UK: Teacher says Muslim takeover of school began 20 years ago, but authorities wouldn’t investigate

michaelwhiteIf Michael White’s claims are true, and there is no reason why he would be fabricating them, Abject Britannia has been prostrate before Islamic supremacists for far longer than most people have suspected. But surely the British authorities will start to come to their senses if Islamic jihadists murder a British soldier in broad daylight on a London street — no, wait…

“Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ plot ‘started 20 years ago,'” from the BBC, April 4 (thanks to Thomas Pellow):

A former teacher at a Birmingham school alleged to be part of an “Islamic takeover plot” says concerns were first raised more than 20 years ago.

Michael White, who was dismissed in 2003 from Park View School, in Alum Rock, said its board of governors was “taken over by a Muslim sect” in 1993.

He said he told the local education authority (LEA) but his claims were not investigated.

Tahir Alam, chair of governors at Park View, denied Mr White’s claims.
‘Forced out’

Birmingham City Council said it was unable to comment on historic or current allegations while investigations were ongoing.

Mr White said Park View’s board of governors was reorganised after the school was put into special measures by Ofsted in 1993.

He said there was an increase in female students covering their hair within months of Mr Alam’s appointment.

“The LEA was well aware of what was going on,” he said.

“They told me they didn’t want to exchange one set of problems for another.”

Mr White said he was “forced out” after he challenged governors’ attempts to ban sex education and stop the teaching of non-Islamic faiths in religious education classes.

In 2003 he was dismissed for gross misconduct after he handed a letter to prospective teachers advising them to question the governors, he said.
Park View School Park View School was named in a letter purporting to be written by those behind the alleged plot

Mr White, who has since retrained as an electrician, said the “stress” of the disciplinary process meant he had not spoken publicly about his suspicions until he saw media coverage of the “Trojan Horse” letter.

The message, apparently written to a contact in Bradford, claimed responsibility for leadership changes at four Birmingham schools.

It says the method of doing so – detailed over four pages – has been “tried and tested”.

Investigations are taking place into claims in the letter 12 schools in the city have been targeted by Islamic extremists.

Ofsted has confirmed it is undertaking a number of unannounced inspections at Birmingham schools at the request of the Department for Education (DfE).

Adderley Primary School was visited on Wednesday and Thursday.

Inspectors have also visited Nansen Primary and Golden Hillock schools.
‘Widespread practice’

Mr Alam, who has dismissed the letter as a hoax, said there was “no truth” in Mr White’s allegations.

“It was such a long time ago, I think it’s a misreading of what the reality was at the time of his departure,” he said.

The National Union of Teachers said the allegations in the letter were evidence the government’s free schools and academy policies were open to abuse.

A spokesman said “thousands of schools” had been taken over by minority interests, including businesses and other religions, since the policy was introduced.

The DfE said it was unable to comment on the circumstances of Mr White’s departure from the school as it was more than 10 years ago.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said it was “vitally important” to “get to the bottom of the allegations”.

He said: ” In due course more action will be taken. It’s important though that we take that action based on facts rather than rumour.”

Mr Gove added an Ofsted report into one of the schools identified would be “published soon”.

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  1. Angemon says

    Only 1/7 to 1/8 of an iceberg can be seen above water. The rest is hidden below the surface.

    • Defcon 4 says


      I’ve often thought that the islamic horror stories we regularly read about on counter-jihad websites (but almost never in the enemedia) are the tip of gigantic iceberg of islamic atrocities and persecution that are never reported in the West — because, let’s face it, islamic states don’t value freedom of the press, much less freedom of speech.

  2. mortimer says

    England has an established church and therefore, they need not submit to Islam.

    • Charli Main says

      The established church it England is right in the forefront of bending over and kissing Muslim arse.
      Expect no leadership from the Church, in standing up for and defending Christian values. Appeasement and accommodating Muslims and Islamic values are their priority.

  3. mortimer says

    In other words, he was unable to exercise free speech and ask other teachers to disagree. This is tyranny. Teachers should have a say in their working conditions…that’s the purpose of a professional association.

  4. hadha yahoudiyun waraa2i says

    “It was such a long time ago”

    “The DfE said it was unable to comment […] it was more than 10 years ago”

    Hahahaha, they’ve lost their memory all of a sudden… Now that is what I call a miracle of Allah!

    Unbelievable, these clowns make me ashamed of being 50% British.

  5. pdxnag says

    Plot to resist.

    Just say no to refusal to stun animals before butchering them. No exceptions. The gratuitous infliction of pain on conscientious animals is a clue to the depravity of the butchers and their philosophy about life. This would be just one step toward reversal of the Islamification of ALL the schools. (Eject those who object from the country.)

  6. citycat says

    They were plotting and planning well before 1980.

    By that time they had people on the council assisting illegal immigrants (non-infidels) to acquire new identities and accommodation in the Islamic community.

    They were spreading jihad instructions throughout their community via the distribution of A4 flyers printed by the Islamic printers, ordering the removal and destruction of anything that represents the west.

    They are thicker than thieves, unlike the infidels who hopefully will become thicker.

    The council must have been turning a blind eye.

    So the non-infidel must have been Jihading in England well before 1980, and intending to take England from day one, and Wales, and Scotland, and Eire, and America.

    Wherever they go they bleed the host country.

    The world is insane to spread Islam and to allow it to infect the world.

    Madness and pure evil is raging over Earth.

    Something has to break, change, turn, metamorphose.

    • ladyvictwa says

      Britain will never be the same…. Dubai has a hold because of oil depenendancy… Full muslim state of course to have their oil our government would have shook hands on some kind of freedom to our once beautiful lands. Ive been to Bradford and im still in shock. It looks like your in Iran or iraq and we let it happen. Less greedy we get for oils and go green to be self sufficient i think will be the first steps to releasing the grip islamic groups hold us too. Most schools are non english and i find it quite fascinating that were just going to continue!! I always couldnt figure how third world country’s where theyre only mode of transport is a camel and homes built out of mud suddenly can afford a passport and buy a shop in the uk and become rich.?? Ive worked since leaving school and dont have enough money to survive let alone get on property ladder. Ukip are the way forward. I voted.

    • Defcon 4 says

      But the systematic persecution and ethnic cleansing of Jews in Egypt didn’t happen under a Muslim Brotherhood regime. So how do you explain that away?

      • says

        It’s simple, Egypt was and still is a Muslim country. But after having experienced the true colors of Islam (i.e. under the Muslim Brotherhood rule), the Egyptian people is slowly but surely changing. Today, not one islamic party has the audacity to present a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections. They KNOW they have no chance. The people is starting to HATE islamic parties. And THAT is good.
        After 14 centuries of brainwashing we cannot expect an overnight change. It will take some time. We need to keep hammering Islam until ther is no more islam. IT WILL HAPPEN.

        • Charli Main says

          I hope your right, Salah, but what I don´t get is, if the Egyptians keep hammering away at Islam until there is no more Islam–what do Egyptians become ??? Egypt became a Muslim country on the back of the Muslim invasion of 642 AD. The inhabitants converted to Islam under the shadow of the sword or were butchered. To suggest a reverse process would be Genocide, an action not permitted to any except Muslims, of course
          Keep on posting, you are always an interesting read!!!!!

  7. James says

    Nothing new, our schools in the UK were high jacked by the sect of Socialism years ago.

    • PJG says

      If I were the apocalyptic type, I would reply that this is worse, that Islam is the daughter of Socialism and the Devil.
      I’m not that type, but sometimes I feel myself coming close…

  8. Henry says

    Not all of Islam’s conquests were by the sword, ‘stealth jihad’ is at work here. A rapidly growing indigenous Muslim population augmented by Muslim migration will see ever rising infiltration into professions, treachery will ensue to the further advancement of Islam, increased tensions in all walks of life, the economy will suffer greatly, demands will increase exponentially as will violence and intimidation until Britain finally succumbs to the Islamic yoke.

    • Defcon 4 says

      The infiltration into professions also eventually features the exclusion of the najjis kaffir from those professions. Anyone noticed how taxi driving is becoming an increasing all muslime phenomenon? At least in the US.

    • Ray Lanfear says

      Yes immigration is the problem. 500,000 Muslim refuges coming to a town or city in America, under our Federal relocation program. Did you vote for that?
      Read this for facts and truth.

  9. Christian A. Beltram says

    Unfortunately, those politically politc brits ceased being themselves a long time ago! They will only become themselves when they kick these Islamic supremacist bullies out of their school system and ultimately, out of their country as a whole!

  10. joeblough says

    It is slowly coming out from a variety of sources that the idiocies, betrayals and capitulations to islamic supremacism by the western political classes began decades ago.

    The same is true in the US.

  11. Shushi Banana says

    I don’t feel sorry for the British, they did this to themselves, the Liberals, conservatives, the social freaks, and all of them did this on purpose. They didn’t want to pay attention on things, they didn’t want to listen, the only thing they pay attention is the Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants. The Roma immigrants don’t do anything wrong they only begging or sleeping rough. Now the whole country is run by Muslim asylum seekers and Qatar, some schools are not allow celebrating Christmas, it is too bad.

    • Ray Lanfear says

      And they want to do the same to America. Only takes one generation with an average Muslim family of 8.3 children. 500,000 coming to America, multiply that by 8.3 and you get over 5 million Muslims, most of who are on some kind of public welfare or assistance program. Just look at Europe today folks, have you been to Paris or London recently? Read this and pass along.

  12. Boston Tea Party says

    All across the western world, among all political parties, social classes, education levels—the average westerner simply can’t wrap his head around the idea that Muslims might be intelligent, educated, treated fairly and materially satisfied—that they fully understand the difference between western liberal values and traditional Islamic values—-and they reject western values and prefer traditional Islamic values. This possibility has never even occurred to most people in the west, and they have no means of processing it—-except to yell “racist” at people who bring this up.

    • Ray Lanfear says

      Your right, America is sleeping, must average American family, does not have a clue what is happening. They are simply too busy raising their families, working two jobs just to survive in America. Unaware of the 20 year old “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” doctrine to destroy us from within, by stealth jihad and lies. Read this and pass it along to get more America aware of the issue.

    • Shushi Banana says

      True. The western world is naïve, and they are too snobbish and stubborn to see the reality, they don’t see Muslims can be conquers or anything because they entertaining lies with themselves. They think poor coloured people are not able to do any changes. Of course many Muslims are very educated, very intelligent, they understand the western languages and cultures but the west don’t understand their languages or anything. They are also very alert to compare the sleep walking drunk of the west. Now in Britain alone there are over 1.5 million Somalis, and there is no 1 British in Somalia. Tell me who is the intelligent here? I don’t think it is the British, sorry.

  13. Defcon 4 says

    “Mr Alam, who has dismissed the letter as a hoax, said there was “no truth” in Mr White’s allegations.” That would be Tahrir Alam, he wouldn’t be a scuzzlum would he? He wouldn’t have any reason to lie would he?

  14. Defcon 4 says

    Islamic propaganda is being taught to nearly all US schoolchildren — because textbooks that deal w/islamic history have been whitewashed.

    • Ray Lanfear says

      Your right on. Our schools, universities, and even our own government, infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization. The Saudi oil money contributes, and also builds all the massive Mosques in America. A breeding place for home grown terrorists. Read on this link and pass it forward.

      • Rob Crawford says

        You have posted the same link half a dozen time in this one comment thread. You are not promoting whatever the link is to — you are acting like a spammer promoting their latest scam.

        My advice — more details on what the link is to — quotes would be nice, don’t use a link shortening site (it hides where the link is going), and don’t spam it over and over and over.

      • Brian Hoff says

        The mosque in our city wasnot built by Saudic money but by the muslim in our city doing fund raiseing for over 10 year than a small group of muslim did most of the contution work You are too general in your false remarks. You will next say that all mosques have secret weapon storage room in they walls and basement.

  15. gravenimage says

    UK: Teacher says Muslim takeover of school began 20 years ago, but authorities wouldn’t investigate

    *Deeply disturbing*. And this same person claims that this has happened to twelve schools in Birmingham.

    And what about the rest of the country in these past twenty years? I wouldn’t be surprised if this aggressive takeover has happened many times before.