1. Couldn’t agree more. The only Aid should be to provide Pakistan’s non-muslims with asylum in Western countries, if and when they want it. Once Pakistan is “all-muslim”, you can forget about it, as it will become a sharia hell-hole, with much muslim-on-muslim killing.

    When they come back with a begging-bowl, you dictate to them WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO, OTHERWISE NO RESUMPTION OF AID. Job done……..

  2. Yes, the United States FORCED Pakistan to become more and more Islamist.

    Disengaging will mean they don’t have to pretend to collaborate with the US and Iran and the Taliban will join forces with Pakistan to create a world war with the West.


    • The bottom line summed that up. What better way for iran to get nukes than from the paki’s. Some more of obaMUD’s brilliant foreign policy.

  3. It’s obvious that we targeted the wrong countries after 9/11. We should have gone after Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Iraq was a NeoCon objective that had 0 to do with 9/11, and Afghanistan is nothing without Pakistan.

  4. What this opportunistic politician means is that the US should just give pakistan money without any conditions, oversight or questions (the EU should also do the same too). However, there are many in the west (especially the US) that see his statement as complete pullout, including military aid money.

    This foolish man does not seem to understand that the pakistani military relies on US aid money to function. This is not just in terms of US military hardware, but also US funds to pay for salaries, supplies, bribes, etc. The pakistani military is a big part of the country’s problem, but also the only entity preventing the country from falling into anarchy. Fortunately for mr. khan, the military is in charge of the country, not him.

  5. Haleluja, do it mr Khan, just do it, and if possible yesterday. Who ever like to laugh about him just look on you tube the speech sir Salmon Rushdie hold in India, very funny

  6. Insanity has been in charge of US foreign policy for decades. it’s hard to see how ‘giving’ taxpayers money to enemies and potential enemies is a sane policy.
    There is nothing in the US Constitution that calls for that, or any ‘foreign aid’.

  7. Yo Khan! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Please take all your filthy muzzie paki immigrants from the US back with you, too.

  8. Pakistan sincerely doing its best effort to combet the terrorism and its only a country which sacrified most. Due to ally of USA Pakistan suffered a lot and still facing critical situtation. The west should think it

  9. A comment by the erudite “Hugh Fitzgerald”, from 2011, on the subject of Islamic Pakistan.

    Monday, 26 September 2011
    And No Longer Will The Public Be Kept In The Dark About The Full Extent Of Pakistani Treachery But Let The Public Know More Of The Truth About Pakistan

    And some more:
    Tuesday, 19 July 2011
    A Failure To Communicate — And A Failure To Comprehend

    And if one wants still more on the subject of what pakistan the so-called “land of the [islamically] pure” has done to itself as it descends down, down, down, as through the nine circles of Hell that represent the willed process of corruption of the City and of the Soul, one may find it by reading the sections on Pakistan in V S Naipaul’s “Among the Believers” and “Beyond Belief”.

  10. A description of Islamic Pakistan, by our regular commenter ‘alarmed pig farmer’, relaying what was witnessed there by a man whom he knew, an apostate from Islam.

    Alarmed Pig Farmer | September 26, 2006 11:37 PM

    “Pakistan is as close to hell as one can get in this life.

    “Absent the Islamic Republic of Afghan, about which I’ve heard some unbelievable stories from young neighbor boys who hung out in my family room (video games, TV, boy talk, wrestling matches that I had explicitly probibited) who became Marines and served there, I’d have to go with you on this.

    “Paki competes with Afghan for the Ultimate Hell-Hole Prize (no offense to Arabia here).

    “I have a college friend, an apostate from Islam who grew up in the high caste in Islamabad. Great tennis player, perfect English. LSE economics degree.

    “Anyway, I went to grad school with this dude and he had a real big hangup about Islam. I always sensed his personal fear on the subject.

    “After grad school, he got into into the pot distribution biz and was busted with 1200 pounds of Marijuana in his trunk by the State Troopers on the NJ Turnpike… for driving slower than the mandatory minimum speed. (He was sampling the goods during his transport mission, he showed terrible operational discipline.) They pulled his stoned ass over for going 38mph in a 50mph minimum zone.

    “Into prison. Into the NJ court system. Into prison.

    “Into a recruitment session with the CIA, who had been after him from the day he matriculated at my university. Into a signed personal services contract with the CIA. Conversant in English, Urdu, Farsi, and Arabic, he became an intelligence asset. The CIA had him out of jail and into pocket as a Paki asset.

    “It was tough, but he did his duty for 10 long dangerous years.

    “He always refused to tell me anything about his operations.
    Unlike Valeri Plane, he honored his confidentiality agreement cuz he knew it would be enforced against him.

    “Years later, we reunited and he told me about his return trip to Paki.

    “The CIA had the class to take him back into Paki with a security escort to visit his home town Islamabad in order to visit his dying grandfather at his death bed.

    “After 20 yrs in the States, he was stunned by the filth and the chaos in Paki.

    “He spoke of being whisked down one-way streets by his CIA-hired escorts in which crazed Jihadists cruised up one-way streets the wrong way. The open use of child labor and slave labor. The openness of sex-slavery (a linch pin of the Sunnah).

    “He also noted the near total absence of law enforcement. The chaos in Islamabad stunned him.

    “Over a 3-mile drive, he looked down 3 alley ways to see grown men sodomizing young boys crouched over doggy-style.

    “He has not returned to Dar al-Islam since.

    “Couldn’t take it. Paki is chaos. Paki is in Sharia. Funded by American Jizyah.

    “Paki is Hindu [???] infused with the negative commandments of Allah and Mohammed (or of just Mohammed posing as Allah which is the most likely case). Paki is our future vision of Global Sharia.

    “And I didn’t even mention his reports on family incest on young girls, which is also prevalent there.
    * 33:21 ** 33:21 ** 33:21 ** 33:21 ** 33:21 ** 33:21 ** 33:21 ** 33:21 ** 33:21 ** 33:21 *

    “Is Paki the worst place on earth? Is Paki Arabia wihtout the petrodollars? Is Paki the Moslem ideal?

    “I think so. Except for maybe the Jizyah could be better; they deserve more apology dollars.”

    • Somalia is probably more insane than Pakistain. Somalian gangs have pick-up trucks armed w/heavy machine guns (12.7mm Russian heavies), mortars and RPG’s in addition to the standard AK-47’s. A 12.7mm heavy machine gun can hit targets more than a kilometer away. These gangs drive through the streets unopposed while armed w/these weapons.

  11. Why ALL “aid” to Pakistan should be cut off. Why non-Muslim countries should not trade with Pakistan nor have diplomatic dealings with Pakistan nor accept into their countries for any reason at all *any* identifiable Pakistani Muslim.

    Why Pakistan should be *shunned*.

    Wednesday, 14 August 2013
    The Targeting of ‘Minority Others’ in Pakistan: Report Executive Summary and copy of our report.

  12. For all our newer readers, from the archives, something that Hugh Fitzgerald posted some years ago, on the subject of Pakistan.
    It’s a long posting, but well worth reading:

’I recently picked up at a book sale a copy of “The Miscellany,” edited by P. Lal, and published in Calcutta. Issue #51 (June 1972), one of three devoted to the then recently-deceased, at age 41, of David McCutchion.
    ‘An Englishman, David McCutchion was a lover of India, not of the william-dalrympish sort, that is the kind who loves the luxe of the Moghul court and its love intrigues, nor the kind of Englishman (also william-dalrympish) of the walking-across-half-a-continent-when-young sort, making use of local color of the human interest kind, often grizzled or wizened or wizenedly grizzled picturesque Muslims, to do the work for him (downmarket Byrons and Newbys, not to menton the now-unfashionable, because bookish, traveller Gide in “Le Retour du Tchad”), but a true scholar, an Indophile who studied brick temples in Bengal, and Indian writing, was a friend of Satyajit Ray and all sorts of interesting people in Calcutta who never get the attention in the West that all those anti-Western islamisant arundhati-roys manage to get.
I read through The Miscellany #52 – and discovered a tribute from the Sanskrit (and Buddhism) scholar Richard Gombrich (son of E. H.), who opened his essay, titled “His Work Is Unrepeatable,” with this: “The recent death of Mr. David McCutchion in Calcutta at the age of 41 is a catastrophe for oriental studies.”
    ‘Gombrich describes McCutchion as a scholar who “devoted all his time, his money, and his exceptional energy and enthusiasm, to the study of arts and monuments which are fast disappearing. He tramped all over Bengal, both West and East, taking notes and photographs; his knowledge of the countryside was famous.
    “A self-taught photographer, he spared no pains to take the perfect shot; and he leaves well over ten thousand colour slides and as many black and white photographs of high professional quality…..
    “His greatest specialities were Bengali temple architecture and terra-cotta sculpture, the latter a lost skill of whose monuments little is known to the wider world; he also studied and collected Bengali scroll paintings. He explored many other parts of India too, and recorded even Gupta temples previously unknown.”
And a little more, taken from a website:
“David McCutchion (1930-1972), English-born scholar, Indophile and early critic of Raja Rao, was an authentic pioneer: in his short lifetime…made a major contribution to the study of Bengali temples…one of the first scholars to write on the now much commented subject of Indian Writing in English….
    “Born in Coventry, David attended that city’s King Henry VIII Grammar School. He made it to Cambridge University the hard way, on intellectual merit alone. He read Modern Languages (French and German) at Jesus College.
    “After graduating in 1953, he taught English for two years in southern France. He went to India in 1957. He worked there first as an English teacher…and later, as Professor and then Reader in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University, Calcutta….
    “David’s ground-breaking study of Bengali brick temples, The Temples of Bankura District, was published by Writers Workshop in 1972.”

”David McCutchion lived through the war made by West Pakistan (now Pakistan) on East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, in 1970-71, a war in which Muslim fanatics in East Pakistan, locally called razakars, joined forces with the raping and murdering army of West Pakistan, accepting the argument that what was good for Pakistan – that is, staying one country – was necessarily good for Islam, and what was good for Islam was all that mattered.
Here is how, in a letter from England to a friend, McCutchion described the behavior of Pakistan:
“…We are raising funds {for those in what was then East Pakistan being murdered by the army of West Pakistan and its local, fervently Muslim East Pakistani collaborators], and hope to see the Minister of Overseas Development.
    “What do I think of it all? Appalling…Pakistan should never have existed – it has cost more lives than the whole of the British Empire in 200 years.
    “What should I think of a culture that burns down the British Council library in Lahore because an English publisher printed a picture of Mahomet?
    “Fanaticism plus Machiavellianism plus brutality equals Islamic Pakistan.”
    ‘One More Time:
    “What do I think of it all? Appalling…Pakistan should never have existed — it has cost more lives than the whole of the British Empire in 200 years. What should I think of a culture that burns down the British Council library in Lahore because an English publisher printed a picture of Mahomet? Fanaticism plus Machiavellianism plus brutality equals Islamic Pakistan.”
    ‘Print out that last bit, and put it on your refrigerator, under the title: Pakistan.’

    [Note: the above was originally posted by Hugh at July 27, 2007 2:18 PM, in the comments thread to an article about a stoush at the Red Mosque – which see here –

    and then reposted as a stand-alone article, which is the one I have linked].

  13. And to complete the compendium, or the florilegium, of items to do with Pakistan that, to my mind, sum the place up sufficiently for the benefit of any persons reading here who are new to the site and the subject, a posting from some years ago by a young British archaeologist (deceased, alas, in a car accident early in 2007) which provides eloquent testimony to the manner in which Islamic Pakistan is obsessively attacking and destroying its own pre-Islamic history and cultural artefacts.

    necessitasnonhabetlegem | February 11, 2007 12:51 AM

    ‘The government of Pakistan actually controls very little of that country – most areas outside the capital are effectively self-governing and respond only to military pressure from the centre.
    {Which, I suspect, was the case in all Islamic ‘states’ pretty much throughout the history of Islam…dda}
    ‘Very little civilian authority remains, especially in the more remote areas, and sharia law predominates even in the larger towns.
    ‘Pakistan is most certainly not safe for Western civilised people to visit.
    ‘Furthermore, there is a widespread culture of bribery for everything from owning a vehicle to taking a taxi to shopping for necessities.
    ‘In effect, law and order, as the average civilised Western person would understand those terms, has long since ceased to have any meaning; indeed, such meanings probably ceased to be relevant shortly after 1947.
    {Now for the really awful bit – dda}
    ‘A couple of years ago I was privileged to be allowed to join a study team looking into the rock carvings (petroglyphs) and inscriptions along the Karakorum Highway – part of the old ‘Silk Road’ network – which are, or, rather, were, some of the most historically important artifacts in Pakistan.
    ‘ I had read, naturally, the opinions of Professors Jettmar and Hauptmann (Heidelberg University) and also Professor A.H. Dani (Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan) a most civilised moslem of the ‘old school’ so to speak) and I looked forward to a very civilised and enjoyable two months pottering about amongst some very interesting carvings.
    ‘Well, I was never more mistaken in my life!
    ‘The rock carvings are mainly, but not exclusively, in the area around the village of Chilas in the Diamir District and it cost the whole team almost two thousand pounds (three thousand US dollars) in bribes, and three weeks of time in Islamabad, to have our travel documents made good for the journey to Chilas.
    ‘It cost us an additional one thousand five hundred pounds for the ‘arrangement’ of a military escort – an escort, incidentally, which was never provided; we were, instead, escorted, if that could be construed to be the correct word, by a group of what I can only describe as barbarian, gun-toting ruffians who had to be paid off in US dollars on a daily basis.
    ‘When we finally got to Chilas – a nightmare journey which took three days – we had the added financial burden of having to pay a ‘tax’ to each and every mosk in the area in order to be allowed to stay there (this eventually came to over one-and-a-half thousand pounds) and various moslem clerics routinely searched our baggage for what they called ‘illegal works’ and ‘the devil’s machines’ and which we came to realise meant Christian writings and anything that looked like having a purpose more than that of a simple camera.
    ‘We had been told that there were some 45 sites on a stretch of the Indus of about 80 miles in length, and on both banks, with about 40,000 petroglyphs and 10,000 inscriptions in more than 15 writing systems and that the carvings were scraped, or chiseled in some cases, into the larger stones scattered about on the river banks and the lower flood banks of the river valley.
    ‘Certainly there are at least that number of sites but at almost every site we visited systematic destruction of the carvings had obviously taken place.
    ‘**At one site, a mere ten miles from Chilas, we witnessed for ourselves a group of locals, obviously under the directions of several clerics, systematically destroying the stones with large hammers, steel rods and sundry other tools.** {my emphasis – dda}

    ‘When we attempted to remonstrate with these people we were physically attacked and our interpreter – a young man from Islamabad – told us that our attackers were telling us that they were deliberately destroying the works of the ungodly that the British put there so that they could come back and claim the place as their own again!

    ‘No amount of reasoning and explanation seemed to get through to these people.

    ‘Some three days later we did manage to convince one imam that these rocks were much older than the British colonial era
    ‘and he turned to us and said, according to our translator, that ** if they (the rock inscriptions) were indeed as old as we claimed then they didn’t matter and should be destroyed anyway for they obviously came from the mythical (his word) era before the coming of the prophet and so had no validity.** {my emphasis – dda}

    ‘He added that because we were interested in them then they all had to be destroyed to save his people from the evil ways which we infidels brought with us.
    ‘All of this, you understand, from a man who was counted amongst the folk of that area to be educated and knowledgeable!

    ‘I’m not ashamed to admit that on the aeroplane home to London I wept – yes, really, I cried. Why?

    ‘Because these damned barbarian moslems don’t just want to rewrite the past, they want to destroy it also – they want to remove any evidence that anything is any different from that which they claim.

    ‘They are doing it everywhere and all the time – robbing all of us of our past, cutting us off from our various identities, systematically destroying our sense of us.

    ‘Even here, in civilised old Britain, I have encountered moslem youths who disrupt archaeological conferences, attempt to destroy archaeological sites, attack archaeologists and pervert knowledge in a desperate attempt to deny that the past ever contained anything other than islam..”. END.

    • @DDA

      So it was w/the library of Alexandria (burnt down by muslimes), so it was with the Buddhist statues of Afghanistan, that had stood for 2000 years.
      There are some Hindus that claim that the Taj Mahal was not originally a muslime mausoleum, but a Hindu temple.

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