UK: Muslim London-area mayor accuses BBC of “racism” and “Islamophobia” over corruption charges

Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur RahmanLutfur Rahman, mayor of Tower Hamlets, dubs the BBC “Islamophobic bullies.” This ought to show the BBC that such charges are merely a deflection tactic, designed to cast the onus away from a person accused of wrongdoing (i.e., an Islamic jihadist, or in this case, a corrupt official) and onto the accuser. The irony here is that the BBC is an indefatigable trafficker in such libels, and in other contexts cheerfully repeats the charges of “racism” and “Islamophobia” that Lutfur Rahman’s Islamic supremacist coreligionists and their Leftist allies make in order to demonize foes of jihad terror. You’d think the BBC would get a clue from this. But it won’t.

“Lutfur Rahman accuses BBC of racism amid Panorama storm,” by Robert Booth in The Guardian, March 31 (thanks to Maxwell):

A London mayor who was accused by the Panorama programme of diverting £2m in public grants allegedly to shore up his vote has complained of racism and Islamophobia by the BBC.

The flagship current affairs show claimed Lutfur Rahman, executive mayor of the east end borough of Tower Hamlets, increased taxpayer funding to Bangladeshi and Somali groups from £1.5m to £3.6m despite council officer recommendations. Panorama said he used funds from the council’s reserves and reduced what was left for other organisations by 25% overall.

Hours before Panorama was broadcast on Monday night, Eric Pickles, the secretary of state for communities announced an inquiry into the claims citing “a worrying pattern of divisive community politics and mismanagement of council staff and resources by the mayoral administration”. He said he would consider using legal powers against the borough which is led by Rahman, a Bangladesh-born former Labour politician who became independent after he was dropped by the party.

Rahman accused the BBC of allowing the programme to be used for political campaigning ahead of May’s local and mayoral elections. A council spokesman confirmed Rahman had decided to spread funding but denied any check was made of the ethnicity of people running receiving organisations and said the council officer’s recommendations were no more than “work in progress” assessments.

Rahman revealed he had acquired a dossier of internal Panorama documents passed on by a researcher who worked on the programme. She took copies of the production files, including the script, research notes, translations and details about secret filming from a shared but secure database. Rahman claimed these revealed “clear racist and Islamophobic overtones targeting the Bangladeshi Muslim community in Tower Hamlets” and that the broadcaster had breached its editorial guidelines.

“The BBC’s targeting of our borough is nothing short of a direct intervention in the outcome of an election,” he said.

The leak is now being investigated as a possible breach of the data protection act, the Information Commissioner’s Office said. It is understood that among the documents were sensitive files relating to a separate documentary about Northern Ireland.

On Monday, Rahman’s office arranged for the researcher to speak to journalists and she claimed some of the production processes were racist and manipulative. His supporters also circulated a rebuttal documentary online which praised Rahman’s record.

The researcher, who declined to give her name or to supply supporting documents, told The Guardian she was hired in January as a Bengali speaker to work on the programme and was asked to determine, by looking at names only, whether trustees of charities which received council grants were of Bangladeshi origin. She said she felt this was “ethnic profiling”.

“The approaches they took were just unethical,” she said. “There was manipulation, there was racism involved. I see them as Islamophobic bullies.”

A spokesperson for the BBC said: “We strongly reject any suggestion of racial, religious or political motivation in the making or broadcast of Monday’s programme, which investigates matters of legitimate public interest regarding an elected official.”

They added: “We can confirm that there has been a breach of data protection at an independent production company working with the BBC on a Panorama investigation as a result of unauthorised disclosure by a former researcher on the production team, in breach of her obligation of confidentiality. This breach includes material relating to the programme’s confidential sources. Our primary concern is to protect our sources and we are urgently investigating the matter.”

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  1. Aardvark says

    So a mohammed council official is found to be diverting funds to his fellow mohammedans.

    Is anyone surprised?

  2. Angemon says

    They added: “We can confirm that there has been a breach of data protection at an independent production company working with the BBC on a Panorama investigation as a result of unauthorised disclosure by a former researcher on the production team, in breach of her obligation of confidentiality.

    I wonder if the snitch was a muslima…

    • logdon says

      I wonder if the snitch was a muslima…

      I also wondered that. And sure as shooting, here we are….

      ‘The researcher, who declined to give her name or to supply supporting documents, told The Guardian she was hired in January as a Bengali speaker to work on the programme ‘

      The days of hiring fair minded Muslims are drawing to a close. They are partisan to the core, imbued with a mix of the self righteousness of the left and the superior attitudes of Islam.

      They hijack the buzzwords of the politically correct, twist them into defence of Islam (which isn’t hard to do) and voilla a souffle of victimisation and prejudice emerges, merely for telling the truth.

      This is juicilly ironic in that the ever so right on el-Beeb is in the crosshairs of the faux islamophobia brigade.

      Here’s the programme.

    • Richard James says

      The snitch was a bangladeshi muslima – here’s her blog where she calls herself a “whistle-blower” for trying to stop the truth getting out about her vile “community”.

      She wasn’t a whistle-blower, a whistle-blower exposes uncomfortable truths, she was a fink for the bengali muslims and maybe a plant, and her leak was intended to stop the truth about the corruption and depredations caused by the evil Jamaat Islami vermin running Tower Hamlets.

  3. ParisClaims says

    BBC islamophobic?
    The BBC just loves islam, the EU, and wind mills. It just cannot decide upon what is their true love.

  4. Tommo says

    The British public must now be wondering why have we allowed this arrogant and racist individual to take office in Tower Hamlets. It shows how a Muslim, supported by his Bangladeshi buddies can hijack democracy and use the mayoral position in local government to divert council funds to support only other Muslims. Rahman was seen promising bigger and better homes for his Muslim supporters at the expense of other rate payers. This is third world politics with all the corruption, embezzlement and despotism that goes with it.

    • joeb says

      The election was totally rigged. Many complained it was so at the time, with supporting evidence. But the police wouldn’t investigate, because they didn’t want to be accused of racism and islamophobia.

    • says

      @ Tommo -,hear, hear. That’s what they get for electing a muslim to become mayor of a borough. Serves them right!!!

    • umbra says

      “… corruption, embezzlement and despotism …”, welcome to the islamic world. A little piece of hell on earth.

  5. says

    UK: Muslim London-area mayor accuses BBC of “racism” and “Islamophobia” over corruption charges

    Please, SUBERman (Q3:110, 98:7 “BEST of creatures” [Muslims]) & mayor Lutfur Rahman , explain the made-up word “Islamophobia” to me, the dirty kafir and subhuman being, Q98:6 “worst of creatures”, and “vilest of animals” 8:55

    Allah, (e.g.) Q24:2 “(adulterers) FLOG them with 100 stripes” (by the way: vs. German Constitution Art 2, 2)

    … and Islam ist NOT A RACE, taqiyyah(3:28, 16:106)-visage Lutfur Rahman

  6. Charli Main says

    Muslims should not be allowed to hold any positions of political, economic or military responsibility in Britain, Europe and elsewhere.
    Muslins should be treated exactly as non Muslims are treated in Saudi Arabia, Brunei and other Muslim countries.
    but of course any suggestions to regulate Muslim activities in the countries they are invading, immediately make a person a Muslim hating, Islamophobic, racist bigot.

  7. joeb says

    It’s sonewhat ironic that the Dhimmi BBC now finds itself on the end of charges of racism and islamophobia.

    Since this story apperared, the minister responsible for local government has instigated a full blown investigation into this guy. Police raided his offices yesterday morning at 7am.

    What will they find? Why, it has nothing to do with Islam, of course!

  8. bill says

    The standard response to any criticism of anything to do with Muslims or
    Islam. Islamophobia/racism, it is so pathetic yet people accept such nonsense.
    They think it is their get out of jail free card.

  9. Notta_allah_followa says

    To paraphrase Churchill, appeasement is to feed the crocodile, hoping he’ll eat you last. The BBC has all but welcomed their Islamic overlords through years of leftist propaganda and tolerating everything, even the intolerable. I’m sorry that their prize will be the total loss of their once-great nation, but such is the reward when one welcomes such an ideology.

  10. Wellington says

    I guess after this the BBC will have to double, maybe triple, their efforts at groveling before Islam and Muslims. It’s always important for dhimmis to understand that they can’t grovel enough before those who are submissive to Allah.

  11. brunz says

    As a person living in England I saw that islam is a threat to society here,why could government not see it happening?my guess is they know but takes away any blame we can place on them if they act dumb,dumber.

    • says

      I am glad that you are among the very few people living in UK who see what your government have done! Only when England will be cleansed of these “…” there will be a great UK.

      With respect,

      Manuel Paleologus

  12. says

    UK wanted and they have it! Very soon they will have the Queen Mama being replaced by a mullah. Not far in the future, a miserable social unrest will unravel inside UK.
    Good luck!

    Manuel II Paleologus

    • ian says

      my aim is to get the uk to be a country I was born in.Islamists allways cut their own throats as we have seen worldwide,they just need to be shown for what they realy are,

  13. citycat says

    Some things can’t be nailed with ideas, all words are twisted in the sneaky storm Islam.

    A firm decision, by all infidel leaders, to rid the world of the cause of the current atrocities, would suffice firstly.

    All non infidels in England have been given the fatwa to perform jihad in any way at all upon all infidels in England, which includes send money to Islam, which they have done since they got here.

    It might be too late to wait for the BBC to prove Islam is a war machine.

    Infidels United may speak the truth.

  14. Andy says

    I’m not surprised if British will lead by mullah or ayatollah someday. And the Great Britain become great Darrul islam.