Kentucky Catholic church paints ن on door in solidarity with Christians persecuted by Islamic State

NunChurchKudos to Fr. Jim Sichko and the parishioners of St. Mark’s Church. The Islamic State painted the ن on the door of the homes of Christians in Mosul to mark them for extortion (as per Qur’an 9:29) or extermination. Christians and all free people worldwide should be standing in solidarity with those persecuted Christians, but St. Mark’s is unfortunately in quite rare company: most Catholics (and Christians in general) would never dream of taking on this symbol, as it might harm their precious and spectacularly unproductive “dialogue” with Muslims, and could even be construed as “Islamophobic.” Heaven forfend!

“Special Symbol At Richmond Church Shines Light On World Issue,”, August 5, 2014:

A special symbol on the door of a Richmond Catholic church has people around the world talking.

It’s a symbol that shines brightly on the door of St. Mark Church, piquing the interest of many and sparking conversations far beyond Kentucky.

The symbol – the Aramaic symbol for the letter “n,” which means Nazarean – was placed on the door Thursday evening.

Actually, it’s the Arabic letter nun, for Nasara, the Qur’an’s term for Christians.

A symbol that is not usually seen on the door of a Catholic church, but Father Jim Sichko says he put it there to show solidarity for Christians living on the other side of the world, who are currently fighting a religious war.

“There are some extremists who are marking Christian territories and are killing those individuals and destroying Christian landmarks,” Father Sichko said.

Father Sichko says his door has helped bring attention to that persecution and his story has even reached NPR, a national blog, one even being re-tweeted by someone at the Vatican.

“It just so happens our Catholic church has taken a public stand,” he said. “People around the world have stood up, so has the Pope.”

Father Sichko says he isn’t sure how long he will keep the symbol up, but hopes it continues to open the door for others to pray for peace.

The other big news for the church is that singer Reba Mcentire will give a benefit performance for St. Mark charities on Oct. 12. She has just released a new single called “Pray for Peace.”

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  1. Beagle says

    “She has just released a new single called “Pray for Peace.””

    But prepare for war, because it’s here.

  2. john spielman says

    Oh the horrors, what will Bishop McManus say about attempts to find common ground with islam, religion of DEATH DARKNESS AND HELL!

    • flakmusic says

      “Ding Dong”? hehehehe. …not bad.
      But “koo-koo” just perfect for the cretin behind “Ding-Dong”.

    • gravenimage says

      Why is “Ding Ding” laughing at someone who is expressing solidarity with *victims of genocide*? *Disgusting*.

      It seems that the monicker “Ding Dong” is all too apt for this mean-spirited, witless poster.

  3. Frank Scarn says

    Oh, Reverend Sichko , you’re gonna make Bishop McManus feel so bad what with all the progress he’s made with all the Muslims in Massachusetts. Why it might even drive the ever so courageous (cough) bishop to return to his cups.

    You see, Bishop McManus averts his eyes from the uncomfortable facts about Islam and what’s happening to Christians at the hands of Muslims. He prefers all those press releases from CAIR. The insecure platitudes make him feel warm and fuzzy; like he’s making real continued progress with his interfaith dialoguing.

  4. Fr. Basil says

    While I prefer to wear my wooden cross around my neck, I would be happy to wear a NUN pin.

    I’ve seen t-shirts with them.

    Good for Fr. Jim! Maybe the NUN is becoming the Christian equivalent of the yellow star.

  5. Budvarakbar says

    “Good for Fr. Jim! Maybe the NUN is becoming the Christian equivalent of the yellow star.”

    And ask the yellow star wearers how that panned out!

    • Deane Duxfield says

      Check out the REAL origins of the Yellow star….
      The Nazi’s didn’t start it….they copied it from Islam!
      The religion that “Denies the Father and the Son”
      1 Jon 2:22-26

      22Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. 23Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: [(but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also ]. 24Let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning. If that which ye have heard from the beginning shall remain in you, ye also shall continue in the Son, and in the Father.

      25And this is the promise that he hath promised us, [even] eternal life.

      26These [things] have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you.

  6. pongidae rex says

    Imagine if the world had yawned and prattled about ‘NaziPhobia’ as the panzers rolled across Poland in 1939. It is happening.

    • Oliver says

      The world yawned in 1939; and yawned while Hitler and hsi Nazis killed 6 million Jews and millions of others. And FDR (may he burn in hell) gave direct orders NOT to bomb the railroads and railroad tracks that went to the death camps.


      aND WHO IS BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING–israel–the only country fighting for survival and against terrorists.

      • gravenimage says

        Oliver, much of what you say is true.

        But whatever their lapses, blind spots, and shortcomings, the Americans and British *did* liberate the death camps. Surely you wouldn’t have preferred that they hadn’t?

        • Oliver says

          So did the Russians (although they did take some Jews as prisoners to work their coal mines).


          There was an ALL BLACK (negro in thsoe days) army unti, attached to, (I believe George Patton’s 3rd Army) CALLED THE BALCK PANTHERS.


          (That was given, as part of the reason, why in the early 1960’s-some Jewish teens and early 20’s–were involved in the Civil Rights movement-to repay for theri grandparents liberation).

          Otherwise, you are right-better late then never; but still, the world yarned.

          Rememebr Nevilel Chamberlain–“I AHVE ACHIEVED PEACE IN OUR TIME”- and a few years later, WW2 erupted.

        • thomas_h says

          “The world yawned”?

          The world, well the better part of it, was too busy fighting, bleeding and dying to find one free second to yawn.
          And why would Patton decide that only blacks should liberate concentration camps? Also, which C.C. were liberated exclusively by “Black Panthers”?
          BTW how do you liberate a concentration camp without first removing the enemy from the whole area around it – something that typically would stretch over hundred miles and requires concerted effort of air force, artillery and infantry and always cost great number of dead and wounded. So how did All Black units managed to accomplish such feat alone? And by the way no concentration camp were liberated by an direct dedicated attack. The C.C. guards were relatively few and were worthless in combat. They either surrendered, or ran away even before the allied troops appeared at the horizon. And where did you get that weird, absurd story of Russians imprisoning the newly liberated Jewish ex C.C prisoners to work in coal mines? Are you drunk?

          “… in the early 1960′s-some Jewish teens and early 20′s–were involved in the Civil Rights movement-to repay for theri grandparents liberation

          You mean Jews will not get involved in a good thing just because it is intrinsically a good thing? Is their sense of moral and good tied to the idea what is good for them, so they either do nothing, or repay a debt, at the most?
          I’ve heard such opinions from some people. I hope you are not one of them.

        • Oliver says

          Thomas H–
          I beleive that you misinterpeted some of my comments.

          1. The world yawned– thNEVILLE CCHAMBERLAIN GAVE HITLER THE SUDENLAND IN 1938 OR SO; WW2 as a hot war started LTER. The Nazis took power a few years before (1933, I believe) — and the world did nothing.

          2. The Somaza family ( ruled Nicaragua) took in SEVERAL THOUSAND JEWS as did Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. (As did Cuba). Trujillo (and the Cuban dictattor–not sure if it was Batista or the one before him) both wanted to take in more. Trujillo asked for some aid-like surplus food, to feed tyhe people. (The US was bruning some, to prop up prices). FDR refused.

          FDR refused to allow the St Louis to dock here, and let the jewish refugees live here. I beleive it is scuba reef in southeast FL now.


          Blacks liberating death camps– google BLACK PANTHERS IN WW2 — see the names of the two or three.

          Somke camps under the jurisdiction off Dachhau ( and a part of that libberation ) and Buchenwald, and (in Austria) Lambach.

          (sources-from google; ” MEN WHO LIBERATED DEATH CAMPS’ BY JONATHAN STORM, POSTED NOV. 11 ,,1992



          the 761st Tank Battalion also played a part in general patton’s sweep across Germany and Austria ( although not in the movie .

          They( 761st) was also involved in the Battle Of The Bulge.


          i do not beleive that i said that they were the only ones-but for some of the death camp prisoners, these were THE FIRST BALCK PEOPLE THAT THEY EVER SAW.


          RE: Jews in the Civil Rights Movement–jews have–for decades if not centuries- due to our persecution- been for the underdogs and for more equality (of opportunity, at least for myself and those I know).

          There are and were many motives for people to be involved in issues like civil rights, etc. Payback was one. For some people.

          I knew some WW2 veterans who supported the civil rights movement –STRICTLY because of this. they ( and this was NYC in the 1960-70’s) had no real contact with blacks other then accidental–on the bus or train; in reastaurants; etc. Worked in almost a segregated envirement.


          Patton–same sources)

        • thomas_h says


          I’m sorry to tell you I have problem understanding what is your point. You are all over the place and it requires an effort to try to decipher your quite incoherent writing. Try to write more concisely and stick to one point at the time.

          OK, I can detect that you are unhappy about the yawning world that somehow didn’t stop Chamberlain signing the peace agreement with Hitler resulting in annexation of Sudetenland in 1938.
          Then you mention Trujillo, Somoza Batista who took in Jewish refugees – which must mean that the world sometimes yawns and sometimes doesn’t. Which, I think, is a good, albeit rather trivial observation. But such is the history of the world.
          Look, one can say the world yawned during the reign of terror following the French revolution when hundreds of thousands completely innocent people were murdered in the name of progress.
          Or the genocidal massacre of Armenian and Greeks by the Turks.
          Or the Bolshevik revolution with millions of people murdered by orders of Lenin. Or communist-engineered famine which killed millions of Ukrainian peasants. Or Stalin’s terror and holocaust of staggering 20 million who died in labor camps, forced collectivization, famine and executions. Or the madness of the first world war. Or Irish famine under the eye of the British Empire. Or, more recently, the Rwandan genocide of the Tutsi, the Sudan, the unspeakable horrors of Cambodja Pol Pot’s revolution, the Mao’s great cultural revolution…
          Look, at this very moment Christians are slaughtered, raped, tortured in Iraq and a blood thirsty vampire is ruling North Korea. Such terrible examples one finds in every part of the globe, which should make you aware that the truth about the “world” is that it suffers much more than it “yawns”.
          No, Oliver. There is not such a thing as “the yawning world”, but there is suffering world, or more to the point – suffering people. And of course, confused people, stupid people, evil people and certainly yawning people. You can’t stop talking accusingly of the “yawning world” as if you don’t belong in it. Except that you DO live in this world which means that when the world yawns you DO yawn with it, my friend. Well, I could be wrong and you like some mother Theresa dedicate your life to alleviate the suffering and agony of men, women and children who at this moment in the history of the world is unable to yawn fcing death every second. But, judging from the character of your comment, its whining complain against “the world”, I don’t think so.

          As to your mentioning Patton, Jews, concentration camps, black liberators, civil right movement etc…I honestly don’t understand what are you talking about and how is it connected to the rest of your comment. Perhaps if you make an effort to present your point in an orderly coherent manner I will try to read it again. Anyway, it is very late here and I need to get up early. Good night.

        • Oliver says


          In resposne to yoru comment.

          I mentioned- that a black division (761st) of General patton’s army helped liberate ( and one of, if not the first) to enter the death camps.

          I did not say (nor imply) that they did this by themselves.

          As to that they were NOT in the movie Patton (which I sw several times) — that was from a quote by one of the authors of a mentioned (when asked for references) in an earlier post.

          As for Jews in the Civil Rights movement–I lived in New York at the time, and knew some who were involved. SOME because of the black 761st ( this was only 20 ro so years after WW2 ended, realize, not almost 70) and they had friends, relaticvs, neighbors who either (or both) (myself included in alst category) who had been in the military AND in Europe during WW2 OR the death camps. (Obviously, not the same people).


          Nicaragua; Cuba and the DR are not and never were world powers. They took in few jews-did little to stop the genocide. The world powers- Britain; the US, etc did little. Nevilel Chamberlain gave Hitler the Sudenlandt. his speech upon arriving back in England–“I HAVE ACHIEVED PEACE IN OUR TIME”.

          50 or so million dead later.


          The world and the Christian massacres in Iraq, Syria, etc–THE WORLD IS YAWNING.

          Go back to the 1970’s and early 80’s–Christians were being killed in Lebanon, and the CHRISTIAN (INCLUDING CATHOLIC) WORLD YAWNED. Israel was the only country that tried to help them.

          Then Assad (the father, around this time) murdered some 10,000 Muslims in one city ( google it I forgot the name) ( as of a year or two ago, the city still existed)–the world said nothing. LEBANESE CHRISTIANS KILLED 800 MUSLIM TERRORISTS, AND THE ‘ WORLD”–THE USELESS NATIONS, BLAMED ISRAEL.


  7. says

    God bless this Priest and his church!!! There are SO FEW churches here doing ANYTHING about this GENOCIDE and it is shameful!!!!! America is supposed to lead the way in protests against torture and murder of innocents but mostly all churches here are silent. I hope others will follow!!!

  8. Michael mayer says

    So what ealse is he saying.? we can’t defend our self? I think this is nuts.Take it down?

  9. SpiriToF1683 says

    A terrific gesture on the part of Fr. Jim Sichko. Better be mindful of the early morning knock on the door, though.

    • Jay Boo says

      Get Ready
      Muslims do not care about non-Muslims.
      Muslims see us like we are food.

      Yes there may be Muslims who wish to test the tolerance of Christians in the US just like they do in Europe.

      1 The Bear approach
      They will likely first do a bluff charge to see how their intended victims respond.

      2 The Crocodile sneak
      The will ease up slowly and hang around waiting to spot for vulnerabilities probing and acclimating themselves in the neighborhood.
      Whenever a crocodile (hangs around) it means trouble.

      When the Crocodile enters the church and begins to hiss it is way to late for dialog and reasoning.

      You must whack the Crocodile on the nose with a heavy stick and whack all his Crocodile friends on the nose as well.
      You must whack them hard and repeatedly so that they know they will not get an easy meal.



      That is the only message that the Crocodile responds to and respects.

    • wildjew says

      Is this a credible or trustworthy institution? Are you familiar with this group / organization?

      • Tommo says

        You are right to ask about the trustworthiness of Charities. Many are anti-Israel and only give aid to Muslim refugees. Oxfam, Save the Children and Aged International are among this group. The only aid organisation that I would give to is Barnabas Fund who support Christians and minorities who frequently don’t receive anything because organisers on the ground are in the hands of Muslims. Barnabas have their own representatives in most of the war zones and ensure that aid reaches those who need it most.

  10. Joseph says

    It’s better than nothing, of course. But in the quotation attributed to him he doesn’t mention “Islam” or “Muslims” at all. He says merely “some extremists” [unless the reporter misquoted him, which is entirely possible, as we know].
    As well, he says people have “stood up” and that even the Pope “stood up”.

    Couple things. First, like using the word ‘extremist’ instead of Muslim, if when you say “people stood up” you fail actually to say just what they’re standing up AGAINST, you are in some ways hiding the truth rather than revealing it (as the MSM does every day). I get it that he did say what they’re standing up FOR: the persecuted Christians. And of course that IS a very good thing, don’t get me wrong. But, again, just what is going on with these persecuted Christians, Father? Oh, “extremists” are persecuting and killing them? That’s terrible. But the words “Islam” and “Muslims” need to be said out loud or we’re right back with euphemisms like “the war on terror”, right?

    Second, he commends the Pope (and I get it that a priest would not and should not publicly criticize the Pope). But this Pope has called Islam an inherently peaceful religion [Evangelii Gaudium #253] and he has said no more in relation to the Islamic State and defending “religious minorities” than has Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the UN. Not great company, frankly. Moon also called for the defense of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria. The Pope needs to retract his imbecilic statement that “Authentic Islam…opposes every form of violence” and he too should “name names” when it comes to WHO exactly is persecuting the Christians. Just say it: Muslims are killing Christians, following the numerous commands to do so in the Qur’an.

    All that to say, this particular Pope has been more of a hindrance than a help, frankly, when it comes to fighting back against Islam and Islamic jihad. And so Fr. Sichko could simply have refrained from mentioning the Pope at all rather giving him plaudits he has not earned. Along the lines of: “If you don’t have something nice to say…”

    Anyway, I know many people might disagree with me and say I am being too harsh on this priest. But this is how I feel. And again don’t get me wrong: I totally commend Fr. Sichko for putting this symbol on his Church’s door. It definitely IS a strong statement of solidarity for our persecuted brethren in the Middle East and it takes A LOT of courage to do such a thing today. And I think every parish should do something like this. My point is simply that sooner or later we need Church leaders, especially Bishops and the Pope himself, to speak clearly about the fact that it is Islam and Muslims specifically who are the bad guys in all this. They clearly ARE the enemy at the gates and we need to NAME them as such so that we can get on with properly defending ourselves. Call me crazy.

    • thomas_h says

      “They [moslems] clearly ARE the enemy at the gates and we need to NAME them as such so that we can get on with properly defending ourselves.

      So true, so obvious and so simple.

    • Nan says

      Look at all the people who say communism has failed only because it hasn’t been done right. Then think of Islam; if they did it right it would be peaceful. It’s just that Mohammed was a pedophile, pervert warlord and is a bad example.

  11. wildjew says

    Every “true” Christian church would stand in solidarity with Christians suffering murderous persecution by Islamic State. Every church should emulate this church. I would bring this to the pastor, priest, elders, etc. of my church were I attending one.

    • Islamisdeath says

      I totally agree but i can tell you that this is anamoly. Many people at my chuch are apalled at my attitude towards our “Abrahamic brethern”

  12. Chatillon says

    This is a wonderful idea and one that is worth copying. I’m going to approach my parish priest about it. If he says “No” I’ll change parishes.

    The public in the West is still WAY too complacent and placing the nun on church doors brings the present distress of Mideast Christians to the forefront of Western conscience. It might even go so far as to raise the curiosity of the MSM … or if not … raise the curiosity of the public as to the MSMs’ indifference and the lack of fortitude on the part of all-too-many bishops

  13. Kepha says

    “Christians in general” worried about harming dialogue with Islam?

    At this stage of the game, people in Evangelical and Pentecostal denominations have the liberal “mainstream” outnumbered. The Evangelicals and their ilk Uncle Kepha included) think that the only worthwhile “reform” of Islam is large masses of Muslims turning to Jesus Christ as he is presented in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament (which, contrary to Muslim propaganda, were not falsified; rather, the things the Qur’an and Hadith claim to present about Jesus were spun from a mix of badly understood oral accounts and Mo’s own imagination).

    How is the symbol written so it isn’t confused with other Arabic letters?

    • Champ says

      How is the symbol written so it isn’t confused with other Arabic letters?


      And there will ubdoubtedly be those who think that this church now has ties with islam, or something–which is *not* the case. But I can see how some people might make this mistake.

      • Marken says

        I don’t believe that is an Aramaic nun, but rather an Arabic nun. I’m more familiar with the Hebrew nun which means ‘hook’ but I believe the Aramaic nun is the same. The Arabic symbol for nun, the one posted on the church door, means big fish or whale! Symbolically still very appropriate as you know the early Christian symbol was a fish.

        • Champ says

          Yes, I know, since Robert clarified that this is an Arabic letter “nun”. What I should have made more clear is that it might be *mistaken*, by some, to be Aramaic and/or an islamic symbol, by a passerby.

  14. Champ ✞ says

    What an amazing show of support for fellow Christians who are being persecuted …

    May ‘God Bless’ Fr. Jim Sichko!

  15. Bridget Ames says

    I attend a traditional Latin mass (in good standing) and each week when we do benediction the priest offers it up for the persecuted Christians as well as their masses. We are praying for them.

    • Tommo says

      Why oh why did Vatican II get rid of the Latin Mass? The Catholic church lost so many followers over this issue alone. To attend mass today is like going to any other church and I always leave early feeling deeply depressed.

      • Fr. Basil says

        Did you know that the Pauline Mass of 1970 may be celebrated in Latin?

        And did you know that the Pian Mass (itself the product of a committee as Quo primum says) was celebrated in other languages besides Latin for centuries before V2, including Chinese, Armenian, and Slavonic by Catholics?

  16. gravenimage says

    Kentucky Catholic church paints ن on door in solidarity with Christians persecuted by Islamic State

    Kudos to Fr. Jim Sichko and the parishioners of St. Mark’s Church.

    Kudos, indeed. His understanding of the situation may be slightly less than perfect—these genocidal Muslims are not”extremists”—but what he is doing is far more than most of his brethren.

    It is also something that is bound to educate more people—both parishioners and neighbors.

    If you would like to express your appreciation to St. Mark’s church and Father Sichko, here’s contact information:

    St. Mark Roman Catholic Church
    608 West Main Street
    Richmond, Kentucky 40475

    Parish Office: (859) 623-2989


    Parish Office:

    Father Sichko:

    • Edward says

      “Kudos, indeed. His understanding of the situation may be slightly less than perfect—these genocidal Muslims are not”extremists”—but what he is doing is far more than most of his brethren.”

      Yes, Kudos and great insight indeed! Fr. Jim Sichko and the parishioners of St. Mark’s Church intent will not be over looked!

      “these genocidal Muslims are not”extremists”— regardless of their labeled titles……..the intent of a maligned individual is the same….to act/do Evil!

      intent: the state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific objective.

      maligned: having or showing an evil disposition; malevolent; malicious.

  17. Oliver says

    I have no qualms with what is being done.

    My question is, what has/will it accomplish?

    My guess–zip; nothing; nada.

    To me, (I am old enough to rememebr the FIRST Gulf War, under Bush 1.

    Then the idea was, ‘ to show soldiarity with the troops, drive –during the daylight hours-with your headlights on”.

    I was living in the Ft Lauderdale, FL area then, and did not udnerstnd the rationale, an was harssed as being unpatriotic. ( I put my headlights on at dusk and when dark).

    To me, htis is the same type of useless gesture.

    it saves no lives, and tells the peopel what? that Christians are being killed?

    Even the lame stream media is finally sayiing that. (And still blaming Israel and the jews. As to the alst-on a recent yahoo “news”/AP “news’ there was a story about ISIS and a comment was, by a (supposed) American- “everyone knows the ISIS is run by an Israeli (are there other kinds) Mossad agent”.).

    Abbas histronics get a wider audiance then the truth

    • dumbledoresarmy says

      If an Islamosavvy infidel someone puts up this sign – on their church door, on a T-shirt, on a bumper sticker, on their FB profile page – then when other, less well-informed people get puzzled and ask, “but what does it mean?” they have the perfect opening to explain. To tell them about Jihad. To point them to this website, and to New English Review, and to Mr Spencer’s books, Mark Gabriel’s books, and to Patrick Sookhdeo and Mark Durie. To educate and warn and get those ripples of awareness and intelligent alarm spreading further and further.

    • Oliver says


      I appreciate your response, to me.

      I see your point. Hope that you are right–and people wake up to the shit that is Islam and Muslims.

      (I have psoted, elsewhere, I had-very unsuccessful and unsatisfactory and unrewarding-financially or otherwise) a few dealings with ‘modern, secularized” Muslims.

      In one case, I was helping (or trying to help) a Muslim out of a difficult financial ssituation, and was close to ssuccess.

      He would have ended his financial difficulty, and had ( now this was more then 20 years ago0–money worth more then then now) AFTER ALL EXPENSES AND DEBTS, some $250-300,000 cash– TAX FREE. (Convoluted refinancing and restructuring of some real estate assets– I( was a mortgage broker in those days). The fees for my attorney 9 who was also his attorney) and myself would be $50,000. ( this was part of the fees– the numbers above were after these and other fees).


      There is a saying, Payback is Hell. In his case it was-literally–to solve his problem, he TRIED TO ROB A COLUMBIAN DRUG CARTEL OF A FEW KILOS OF COCAINE (about $20,000 a kilo, wholeslae then). They killed him.


      The other deal ( with is brother and sister) ( which also collapsed) was less colorful. And his brother, after serving 12 or 15 or so years in federal prison, allowed himself to be deported to saudi Arabia, rather then finish his term in prison. (I think it was 40 years for multiple crimes, including trying to have sex with 2 girls who were 12- at the time. (I might mention one was the daughter of a DEA or FBI-I forget-official, the other the daughter of a police narc official) — not to mention the quantity of coke he had, priors, etc.


      so, I despise the bastards.

    • Edward says

      “My question is, what has/will it accomplish?”

      Yes, with our intended affirmed Faiths, things/needs/help comes to pass!

      As a testimonial, I have self-witnessed these things that have come to pass many times. However, if our requests are not rewarded it is because of our errors or lack of our trust. If you can’t focus on your trust always recall Jesus’ “walking on water” event. When Peter the apostle sank because he lacked trust! Always remember, its not the symbol that you revere, but it is the intended cognition of what it represents….our solidarity with those in a state of duress!

  18. Elizabeth says

    I’m really glad that they put that symbol on their door. I have thought many times about painting it on my front door. Of course, someone out there would say, good, if everyone that is Christian paints it on their door or wears it on their clothes, it’s easier for them to take us out when they launch an attack in America. I still think the solidarity is worth the possible risk. Trust in the Lord; He will provide and protect.

  19. The Vilest Of Creatures says

    Was just in Richmond, KY to visit the site of the Civil War Battle of Richmond. Kudos to St Marc’s. and Father Sichko, Confederate General Kirby Smith would be proud!

  20. Geppetto says

    What’s in a name. Given the good Father’s name it should have been obvious to Mr. Spencer what the rabble would do with it. Especially if his name is also pronounced sicko. If instead, as is most likely the case, the correct pronunciation is sitchko that should have been noted at the 1st mention of it in the article. Eliminate the obvious temptation.

    In the full context of this otherwise outspoken, much needed, in your face act of support for his fellow Christians by a brave priest his last name and the pronunciation of it, should be of no consequence but the reality, as is seen by the comment from the aptly named “Ding Dong,” inspires the Ding Dongs of this world to express their juvenile insensitivity by making frivolous comments on what is a very serious and on-going problem in certain parts of the world.

    Perhaps Ding Dong knows this and is already wallowing in regret. And perhaps the moon is made of green cheese.

  21. Edward says

    Understanding Pope Francis:

    If I were in my youth and if I had read the ‘Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium #253’ I would’ve exploded (typical of a Type “A”). Most likely I would have taken a flight to Rome to express my anger to the pope face to face.

    Nowadays, he has been referred as an “imbecile” by some when they read his thoughts that “Islam is a peaceful religion”. Sadly, now, since the current news cycle, about the murder of the Journalist James Foley he has lost many ‘Likes’.

    I question his wisdom though as to why he would publish such a stand. Especially, now with all the atrocities we see and hear about. However, after a year after his installation as St. Peter’s predecessor I have had time to figure him out…….through his actions and by bio articles that have been written I have found why he shocks his listeners. His soft approach MO is not to upset the status quo, but to systematically find a viable answer, in time, that will not cause chaos. He doesn’t want to see a tsanami of sabre rattling invaders..on the Vatican’s St. Peters square grounds for sure. The following parts of his bio are excerpts from wikipedia@:
    (a very interesting and informative Pope Francis’ bio)

    As a basic starter: “Pope Francis is highly educated in philosophy and psychology: In 1960, Bergoglio (Pope Francis) obtained a licentiate in philosophy from the Colegio Máximo de San José in San Miguel, Buenos Aires Province. He taught literature and psychology at the Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepción, a high school in Santa Fe, from 1964 to 1965. In 1966 he taught the same courses at the Colegio del Salvador in Buenos Aires. In 1967, Bergoglio finished his theological studies and was ordained to the priesthood on 13 December 1969, by Archbishop Ramón José Castellano. He attended the Facultades de Filosofía y Teología de San Miguel (Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel), a seminary in San Miguel. He served as the master of novices for the province there and became a professor of theology.” His continued studies included: …… he spent the first three months of 1980 in Ireland to learn English, staying at the Jesuit Centre in the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin. After returning to Argentina to take up his new post at San Miguel, Father Bergoglio served in that capacity until 1986. He also spent several months at the Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology in Frankfurt, Germany, while considering possible dissertation.” I don’t know if he earned a doctorate there.

    In summary: Pope Francis as a theological tactician who has encounters with his critics at times. His depth of his theological knowledge is not readily understood by many. However, there’s one that seems to understand him well …..he is Deacon Keith A. Fournier, who is a regular contributor to the website; who keeps tracks all of the Pope’s functions. Deacon Fournier who is always astonished of Pope Francis accomplishments ….quite often refering Pope Francis as a prophet!

    Opinion: With Pope Francis’ with a handle in the science of human psychology, I have noticed his abilities to utilize the use of the Reverse Psychology Tool successfully. Here’s an article that lays out an example that he is suited for@:

    ‘What Pope Francis said to make millions think again about abortion’

    A side note:
    Pope Francis’ Coat of Arms motto describes his mission as St. Peter’s predecessor.

    MISERANDO ATQUE ELIGENDO (Latin: “by having mercy and by choosing”)

    His “mercy” is visable……and for his “choosing” (he always will do it with a firm authoritative grip)

  22. IntrovertExert25 says

    I bought a t-shirt with this symbol on it – I just received it a few hours ago.

  23. Jay Boo says

    I am just curious, not criticizing.

    @Thomas the Catholic
    I am curious as to why you write G-d bless
    Your moniker says you are Catholic
    I might be mistaken but don’t believe that Jewish readers are forbidden from (reading) the word God just not (writing) it.
    I suppose if your comment is to someone who wrote G-d I could see the logic to responding in kind as an added courtesy.
    Of course you are free to do that if you wish.
    I just thought I would ask in case I was missing something.