Kenya: Muslim cleric accused of not supporting jihad teaching shot dead

Kenyan-Sheik-IdrisHere is yet another illustration of why we don’t see more sincere Muslim reformers. We’re constantly told that the overwhelming majority of Muslims condemn violence and terror and abhor the violence done in Islam’s name. So why wasn’t Mohammed Idris celebrated as a hero and appointed to a high-level leadership position among Muslims in Kenya? Instead, he was murdered.

“Kenya: Muslim Cleric Shot Dead in Mombasa,” by Calvin Onsarigo via, June 10, 2014:

Police are investigating the murder of a Muslim cleric in the Coastal city of Mombasa.

Mohammed Idris 64 , chairman of the Council of Imam and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) was shot dead on this morning outside his house in Likoni area .

Mombasa county commissioner Nelson Marwa said three assailants riding a motorbike confronted the Imam and shot him at close range as he was heading to the Mosque for morning prayers.

He was shot in the abdomen by the attackers who escaped without stealing anything from him.

Marwa said Idris was pronounced dead on arrival at Pandya hospital after he was rushed to the hospital by his relatives at around 5.00am He said police are investigating the incidents.

Idris was an Imam at the troubled Sakina Mosque in Majengo for over 30 years before he was ousted by radical Muslim youths late last year.

He was accused of not supporting Jihad teaching and being a government sympathizer claims he repeatedly denied . His body was taken Pandya hospital for autopsy and will be buried later today at the Kikowani cemetery.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has condoled with the family of the Imam.

“Ina Lilahi waInaIlaihi Rajiun. It is with profound shock that I have learnt of the untimely death of my good friend, the Chairman of the Council of Imams and preachers, Sheikh Mohamed Idris who was killed in Likoni. May Allah give Sabr to his family” Joho said through his twitter handle.

Family members have condemned the killing and urged the state agencies to investigate the incident.

They claimed that Idris was living in fear since he was thrown out of the Mosque along with CIPK organising secretary general Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa.

Several Muslim clerics including sheikh Hassan Suleiman and Sheikh AlI Bahero of CIPK have in the past past being attacked by radical youths.

The county commissioner has assured them of their safety. Tension is high in the Mombasa due to fears of retaliation from the cleric’s supporters.

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  1. eib says

    God was in the heart of Mohammed Idris. Whenever I hear these stories of Muslims advocating humanism being shot, bombed or whatever, my heart just breaks.
    In my mind the man is a hero.
    And because the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are everywhere, they will work within the Ummah again. And again.
    I believe in a holy and true God, who is powerful because he is good, goodness and life are his very nature. Death is only the absence of life, it is nothing. Truly, Jesus the Redeemer has heard this man’s soul. Let us all pray for the gifts of courage and faith, the kinds exemplified by Mohammed Idris.

    • Wellington says

      Well, eib, I don’t know about God being in the heart of Mohammed Idris, but here is what I do know: The more humanitarian a Muslim is, the less that Muslim is a good Muslim.

      I know this too: So-called humanitarian Muslims are in far more danger from fellow Muslims (as here) than from any other religious or non-religious group of people on the planet—–and this in and of itself speaks volumes about the viciousness and dysfunctionality which is imbedded in the Islamic theological blueprint, a theological blueprint unlike that of any other major faith on earth.

      • epistemology says

        You hit the spot, dear Welllington. I think whoever among the Muslims preaches peace and really means it, is considered a traitor to the jihadi cause by main stream Muslims. It seems jihad has definitely become the sixth pillar of Islam and not in the sense of internal struggle as they want to make the naive unbelievers believe.

        • Huck Folder says

          It’s not epistemology, it’s just epistemoff. But now: “Tension is high in the Mombasa due to fears of retaliation from the cleric’s supporters.”

          We can only hope. And hope that the wily greybeards know enough to beat the snot out of the radical dipshits.

      • Kasey says

        When Humanity frees itself from the curse of religion and applies ethics and morality based on reason and logic, without any religious indoctrination to warp the minds of the youth, it then has a chance for peace and harmony in the World.

        • Wellington says

          Attacking religion in general when only Islam is a mortal threat is a highly unwise strategy. A coalition exists of religious and non-religious people against the one religion which wants to subdue us all and will use any amount of violence to do so. Thus, attacking a portion of that coalition, as you have with your anti-religious rant, is, well, simply dumb.

          In fact, folks like you who come here to JW and go after all religion I sometimes suspect could be Muslim plants (double entendre fully intended). Might as well be since that’s how useless or even harmful folks like you are. Wise up.

        • Huck Folder says

          Totally agree Wellington. Isn’t that a kind of ‘tu quoque’ distraction?

        • thomas_h says

          “…ethics and morality based on reason and logic…” and weather, of course.

        • gravenimage says

          Kasey, it wasn’t generic religious people who murdered Mohammed Idris—but pious Muslims who deemed him to be “insufficiently Islamic”.

          Are Orthodox Jews slaughtering Reform Jews for being “insufficiently Judaic”, or Calvinists butchering Lutherans for being “insufficiently Protestant”? Of course not.

          Islam is the threat here, not generic “religion”—and to pretend otherwise is disingenuous at best.

    • says

      Indeed. The Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts and minds of every human being, including Muslims. That’s why many Muslims reject violence despite of the teachings of Islam. That’s why many Muslims aren’t really True Muslims.
      A True Muslim loves evil; he enjoys beheading, amputation and stoning spectacles, he likes sexual perversion, he takes pleasure in robbing and humiliating the other, he doesn’t mind lying, he commits, incites or approves of murdering the innocent.
      A Nominal Muslim is proud of Muhammad while completely ignorant of his life and real teachings. On the other hand, a True Muslim is proud of Muhammad while perfectly aware of his crimes. For him, Muhammad, the lowest of the low, was the “perfect man”!!!

      • eib says

        Indeed. The Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts and minds of every human being, including Muslims. That’s why many Muslims reject violence despite of the teachings of Islam.

        For the just empowerment of such people, I shall pray, pray, pray.

      • eib says

        God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is greater than my hand to bring justice and greater than my heart to bring love.
        I can privilege reason because I am a Westerner.
        In the dignity of their humanity, all people are alike. The West held this to be true long before the Orient and Africa alike encountered and rejected the concept.

  2. James Smith says

    That’s very sad to read of the death of Mohammad Idris, no one deserves to die because of their opinion on religion. May he rest in peace.

    The cause of thus horrific and unjust murder is not because of violent ‘Muslim extremists’ it is because the murderers correctly interpreted Islamic texts, then applied the interpretations to real life scenarios whilst imitating ‘profit’ Muhammad. After all, ‘profit’ Muhammad ordered the destruction of the ‘Mosque of Dissent’ (as per, K:9:107). And today that’s what Muhammadans do, if they don’t like someone or something because they deem them or it ‘haram’ they kill or destroy. But, can you blame them?? They know no better and all their life they have been indoctrinated to imitate ‘profit’ Muhammad, who is the source of acts terrorism, discrimination against Kaffir, women and sexual perversion that Muslims commit today.

  3. Steffen Larsen says

    “He was accused of not supporting Jihad teaching and being a government sympathizer claims he repeatedly denied . ”

    He knew what was best for him. Didn’t help him one bit though.

    “Tension is high in the Mombasa due to fears of retaliation from the cleric’s supporters.”

    …and here we go etc etc

  4. duh_swami says

    You are either with us or you are against us. if you are against us, we have two words for you, ‘you die’…It’s nothing personal, it’s just business. The manual says to do it that way, so that’s what we do…

    • Alarmed Pig Farmer says

      But their manual — the Holy Ko-Ran — sez keep breeding and never give up. That’s a formidable challenge. Oh, and their manual also sez to never quit whining and lying.

  5. pongidae rex says

    No other religion on earth turns its faithful into such mad dogs. None. It is becoming a no-brainer what the next global convulsion leaving millions/billions dead is going to be. Hopefully, when it is over, this last scourge on the human spirit will be gone.

  6. Alarmed Pig Farmer says

    Mohammed Idris was an apostate, and by Islamic law lying in the grave is a just disposition.

    Why is there no cognitive dissonance about this in Western Europe, North America, Australia/NZ and other civilized countries, even China and Russia, not to mention India.

    Because they don’t know about it. Simply not covering something in conflict with the “narrative” (i.e., a fictive reality) is the best way to handle it. And, in the rare times that a conflicting fact must be publicized, it’s handled with clever elision and framing, so as to minimize its impact.

    But I did mention India. After all these centuries since the Moghul onslaught, they’ve buried the Moslem thing so deep that it only erupts from time to time. Like in Gujarat in 2002. Infidels sorely need more transparency when it comes to what Moslems are up to.

  7. says

    Willing to kill , thats why Islam is known for what Islam is .A violent totalitarian hate group. Why Zuhdi Jasser’s Islam will never be .Although he would want us to wait forever.

  8. Al Kafir says

    This is what happens when Muslim leaders advocate freedom of religion. Some years ago, the same imam first got himself into trouble by proclaiming that Islam must accept that people will have different beliefs, including apostates who had lost their faith completely and become Atheists and Humanists – because ‘we are all God’s creatures’. But the militants control Islamic politics through fear of retribution, and regard moderates as apostates. Similar incidents have occurred in the past, in Morocco and Egypt.

    Islam is not just about worshipping Allah (the Pagan Arab’s Moon-God), but also following ‘in the way of the Prophet Muhammad’, an Arabian warlord, who was a robbing, raping and murdering sociopath. This is precisely why ‘true Islam’ – as it is written in the Qur’an and the Sunnah (with apologies to George W Bush, Tony Blair and other ‘useful idiots’) – appeals to other militant sociopaths who strive to emulate Muhammad’s deeds. And as they have shown over and over again, militant Muslims never deviate from the path of jihad.

    Apologists for Islam often refer to quotes such as:

    “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion …” (Quran 2:256).

    But this verse has been abrogated by many other later verses:

    “And whoever desires other than Islam as religion – never will it be accepted from him …” (Quran 3:85).

    “But those who disbelieve and deny Our signs – those are the companions of Hellfire.” (Quran 5:10).

    “And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them …” (Quran 9:5).

    “Muhammad said: ‘Whoever changes his Islamic religion, then kill him’!” (Hadith Bukhari 9:84:57).

  9. gravenimage says

    Kenya: Muslim cleric accused of not supporting jihad teaching shot dead

    Well, of course—any Muslim who does not support violent Jihad is regarded as an “apostate”, and must be slaughtered.

    God, I hate Islam.