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Filed Under: Jihadist intimidation and thuggery, Russia


  1. When nothing else works ‘PRAY’.
    Alas, in moslem case even prayers are not working, apparently they are praying to the wrong god (read allah)

  2. Let’s hope Putin & news media does a better job than the German officials
    and news media did at the 72 Olympics in Munich.

    PLO Munich Olympic Massacre
    (must see video analysis)

    • I can still see that hooded b*st*rd in my mind, knowing that I could easily take him out with my Winchester .270 and wondering why someone wasn’t taking definitive action.

  3. Well, so far nothing’s happened. No earthquakes or blizzards. The two people who had really bad falls turned out not to have suffered any serious injury.

    And the figure skating was just lovely to watch. I enjoyed it very much: it was so *thoroughly* unislamic in every way.

    But I was very much aware that those beautiful dancers could only dance in relative safety because of the double and triple ring of steel that the Russian Infidels have flung around them. Which, by the way, seems to be holding very well, so far. (Well done, Russia).

  4. It’s not unusual for clerics of other religions (from Islam) to claim that a natural calamity was the wrath of God, punishing people for disobedience, but as far as I know, only Mahoundians pray for it.

  5. Why is this so difficult? All they have to do is get a couple of wives to act disobediently and that should do the trick. Isn’t that what the imams say? Aw, c’mon, Muslims, you can do it. You just have to get that “Yes, we can!” American attitude!

    • I believe there was a mohammedan “cleric” in Iran who thought that unislamically-dressed women caused earthquakes.

      Well, I saw plenty of thoroughly-gorgeous “uncovered women” – lots of bare leg, arm, back and decolletage – during the figure skating sessions in Sochi, but no earthquakes, not even a 1 on the richter scale. Allah must be fast asleep.

  6. When I was in the Armstrong religion, we were taught that witchcraft as Paul mentions in Galatians 5:20 is wishing for someone’s death. He also says that two other works of the flesh, hatred and murder, will keep an individual from inheriting the kingdom of God. And in Proverbs 28:9, Solomon says that even their prayer is an abomination to God. The Islam religion is nothing but hate and murder. They believe that killing or being killed in battle will gain you immediate entrance to Paradise.

  7. Infidel couple – unrelated man and woman – dance to music on ice, at Sochi.


    *This* is the world of human beings, that the death eaters of Islam reject and seek to destroy. This is the infinite creative play of eros, to music; joy, passion and sheer exuberance; eternity touching time.

    Go pound sand, jihadis. Go and sit in a dark corner and howl, while the rest of us are dancing to the music.

    • Apologies: the performance clip that I linked, has been pulled from youtube.

      Different link, hope it stays up.

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