Pakistanis, Egyptians, Yemenis, Somalis exploiting open U.S. border

Illegal Fence HoppingPakistanis, Egyptians, Yemenis, and Somalis. Now why might people from those countries want to sneak across the border into the U.S.? What possible reason could they have for doing so? Why, it boggles the mind! “Leaked CBP Report Shows Entire World Exploiting Open US Border,” by Brandon Darby, Breitbart News, August 3, 2014 (thanks to Kenneth):

LUBBOCK, Texas — A leaked intelligence analysis from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reveals the exact numbers of illegal immigrants entering and attempting to enter the U.S. from more than 75 different countries. The report was obtained by a trusted source within the CBP agency who leaked the document and spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity. The report is labeled as “Unclassified//For Official Use Only and indicates that the data should be handled as “Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU).”

The numbers provided are in graphics and are broken down into “OFO” and “OBP.” The Customs and Border Protection agency is divided into the Office of Field Operations (OFO) and the Office of Border Patrol (OBP). The OFO numbers reflect anyone either turning themselves in at official U.S. points of entry, or anyone caught while being smuggled at the points of entry. The OBP numbers reflect anyone being caught or turning themselves in to Border Patrol agents between the points of entry, or anyone caught at interior checkpoints by Border Patrol agents. The “OFO Inadmissible” designation to any individual from a nation other than Mexico or Canada means that U.S. authorities took the individuals into custody. Whether they were deported or given a Notice to Appear is unknown. It is important to note these numbers do not include data from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The unavailable ICE data are in addition to these numbers….

Twenty-eight individuals from Pakistan were caught attempting to sneak into the U.S. this year alone, with another 211 individuals either turning themselves in or being caught at official ports of entry.

Thirteen Egyptians were caught trying to sneak into the U.S. this year alone, with another 168 either turning themselves in or being caught at official ports of entry.

Four individuals from Yemen were caught attempting to sneak into the U.S. by Border Patrol agents in 2014 alone, with another 34 individuals either turning themselves in or being caught attempting to sneak through official ports of entry. Yemen is not the only nation with individuals who pose terror risks to the U.S. that the report indicates travel from. The failed nation of Somalia, known as a hotbed of Islamic terror activity, was also referenced in the report. Four individuals from Somalia were caught trying to sneak into the U.S. by Border Patrol agents in 2014. Another 290 either turned themselves in or were caught attempting to sneak in at official ports of entry. This reporter previously covered the issue of illegal immigration into the U.S. from Somalia and other nations in the Horn of Africa.

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  1. Jaladhi says

    The disease of political correctness infecting our leaders, media and academia will kill us all.

    • Wetwork56 says

      Political Correctness (P C) has now become “Probably Catastrophic”. When we no longer use terms i.e. “terrorist attack” (“man made disaster”), “terrorist” (“freedom fighter”), “illegal alien” (“undocumented individual”) ect. from our branches of government , then, forced ourselves to use these terms publicly for fear of being labeled one thing or another depending on the circumstance (or worse yet imprisoned), then we only have ourselves to blame for the inevitable event.
      Then comes the finger pointing from the left/right/-dems/reps at to which ideology/party “was responsible” for said event , (or worse yet-deny it happened), to the chest thumping “We would have done it right”, or, even better-“I told you so”, to be aired countless times in the corrupt media for the months/years that follow.
      I, for one, would not be surprised to see the headline from the New York Times on the day following the “Probable Catastrophe” to read…
      “Undocumented freedom fighters make man made disaster in…”

    • Shane says

      Actually, it is the disease of liberalism that is the greatest threat to the USA and Western Civilization. The West has allowed millions of Muslims to immigrate and they are all potential jihadists. Australia elected a liberal government which allowed illegal aliens into their country, and the people responded by electing a conservative government which closed their borders. We must do the same.

  2. Charli Main says

    These are the ones that got caught. One can only speculate about the tens, possibly hundreds of thousands that weren’t caught and are now plotting to murder American citizens going about their daily business.

  3. Kepha says

    Let’s build camps, detain these people, and then hire a large number of ICE officers and immigration to hear cases, and then deport, deport, deport, deport.

    • Will Doohan says

      Hi Uncle. I’m not a conspiratorial thinker so I didn’t think there was anything to it, that it was just fringe rightists with too much imagination, but when I read your sentence the first words that popped into my mind were FEMA camps. Maybe this is what they are for? (That is , IF they even exist.)

      Amyway, I agree with you that the government should be doing it’s job and deporting these people. I also think we should have Army troops on our border and should slow legal immigration down to a trickle

      As for Cameron wanting to cut off military aid to Israel, it’s such a total reversal of what’s morally right I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see a Western politician doing it

  4. SuperSwede says

    Who is funding them? It isn’t exacty cheap to get smuggled from Somalia to the US, through Mexico.

  5. pongidae rex says

    The US Government is now flying illegals to Hawaii because they have ‘relatives’ there.

    Your tax dollars at work.