1. Allahu Akbar should be acted upon as an alert which signals all those in the area to quickly draw, load the chamber and begin firing at the committed Jihadist. It’s a favor to him so her can enter Paradise as promised and a win for humanity to get a controlled killer drone off the street.

    • Whenever you hear the word “Allah,” which the Mohammedans mistakenly believe is God, get down and hide, fast. Nothing good comes from that word, only murder and mayhem.

      • “Whenever you hear the word “Allah,” … get down and hide, fast.”

        I would rather go with Gary Mullennix: “load the chamber and begin firing at the committed Jihadist.”

        That’s what *I* would do!

      • According to (John McCain logic) when a gun toting Muslim hollers Allahu Akbar at you with his barrel lined up with your head, you can relax and just smile because you are being greeted with the peaceful expression of ‘Thank God’.

        • Jay Boo – I remember a few years ago this quote from McCain in the newspaper:

          “I admire the Islam. There’s a lot of good stuff in it.”

          Of course McCain had never opened a Koran, was completely ignorant about Islime, and didn’t know what he was talking about.

          “I admire the Islam” -It amazes me that after 9/11 anyone could still be so ignorant, esp a presidential candidate.

  2. If people who are trying to help are killed, then who in their right mind would want to help? Yes, jihad causes poverty.
    As for the sarcasm about condemning Israel for this, the sad part is that self-criticism is desperately needed to correct these dysfunctional societies, but thanks to Islamic narcissism, none will be forthcoming.

    • The UN tried to help.
      And the aid workers were killed.
      Muslims, your Allāh has thoroughly deceived you.
      Just like he deceived Muḥammad.
      Why, it’s right there in the Qur’ān!

      Allah – The Greatest Deceiver of them All

      Allah the Best Deceiver

      Allāh being the greatest deceiver makes sense.
      Because when you think about it, a TRULY HOLY god would not advocate hatred and murder.

      ʾIslām. Teaching mankind to be thieves, liars, rapists, sex addicts, idolaters, slavers, pedophiles, necrophiliacs, adulterers, bestialists, slanderers, murderers and war-mongers since the demons strangled and possessed Muḥammad in that cave in 610 AD.

      • ” … when you think about it, a TRULY HOLY god would not advocate hatred and murder… ”

        AMEN. TRULY HOLY God would bring righteousness to the land and, being fair, justice.

    • ” jihad causes poverty”, I’d say islime causes poverty. A poverty of the mind.
      Islamic states are the way they are because of islime, not in spite of it.

  3. Forgot misogynists, wife-beaters and pagans – oops!
    Not my fault, really. ʾIslām commands believers to practice so much iniquity, it’s hard to keep up. Muslims must emulate their false prophet’s* unholiness or die trying.

    *The man never prophesied ANYTHING.
    Plus, he was bewitched.
    Besides, what kind of TRUE PROPHET falls prey to DEMONS?

    Reexamining Satan’s Influence and Control over Muhammad

    • “*The man never prophesied ANYTHING.”

      I respectfully disagree. He predicted the end of Islam, and Islam WILL END!

      Sahih Muslim, Book 001, Number 0271:
      “…the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) observed: Verily Islam started as something strange and it would again revert (to its old position) of being strange just as it started, and it would recede between the two mosques just as the serpent crawls back into its hole.”

      See? he was indeed a prophet!!! (sarc/off)

  4. “It will do this by issuing a stern condemnation of…Israel.”

    Not to be left behind, the ‘progressive and liberal’ gang will point an accusing finger at ‘islamophobia’ as the root-cause of all terror acts.

  5. What’s wrong with killing pigs who came to colonise your country in the name of democracy and humanitarian actions?

    • At the “slamist”
      “What’s wrong with killing pigs who came to colonise [sic] your country in the name of democracy and humanitarian actions?”
      WRT the ideology of islam? nothing, nothing at all.

    • Hello, The slamist.

      These fine men were there to fight drugs and crime in Somalia.
      They were trying to help the Somalis, not colonize them.

      But let’s talk about colonization a bit.
      Why shouldn’t we take what you said and apply it towards ʾIslām?
      After all, ʾIslām says it comes to peace, masquerading as something holy and wholesome, when in reality it is the most spiritually filthy belief system on the face of the planet. And colonization is its goal.

      As I said above, ʾIslām teaches mankind to be thieves, liars, rapists, pagans, sex addicts, idolaters, misogynists, slavers, pedophiles, necrophiliacs, adulterers, bestialists, wife-beaters, slanderers, murderers and war-mongers. Not only are these facts indisputable, they are a source are of joy for all Muslims. Even when someone helps you, you must murder, for Satan your god commands it. You Muslims exult in unholiness and barbarity.

      And you never question why…

      • I meant to say “these facts are a source of all joy to Muslims.”
        This is what happens when you’re doing several things at once, lol.

    • Pigs???? you are a donkey, Al Qaeda, Monkey fucker, scumbag, malnutrition pirate. If you don’t want to help your starving people other people will help. You didn’t want to do that , you like enjoying your comfortable life in the west eating Christian people food and chewing that raw disgusting leaves “Khat”, shame on you!.

  6. It doesn’t matter how much we help them, how much we feed them, how much we cure them they will always hate us because of their religion.

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