Boko Haram chief taunts Michelle Obama, Nigerian Prez: “Bring back our army”

“You have been running around saying, ‘Bring back our girls,'” says Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the Congregation of the People of the Sunnah for Dawah and Jihad, aka Boko Haram. “Bring back our Army! Jonathan! Bring back our Army!”

Jonathan is Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan. Shekau knows that Jonathan can do nothing to stop his jihad group, which has enjoyed the support of Nigerian generals, and revels in the knowledge.

Nigeria: Islamic jihadists murder 38 in raid on Christian village
Boko Haram top dog voices support for Islamic State and al Qaeda
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    • Alarmed Pig Farmer says

      Shekau is black, so he gets a free pass. The lapdog black politicians, athletes and entertainers are on the see-no-evil bandwagon cuz that’s all about other people’s money, but Shekau ain’t in the queue to get any of that.

      Also, apparently it not occurred to them that Prez Barack ain’t even a black, he’s a mulato. One would think that black Americans could at least half criticize him. That’d be something.

      • Oliver says

        hello Alarmed,

        I think that the black athletes, politicians etc. DO NOT even 1/2 criticize him- they would not know which half to criticize.

        I think all of him and his policies are pretty bad.

        Speaking of black athletes– a few weeks ago, Hank Aaron was complaining that there are only ( I think the number was 7. something %) of the Major League Baseball players are black. But make up 12% (or whatever) of the population, so it is racist.

        But blacks make up more then that in the NFL & NBA. So why aren’t we whites complaining and claiming racism?

        And an NBA star said that he hates whites. Why isn’t that racist?

        • VLParker says

          Aaron’s charge was ludicrous if not racist itself. The reason there are fewer blacks in major league baseball is because there are an increasing number of hispanics in baseball. There is no white man conspiracy to make it difficult for blacks to get into the majors. Maybe too many black kids in the democratic controlled inner cities aren’t getting the opportunity to play ball because they are so busy dodging bullets.

        • Oliver says

          Hello VL,

          i was NOT saying a white conspiracy. I was (as you were) that Aaron’s comments were racist.

          I did not think of the inenr city blacks in the dem. controlled areas dodging bullets. Also, they might fel that dope dealing is more lucrative- and how many guys-of any race- ever make it to the majors?

          Aaron was indicating a conspiracy and racism.

          But ( before my time) when there was a seperate league for blacks (Negro League, I beleive that it was called) that blacks were saying, ” judge the player/s on their ability, not color”. Has that gone out the window?

          Also, the increasing number of Hispanics- in the south (including FL & Texas) usually have fairly mild temperatures all year-no snow, etc. The same is true of the Carribbean- where many Hispanic players (at least originally) come from. They can play abseball virtually all year -so get more time init then say a kid in Minnesota or Montreal.

          practice makes for mprovements.

          Blacks are very racists-more so then whites. (In general, in my opinion).

  1. jewdog says

    I think Whoopi Goldberg should have Michelle and a rep from Boko Haram on The View to yak it out for the viewers – be a great reality show. I suppose security would be tight.

    • Oliver says

      I think the discussion would be a great idea (have Shillery Clinton there also-she could always say ” what difference does it make”.


      And perhas a mother or twenty of the kidnapped girls.

      My thoughts.

      Might even watch it

    • Alarmed Pig Farmer says

      Hey Jewdog, did you see that the neo-Nazis in Germany are protesting the putative Jew aggression against the Palestinians? Seems like the Krauts are upset at Bibi’s response over there. They’re in the streets calling Jews animals.

      There’s an easy way out of this for them: just sit on their couches and wait for a Qassam rocket to explode down though the attic and into their living rooms. This is the way to peace, as articulated by Prez Barack Hussein Obama.

      • jewdog says

        That’s where the racial and religious supremacists get together. They’re really just a bunch of narcissists with confused gender identities. That might work for the Jerry Springer Show, actually.

    • Mirren10 says

      I expect the repulsive ‘Whoopi’ ( Lord, what a name ! :) ) would say, ”but it’s not rape rape” !

      • Oliver says

        I read somewhere taht Whoopie Goldberg NOT the names she was born with) got the names:

        Whoopi as she farted a great deal an Whoopi cushions ( which when placed on a chair, if someone sat on, made a fasting nosie, to humiliate the person-I personally never thought it funny), and adopted that as a name-was a childhood nickname.

        She took Goldberg-figuring many Jewish people in Hollywood, would give her a ” break” sooner then someone named O’ Reilly or soemthing that sounded Christian and/or black.

        What I ahd read-when suffering from insomnia; never tried to verify but makes sense.

        She does stink a great deal, in my opinion.

  2. duh_swami says

    This Abu Bakr thinks he is a comedian, the other one thinks he is Caliph, the original Abu Bakr gave his six year old daughter to a pervert.
    Never invite anyone named Abu Bakr over for dinner. If you do, make sure your wife and daughter are out of town, and hide your money and your wrist watch.

    • Angemon says

      duh_swami posted:

      Never invite anyone named Abu Bakr over for dinner. If you do, make sure your wife and daughter are out of town, and hide your money and your wrist watch.

      And don’t forget to wear a leather neck collar.

      • R. K. MacUalraig says

        Indeed. This fight goes back a LONG ways. Boko is just version 25.0 of the Barbary.

        To all Leathernecks & Seadogs who’ve fought for human liberty on the seas and on shore, CHEERS.


    • Carlos Danger says

      hide your money, your wristwatch, and anything else of value. Your dog still might wind up pregnant.

      • R. K. MacUalraig says

        Agreed. Sad thing is that, whether they like it or not, men like West will be forced to take the reins because so many elected weaklings and cowards cocked things up so badly.

        The sheep will need sheepdogs.

        Hope all’s well in NYC.

  3. islamisdeath says

    Sorry but LMAO! Even miz imam obama and imam obama’s buddies, the terrorists, are laughing at that lame tweet!

  4. gravenimage says

    Boko Haram chief taunts Michelle Obama, Nigerian Prez: “Bring back our army”

    And how can we e surprised? The only girls who have been reunited with their families so far are those who have *escaped themselves. Sickening.

    • gravenimage says

      I realize I wasn’t clear enough in the post above—I meant it was sickening that more hadn’t been done to rescue the girls—but I have nothing but admiration for the girls who have escaped on their own.

  5. R. K. MacUalraig says

    Makes no difference to Michelle. Her weakling husband bows to Islam, bows and grovels.

    Hash-tagging one day, trying on designer dresses the next.

    Dust in the wind.