Spain to deport Pakistani ex-Muslim refugee for criticizing Islam

imran_firasat“The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that a political refugee should be deported because his criticism of Islam poses ‘a danger to the security of Spain.'” But in reality, Imran Firasat’s criticism of Islam doesn’t pose a danger to the security of Spain. What poses a danger to the security of Spain is the way some Muslims may react to Imran Firasat’s criticism of Islam. But rather than confront them, Spanish authorities are sending Imran Firasat back to certain death in Pakistan. This is, in other words, a complete capitulation to Islamic supremacist intimidation and the self-imposition of Sharia blasphemy laws.

A U.S. administration that really stood for freedom would rebuke the Spanish Supreme Court and offer Firasat immediate asylum here. If he had been set to be deported for criticizing Christianity, that would already have been done.

“Spain to Deport Pakistani Refugee for Criticizing Islam,” by Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute, June 6, 2014:

The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that a political refugee should be deported because his criticism of Islam poses “a danger to the security of Spain.”

The May 30 ruling, which upholds an earlier decision by a lower court to revoke the refugee status of a Pakistani ex-Muslim named Imran Firasat, showcases how the fear of Muslim rage continues to threaten the exercise of free speech in Europe.

Firasat obtained political asylum in Spain in October 2006 because of death threats against him in both Pakistan and Indonesia for leaving the Islamic faith and marrying a non-Muslim.

Spanish authorities, however, took measures to deport Firasat in December 2012, after he released a one-hour amateur film entitled, “The Innocent Prophet: The Life of Mohammed from a Different Point of View.” The movie, which was posted on YouTube, purports to raise awareness of the dangers of Islam to Western Civilization.

The film shows images of the Muslim terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, on double-decker buses in London and on commuter trains in Madrid. The movie, which features many passages from the Koran that threaten violence against non-Muslims, promises to answer the question: “Was Mohammed an inspired prophet of God, or was he a madman driven by his own demons, thus producing a religion of violence and tyranny?”

Firasat, who runs a website called (A World Without Islam), says he was inspired by another amateur film, “The Innocence of Muslims,” which portrayed the Islamic Prophet Mohammed as a womanizer and a pedophile. Released in September 2012, the movie triggered a wave of riots across Europe and the Middle East that resulted in the deaths of more than 30 people.

At the time, the Obama Administration falsely alleged that the film was responsible for the death of the American ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three others in Benghazi, Libya.

“When I heard that the U.S. ambassador was slain,” Firasat told the Belgian newspaper De Morgen in December 2012. “I said okay, you Muslims, use violence, but we will continue to make films. One day one of us will lose.”

Shortly after Firasat’s film was released, Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo and Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz initiated a process to review his refugee status.

A Foreign Ministry document, dated November 27, 2012, stated that “the consequences of the release of a video with such [anti-Islamic] characteristics are highly worrisome and constitute a real risk for Spanish interests because the author of the video identifies himself as a ‘Spanish citizen.'”

The document added that Firasat’s actions, including his threats to burn the Koran, were “destabilizing” and “heightened the risk of attacks against Spanish interests abroad, especially in the current context of the extreme sensitivity and indignation in the Muslim world.”

Fernández issued an order on December 21, 2012 to deport Firasat based on Article 44 of the Law on Asylum and Protection, which allows the state to revoke the refugee status of “persons who constitute a threat to Spanish security.” The deportation order stated that Firasat constituted a “persistent source of problems due to his constant threats against the Koran and Islam in general.”

Firasat appealed the deportation order at the National Court [Audiencia Nacional], arguing that the expression of his views about Islam fall within the constitutional right to free speech.

But the National Court rejected Firasat’s appeal. A ruling dated October 3, 2013 states:

“The right to the freedom of expression can be subject to certain formalities, conditions, restrictions or sanctions, which constitute necessary measures, in a democratic society, to preserve national security, public security and the constitutional order.”

Now the Supreme Court has not only confirmed the National Court’s ruling, but it has gone one step farther. Its ruling states:

“The right to the freedom of expression does not guarantee the right to intolerant manifestations or expressions that infringe against religious freedom, that have the character of blasphemy or that seek to offend religious convictions and do not contribute to the public debate.”

This paragraph is strangely similar to an international blasphemy law being promoted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a bloc of 57 Muslim countries dedicated to implementing a worldwide ban on “negative stereotyping of Islam.”

Warning of potential trouble ahead for the exercise of free speech in Spain, two judges—Manuel Campos and Isabella Perelló—dissented from the majority opinion. They signed a statement in which they ask whether the source of the danger to national security is in the actions of Firasat, or in the reactions of Islamic fundamentalists. They write:

“The pernicious effects against national security do not strictly derive from the conduct of the refugee, but rather from the violent reactions of third persons.”

Although Firasat can now be deported, the court says he and his family will not be delivered “to a country where there is danger to life or freedom.” It remains unclear whether Firasat will appeal the Spanish high court ruling at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The Strasbourg-based ECHR enforces the European Convention on Human Rights and its jurisdiction is compulsory and binding for all 47 member states of the Council of Europe.

In a December 2012 interview with the online newspaper International Business Times [IBT], Firasat said he has received far more threats from the Spanish government than from angry Muslims. He said:

“Seven years ago I was granted refugee status in Spain for the reason that I used to criticize Islam. Since then I have taken the fight against Islam very far. And my right to freedom of expression was always respected by this great country. But now suddenly for doing the same thing which I have been doing for the last seven years, I have been threatened by the authorities [and told] that my refugee status will be revoked. I will be deported back to Pakistan where the death penalty for blasphemy is waiting for me.”

IBT asked Firasat: “What made the Spanish authorities ‘suddenly threaten’ you? What could be the reason?” Firasat responded:

“That’s a very funny, interesting and surprising question even for me. Why now? I was granted asylum because of my criticisms of Islam. I have formally asked the Spanish government for the prohibition of Koran in Spain. I have given thousands of interviews to radio and TV channels. I wrote articles in newspapers. But I was never told by anyone that what I am doing is illegal. Now suddenly they try to revoke my refugee status, detain me and prosecute me for offending Muslims’ religious sentiments. Why? There may be two reasons: Fear of violence by Muslims abroad and in Spain, and conflicts in diplomatic relations with Islamic countries which are investing in Spain… This is not the Spain where I arrived seven years ago and where there was complete liberty of expression.”

Some free speech activists say that Firasat is himself guilty of seeking to restrict free speech. In March 2012, Firasat filed a 10-point petition with the Spanish government asking that it ban the Koran in Spain.

In an interview with the Spanish business newspaper La Gaceta (no longer online), Firasat explained why he submitted the petition:

“There are hundreds of verses in the Koran that encourage believers to kill, hate, discriminate, exact revenge and torture women. A book that promotes violence should not be circulating in a free and democratic society. In the last 10 years, all terrorist attacks have been promoted by Islamic jihad as contained in the Koran.

“Over 100 places in the Koran mention the phrases such as ‘go to war’ or ‘kill all the infidels until everyone is submitted to Allah.’ And the Koran requires Muslims to continue to fight jihad until it has captured the Western world, its freedoms and its religion at any cost.

“I formally asked the government of Spain to ban the Koran in Spain. It is a book that cannot exist in our free society. There are millions of Muslims who follow the book, but we cannot allow millions of other people who want to live in peace and in freedom and enjoy human rights to suffer and die. I do not understand why the Spanish penal code, the Spanish constitution and the European constitution prohibit violence of any kind and yet close their eyes when talking about the Koran.”

Two days after filing his petition to outlaw the Koran, the Spanish National Police [Policía Nacional] called Firasat in for questioning after it emerged that he wanted to burn a Koran at the Plaza del Sol in central Madrid.

According to a police statement dated March 5, 2012, agents asked Firasat if he “understood that his actions could hurt the religious sensibilities of those who profess the Muslim faith.” He was also asked if he was “conscious that the burning of the Koran could be considered a crime” according to Title XXI, Chapter IV, Sections 1 and 2 of the Criminal Code [referring to crimes against offending religious sentiments].”

After reviewing his website with the police, Firasat said: “I am not hurting the feelings of any Muslim. Rather, I am taking an action that seems necessary against a book which gives the message of jihad: killing, hatred, violence and discrimination, which in no way is compatible with Spanish law.”

Firasat summed up his feelings in a newspaper interview: “Fighting the injustice of Islam is not so easy. On the one hand there are the Islamists who are seeking to kill me, and on the other side our own police, our own system which seeks to intimidate me and dissuade me from confronting Islam.”

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  1. RichardTheLionheart says

    You know, I once thought to myself, rather stupidly now with hindsight… That Spain of all european countries may understand the threat from Islam. How wrong I was, a true immigrant who has moved to spain and now calls himself spanish is thought of as a problem as opposed to the people who wish to overthrow the country… AGAIN

      • Jay Boo says

        632 Mohammed, the founder of Islam and unifier of Arabia, dies.

        Reportedly poisoned by one of his wives

        • Tradewinds says

          Actually Jay the poisoner of the goat stew was a Jewish woman whose male relatives had all been beheaded by the warlord fake prophet. No, his wives didn’t do it. A Jewish concubine did. I suppose this is why you never, ever, hear of Muslims mentioning the death of Mo, too shameful.

        • john spielman says

          I guess we can conclude that Muhammed was not favored nor protected by his god Allah/Satan for the Jesus says to the apostles “… and these sign will accompany them… if they drink any deadly POISON it will not hurt them…”(Mark 16:18)

        • Jay Boo says

          Thanks for the correction.
          I remember reading about this but I forgot about her being a concubine and not a wife.

          There should be a Nobel Peace Prize given in her honor and a UN mandate to invoke the memory of her name at the start of every United Nations hearing.

        • anglosaxondude says

          The Jewess who poisoned Muhammed was Zeynab bint Al-Harith. She is not to be confused with today’s Zionists. If she had succeeded in her very courageous mission, the world may still have had Islam, but without the hatred inspired by the unholy quran. Zeynad should be revered in history.

    • Charli Main says

      Spain is Europe´s number 1 Muslim arse kisser.
      Every year Spain allows tens of thousands of North African Muslims to enter the country in the guise of ” agricultural workers “. Almost none of these Muslims go back to Morocco. Once in Spain, they are there to stay.
      A local Spanish newspaper, a while back, carried an article about” Moroccan agricultural workers ” in Southern Spain.
      When they were asked why they hadn´t gone home their reply was ” this is our home. Al Anderlus is our land and our country . Why don´t you go home.”

      • Alarmed Pig Farmer says

        Every year Spain allows tens of thousands of North African Muslims to enter the country in the guise of ” agricultural workers “.

        Wow, exactly the same as here in the States. I wonder if the illegal aliens suckle the social welfare cash dispensing teat like the native meso-American Infidel tribals do here.

        No wonder Spain is broke, just like here.

    • Alarmed Pig Farmer says

      who wish to overthrow the country…

      Yeah, the Iberian Infidels have a penchant for laying down to the Moslems, hey, there could be a big religious riot or whatever, fighting and mass murdering in the streets action like back in Gujarat in 2002.

      But the genuflecting Iberian Infidels can prevail if, like last time, the Church can rally other countries to forcibly clean the roaches out of the nest.

      Until then, it’s more bizarro world shots to my face every time I read a JW headline: half the time, it’s the Infidels taking stern action to defend… the Moslems.

      Surreal sitting atop the fictive sitting atop the cronies, sitting atop the fearful.

      • says

        Islam is not the problem. Has never been. WE ARE!
        All of us, who tolerate this evil political correctness while shaking our heads and doing nothing about it, are the real problem. We are a bunch of cowards.
        We lost our honour, our courage, our sense of justice, our morality and, most of all, our virility and manliness, when we decided to abandon our great Judeo-Christian values.

        • says

          @ Rob Porter
          Don’t get me wrong. Yes, Islam is a problem but a very tiny one. Islam is a giant made of paper, it can be crushed in a jiffy were it not for our lack of virility. That’s what I meant by “islam is not a problem”.

        • Champ ✞ says

          nordicelt wrote:

          “Judeo-Christian values, you say? I always cringe when I come across that term. I notice, that that term is most always used by non-Jews, as if to imply that there is some sort of continuity and/or connection between Christianity & Judaism,.. But WHERE is that connection,.? I ask.”


          Well, there are many similiarities between Christianity and Judaism. That said, there is also one *key* difference …

          “Got Questions” provides some thorough and very succinct answers to your query, here:

          nordicelt also wrote:

          “And the Jews of his day made it clear what they thought of Jesus & his teachings of love, by nailing him up on the cross, on that terrible day, some 2,000 years ago,..”


          Again, I want to refer you to “Got Questions” regarding your wrongheaded and misappropriated charges towards the Jews:

          Question: “Who was responsible for Christ’s death? Who killed Jesus?”

          Answer: The answer to this question has many facets. First, there is no doubt the religious leaders of Israel were responsible for Jesus’ death. Matthew 26:3-4 tells us that “the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders of the people, assembled together to the palace of the high priest, who was called Caiaphas. And they consulted so that they might take Jesus by guile and kill Him.” The Jewish leaders demanded of the Romans that Jesus be put to death (Matthew 27:22-25). They couldn’t continue to allow Him to work signs and wonders because it threatened their position and place in the religious society they dominated (John 11:47-50), so “they plotted to put Him to death” (John 11:53).

          The Romans were the ones who actually crucified Him (Matthew 27:27-37). Crucifixion was a Roman method of execution, authorized and carried out by the Romans under the authority of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who sentenced Jesus. Roman soldiers drove the nails into His hands and feet, Roman troops erected the cross and a Roman solider pierced His side (Matthew 27:27-35).

          The people of Israel were also complicit in the death of Jesus. They were the ones who shouted, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” as He stood on trial before Pilate (Luke 23:21). They also cried for the thief Barabbas to be released instead of Jesus (Matthew 27:21). Peter confirmed this in Acts 2:22-23 when he told the men of Israel “you have taken by lawless hands, have crucified and put to death” Jesus of Nazareth. In fact the murder of Jesus was a conspiracy involving Rome, Herod, the Jewish leaders and the people of Israel, a diverse group of people who never worked together on anything before or since, but who came together this one time to plot and carry out the unthinkable – the murder of the son of God.

          Ultimately, and perhaps somewhat amazingly, it was God Himself who put Jesus to death. This was the greatest act of divine justice ever carried out, done in “the determined purpose and foreknowledge of God” (Acts 2:23) and for the highest purpose. Jesus’ death on the cross secured the salvation of countless millions and provided the only way God could forgive sin without compromising His holiness and perfect righteousness. Christ’s death was God’s perfect plan for the eternal redemption of His own. Far from being a victory for Satan, as some have suggested, or an unnecessary tragedy, it was the most gracious act of God’s goodness and mercy, the ultimate expression of the Father’s love for sinners. God put Jesus to death for our sin so that we could live in sinless righteousness before Him, a righteousness only possible because of the cross. “He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

          So we who have come to Christ in faith are guilty of His blood, shed on the cross for us. He died to pay the penalty for our sins (Romans 5:8; 6:23). In the movie “The Passion of the Christ,” the director, Mel Gibson, was the one whose hands you see actually driving the nails through Christ’s hands. He did it that way to remind himself, and everyone else, that it was our sins that nailed Jesus to the cross.


          And Jesus was a Jew from the line of Judah; also, all twelve of His disciples were Jewish.

        • gravenimage says

          The vicious antisemite nordicelt wrote:

          Judeo-Christian values, you say? I always cringe when I come across that term..

          Would nordicelt cringe coming across the words of Mein Kampf? I wouldn’t count on it…


          I notice, that that term is most always used by non-Jews, as if to imply that there is some sort of continuity and/or connection between Christianity & Judaism,.. But WHERE is that connection,.? I ask.

          Jesus himself was a Jew, and he never disavowed Judaism—instead, he said he was come to fulfill the law. Clearly, nordicelt knows little about Christianity.

          But then, his main purpose here is to try to swing people to hating Jews—so I doubt he much cares about the details of anything else.


          Judaism is a the worlds foremost racist ideology, that holds beliefs comprising , a vile , vicious, & virulent form of racial superiority, with an admixture of a hostility & contempt towards all non- Jews, whom Jews consider to be ,soulless, non- human animals, that were, created by their tribal deity, only, for the purpose of serving as slaves to the Jews…

          So an honest evaluation of Judaism, would find Judaism to be every bit as hateful & virulent an ideology as Islam

          What utter crap. Were this the case, why wouldn’t Israel be enslaving Christians, Muslims, and atheists?

          Instead, she is the *only* country in the Middle East where there is religious freedom.

          At the very least, Rabbis would be calling for persecution and enslavement—yet no Rabbi anywhere in the world is.

          Would that one could say the same for Muslim clerics, who *regularly* call for the enslavement and slaughter of Infidels—and the many pious Muslims who practice just that, all over the world.

          It is telling that nordicelt *never* condemns Islamic savagery here—he only weighs in to slam the “perfidious Joooooooooos”. *Ugh*.

        • says

          @Champ & gravenimage
          Indeed, this nordicelt is an ignorant and an obvious anti semite.
          Thank you both for your replies. I don’t usually have patience to argue with such stupid comments.

        • Kepha says

          Salah, I agree with you, and (politely, hopefully) disagree with Rob Porter. A West that can stand up for what is has given the world would probably lead most Muslim leaders to consider keeping the Jihad in abeyance.

      • says

        Sorry john spielman, I probably pushed the “reply” button by mistake. The comment above wasn’t meant to be a reply to yours.

    • BC says

      Muslims in the West dream of the day when all criticism of Islam will be treated in this way, either by imprisonment, heavy fines, loss of employment or banishment.Then they can go about their work of spreading Islam without let or hindrance. If anybody is fit to criticise Islam it is an ex Muslim. He should get an award for his courage.

    • Rob Porter says

      Richard, excellent comment. You’d think that after Spain’s lengthy and bitter experience with Islam, about 780 years before finally ejecting the barbarians, Spanish leaders and this ‘wondrously’ dishonest Supreme Court would possess the wisdom and determination to vigorously resist Islam at every turn. But no, as Spain did after the Madrid train bombings when it buckled, withdrew it’s troops with coalition forces in Iraq and removed the government that had committed those troops, once again it has buckled. As if by getting rid of the courageous Imran Firasat the pressing problem of Islam will lesson or go away. What a pathetic delusion! Just more of contemporary, cowardly Europe, hoping they will be the last country that the Islamic crocodile devours!

      Well, let’s see whether countries like Canada that claim to being ‘freedom loving’ possess the moral fibre to offer the brave, chutzpah gifted Imran Firasat a home. My bet is that the ‘freedom loving’ claims will simply turn out to be lip service.

  2. JIMJFOX says

    Imran MUST appeal to the ECHR, which found that–“sharia was incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy as set forth in the Convention”

    Since Imran was exercising his right to free speech as per democratic principles, how can this dhimmi Spanish court ruling be upheld?

    Spanish law is a disgrace, rewarding Islam for the Madrid train atrocity – SURRENDERING TO MUSLIM TERROR. Truly the world is both cowardly and mad, losing any semblance of honour and justice.

    • southeuropean says

      Jim,when and what was that verdict announced by the ECHR? Spain is afraid that it will lose Ceuta and Melila towns in Morroco if it go harsh on Islam. Sad situation.

  3. exsgtbrown says

    Spain withdrew it’s soldiers from Iraq after a couple of soldiers were killed and promised not to fight against Islam….such dhimmis….

  4. tpellow says

    Where is the MSM media on this?

    There seems to be a conspiracy of silence.

    Does the West’s political class and media stand up for freedom any more?

    Where is the outcry from the various large ‘Muslim communities’ in the West?

  5. Buraq says

    ‘…Article 44 of the Law on Asylum and Protection, (which) allows the state to revoke the refugee status of “persons who constitute a threat to Spanish security.” ‘

    In that case, I take it that ‘Spanish’ jihadists who’ve gone to fight abroad will be likewise kicked out of Spain, yeah?


  6. DefendFreedom says

    India under Prime Minister Modi should offer asylum to Imran Firasat.
    Imran Firasat is right about the dangers of Islamic Jihad and Sharia.
    Islamic Jihad has killed 80 million Hindus. Islam has enslaved millions of Hindus.

  7. Jay Boo says

    Could it be possible that “a complete capitulation to Islamic supremacist intimidation and the self-imposition of Sharia blasphemy laws” won’t make Muslims more friendly and reasonable?

    If a spoiled child goes into a rage and is immediately rewarded there will be a price to pay for the temporary peace.

  8. fanabba says

    India under Prime Minister Modi should offer asylum to Imran Firasat.
    80 million Hindus have been killed and several million Hindus have been enslaved by Islamic Jihad and Sharia in the Indian sub-continent. Imran Firasat is right about the dangers of Islamic Jihad and Sharia. Imran Firasat’s life is in danger, and India must act to save his life.

    • Jay Boo says

      “India under Prime Minister Modi should offer asylum to Imran Firasat.”

      That would be a good thing until Spain corrects its pandering policies.
      Also, the US should give financial aid to India to fight terrorism instead of to the Islamic state of Pakistan.

  9. says

    @ Richard .. upon a moments reflection. Spain has ALL the symptomatic ingredients of compromise; with a healthy dash of sadist assassins tooth.
    Soon comes the big party of peace , peace, but there shall be no peace. multi faith prayers in the big top at Rome, Jerusalem, .. here it comes folks.

  10. jewdog says

    Spain is offering automatic citizenship to any Jew who can prove Spanish ancestry. This is a way of atoning for the Inquisition. Before accepting the offer, I hope that potential applicants consider that Spain does not have First Amendment protections for freedom of speech or religion.

  11. Walter Sieruk says

    That so many Muslims have goten so enraged over this one hour amateur film is only further proof,again, that the foundations and doctrines of Islam are so weak that thisreligion can’t stand up to or hold up to criticism.

  12. Semeru says

    It will be interesting to see where they will send him.

    Pakistan or Indonesia.

    He is still red flagged by interpol for murdering a Christian in Indonesia. Spain did not send him back because Indonesia has the death penalty for murder.

    Firasats wife Linna Serachman/Jenny Setiawan, was sentenced to twenty months for making a fake passport for Imran Firasat.

    Triana Dengah, 20 year old mistress of Firasat was sentenced to nine years in prison.

    One has also to remember that Firasat claimed he was granted asylum because of a real risk of suffering grave damages to his/ her life, for anti-islam remarks. when the truth is He was granted Special protection for humanitarian reasons and not Subsidiary protection

    Subsidiary protection:

    With the new law the benefits of the subsidiary protection status are similar to those of a refugee status. According to article 4 of the law, it is given to persons that not fulfill the requirements for a refugee status, but about whom there are sufficient elements to consider that the person is at a real risk of suffering grave damages to his/ her life, personal integrity or grave threats provoked by an armed conflict or generalized violence.

    Special protection for humanitarian reasons: According to article 46.2 of the law, for reasons different to those of the previous situations, the State can authorize the permanence of the person in the country under the general migration regime. This is applied in a very exceptional basis.

    Spain has the right to revoke his status, because he made fraudulent claims when applying asylum, both him and his wife went to indonesia shortly after being granted asylum, thus exposing their scam.


    Firasat is not informing the public about islam, he is attempting to create a situation where it is impossible to send him away.

    In the comments at Islam versus Europe blog the are plenty of news reports with creditable links showing that Firasat is a scam merchant and liar

    • gravenimage says

      Semeru wrote:

      Firasat is not informing the public about islam, he is attempting to create a situation where it is impossible to send him away.

      Ah—right. Because the the very best way to ensure that you cannot be sent away in today’s Europe is to get yourself deported for criticizing Islam…sarc/off

      Try again…

      And Indonesia came up with that charge of murder *after* they had already deported him for—speaking out against Islam, which makes it suspect at best.

      More on the FaithFreedom site:

      • semeru says


        And Indonesia came up with that charge of murder *after* they had already deported him for—speaking out against Islam, which makes it suspect at best.

        No Firasat had already departed Indonesia when Triana (his mistress) was arrested at a boarding house in Pajetan, Yogyakarta.

        Firasat left Indonesia 7 July 2010. But he did not arrive in Spain until September 2010.

        Below are two screen shots

        Both are of Indonesian deportation stamps. What is strange is that just above the stamp is written firsts name. Now this is very unlikely, as it is the first time I have seen a name written above the stamp, it is normally a code very much like the one seen in the screen shot. This indicates that the stamp in Firasats could very well be a forgery.

        It is evident that Firasat did not directly go to Spain from Indonesia, I speculate that he spent some time in Bangkok, where almost any kind of driving license, passport document or immigration stamp can be forged.

        I cannot believe a word that comes out of his mouth, especially his claim that his wife is a Buddhist and he met her in a shopping mall in pakistan.

        This I find very unlikely, because she claimed her family was murdered by muslims during the anti-chinese riots. The ethnic Chinese who had the money fled to Singapore, USA and Australia. It does not make sense, she passes over Buddhist friendly places such as Singapore, Bangkok and even at a push Burma, to go to a Buddhist hostile place as Pakistan. Buddhist are fleeing Pakistan, not flocking to pakistan

        And the they go back to Indonesia after being granted asylum, thus proving the where nothing but scam merchants

        This couple are making a mockery of spanish Immigration laws.

        And any one who seriously believes that Indonesia would want Firasat return to Indonesia for criticizing islam are totally of the rocker. Indonesia would be glad to see the back of him.

        It is good to see that Indonesia is trying to see justice done for the murdered of a Christian

        • semeru says

          Firasats mistress Triana was arrested in Yogyakarta, on July 16, 2010, nine days after Firasat had departed and his wife was arrested on 30 September 2010, at Cikupa, Tangerang.

  13. Smart Guy says

    Banning the Koran would violate our 1st Amendment. Banning any written holy
    book such as the Koran or the Talmud is never the answer. A Bennedict Monk Translated the Talmud into Spanish and that led to the expulsion of all Jews. Martin Luther wrote “The Jews and their Lies” and that led to the expulsion of all Jews from Saxony after his death. Karl Marx wrote “The Jewish Question.” and that led to the creation of an anti-semetic Socialist Party.
    Karl Marx was rasied by parents who were Christian Scientists. Both his grandfathers were Rabbis but his parents had already rejected Judaism.
    Banning books only leads to ignorance which in the end favors tyranny.
    We have to create a state that has a 1st amendment so that truth can be defended. America the so called defender of truth no longer has a 1st
    Amendment. Laws have been passed that defend politcal correctness.
    The 1st step in AA is denial, we have to stop denying that there are evil

    • gravenimage says

      tpellow, Pakistan is in the same position as all Islamic states—they persecute women and Infidels and enforce blasphemy laws, yet they *still* aren’t Islamic enough for their most pious coreligionists.

      Most of the worst Shari’ah states—Somalia, northern Nigeria, Yemen—nonetheless (actually, quite predictably) have Islamic insurgencies.

  14. Burt says

    This is outrageous. As the article states, on the very grounds of their reason to deport him he will face certain death. Shame on Spain.

  15. gravenimage says

    Spain to deport Pakistani ex-Muslim refugee for criticizing Islam

    I’ve been following Imran Firasat’s case, and this ruling *is appalling*.


    “The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that a political refugee should be deported because his criticism of Islam poses ‘a danger to the security of Spain.’”

    Good God, what crap. Instead, it is *Islam* that poses a danger to the security of Spain—just as Firasat warns.


    Although Firasat can now be deported, the court says he and his family will not be delivered “to a country where there is danger to life or freedom.”

    How Orwellian *is this*, given that Firasat was granted asylum in Spain to begin with because his criticism of Islam endangered his life there?

    This could put him in legal limbo for years—this is, in fact, possibly the whole purpose of this travesty, in the belief that Firasat will shut up about Islam out of fear.

    But there is, of course, and even more troubling possibility, given how insane these proceedings have already been—that some Spanish judge will lie through his teeth and rule that Firasat will be in no danger if deported to Pakistan—and that they will deliver this brave man to his death.

    Spain—the whole of the West, really—should be giving Imran Firasat a medal and showering him with praise. He is doing *far* more to champion the free West than most Westerners—including this craven judge.

    • Semeru says

      I’ve been following Imran Firasat’s case,

      If so have you read any of the following links

      Here are all the news articles concerning Imran Firasat from the time he first set foot in Europe until he fled to indonesia, after being granted asylum in Spain
      He claims he fled because he was receiving death threats, when I reality he fled with a backpack full of money he conned from others (family, business partners, suppliers, telephony, servers that have not been paid, unpaid loans in various banks, transfers of the three businesses without their partners knowledge, and without paying rent for several months

      This was published on 24 February 2008

      They took flight leaving a trail of victims and debts behind. Imran Firasat and Jenny Setiawan, political refugees in Cantabria who need to answer before a court in relation to the case filed by their business partners from Santander, have abandoned the flat they were living in and also the city. And the lawyer for the accusers has now asked the judge for a search and capture order covering all the national territory. For the many Cantabrians who threw themselves into helping them because of their hard personal history, the Pakistani and the Indonesian must have been a great disappointment.

      Firasat and Setiawan succeeded in gaining temporary authorisation to reside in Cantabria in view of their exceptional circumstances: marriage between a Muslim and a Buddhist is punished by both religions, which prevented them from returning to either of their countries of origin. Having arrived in this region from Germany, Firasat moved like a fish in water between institutions and communication media. He even organised an internet campaign to support his cause.

      Having achieved their goal of regularising their stateless situation, the pair opened a catering business in the Grupo Amaro in Santander, called ‘Kebabish’. Under this name they formed a company with two Cantabrian couples who quarrelled with them in relation to business-related crimes approximately one month ago: after opening three premises (the Grupo Amaro one, another in Menéndez Pelayo and a third in Marqués de la Hermida), the young man and his wife sold them without the knowledge of their business partners. This gave rise to the complaint for document falsification and administrative fraud.

      One of the accusers had also rented a home to them. Because they stopped paying the rent a few months ago, an eviction process has been started.

      These were not the only “irregularities” committed by the political refugees. Maite Calderón, owner of a signage company, has also filed a complaint with the police after observing that the Pakistani had given her a cheque without any funds for an amount just below 600 euros. The businesswoman says it is not the money that bothers her (“I don’t expect to get it back”) but the “tremendous disappointment”. “The personal deception hurts me. When he gave me the cheque dated February, he was already preparing his flight”.

      Calderón – who had no previous knowledge of the history of the immigrants through the media – is aware that the young man “had a wide circle of people who were supporting him. He offered to make all of them partners in his business. Now it’s clear his only aim was to rip them off”.

      She doesn’t think it will be easy to find him. “It would be a stroke of luck”, she notes. A fortune for all those who have been left unpaid, she indicates, “because there were also people, like bar suppliers, that he has left owing”.

      The family that support him in his business projects have it worst. A few days ago they learned that they will have to pay the bank the amount they guaranteed for him and they are very upset.

      And the local government also have knowledge of the couple, who got a grant to start their business which these sources put at almost 5,000 euros with specific conditions that, if not fulfilled, would mean it had to be returned.

      For this reason an investigation has been opened, as has been confirmed by the ex-partners of the Pakistani and the first to accuse him in the situation, who are moving heaven and earth to find him.

      These persons add that, among the victims, is a former employee and the compatriot to whom he sold the premises in Menéndez Pelayo. It seems the man who convinced so many people of his painful family situation will have to give many explanations. But for that, he first has to stick his neck out.

      Below are two links that support the above article

      If you open the last two links, you will notice that it his wife who was the owner of the businesses, and this will explain why Firasat walk scot free from charges of fraud, also it explains why his wife never returned to Spain

      If you search the web you will find that Firasat did not start critizing islam until the middle of 2011, there is nothing, absolutely nothing either in Spanish, English or Indonesian

      I challenge everybody here to find anything by Firasat criticizing islam before 2011

      Craven also wrote

      “The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that a political refugee should be deported because his criticism of Islam poses ‘a danger to the security of Spain.”

      Firasats criticism of islam was not based on islam, but as Ali Sini puts it

      Imran’s slide show is replete with inaccuracies and false claims. Apart from the fact that the pictures are unrelated to the story, the story is his personal opinion, not supported by facts. The arguments made against Muhammad in this video are straw man fallacies. The fact that someone is an ex-Muslim does not make him an expert on Islam. Not even one in a thousand Muslims knows the Quran and far fewer have read the original biographies of their prophet.

      Not only Imran’s facts are inaccurate, his interpretation of the life of Muhammad is also incorrect. He does not know the history of Muhammad and does not understand his motives. Muhammad was not a common criminal as Imran claims. He was not abused by his aunt. He did not leave the house of Abu Talib at the age of 20 to from a band of criminals. Where did he get all these and so many other details about the life of Muhammad that don’t exist in any book of history? Imran does not have the needed understanding of the man he purports to describe and demystify. He claims his goal is to tell the truth, and expose the facts, but he hasn’t bothered to read the books of history to learn those facts.

      The above reinforces what Ali has to say about Firasats motive behind the film

      I asked Imran about his intentions. I asked whether he was banking on the hope that there will be riots so he can make a name for himself, or does he really want to spread the truth. Looks like Dr. Jones and Imran are hoping that their movie will have the same impact as the Innocence of Muslims, which means they look forward to much riots and mayhem for publicity.

      Firasat was not criticizing islam, he was lying about mohamed, so as to create a smoke screen so as to avoid justice.

      I personally think that Firasat should be sent back to Indonesia to face trial for the murder of an innocent christian.

  16. Smart Guy says

    Please do your homework 101 Jews ran the Communist party inorder to
    prevent socialism. Mussolini was a Marxist editor and Sir Oswald Moseley represented England at the 4th international in Moscow. “The Jewish Question” is an essay witten by Karl Marx you can look it up on the internet.
    The Cold War started on April 1st 1948 when Stalin closed the railroad between East and West Germany, because Stalin became anti-semetic. He discovered that Jews are not socialists and sort to do the same to the Jews as was done by the German socialists ship them off to Siberia in cattle wagons, but Jewish doctors cured him of being anti-semetic in 1953. According to Stalin’s family they killed him. The National Socialists were all former Marxists except Goring.
    National Socialists still use the term “Comrade” The Jewish Communist Party
    murdered the Russian Peasants and according to Mao he said that the Russians are not socialists. Stalin supported Shankia Shek with weapons believe it or not!

    • Mirren10 says

      You really need to change your moniker ! ‘stupid guy’ would be far more appropriate.

      Your post is a farrago of utter rubbish.

      For a start, Mosely and Mussolini were **Fascists** who utterly despised and loathed Communism.

      I’m not even going to comment on your idiocies about Stalin etc.

      You also occasionally post insane drivel about freemasons, and other demented conspiracy theories.

      I think you’re posting from a lunatic asylum, where you occasionally manage to escape your warders, and grab a computer. Or maybe they let you have access to a computer now and then as some sort of weird ‘therapy’.

      You are one weird nutter.

    • eib says

      Do not ethnicize something that never was ethnic in the first place.
      Communism is not an ethnicity.
      It is a theory and totalizing ideology.
      Call it what you will, it is not “Jewish.”

  17. Kepha says

    I feel compelled to reply to nordicelt, since I’m the sort of Christian who thinks that everyone should become like me–except for the nasties that people sometimes throw my way (cf. Acts 26:29).

    nordicelt wrote:

    But WHERE is that connection,.? I ask.
    Judaism is a the worlds foremost racist ideology, that holds beliefs comprising , a vile , vicious, & virulent form of racial superiority, with an admixture of a hostility & contempt towards all non- Jews, whom Jews consider to be ,soulless, non- human animals, that were, created by their tribal deity, only, for the purpose of serving as slaves to the Jews . As is, clearly, expounded in both the Torah & the Talmud.

    The connections are easy to find. Four-fifths of the Christian Bible is what the Jews call their Bible. While I don’t know Talmud very well, I do know something of the Torah (it’s the first five books of my Bible, after all).

    “And in thee [Abraham] shall all the families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:3). That’s in the Torah. The New Testament uses this to speak of how Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel, blesses the Gentiles as well. Or, I suppose it was “Jewish racism” on Jesus’ part to tell the Samaritan woman, “Ye worship that which ye know not; we worship that which we know; for salvation is of the Jews” (Jn 4:2)? After all, even in this supposedly “most anti-Jewish” of the Gospels, Jesus himself is plainly identified as a Jew.

    Further, when Jesus speaks of the greatest commandments, to love God and neighbor, he is quoting from Deuteronomy and Leviticus respectively–if those two books aren’t Torah, I’m the rightful Pope, and I’m not even a Roman Catholic.

    Jesus’ strict teaching on divorce, that only adultery justifies it, is drawn from Shammai, one of the rabbinical sages of the generation before him.

    All of Jesus’ first disciples and the crowd gathered into the church on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) were Jews. Of the writers of the New Testament, all were Jews save Luke, and Principal Brown of the old Free Kirk College in Edinburgh made a case for Luke being a proselyte to Judaism before he became a Christian. Indeed, Judaism is a “great religion” chiefly because it spawned Christianity.

    When Paul writes about Jews and Gentiles in the church, the Jews were the “in” or “established” or “sending” church; the Gentiles the newcomers from the “mission field”.

    Sure, Caiaphas and Co. tried Jesus and handed him over to Pilate (an Italian) for crucifixion. But I seriously doubt that my Jewish neighbors or relatives were around in those days; and in any case, that generation got its comeuppance in 70 A.D., just as Jesus himself prophesied in Mt. 24 and 25. And while we’re on the subject of the Sanhedrin of ca. 29 A.D., who were Hoseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus? A couple of lost Irishmen or Chinese? If so, how could they have sat on the Sanhedrin to protest its decision?

    And, if we want to find guilt for the death of Jesus, look to your own sins, neighbor–just as I have learned to look to mine. That’s how serious our sins are. They cannot be atoned for save by the Word of God becoming flesh, dwelling among us, working righteousness as our new covenant head, representing us in being judged and numbered with the transgressors (Is. 53), bearing our sins in his own body on the tree, tasting of death for us, and truly rising from the dead on the third day (leaving our sins behind in the tomb).

    Now, I’m not 100% comfortable with the term “Judaeo-Christian” (unless, perhaps, I mean that first couple of Christian generations and the Messianic folks down the street). However, due to where my religion came from, I understand a kinship with the Jews that I cannot have with the Muslims and Hindus, or even those of my wife’s family who are Daoists and Mahayana Buddhists.

    There. Maybe I’ve just fed a troll. If so, my apologies to all and a plea for forgiveness.

    As for the Spanish Supreme Court’s decision, I pray that Mr. Firasat finds another, more dependable refuge soon.

  18. BT says

    The real threat to Spain is the Spanish Supreme Court. Years ago Spain itself fought against the occupation of Muslims to their Country and were free. Now the clock is turning back. Also, a refuge in a Country is the same as citizen who is born in that country. Spanish Supreme Court has no legal authority to deport their own citizens.

  19. PJG says

    Among the people I know, atheists seem to be the least fearful of Islam. They are always defending it and saying how nice their Muslim friends are. (While not, of course, having Christian friends…the very idea is unthinkable.) Indeed, the nicest people they know are Muslims. Actually, I shouldn’t argue with them about Islam. The more I point out the dangers and the awfulness of the doctrines, the more they defend it and come to love it. They profess to hate all religion yet they don’t hate Islam. They will convert while convincing themselves that it’s a really cool thing to do. And of course it will please their cool new Muslim friends SO much.