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  1. Talk about ‘clueless’ – there are several reports that say that ‘the Khorasan Group, an al Qaeda affiliate in Syria’ is a non-existent entity!
    If this is true – how can the ‘burro-crats’ from ‘Amerika’ function at all? No wonder that Washington D.C. has also been called ‘foggy bottom’

    “The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.”
    (Ps 12:8 [KJV])

    CHRISTians – We need to put on – and keep on the “whole armor of God”
    (Eph 6:10-20 | 2 Cor 10:3-5 | James 4:6-10 [KJV])

    – AND pray often, with great sincerity, effectually and fervently, and in real humility for the protection, spiritual discernment, wisdom, and guidance of “the Lord God Almighty” for all saints –
    (Eph 6:18 | 1 Thess 5:23 [KJV])

    – for all “kings” – each and every one of the ‘heads of state’ – and for those in authority.
    (1 Tim 2:2 [KJV])

    • CHRISTians – We need to put on – and keep on the “whole armor of God”.

      Yes, Brother Nick…I found out that God’s armor from His arsenal is the most reasonable weapon of His many times over. The weapons I carried before didn’t deter my nemeses of the past. However, with caution I continued carrying a gun even after I became aware of the message within the Holy Bible, about His armor; it seems that His Word erased malicious intent from those of maligned minds who wanted to cause harm. Meditation on God’s Suit of Armor has provided lasting security for myself and my entire family, as well, for over 20 years. Perhaps, we could intercede for those that face daily atrocities world wide. Especially now, to erase the evil tainted minds of the returning jihadis to the US!

      “He sent forth His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction’s – (Ps 107:20)

  2. If they can be stopped and arrested at the airports to keep them from leaving to join and charged with the crime of joining a terrorist group, why can they not be arrested when they get back to the airport after having joined and fought?
    Judge Andrew Napolitano (sp?) said since congress has not declared is an enemy, those returning cannot be charged with treason. But why can’t they be charged with aiding a terror group? No, they must be allowed freedom to carry out whatever evil plans they hatch as they are *watched* by the FBI.
    This whole entire world system is growing stupider by the hour. Of course, it will only get worse as the days of the end of the existence of evil count down.
    Revelation 13 is being fulfilled in this.

  3. They are all ‘clueless’ about Islam if they do not see ISLAM IS WHAT MOHAMMED SAYS AND DOES.


    Islam is Mohammed…the only expert on Islam.

    • “Islam is Mohammed…the only expert on Islam.” You are right, Mohammed invented his playbook of evil intent. A man made religion; sadly he blatantly plagiarized the Holy Book to mock Christianity!

  4. The US needs a law to revoke passports and citizenship of traitors who fight the US and to keep all who fight the US from entering.

    The US needs a Devil’s Island where terrorists can be segregated for life and not cost the taxpayers huge sums.

    • All the advanced modern world countries could all put a Devil’s Island to use for their jihadi refuse. Surely there must be a very large rock far off the coast of Alaska?

    • Canada Just put into law: Anyone convicted of terrorism related charges will have his citizenship revoked. Bloody well long overdue AFAIAC.

      • Steakman: Regrettably that law applies only to Canadians holding “dual” citizenship. Immigrants to this country are not forced to surrender the passport and citizenship of their country of birth when they become Canadian citizens………… As long as they still also hold a foreign passport, the Canadian government can revoke their CANADIAN passport and CITIZENSHIP. By international law (which only countries like the US and Canada abide), it is not permitted to revoke the ONLY citizenship of a person, which would effectively render them “stateless”. So, neither the States or Canada has a truly effective method for dealing with “domestically bred” terrorists. To their credit, the Canadian government is busy legally removing PASSPORTS from these lowlives, which means that they either can’t get OUT of our country to fight overseas, or if they DO get out, they can’t get back in.

  5. somehistory took the words right out of my mouth: if they can arrest muslims headed to the islamic netherworld to join isis and the jihad, why in the hell are they allowing muslim traitors who have fought against America to come back like they’ve been on vacation?! These people are terrorist traitors who should be tried and executed! My God, it gets crazier every day. I don’t doubt for a moment that a terrorist attack is imminent; our spineless, politically correct ‘leaders’ have all but set the stage for islamic terrorists and diseased immigrants to kill us off one way or another.

    All of the African nations adjacent to those with Ebola epidemics have closed their borders but we encourage them to come on over and if they are infected, so what—we owe them free treatment and to hell with the innocent people they infect on the way or after they get here. It’s like the idiots in control of the Western world and the abominable U.N. are deliberately trying to infect us with the Enterovirus, compliments of the ‘unaccompanied children’ from Guatemala and with Ebola from African travelers.

    • SusanP – “if they can arrest Muslims headed to the islamic netherworld to join isis in jihad, why in the hell are they allowing muslim traitors who have fought against America to come back like they’ve been on vacation?!

      Because it is deliberate American admin policy….this is not nievity…it is deliberate dastardly policy.

      Muslims are being manipulated to show Muhammad SAW in a bad light…the noor of Islam is being targeted to be sqeezed in daar-al-kufr.

      They deliberately want muslims to reject the caliphate …for that they must go there …and come back to say and write and shout the renunciation of the caliphate. i.e. they want to try and defeat the idea…

      They feel it is sound policy …you elected them in …so you must respect the policy…stop moaning …please wait a few years to see success and results of this policy.

      More Later….


      • Would take very little to discredit mohamhead. All you need to do is open the korant

      • Quote:
        “Muslims are being manipulated to show Muhammad SAW in a bad light.”

        Step One: Do nothing.
        Step Two: Repeat step one.
        Step Three: Watch Muslims acting in the name of Islam do horrible things and show Muhammad, sharia, and everything else about Islam in a a bad light.

      • Rezali, I certainly DID NOT vote for anyone in the current administration; do you think I am crazy?! I would NEVER vote for a democrat although the republicans aren’t much better, especially when it comes to islam. If the smartest people in the world, the morons in charge, are letting the jihadis return so they can denounce the caliphate, why not let the aspiring jihadis leave to join ISIS so they can do the same? It makes no sense. Muslims never denounce other muslims and I haven’t heard any gripping testimonials from the terrorists that have come back. Their intentions are most likely to conduct terror attacks inside America. Eventually the F.B.I. will be stretched so thin surveilling these traitors that they’ll have to hire more agents; we cannot afford to conduct such an unnecessary, asinine operation.

        Muslims intend to rule the world under islamic law; that is islam’s manifesto and it is every muslim’s duty to contribute to that goal. Muslims are a fifth column which is bad enough but to knowingly allow hardened jihadist veterans to return to America and their islamic enclaves as heroes is pure insanity.

  6. This is clear cut. ISIS is a terrorist group, is it not so designated? They have travelled to aid a terrorist group, have tey not? That is a federal offence, is it not? So the moment they return they are to be arrested and thrown in jail witout bail until their trial on terrorist charges.

    Nothing else is acceptable or legal, and if anything less is done, then the agencies responsible must be sued by responsible citizens, and those guilty put up for public ridicule and criminal charges as they apply.

  7. I support neither ISIS nor the Obama administration. However, James Comey’s point is that US law (not policy) lacks provisions for stripping natural-born citizens of their citizenship (unless they take a policy-level position in a foreign government; and the “man without a country” scenario of keeping a US citizen outside the USA is not how we do it in the USA. If you’re a US citizen, the US has to allow you in. End of story. It’s the law, not the preference of one or another administration.

    Did Comey leave out the possibility that a known ISIS terrorist could be greeted at the airport by FBI men with arrest warrants? I do not believe that this is so. Could it be that Comey is trying to get Congress to authorize such powers for the FBI? Perhaps this is the case. If so, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    As for treason–US law is very reluctant to give it a hard and fast definition. Remember what happened to the Alien and Sedition Acts back in Adams’ day. Generally, too hard-and-fast a definition of treason is seen as coming into possible conflict with various First Amendment rights.

    Certainly I am in favor of arresting an ISIS terrorist and throwing the proverbial book at him as soon as he returns to US soil. If he’s been the sort who’s been assisting at beheadings, engaging in sectarian or ethnic cleansing, or killing unarmed prisoners or civilians, I would hope that the government would seek the death penalty in prosecuting him and apply it once a conviction was obtained. If, God forbid, these ISIS- and Qaida-types plunged the US into civil unrest, I would certainly exercise my own Second Amendment rights in defending myself against them (and dip all my bullets in pork fat). But I am also one who thinks that US law is right in establishing a wide range of protections for citizens (and, to an extent, Lawful Permanent Residents) and applying them. While it’s relatively easy to strip a Lawful Permanent Resident of status and deport him (if the government has the will to do it), it should not be easy to strip a citizen of such status.

    • You’re wrong about a definition of treason. Treason is the only crime defined in the Constitution, and its defined as giving “aid and comfort” to our enemies. Fighting for the caliphate counts, and I have no doubt those doing it would admit doing so in court, which is one of the two grounds for conviction for treason.


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      • ‘Amerika’ has no military officer with the courage to do as Gen. John J. “Black Jack” Pershing is reported to have done during the Mohammedanism ‘Moro Uprising’ in the Philippines in 1909 – nor are there any ‘politicians’ or ‘burro-crats’ of any political party at any level that would condone or allow such a now ‘politically incorrect’ action.

  8. America…a hide out for international criminals…Travel to a foreign country to commit violent crimes and get a ‘get out of jail free card’ from the FBI, on return…Odd that there are laws about traveling for the sexual exploitation of children, but if you just behead them or bury them alive, the law has no interest.

  9. Letting them back in may be an opportunity to spy on the them. If we know who they contact abroad that might help us.

    • Yeah, and an opportunity to kill 1000’s of US Citizens. I say put them in a boat and push it out to sea, let the sharks have them.

  10. 2014 US Constitutional law nutshell:

    Islam is to dominate and never be dominated. Secular law always gives way to Islam. Accomodating Islam is our paramount value.

    The freedom to practice Islam is inviolable. Islam is free to destroy all other fundamental freedoms. Islam is free to end freedom of religion.

    Islam may threaten the collective right to life in order to practice jihad. The establishment of Islam may not be infringed.

    As it turns out, the US Constitution is a suicide pact.

  11. Something very strange is going on in the West. Maybe someone could construct a conspiracy theory for me to explain this.

    As a matter of policy IS supports genocide based on religion. They conspire to commit, solicit, and actually commit genocide on a large scale. I am not speculating this is true. It is empirically true based on evidence in the form of statements and video available on social media.

    Genocide is a crime under international human rights law. The ICC claims universal jurisdiction over genocide. Not to say other courts could not prosecute genocide, just that the preeminent so-called world court was in large part established to prosecute genocide.

    Nobody, literally nobody, in the world of criminal justice in the West is even discussing, much less pursuing this angle. Some have suggested “material support for terror” could be charged, and yet we are readmitting IS jihadis with no charges whatsoever and allowing them to roam free throughout the West.


  12. I live in UK and travelled to USA a few times when I was much younger, some of my fellow travellers told me that there was a time when arrivals in America were asked if they were members of the communist party, a ‘yes’ answer meant that the visa was often cancelled and the traveller sent packing. I don’t know if this is/was true?
    More recently, a report in the UK press of a British couple being refused entry to USA because immigration officials decided that they didn’t have enough cash!
    However, it now seems that returning Jihad ‘fighters’ who may pose a terrible threat to Americans are ‘entitled to come back.’
    What has happened to you America?

    • Laura–it’s true that we formerly refused entry to Communists. The Canadian author Farley Mowatt fell afoul of that law back in the days when 9 out of 10 crossers of the US-Canada border were just asked if they were “American, Canadian, or other?” and waved through if they were the first two (or the third if quick enough with the appropriate papers).

      As a former consular officer serving in China, I had to stop a few immigration cases over “meaningful membership in a totalitarian party”–including the prospective son-in-law of a noted and popular American author on revolutionary China. Others who fell afoul of that point of immigration law included some very old German-born guys in South America who were never allowed to go visit their US-born grandkids (and sometimes told they risked arrest for war crimes if they were found anywhere near the USA).

      Further, if you’re a foreigner, a US visa only gets you to a port of entry. If there’s something that makes customs and immigration think you’re up to no good (including bucking the immigration queue), you can get turned around at an airport.

      The issue with American-born ISIS fighters is that we’ve never been allowed to deny re-entry to the USA to American citizens. If you’re a penniless Communist American with a dangerous disease and a history of having helped Pol Pot kill people, we have to take you in (but we can also seize and invalidate your passport and arrest you as soon as you step off the plane). Further, if you’re naturalized, there are provisions for stripping you of citizenship over some gross violation of law.

      Recently, some kid from Chicago was arrested at an airport over his plans to visit Turkey and move on to Syria. Every so often, even the O’s odious oddministration enforces US laws. I’m sure the FBI or someone is collecting data on potential terrorists, and if they get to Syria and come back, I’m sure customs and immigration officials have what we call “watch lists” mentioning them.

  13. Fortunately, you know little of constitutional matters. No right in inviolable if it infringes on the rights of another person.

    The obvious remedy for american Jihadists is either kill them on the battlefield or arrest them when they get off the plane returning to the USA. Then try and convict them for giving aid to the enemy (or any other triable federa crime) and send them to prison for the rest of their life.

    • The US Constitution is still set in 1789 or thereabouts. We are now living in 2014 and things have changed an awful lot. The US wasn’t threatened by returning Jihadis during Washington’s time.

  14. Perhaps someone with a background in constitutional law could clarify a few things for us……….. like how these muslim jihadi terrorists have not been charged with TREASON?? The actions of these traitors appear to meet EVERY criteria to be deemed treason. Here in Canada we (regrettably) no longer have the death penalty , but you still have that advantage in the States.

    These terrorists are also WAR CRIMINALS…………… guilty of rape, murder, torture, ethnic cleansing, drug and human trafficking………….. just mention a few. They are ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENT than the Nazi war criminals who sought sanctuary and anonymity in North and South America after WW2. Yet the muslim-pandering, apologist Obama administration seems to think it is just fine to turn these killers loose on the streets of our countries. Will it take us decades to bring these monsters to justice as it did with Nazi war criminals??? How many additional INNOCENT PEOPLE will die because of our severely misguided concept of political correctness. We need to stop being intimidated by being labelled “racist”……………….. islam isn’t a race anyways……………. and we need to start defending the proud Judeo-Christian principles that our countries were founded on, as well as the cherished secular and democratic values in our constitutions.

    • “TREASON??”

      That’s actually a simple question. The US has not declared war on IS so it is not an “enemy” under the terms of the US Constitution.

      Only by being creative with terror or genocide law can we go after IS and its supporters. I think war crimes prosecutions are another possibility as you say.

  15. Once again political correctness has reared is ugly head – and has become an integral part of Obama’s failed foreign policy decisions. Now we are inviting back the head cutters – nothing surprises me under King Obama!

    • I posted my comment before I saw your post.
      It used to be said: For God and the King!
      Now it’s FBI: For Barack and Islam!

  16. Why is the Director of the FBI more concerned with ISIS than the safety of Americans in their homeland? So he can’t arrest Americans returning from fighting for Isis, when they return to America, but he will “track them very carefully.” You mean as carefully as you tracked the Muslim terrorists at the Boston Marathon? The FBI blew it badly. I would have known to start in their mosque. The FBI has been totally taken over by Obama and his evil crew. Never should have rewritten the FBI training manual. I do not trust the FBI now.

  17. Buy-a-rock just-air-bomb-ya says (in essence): “I’m telling you for the 14th time, dammit, that Islam is a religion of peace and we have to be nice to these terrorists.”

  18. We need those murdering / traitorus / muslim mercenaries / back in the U.S. , like we need more people to come here, to spread ebola! And why…. why. would we expect any…. common sense , from these liberal frauds and phonies that inhabit our capitol any more, ( I can’t bring my self to call it Washington D.C. any more , why insult Washington or Columbus !) I wonder who they spend more time worrying about, isis scum, or conservitives who care about the nation and its constitution. In my opinion turn them back, let them stay in the hell they are creating! And if the Director of the F.B.I thinks those isis fellows are so cute,and not bad people , go and do a little field research,they would put him in an orange coveralls . Then we could have something interesting on twitter.

  19. Meanwhile the FBI can no longer conduct surveillance in known radical terrorist linked mosques…instead let’s go with letters of commendation all around.

  20. Who ARE these people? Entitled to come back? Under what logic? Is this the same administration who made a law giving them the right to kill terrorists including american citizens in foreign lands (like Al-awaki)? What they are doing is TREASON and they have no right to come back to the U.S. unless it is straight to Guantanamo forever.

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