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Obama: “Ideologies are not defeated with guns”

1. Yes, they are. Cf. National Socialism. 2. The United States is not trying to defeat the Islamic State, or the global jihad in general, with “a more attractive and more compelling vision.” Instead, we supervised the installations of constitutions that enshrined Sharia as the highest law of the land in both Iraq and Afghanistan. […]

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Iceland repeals blasphemy law in view of Charlie Hebdo jihad murders

The Pentecostal church statement complained: “Repealing existing legislation on blasphemy is tantamount to legalising hate speech.” The problem with this is that “hate speech” is not an objectively established entity about which everyone agrees. The individual or group given the authority to determine what is and is not “hate speech” has the power to control […]

Islamic State kills anti-Sharia activist

Islamic State murders two men for handing out anti-Sharia leaflets

In the U.S., opponents of Sharia oppression of women, gays, ex-Muslims and non-Muslims are not killed. They’re just excoriated as racist, bigoted Islamophobes, and shunned by all decent folk. You see, we are much more advanced and progressive than the Islamic State. “Tied to a tree and shot at nightfall: ISIS releases chilling video of […]


UK: Man carries Islamic State flag by Big Ben & Houses of Parliament, police refuse to arrest him

Remember: quoting Winston Churchill in Britain can get you arrested. But carrying around an Islamic State flag? Well, it’s illegal to support the Islamic State, but this isn’t really support, now, is it? One wonders what the bemused dhimmis who run Britain today would think actually constitutes support. In any case, remember: opposing jihad terror […]

Boko Haram burning churches

Nigeria: Islamic State murders 13, burns 32 churches and 300 houses

32 churches burned in one day, and the U.S. Catholic bishops forbid discussion of why this is happening, and the extent to which it is happening, for fear of harming their self-defeating and chimerical “dialogue” with Muslim leaders. As long as they maintain this suicidal gag order, they bear partial responsibility for jihad attacks such […]


Islam’s Rape of Sweden — on The Glazov Gang

[The Glazov Gang is a fan-generated program. Please donate to keep it alive, subscribe to its YouTube Channel and LIKE it on Facebook.] On this week’s Glazov Gang, I was joined by Ingrid Carlqvist, the Editor-in-Chief of Dispatch-International.com. She came on the show to discuss Islam’s Rape of Sweden, shining a frightening light on the […]


German Chancellor at Ramadan iftar: Islam belongs in Germany

No need to be concerned about those jihad terrorists. Remember: they have nothing to do with Islam! “Islam belongs in Germany and will remain so: Angela Merkel at Ramadan Iftar,” Ummid.com, July 2, 2015: Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel noted during her speech at a Ramadan Iftar in Berlin that there is no doubt Islam […]

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Spain: Muslim arrested for spreading Islamic State propaganda

“The messages posted by the Moroccan invited those who could travel to join the caliphate, while urging those not able to come to Syria or Iraq to commit terrorist activities in the countries of their residence.” This will increasingly be a fact of life in the West. “Spain Arrests Moroccan for Spreading ISIL Propaganda,” Sputnik […]

Redeemed Church of God Nigeria

Nigeria: Muslim murders 5 with jihad suicide bombing in church

The “interfaith dialogue” that the U.S. Catholic bishops, as well as Protestant groups, are pursuing so assiduously with Muslim leaders, has proven itself to be absolutely ineffective in stopping these attacks — and the bishops are criminally abandoning the victims of such attacks to their fate by silencing all discussion of why these kinds of […]