Muslim group. The Muslim group says its communities in upstate New York and around the U.S. are peaceful.

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  1. mortimer says

    Obscurantism is the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known. CAIR and all Islamic apologists deliberately restrict knowledge of important facts about Islam and jihad—they oppose the spread of this knowledge, and they withholding facts about jihad from the public.

    Obscurantism is an inherent feature of Islam, especially regarding the scientific, historical criticism of the Koran and hadith texts.

    Islamists naturally assume that obscurantism will save them in the West, just as it has in Muslim-majority countries. This is the opposite of reality. Islam is thoroughly debunked whenever facts are exposed.

  2. Angemon says

    The problem in both cases was that the Muslim group claimed it was being libeled but couldn’t prove that any of the statements made by the people they were suing were actually false.

    That’s the difference between US law and sharia law. Under US law, libel and/or slander are defined as stating or writing falsehoods or misrepresentations that damage someone’s reputation. Under sharia law, libel constitutes any oral or written remark offensive to a complainant, regardless of its accuracy or intent and slander means to mention anything concerning a person that he would dislike, regardless of accuracy or intent.

  3. mortimer says

    Naturally, terrorist-training camps are not advertising their true purpose so that law enforcement officers may observe and arrest them. No doubt, they are ‘like boy scouts’ promoting outdoor survival skills and physical fitness!

    Why would anyone assume they are preparing for suicide bombings and warfare against the disbelievers.

  4. Jay Boo says

    This sign looks like a gravestone.

    Islamic green
    Green in this case to represent the LIFE of FUNGUS
    and the death of its host countries.

  5. jihad3tracker says

    Please note the name on the outdoor sign, which is typically placed at the beginning of private roads leading up to “The Muslims of America” compounds, where its members live.

    I urge JW readers here to get on the web and see just how many places M.O.A. has established such compounds.

    My reasonable speculation is that they will be in the front wave of mass armed mobilization when a “Go” communique comes from central control.

    And let me write again I am a lifelong Dem, not a tinfoil anteanna hat wearer — but of what I call the “2nd Amendment branch”, and thoroughly aware of seditious Leftist domination of what once was a strongly patriotic party…

    • Jay Boo says

      Target practice
      Any Questions

      The PC West ignores what is actually in the Qur’an.
      Yet pandering politicians get self-righteous about anyone damaging it.