UK: Jewish man arrested after driving away pro-Hamas thugs menacing kosher deli

deliOne of the anti-Semitic protesters shouted: “Jews aren’t safe – we’re coming to get you.” But they didn’t get arrested; only a Jewish man did. That is Britain in 2014. To have arrested the Jew-haters who were menacing the deli would have been “Islamophobic.” British authorities never miss an opportunity to bow before their Islamic supremacist masters. What a bright future Britain has!

“Jewish Man Arrested after Chasing off ‘Anti-Semitic’ Pro-Palestinian Protesters in London,” by Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart News, August 22, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

A Jewish man has been arrested for common assault after he drove away socialist, pro-Palestinian protestors who were menacing a kosher delicatessen in Bushey, just north of London.

Jewish News is reporting that witnesses described how a group of around 15 men, who had been taking part in a socialist ‘March for jobs’ unfurled Palestinian flags outside Flax’s Kosher Deli, at about 5.20pm last Tuesday. Some of the customers went out to confront the men, chasing them down the street where the scene escalated into violence.

Hertfordshire Police confirmed the arrest; the man has now been bailed and will have to appear in court.

The manager of the deli, Mitchell Swillman, saw what happened. He told Jewish News: “Tensions are running high as it is.

“That flag, in this area, with all that’s going on in the world in Gaza, it was bound to cause trouble. It escalated as they made their way down to Bushey village. From what I understand these guys were being quite anti-Semitic.”

It is alleged that a participant in the march shouted “Jews aren’t safe – we’re coming to get you.” Yet Hertfordshire Police later issued a statement which read “Officers conducted inquiries… No evidence was found that any race or religious hate crimes had occurred.”

There is a strong Jewish presence in the area, as there is in many of the towns just north of London. One local resident, Lawrence Brass, is also the Treasurer to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which represents British Jewry.

He commented: “This is an unfortunate incident and I understand that there is much local concern. Our area is being carefully monitored and there is no cause for alarm. The Board of Deputies, working closely in conjunction with the CST [Community Security  Trust], has got the matter under control.”

It is clear that many members of the Jewish community are feeling increasingly threatened by the general mood in Britain today. The CST, which monitors anti-Semitism in Britain, recorded 240 anti-Semitic incidents in Britain in July of this year, but fewer than 20 of those prompted arrests or an active police investigation.

In a blog entitled ‘The antisemitic pressure cooker published on the CST’s website, Mark Gardner wrote “The actual data is bad enough, but cannot convey the mood of the Jewish community, with many people telling us that they have never felt so bad, have been under such pressure, nor worried so much about what the future may hold.”

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    • Gamaliel says

      Obama is fast tracking Muslim immigration into the United States, they are going to get you Uri no matter how leftist you are.

      • Bill says

        Muslim immigration into the West IS THE MOST DANGEROUS OF OUR PROBLEMS IN REGARD TO IMMIGRATION. Many Neocons, some Republicans and of course all of the the political party that is unanimous and unrelenting in its desire to destroy Western Civilization, The Democrat Party of Saul Alinsky, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Obama, The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Susan Rice, John Kerry, and Jane Fonda support multi-culturalism and the Islamization of the West.

    • maria says

      Agree. Obama must be impeached and fired and all his thugs.
      Otherwise America will be lost like Europe

    • Champ says

      “uri” loves obama? …well, that ‘splains a lot!

      Only a hopeless, die-hard leftist tool could *still* support that man. Wow.

  1. RonaldB says

    Let’s be fair to the British authorities. They may not have been pandering to the Muslims at all.

    The British police are even more horrified at the thought of someone defending themselves than they are at someone criticizing Muhammad as a child-molesting, robber, murderer. It has long been illegal to own a firearm in Britain, and the ban has been extended to airguns, bows and arrows, crossbows, long knives, or anything which could possibly be used against an attacker.

    So, when the store customers chased away the anti-Israel harassers, they violated every official instinct of British bureaucracy, which is to keep the native population passive and dependent at all costs.

    An unarmed population is a passive population, and a passive population goes along with whatever the government bureaucrats want to do.

    • Julian Farmer says

      Not for long! The Anglo-Saxon cow has stopped chewing the drugged cud. He is angry and getting angrier- Wait and see…

      • RonaldB says

        Well, I stand corrected. The situation is more complex than I originally described.

        But, thanks for your correction. I’m much rather be shown to be wrong than to not be shown, and continue to be wrong.

    • crowsbeak says


      as someone with more than a passing interest in ‘self defense’, I’m of the opinion that the UK actually has very good common law in regard of these matters.

      We are allowed to strike first in an altercation if a would be assailant acts in an aggressive manner, for instance.

      When dealing with mohammedans, who are well versed in victimology and tactical deceit, it is useful to be aware of the rights enshrined in common law when faced with their provocations.

      Having the physical skills and aptitudes with which to take these creatures out without the necessary legal knowledge is like being able to drive without understanding the road traffic regulations.

      Hopefully, these Jewish men will find themselves an authentic Krav Maga (or similar) class whilst informing themselves of their legal rights.

      And by the way, I have a very sharp forestery axe to go along with my supposed physical skills. Passive, I am not.

  2. Champ says

    UK: Jewish man arrested after driving away pro-Hamas thugs menacing kosher deli


    This is just so backwards …

    And cowards are cruel, but it takes courage to do the right. Crazy that some people have lost sight of what it means to do the right thing anymore.

  3. Victor Mc. says

    I have sent complaint after complaint to the Met. Police via the London Mayor’s office:
    These morons send back anodyne replies and do absolutely nothing. But now their chickens are coming home to roost with apparently up to 1000 of their lunatic Muslim sick friends in Syria and Iraq who will bring their ‘expertise’ back to our streets.
    Please send EVERY complaint to them.

    • gungadin says

      As a young 19 year old GI I was stationed at an RAF station in the Midlands. It was GREAT duty and I enjoyed my time while stationed there. I have often entertained the idea of visiting the UK again and in particular London and the Midlands. But after reading what has been happening there, I think I’d rather spend my money somewhere else…… sad for the Brits.

  4. duh_swami says

    Well, of course they arrested the Jew, they always do, don’t they? That’s because they are always guilty of…..something.
    After all, they are responsible for every dastardly deed ever done. In Quran Allah lets go with both barrels of Jew hate.
    It must be a strange feeling that ‘God’ singles you out to hate…Who me??? What did I do???

  5. harry lime says

    They have all gone mad. This is the EU tact of being all embracing and accepting that they have gotten their principles askew. Europe had better get it together because whats coming is going to hit there first. Personally, I think we ought to stop playing cold war games and ally with Russia , China and all civilized nations and peoples to stomp the Jihadists down.

  6. Tuvia Fogel says

    The message from every corner of the Formerly Great Britain is unmistakeable: “YES, WE CAVE”.

  7. ElderlyZionist says

    GOOD for the deli customers, for chasing off the mob.

    Is there no CCTV, documenting the confrontation?

    It will be interesting to see what they charge the Jew with. I hope his case goes before a jury.

    • dumbledoresarmy says

      You wrote – “GOOD for the deli customers, for chasing off the mob.”


      That was what *I* took away from the story.

      Shoutout to British jihadwatchers here present, posting or lurking: strikes me that the thing to do, if you live within reasonable travelling distance, is to pop on down to Flax’s Kosher Deli, in Bushey, and give them some custom and express solidarity. Tell Mr Mitchell Swillman, proprietor of the deli, that you heartily approve of the reasonable and natural act of self-defence engaged in by the customers who drove off the menacing gang of Jew-haters; you may wish to add that had you been present at the time, nothing would have pleased you more than to participate in the driving-off.

      And there’s nothing stopping you from writing letters to the local papers and to the relevant police and to your elected representatives, in relation to the events we are currently discussing.

      I wonder how hard it would be to organise a “No Dhimmis Here/ Say No To Pro-Hamas Thuggery” rally and march in and around Bushey: Jews and Gentiles together, with Union Jacks, the Cross of St George and the Israeli flag much in evidence?

    • Morty Mooze says

      Let’s start up the DDF – Deli Defense Fund !
      Where are those smart Jewish Lawyers?

  8. LeftTheAntisemiticCesspit says

    This is exactly why I left London a while ago. It is turning into 1930s Europe all over again. Flagrant, overt antisemitism is being legitimised by the lack of police action/police incompetence or even worse, willfully turning a blind eye to such heinous acts of hatred.
    The bottom line is that nobody cares about the safety of a Jew like another Jew, making Israel the safest place to be. I’d rather be in a place that isn’t afraid of dealing with the Muslim problem than being in a place that pretends to be open minded and tolerant but also tolerates hate crimes like this. Yes, rockets are flying in Israel, but it isn’t long till terrorism will hit the streets of UK cities (particularly when the British ISIS fighters return from Iraq/Syria with all sorts of new tricks up their sleeves).
    The Islamic State of Englandstan is coming…get your burkas and prayer mats ready…

    • Guy Leven-Torres says

      what makes you think the British populace will allow it? We are made of tougher stuff than our stupid elite think. My Grandafther said to me in 1965 “When the Anglo-Saxon goes quiet beware!”

      Galtieri thought we were “soft”- so did Hitler…

      We await….

      • gavinwca says

        You allowed the government to take all your weapons includeing hunting rifles and shotguns. Now they are jailing you, for life for shooting thugs trying to kill your family. That is why we are nervous of your resolve.

        • James Murray says

          Wrong. Whats banned are handguns on the mainland (most not all but most) and assault rifles (which at time of banning almost nobody owned).

          Rifles and shotguns are legal. I know, I own one of each. Semi autos to .22 are legal. In NI, its all legal and they even have a form of CC.

        • James Murray says

          By life for defending family, I assume you are referring to the Tony Martin case. He was jailed (not for life) wrongly imo and in the opinions of others because the court decreed, that by shooting the two men in the back at distance, he exceeded the legal definition of self defence. Most Brits supported him then and even more now.

          Americans like yourself quote this case, but ignore that its one of a tiny handful of cases where a homeowner has gone beyond self defence and unnecessarily killed someone. We are talking two or three cases in the uk since Martin. One was here a Muslim man chased a burglar for a mile and beat his brains in with a bat. Another where the family caught the burglar and tortured him by driving over him with the family car.

          It is legal to use self defence in the uk. I KNOW, AS I HAD TO DO IT AS A HOMEOWNER IN 2008. And all I got was COMMENDED by both police and courts, in fact I was told I could have used MORE force!.

          Its legal both as individual in the street and as a homeowner.

          Its also legal to KILL a burglar IF necessary. The last man in the UK to do so was in Manchester in 2012.

      • SpiritOf1683 says

        That was in 1965. World War II had ended only 20 years previously, and most of that generation were still around. Things have moved rapidly in the near 50-years since then. The Jihadis see us as soft today, and not only the UK but the entire West.

    • James Murray says

      London isn’t England or the UK. And may I point out that the 2014 ADL study of global anti-Semitism found Britain to be the 6th LEAST anti-Semitic nation on earth, with America 7th.

  9. Charli Main says

    ” Baroness” Wasi will be sure to pat her lap dog David ” Ben Ali ” Cameron on the head, every time a Jew or anyone else gets arrested for ” offending the Muslims”

  10. Edward says

    UK: Jewish man arrested after driving away pro-Hamas thugs menacing kosher deli:

    Resetting our Nation’s environment to pre-PC days movement!

    We have to overcome our complacency……to overcome possible scenario’s that the Brits are now suffering, perhaps they dragged their feet because of their ongoing procrastination till the end.

    Recent raking of America’s pride of its existence by the Liberal community and other foreign entities has drained the esteems of its citizens. At times I see and hear its intensive results when reference is made especially, when we are being robbed of our autonomy due to the PC phenomena. Maligned intrusion of our moral convictions is rap-idly eroding our psychological ‘Belonging to American’ mindset. I hear words of discouragement from my two grandsons in our conversations. Remarks like “I don’t care” or “what for” when asked to join in our civic pride activities is the common thing to hear. The PC monster is becoming to be America’s cultural killer.

    Wondering, would it be a worthwhile idea to introduce a movement of enticement by forming an Americanism or a re-generation type of rallying to boost our candor to reclaim our country? Resetting our Nation’s environment (the social and cultural forces that shape the life of a person or a population) to pre-PC days!

    Could it be possible? To establish a bona fide benchmark by introducing a standing document like the sample below to promulgate such a movement.
    The American Protocol Document suggestion:

    The American Protocol Document should be drafted noting the customs and regulations dealing with Americanism formality, PRECEDENCE, social civility and dignity adherence within these United States of America. This document should be should be supplemental to the original founding Fathers documents ratified in 1776.

    Protocol – reasonable agreement(s) between the Law of the Land Abiding Citizens of the United States of America. Assuring one’s Autonomy -an autonomy that assures/insulates our self religious beliefs and our cultural rights without interference from other established religions or other social or political entities.

    Established Precedence Law – the order to be observed in ceremonies by persons of different ranks, as by a good will protocol; the fact of preceding in time; antedating to preserve the America Way’s CREDO that: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inherent Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

    This is just a sample draft…please feel free to extend the thought!

    Resetting our Nation’s environment to pre-PC days movement!

    God Bless America……..His Blessings will help us recover our losses!

    • Edward says

      Oh, oh… I had a senior moment when I wrote this paragraph:

      Wondering, would it be a worthwhile idea to introduce a movement of enticement by forming an Americanism or a re-generation type of rallying to boost our candor to reclaim our country? Resetting our Nation’s environment (the social and cultural forces that shape the life of a person or a population) to pre-PC days!

      I forgot to type the word FORCIBLE before the word candor…..!

      Hmm..let us think more about the WWII “America Sleeping Giant” wakeup call!

  11. says

    I think you may be on to something. The British police and bureaucracy are working for islam, and against not only Jews and Christians, but anything decent. England has changed into a very strange place. Their political and business leaders sold the country down the drain to middle eastern oil perverts. They sell their children to pedophiles, and bend over for every black bastard who threatens to take their purses. What a pathetic country its become.

  12. watling says

    The police will often go after the law-abiding citizen than try to arrest the lawless.

    It’s the same with our quaint “travelling” population. They can break laws, leave litter, trespass, threaten violence, etc. but the police will do nothing. However, if anyone tries to stop the “travellers” doing whatever the hell they want then it is the person intervening who will get arrested, while the “travellers” simply carry on as before in their lawless fashion.

    The police want an easy life. Why tackle an angry job of Koranimals and risk getting hurt or – heaven forbid – being accused of racism (which is the worst crime anyone can be accused of) when you can pick on a Jew?

    • says

      Probably true; but I think there is also an additional factor, and it became palpably evident to me when watching one of the very long and tedious (but rather revealing) videos of a protracted confrontation of the UK police and Tommy Robinson (this was months before his last arrest — he’d had run-ins with the law several times in his activist career): and that additional factor is that the UK police seems to be hardwired to try to avoid “poking the hornet’s nest” (with the Muslims being the “hornets”) and figure out ways to triangulate ways to maintain public order that avoid confronting or possibly angering Muslims. This tendency becomes even more pronounced when there are large crowds involved (protests, demonstrations, etc.) What this means, at best, is that the UK police (and their political managers) are semi-consciously aware that Muslims are potentially volatile and that treating their illegal/criminal propensities in conventional ways will only inflame them more and may lead to more general and dangerous civil unrest — so best to try to “manage” the situation pre-emptively. The politicians and law enforcement of most European nations seem to be governed by the same logic and psychology. Dimly, semi-consciously, they all realize that Muslims represent a demographic that is a metastasizing powder-keg — but these various mainstream Westerners haven’t thought this through rationally, because their minds are also compromised by PC MC (if not by its even worse source, Leftism) which cripples their ratiocination with a mush of incoherence on the issue.

      This PC MC incoherence about Muslims I have come to notice is a general trend throughout the West: a semi-conscious dread of Muslims (i.e., of their metastasizing potential for civil conflagration), coupled with an elaborate multi-culturally “sensitive” state of Denial about that rational reasons for that dread. (This incoherent tension or paradox also, I am convinced, informs the asymptotic psychology within the Counter-Jihad — since the asymptotic psychology is precisely the relative retention of PC MC in the heart and mind of the otherwise stalwart no-nonsense anti-Islam Counter-Jihad individual.)

      • says

        silght correction:

        …an elaborate multi-culturally “sensitive” state of Denial about that rational reasons for that dread.”

        of course, should be:

        …an elaborate multi-culturally “sensitive” state of Denial about the rational reasons for that dread.”

  13. el-cid says

    The day the government felt it needed to find an excuse to not allow Robert and Pamela to enter the country, the UK was doomed.

    The day they needed to find a trumped up charge for Tommy Robinson to put him in jail, the UK was doomed.

    The Jihadists will return and blood will run on the streets. The British deserve every bit of it. They have been betrayed by their leadership.

    We still have time to get rid of Obama over here.

  14. Robert Wagner says

    It might be better if Edward l was ruling England today. At least the Jews would be removed from harms way. Why not have open immigration of Jews into the United States, like we have for Mexicans and Central Americans. No wait, we can’t have that those people are Jewish.

  15. Jay Boo says

    The recent ISIS military gains have emboldened Muslims much as 911 did.
    We should expect more Muslim men walking around with their supremacist shaggy beards while wearing man dresses and more Muslim women flaunting their Purity/modesty hijabs all the while claiming it is in order to challenge attitudes of Islamophobia. Of course this will be followed by whining about supposed victimhood.

  16. SkyPuppy says

    Well it’s so heartening to see how well Mr Spencer’s Brit Hate is coming along. My he has more than a few armchair dimwits on here now re-spewing his down with the Brits mentality, and all from the comfort of their own homes.

    Many of them don’t have a clue where Europe is, let alone what Britain stands for or what it has done so wrong to send Mr S. into what has to be the longest lasting hysterical rage known to man, all because the big bad wolf said NO.

    But they do have certainly figured out that the way to fit in with the ‘in’ crowd on here, is to follow his Brit hating bullshit that just muddies the water about who the really enemy is. Well done Spencer, by all means keep up the good work. Pretty soon you’ll have the dimwits screaming down with Britain, cos they just got confused along the way.

    You’d be far more useful if you just kept informing all of what is going on in the Islamic world and kept your enraged rhetoric to yourself. That is the way you lead with information. It’s a shame because your work is valuable, needed and is helping to awaken people all over , just do yourself and everyone else a favour and knock the Brit hate on the head.

    • Unregistered Brit says

      Hear hear. The irony of all this inane defeatism, coming from someone who lives in a “the land of the free” which is now ran like a dictator by a mentally handicapped communist, would be hilarious if it weren’t so bleakly grim.

  17. Carolyne says

    I had a British friend living in Canada who actually said that the UK’s problem is with Eastern Europeans immigrating to England and breeding like rabbits. Has no problem with Muslims. Before we parted company permanently, I asked him if it were a Slav who murdered Lee Rigby in broad daylight. He had no answer except to get angry. I think this is an example of the Brits sticking their heads in the sand. Each time I return to London there are more and more of Muslims. The brave and courageous England we all knew is gone, I fear forever.

  18. Charli Main says

    The ” baroness” has given up her position in Cameron´s government but she is still on the political scene.
    The “baroness” along with her cohorts in the Muslim Council of Britain are still busily pulling the strings of their puppets in Westminster.