Muslim from India explains why he joined Islamic State: “I have taken this step because Allah says so in the Quran”

ArifFayyazMajeedArif Fayyaz Majeed seems somehow to have gotten the idea that the Qur’an enjoins him to wage war against unbelievers. Was he “radicalized on the Internet”? How did he come to this understanding of the Qur’an that Western leaders have uniformly stated has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam? Why is this misunderstanding of Islam so widespread around the world? Are none of the mujahedin able to read the Qur’an for themselves and see how their jihadi path contradicts its teachings of peace? Or are Western leaders stating falsehoods about the Qur’an and Islam, and propagating a willful ignorance that endangers us all?

“‘The journey stops here, my mothers are getting killed, raped. I must fight for them,’” Mumbai Mirror, July 18, 2014 (thanks to Ali Sina):

Arif Fayyaz Majeed, one of four Kalyan youths who allegedly enlisted with insurgent group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, left a letter for his family expressing his desire to join jihad. This is the text of the letter his father handed over to the police.

Oh my family members, please forgive me for this spiritual journey. I have hurt you all a lot, so please forgive me. May Allah be with you, mother. I love you the most. You have taken care of me since my childhood. When I was about to do anything wrong, you became a barrier. You have taught me honesty, humbleness, generosity, love and mercy. But this journey stops here, because in other Muslim countries, my mothers are getting killed and raped, and it is now upon me to fight for their rights and honour.

Allah says in Quran

What’s the matter with you, that you fight not in the cause of Allah and for the oppressed among men, women and children who say, ‘Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a helper.’

O father, please forgive me. I can’t carry your load. You have done a lot for me, cared a lot. You have been waking me up for fajr salah (prayers) since childhood, and told me to offer prayers all five times a day. I thank you a lot. May Allah have mercy on you and forgive you. But this is the time O father, our ummah is bleeding. Our fathers of ummah are bleeding, and they are calling us for help. So it’s up to us to help. O father, please forgive me. I have hurt you.

Surah Baqrah (From the Holy Quran)

Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you, and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows, while you know not.

O my family members, please forgive me for my mistake. I have hurt you a lot. But that was my love for you, and you understand not. I stopped your actions, not because I was envious of you, but because I love you all, lest Allah will give you a punishment for it. It is a blessed journey for me, because I don’t want to live in this sinful country. So, at the time of death, the angel of death will ask me, ‘Why don’t you make hijr (migrate to Mecca and Madina)? Allah’s land was spacious’.

The ones who have believed, emigrated and striven in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives are greater in rank in the sight of Allah. And it is they who are attainers.

O mother, the sun is setting in the backyard of our house, behind the mountain, and I have told my friend of the greatest meeting there.

I pray for Allah to guide you all and give you a jannatul firdaus. Inshallah we will meet in jannah (heaven).

To all my sisters and cousins

You all are the mothers of ummah. You are half of the ummah. If you live a sinful life how will you raise half of ummah – sinful and disobedient to Allah? Repent and fear Allah.

TV is a professional way to prevail over nudity, lewdness, obscenity, disbelief and shirk (wrongdoing). If you all are attached to it for three to four hours a day, you are destroyed. It attacks your mind. America is losing in the battlefield, so they are playing battles of the heart and mind. Understand it before you die. It is a major sin. In it is a music which is an instrument of satan. And how can there be two things in a heart – music and Quran? Know that Quran is a word of Allah, and music is the instrument of satan.

TV also shows that everything is normal in life, such as chatting with boys which is not permissible, intermingling of sexes, singing, dancing, love affairs, western clothing, etc. Be wary of it. These are things forbidden by Allah (haram), but they show it as natural. So we think that it is natural. No my sister, it angers Allah a lot.


The salafy (sect) are the best jamah (section) in the world. So stick to it. It is the safe sect.

Say no to:

1 Shirk (such as visiting babas)

2 Politics (democracy is shirk), voting (haram)

3 Backbiting

4 Shaving beards

5 Leaving pants down (wearing pants below the waist and letting pants touch the ground)

6 Illicit sexual intercourse (avoid incest)

7 Leaving salah (praying)

8 Gambling

9 Cigarettes, hookah smoking

10 Fashion

11 Shaving off and many things

May Allah guide us, may Allah forgive us. Inshallah we meet in jannah.

O people of my house, including my father and beloved mother, I love you so I am going on a spiritual journey. And when Allah accepts my martyrdom, I will intervene for you because I love you.

I will always be in a crying state when I see you all singing, smoking cigarettes, taking an interest in TV, voting, illegal sexual intercourse, living luxurious lives, intermingling of sexes, not praying, salah, not growing beards, illegal marriages, backbiting, fashion (some members doing shirk).

All these things are prohibited in Islam and Allah gets angry with all these deeds. I will be very happy if you leave this sinful land and live the life of our pious predecessors. These all are things that will burn you in the fires of hell. So please repent and abstain from it.

I have taken this step because Allah says so in the Quran. “So let those fight in the cause of Allah, who sell their life of this world for the benefactor. And he who fights in the cause of Allah and is killed or achieves victory, we will bestow upon him a great reward” (4:7).

Listen to the call of Fatimah

The best women are those who don’t see men and who don’t let men see them.

So be like Fatimah (R.A). She will be the leader of mominah in jannah.

I want all of you to score 100% for the test of the hereafter.

Remember Allah says: Whoever commits a sin only earns it against himself, and Allah is ever knowing and wise.

Say no to:

1 TV (music, singing, dancing)

2 Fashion

3 Backbiting

4 Love affairs

5 Jeans (if you are wearing it with long frocks satan will tempt you to wear a T-shirt one day, and he is more experienced person)

6 Intermingling of sexes

7 Non hijab (face veil, burqa)

May Allah forgive you all
May Allah guide you all
May Allah meet in Jannah
May Allah forgive me.


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    • MikeR says

      How much would they love death if they didn’t believe in that 70 virgins b.s.?
      The civilized world is going to be threatened as long as there is one muslim alive. We can’t change their minds, so the only solution is to kill them all. Do you have a better solution?

  1. Jay Boo says

    The likelihood of finding happiness in Islam is about the same as a one-legged bullfrog crossing a busy beach highway during tourist season.

  2. Ralph says

    God told Hagar that the dependents of Ishmael would be nothing but Wild Donkey’s and that is their destiny… SO What?

    • Tradewinds says

      Why are those assumed to be Muslims? Islam didn’t even appear until the 7th century due entirely to a lying warlord called Muhammad.

      IMO, Islam is not connected to the 2 Abrahamic faiths, Judaism and Christianity, in any way so the “descendants of Ishmael” cannot be Muslims.

      Your thoughts are welcomed.

    • gravenimage says

      I pretty much agree with Tradewinds here.

      For one thing, I don’t believe that anyone is *fated* to behave like a violent savage. People can exercise free will.

      Moreover, there are Arab Christians—including, in fact, the *victims* of this “Caliphate”—and Arab apostates from Islam, who are civilized, decent people.

      Further, not all—or even most—of these ravening Mohammedans are Arab. The Indian Muslim in the story above, for instance, is almost certainly the descendent of Indian Hindus or Buddhists, and is not Arab at all.

      And even further afield, you find Muslims who are east Asian, who are sub-Saharan African, who are European—in other words, who can in no way be considered the descendants of Ishmael—who nonetheless are every bit as savage as their Arab Muslim brethren.

      And why should this be? Because Islam *is not a race*. Instead, it is an ideology—and a damned ugly one, at that.

  3. From India says

    I am from India and this letter was never published in newspapers.

    They just summed it up saying that he was unhappy with his family for watching TV and straying from Islam. They conveniently left our references to jihad and quran.

    Politically correct left-libs at work as usual !!

    • Jovial Joe says

      I’m surprised, given Modi’s election, that the media feels itself hamstrung by PC considerations. You must forward this post to as many people as you can then to get the message out.

      • SSM says

        It’s quite the opposite actually. Modi hasn’t been as friendly to the media as his predecessors – no more free private jets to foreign junkets stocked with food and alcohol. And media has decided to take revenge by hyping small conflicts and giving them religious overtones to take the focus off his accomplishments in governance.

      • b says

        India was governed by Christians, e.g. Sonia Gandhi and her children, Digvijay Singh, Antony, etc. India’s media is mostly Christian owned and run by mission educated writers. Some media has huge Saudi money.

        All that money collected in Kansas, Texas, etc. is used mainly to support the missionaries and for propaganda to convert , otherwise the poor would have long been uplifted. Hence Hindu bashing, slanting news incorrectly and similar is important too!

    • Vijay says

      I have actually stopped watching the news all together. It’s just Hindu bashing and muslim appeasement. Nothing else. I spend most of my time on Candy Crush and English Movie Channels when not at work. Keeps me sane. I’m afraid if I watch these Indian news channels any longer, I might end up getting violent and behind bars :-)

  4. gravenimage says

    Muslim from India explains why he joined Islamic State: “I have taken this step because Allah says so in the Quran”

    India is a vibrant state that is fast modernizing—there is more and more opportunity to live a good life there.

    Yet Arif Fayyaz Majeed has given it up to live in a stinking Islamic hell-hole where the “Mujahideen” are lining the streets with the severed heads of their enemies. *Ugh*.


    Oh my family members, please forgive me for this spiritual journey. I have hurt you all a lot, so please forgive me. May Allah be with you, mother…

    O father, please forgive me…

    The above actually has a specific meaning. A Muslim is supposed to ask permission of his parents to go on Jihad.

    The exception is when JIhad shifts from being “Fard Kalifa” (the obligation of some part of the Ummah) to “Fard Ayn” (when the obligation falls on every able-bodied Muslim, whether his parents give permission or not).

    Clearly, with the institution of the “Caliphate”, this pious Mohammedan believes that Jihad is now Fard Ayn.


    You have taught me honesty, humbleness, generosity, love and mercy. But this journey stops here…

    I’m sure it will. I very much doubt that this Jihadist will be exhibiting much honesty, humbleness, generosity, love, or mercy as a soldier of the sanguinary new Caliphate—a place where victims are beheaded, those who can’t pay the crushing Jizya are raped and murdered, and women are stoned to death. *Ugh*.

    And note that this pious Mohammedan considers democracy Haram—instead, he believes as they all do that the only truly Islamic transfer of power is that of a thuggish warlord like Al-Bagdadi violently seizing it.

    And then we have a fine example of Muslim “morality”, where shaving your beard, watching TV, or wearing anything other than flood pants is a “sin”—in fact, he considers shaving so shocking that he mentions it twice.

    Meanwhile, he considers that sanguinary violence of the Caliphate to be “holy”. Muslim “morality” in a nutshell.

    How many more Arif Fayyaz Majeeds are there? Likely all too many…

  5. dumbledoresarmy says

    From this India-passport-holding mohammedan’s letter – “Politics (democracy is shirk), voting (haram)”.

    Oh, if only all the other mohammedans in India would take this on board, and refrain from voting and from entering politics!!

    That would be the finish of the muslim vote bank that – dangled as “bait” before aspiring politicians – has corrupted (and corrupts) Indian politics no end, just as it is now corrupting politics in continental Europe and in Britain, and in Australia.

    Further thought.

    Since this mohammedan is now wallowing in the jihad bloodbath in Syria, why should he continue to hold Indian citizenship?

    Indian jihadwatchers here present should be writing to PM Modi requesting that all such India-passport-holding mohammedans who are known to have gone off to Syria – or Iraq – or Yemen or any other jihad hotspot, should be stripped of their Indian citizenship (passports cancelled) and prevented, at all costs, from ever being able to return into India.

    No Muslim from India should be prevented from leaving to go to Syria, etc; but they should be prevented from returning. Let ’em go; don’t let ’em back in. Result: fewer mohammedans in India to cause trouble.

    Let India shake off dhimmitude, take the first basic steps in self-preservation, and thus give a lead to all the other infidel nations.