U.S. doesn’t object, so Iran gets a seat on U.N. women’s rights body

Here is why this is so evil and absurd, from the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center:

The real issue is that hijab—or proper Islamic dress—is still compulsory for women in Iran’s streets and public places and failure to cover accordingly can result in imprisonment or a hefty fine.

The real issue is that in today’s Iran divorce is a husband’s unilateral right but if a woman seeks to divorce her husband she must prove he has either abandoned her or is mentally ill, abusive, or a drug addict.

The real issue is that the Islamic Republic’s child custody laws favour the father, inheritance and ownership laws overwhelmingly favor men over women heirs, and since 1979 women have been barred from being judges.

The real issue is that a husband is allowed to kill his wife and her lover if he catches them in the heat of passion, whereas no such exemption from a murder charge exists for a wife should she catch her husband in a similarly compromised position.

The real issue is that convictions and punishments for sex crimes such as adultery are applieddisproportionately to women in Iran’s criminal courts.

The real issue is that despite the propensity of Iran’s courts to hold women accountable for sex crimes and other moral offenses, when it comes to the evidence that will be used against them to secure such convictions, the testimony of a woman is worth half of that of a man’s.

That list one is strictly Qur’anic: “And bring to witness two witnesses from among your men. And if there are not two men [available], then a man and two women from those whom you accept as witnesses – so that if one of the women errs, then the other can remind her.” (2:282) The rest is based on Sharia principles as well.

“U.S. Doesn’t Object, So Iran Gets a Seat on U.N. Women’s Rights Body,” by Patrick Goodenough, CNS News, April 24, 2014 (thanks to Twostellas):

(CNSNews.com) – The Obama administration on Wednesday criticized Iran’s election to the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) – but neither the U.S. nor any other delegation objected when given the opportunity to do so, thus allowing Iran to get the seat “by acclamation.”

Iran will now serve on the CSW, a body dealing with gender equality and the advancement of women, for another four-year term, having already been a member since 2011.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power took to Twitter to express her views: “Yet again Iran unopposed & was ‘elected’ to Commission on Status of Women. Given record on women’s & human rights, this is an outrage.”

But Richard Grenell, who served as spokesman for four U.S. ambassadors to the U.N. during the George W. Bush administration and is a close observer of the world body, was unimpressed with her reaction.

“Ambassador Power can tweet her outrage after the fact all she wants,” he said. “She should have been in the room for the vote and demanded a secret ballot rather than allow an automatic acclamation by her silence.”

CSW members are elected by the 54-member U.N. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

There were 11 vacancies to fill on the CSW, and each of the five regional groups put forward “closed slates” – the same number of candidates as there were vacancies available for that group.

Even so, had just one ECOSOC member objected to Iran’s candidacy, a secret ballot vote would then have been called. And had Iran not received the required minimum 28 votes, that would have allowed another member state from Iran’s regional group, Asia, to step in as an alternative.

Yet neither the U.S. nor any other member of ECOSOC objected. Other democracies on the council include 13 European nations, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and India.

A webcast of the ECOSOC session shows just how the process unfolded.

First, the meeting secretary read out the names of the 11 countries put forward by their respective regional groups for the 11 available seats – Iran, Mongolia (Asia); Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, Malawi (Africa); Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina (Eastern Europe); Colombia (Latin America and Caribbean); and Belgium, Liechtenstein and Spain (Western European and others).

Then ECOSOC’s president, Oh Joon of South Korea, said, “Since the number of candidates from all regional groups is equal to the number of vacancies, may I take it that the council wishes to elect the proposed candidates by acclamation?”

He looked around, then hearing no protestations, continued, “I hear no objection. It is so decided.”

The entire process took 103 seconds.

A few minutes after the CSW vote, a similar exercise saw ECOSOC hand Iran a seat on a body that oversees accreditation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This enables Iran to attend and express their views at meetings of various U.N. bodies, including the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva.

Again, no ECOSOC member raised objection to any of the 19 countries nominated for the 19 vacancies, and again the chair used identical language to declare the outcome:

“Since the number of candidates from all regional groups is equal to the number of vacancies, may I take it that the council wishes to elect the proposed candidates by acclamation? I hear no objection. It is so decided.”…

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  1. mariam rove says

    mean while there is a big brouhaha in Iran between different factions what the role of women should be in society and you guessed it correctly, be a good mom and obey your husband….m

  2. john spielman says

    The US citizens need to have a referendum to see if we agree to continue to fund and/or allow the UN to remain in the US.

    The UN is a wicked farce and a tremendous waste of precious tax dollars

    • mariam rove says

      The UN is a wicked farce and a tremendous waste of precious tax dollars…

      Yes we are spending billions of $$$ on a joke…..m

    • Wellington says

      Agreed. It’s why so many consider that the acronym “UN” really stands for “Useless Nations.”

    • EYESOPEN says

      I would LOVE to see that. Get the U.S. out of the UN; and the UN out of the U.S.! Unfortunately, the U.S. has gone too far down the road of collectivism; and those whom we employ – as “representatives” and as president – who now see themselves as our “masters” will NEVER let that happen.

  3. tpellow says

    Ambassador Power, by her actions, is proving to be as subservient to
    Islamic global demands as is her boss, President Obama.

  4. duh_swami says

    it was S Powers who came up with the idea of, ‘the responsibility to protect’. They used that in Libya to save Libyans from Libyans, by killing Libyans.
    They don’t use it any more because there is no one left they are interested in protecting, Certainly not Christians anywhere, but they do make an exception and protect Islam at all costs.

  5. jewdog says

    The real issue is that US taxpayer dollars go to fund an Islamic propaganda outfit.
    The UN is a waste of a perfectly good building which would be put to better use as an apartment or condo development.

    • EYESOPEN says

      The land on which that building (which kind of reminds me of that monolith in “2001: A Space Odyssey”) sits, was donated – for the cause of “World Government” – by the Rockefeller clan. Personally, I think the building should be razed and the land it sits on turned into a huge floral garden. It would certainly bring more peace to the soul than the abomination does now.

  6. karl anglin says

    The UN decision makes about as much sense as putting an
    alcoholic in charge of a liquor store.

  7. Brian Hoff says

    None of the permant member are member of all UN comitee they must be vote in too, so it is in they best interested to play alone with the way thing get done.
    Japon once have than PM from than one man party electic due all of the other party have than voteing faud , drugs and sex slander in legurate at the national level.

      • EYESOPEN says

        Can you make any sense whatsoever out of what he wrote? I certainly can’t. But then again I don’t think I missed much.

        • Brian Hoff says

          Before the UN change they picking of member of comitee to the one they use there was than lot of fighting in the GA over comitee membership that went on for months. The new way is alot better than the old way. In our mosque instead of waiting for 1 to 3 AM in the mornging decide when the fasting month start with all of our entic group we dicide 5 or 6 year ago to go by if Mecca in SA sight the moon. Afew mosque in america are doing the same.

  8. Jay Boo says

    From an Islamic point of view, it makes perfect sense that convictions and punishments for sex crimes such as adultery are harsher for women.
    If women were treated equally, Muslims might ask if Muhammad should be held accountable as well.
    Islam would then be exposed as a self-serving scheme of a sociopathic pervert.

  9. Jay Boo says

    The Obama Admin won’t object as long as the Iranian regime does not criticize the Muslim Brotherhood or make an ‘Innocence of Muslims film’ or mock the prophet of Islam in any way they can be assured that future must not belong to the women of Iran.

    • onisac says

      I wonder if we all started hidden behind masks, if that would be a better point in case? I’d guess Islam would put a stop to that within minutes.

  10. onisac says

    Unless I’ve missed something, this subject should be allowed the United Nations judgment. For me this may well be the first step toward total UN approval on everything from the clothes we wear, to a nations constitution.

    How is it that the UN controls a countries laws, culture, religion, legal enforcement, the integrity of world countries, medical needs, marriage
    vows, civil laws, etc., etc., etc.? That is not the United Nations responsibilities.