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  1. our oil money at work for us- NOT!
    just more academic WHORES the likes John Esposito!

  2. “After Islamist terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, Pa. on September 11, 2001, the Brookings Institution looked to Qatar to answer the question, “Why do they hate us?””

    They looked to Qatar for the answer? Why didn’t they look to the Quran? The answer’s there to see, same as it’s always been, same as it will always be … for those who wish to see it. How much does a copy of the Quran cost?

  3. It is not just the Brookings Institution but several of the prestigious universities that have departments of Islamic or ME studies and are funded by Saudi Arabia, or Qatar an other ME oil-gas flush countries are also guilty of being Islamic apologists. These institutions are just whores for Muslim/Islamic countries. They can never tell the truth about Islam and Muslims and always are in the forefront of defending Islami/Muslims terror acts by saying those doing such acts are not acting according Islam and therefore not Muslims. In other words they deny what is written in Quran – just like those so called “moderate Muslims!! Liars are all of the!!

    This is just laughable, even a six year old can tell their lies that is how ridiculous they are. And they think they are the elite of the country which they maybe but they have no morals – they are just in the business of prostitution foir Islam!! After all they get a fat check from them to support themselves!!

  4. The problem is even larger than with a liberal think tank like the Brookings Institution. Just yesterday I was paging through a copy of Forbes Magazine, hardly a publication identified with the Left, and there within it was a full page add for Qatari Airlines, with a very beautiful stewardess in the photograph accompanying the advertisement (taqiyya in “babe form” perhaps?).

    My first thought when I came across it was this is an airline of a country which is tied-at-the hip with al-Jazeera and is a major funder of ISIS to boot. My second thought, which almost immediately followed upon my first one, was does Forbes Magazine understand what they have done? Well, if Forbes doesn’t, then shame on it. If Forbes does, then far deeper shame on it.

    Ah yes, the rot and penetration of Islam in the West is extensive—–at Brookings, at Forbes, at Georgetown University, in the Obama Administration, at or in…, at or in…, at or in…. Yes, indeed, the Age of Nonsense shows no signs of abatement. It’s still definitely in full throttle mode. Time for a Yuengling Porter (bet they don’t serve this fine brew on Qatari airlines).

  5. It’s all mass cognitive dissonance…What you hear from the clever, and what you see for yourself, are antagonistic to each other. Someone is lying. It’s either your eye’s or the clever.
    If you are a seer, the clever have little effect except maybe to earn your disgust. But if you are a looker and not a seer, the clever have you cornered with word magick, and word trickery…In other words intense taqiyya. Don’t be a looker, become a seer, your own eyes are worth more than the false testimony of hundreds of the clever…Seeing is believing…

  6. “The United States must designate Qatar a state sponsor of terrorism.”

    We, the free peoples of the West, must first designate our respective governments and elites, who sold us out for a few Qatari dollars, TRAITORS. Then we’ll be able to take care of Qatar, Turkey, jihad, Islam etc.

  7. These self-described “scholars” are actually intellectual whores and traitors to this country. They have no moral backbone and will evidently sell themselves to the highest bidder.

    The financing of universities and institutions by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic terror sponsors should be made ILLEGAL.

    • Actually, Dave J, I would keep it legal but require full, regular, unremitting disclosure of such funding. We need to keep freedom alive, which means allowing malevolence (no greater example of which is Islam) to distribute its rot, but not in any kind of undercover or unknown or subterfuge way.

      Liberty does not need to be shut down in order to preserve liberty. Besides, this is oxymoronic and counter-productive. Rather, sunlight needs to be shined upon those who abuse liberty or would even use liberty to end liberty. This, I would argue, is the best way to deal with the totalitarianism which is Islam. Allow it, just like secular fascism and Marxism, to advertise its nonsense, but just make certain that it is widely understood that it is nonsense, parasitical to the max and, in general, the stuff that fools and worse believe in.

  8. Create a North American Federation for ALL our energy resources. This problem exists solely because of dependence on foreign oil. 100 years ago , the Mid East was the same as a thousand years ago. Then oil discovery,by the west. If the situation was reversed, the middle east countries would have killed off western civilization by now.

  9. A New York whore with syphilis is more trustworthy than these suit swine”non profit” NGOs that exist to excrete lies and “independent ” views flashed to their teleprompter by their big brother . Since they pay no income taxes, they are your tax money at work.

  10. The same is happening in the UK. All Cameron is doing is telling off the Emir of Qatar….

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