Nigeria: Islamic jihadists murder 75 with rush-hour jihad bomb at bus station

boko-haram“We are in your city, but you don’t know where we are.” That is true of many more cities besides just Abuja. But to pay too much attention to such matters would be “Islamophobic,” and neither government and law enforcement authorities nor the general public have yet caught on to the fact that every resistance to jihad terror and Islamic supremacism is ipso facto “Islamophobic,” and the whole point of charging “Islamophobia” is to clear away all obstacles to the advance of jihad terror.

“Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamic extremists claim massive blast that killed 75 in Nigerian capital,” by Michelle Faul, The Associated Press, April 19 (thanks to Kenneth):

LAGOS, Nigeria – Islamic extremists Saturday claimed responsibility for the massive rush-hour explosion earlier this week that ripped through a busy bus station in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, killing at least 75 people and wounding 141.

“We are in your city, but you don’t know where we are,” Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Boko Haram terrorist network, says in a new video that threatens more attacks.

“Yes, we are the ones who carried out the attack in Abuja,” he says in Nigeria’s Hausa language in the video, which was received through the same channels as previous ones.

Shekau makes no mention of the abductions of more than 100 girls and young women from a remote northeastern school hours after the bomb blast, also blamed on his fighters.

Officials say dozens of the girls have managed to escape, but 85 remain unaccounted for.

Parents and townspeople have joined security forces and vigilantes searching the Sambisa Forest for the kidnapped girls — an area dangerous because it is known to contain hideouts of the militants. Borno state’s education commissioner, Musa Inuwo Kubo, said Friday that the girls who escaped have been sent to their homes all over the state for their own safety because there was no security, not at the school and not in Chibok town. It was unclear why the military haven’t deployed troops at least to the school, where the girls have been brought once they escape. Some managed to jump off the back of the truck into which they were bundled in the dark of the pre-dawn attack. Others have escaped from an apparent militant camp, wandering in the bush until they are found.

Monday’s explosion in Abuja, just a 15 minutes’ drive from the presidential villa, was the first attack in two years on the capital, which is in the heart of the country and hundreds of miles (kilometres) from the militants’ traditional stronghold in the northeast. The toll is expected to rise when pathologists say how many people were blown apart by the mighty blast that blew a hole 4-feet (1.2 metres) deep in the dirt of the Nyanya Motor Park.

It undermined government and military claims that they have contained the Islamic uprising to the extreme northeast of the country, and raised fears that the insurgency is spreading….

No kidding, really?

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    • Jay Boo says

      and NPR has no shame
      NPR mentioned (Boko Haram) when reporting on this but interviewed a local saying (may Allah help us) as if Muslims were the intended victims.

  1. mortimer says

    The Islamic supremacists and censors of free speech who make the Islamophobia complaint have not noticed this website is called JIHAD Watch.

    If there is a phobia, it would be JIHADOPHOBIA, because jihad is warfare against the disbelievers.

    Jihadists are all around us in the West these days…wherever we go. I have chatted with them and know they are already thinking of how they can take over and how much violence that will require.

    Some jihadists are taking the long view…the gradual approach. Other jihadists are ‘hot jihadists’…they want it now…next week.

    We are fools and led by fools if we do not see the jihad staring us in the face. They are all around you. Look and you will see the jihad, hear the jihad, smell the jihad. That’s reality, not phobia.

  2. Rolf Wittwer says

    In shortwave Hausa News the speaker was talking about more than
    300 dead people (Abuja-Busterminal-Bomb). It is common, that Nigeria News all the time are talking about much lower number of victims after such evil attacks.
    It’s politics and tactics exercised by the corrupt regime under the umbrella
    of the oneparty-dictatorship PDP (with former head of state “Baba” Obasanjo).
    As long the country is led by such a selfish, arrogant, cynical and primitive classe politique, Boko Haram will not disappear.
    Since 1980 the lifequality of peoples majority is at free fall.
    That means the country needs urgent a revolution. A real one.

  3. s.c. says

    These are not “extremist” that is a bunch of crap, these are your everyday pagan moon god worshiping murders following the teachings of the qu’ran, so get off that “Extremist” carp, and call a spade a spade. they are just plain mo-slums doing what they do best. kill other people.

  4. Michael Copeland says

    “Boko Haram” is handy because it is short, but it is only a nickname. The first and last words of the group’s official (very long) name make a more meaningful term: “Party ….for Jihad”.