South Africa: 15-year-old Muslima caught trying to join Islamic State

niqab4Every day we see more evidence of the caliphate’s global appeal. And yet Western authorities are content to insist, “This has nothing to do with Islam!” Wars have never, ever been won in the past by any entity that refused to name what it was up against. “South African girl caught trying to join Islamic State,” AFP, April 7, 2015 (thanks to Lookmann):

Johannesburg: A 15-year-old South African girl was on Sunday pulled from a flight moments before trying to leave the country to join the Islamic State jihadists, state security said.

“We can confirm that she was planning to leave the country with the intention of joining IS and had been actively engaged with social media networks,” State Security Minister David Mahlobo told local daily, The Star.

The girl was reported missing by her grandparents Sunday morning when she disappeared from her Cape Town home.

She was found on a British Airways flight bound for Johannesburg later that day.

The girl was reportedly heading for Turkey, where she was allegedly planning to cross the border into Syria.

According to local reports, investigators found evidence in the girl`s room linking her to recruiters for IS, jihadists who have captured swathes of Syria and Iraq and who have attracted hundreds of foreign fighters….

The girl was released into the care of her family after being questioned….

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  1. Aardvark says

    What is the point of stopping these morons?

    Will this girl be of any benefit to South Africa at any time in the future? I doubt it. The best South Africa can hope for is that she will remain in the country, marry, and breed another dozen jihadis.

    Will her parents try to change her mind about joining the Islamic State? I doubt it very much, especially as it was her grandparents who alerted the police, not her parents. Her parents probably put the idea in her head in the first place.

    So why not just let her go, and send her relations to join her? (At their own expense, of course!) That would make South Africa a safer place, and would help to gather all the jihadis in one place so they can be dealt with properly at a later time.

    • dsinc says

      LairdKintyre, there are a few million Muslims in South Africa. Everything in the supermarkets, except the obvious pork and bacon, is halaal certified. If you boycotted everything with a halaal logo you would starve.

      • Rick Spencer says

        The Mohammedan (predominently Sunni) population in the Republic of South Africa is about 2 % of the total (about 55 million). This means that there are about 1.1 million living here, mainly in the cities of Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

        The ‘halaal certified’ business (really an Islamic money-making racket) is very big. Believe it or not, HOT CROSS BUNS at Easter time carry a ‘halaal’ logo! Of course, a royalty is paid for every ‘certified’ food item sold.

        One should wonder where the money raised ends up! You can bet your bottom dollar (or Rand) that a lot of it ends up in the Middle East.

        By the way, major foodstore Woolworths gets boycotted by a significant proportion of the Mohammed community, but it – as well as 2 other major supermarkets – only stocks ‘halaal certified’ hot cross buns and very many other food products (too numerous to mention) that bear one of a few official ‘halaal’ logos.

        The world is a crazy place. Why must the majority appease the minority, who are becoming more radicalised by the day, ie, as in the case of this brain-dead muslima? The Saudis are already funding mosques here in SA and the Wahhabi doctrine is spreading rapidly, like the social cancer that it is! One seas more and more beards and burquas than ever before (actually, there were few beards and NO burquas to be seen, just a mere decade or so ago.

        Like the indiginous ostrich, the authorities all have there heads in the sand!

  2. Nimrod says

    No need to start a fund. They’re obviously more than willing to pay their expenses.

    The problem is that, for some reason beyond comprehension, governments aren’t willing to just let them go and then revoke their citizenship. This makes it seem like they’re more interested in ass kissing Iran and their allies than protecting their own loyal citizens.