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  1. Moslems are torn. They’re here for the freedom and prosperity, they like that. But being free means having equal rights, so as our peers they must bend the behavior of those from other belief systems to the Islam way. Meet in the middle, so to speak.

    This is an unfortunate byproduct of the fact that Moslems are morally superior to Infidels. For example, cabs are hailed to avoid getting a DUI after a Friday night at the bar. But so many of our cabbies are Moslems now, and from time to time — usually upon a directive from an Imam over at the local mosque — the Moslem hack must decline a drunk who wants a ride. Especially if he’s with a boozed up trollop who’s probably ain’t even one of his wives, and she can’t be a sex-slave because Infidels don’t believe in that.

    Sooner or later adjustments will be made to this dissonance that is a byproduct of multicultural diversity, and then everyone will live in peace.

    To me, I’m just happy that flight attendant Charee Stanley did not blow up an airliner full of people to protest the discrimination she suffers. That woulda been overkill. A lawsuit with a potential cash payoff and new work rules is the best way to work things out. Maybe Prez Barack Hussein’s infamous NLRB should get involved to make sure everything’s handled fair and square, on the up and up.

    • Her name suggests that she is a recent convert (converts are always the worse.). Personally I’d have sacked her for failing to comply with the terms of her contract and, in the UK at least, I’m fairly certain I would have won that one legally. Assuming of course that she refused to transfer to a ground position.

      Not much scope for accommodating her wishes 30,000 feet up in a cigar shaped vehicle with too few colleagues to take the load. No doubt come Ramadan she would have refused to handle any food or drink during daylight hours. No choice but to sack.

      • Thanks to islam and a gutless court system, business owners and the HR department really have to adjust their interview process.

        For example, “At ABC company, we require our staff to be available for work from 8am to 12noon and 1pm to 4pm. OR We require our staff to handle pork, handle alcohol, have a sense of humour, to not cut off anyone’s head, to not throw gays off tall buildings, to not stone infidels, to not mutilate or rape girls, to not torture animals to death, (you get my point) etc etc. Would you have a problem with that? Can you think of any reason why you wouldn’t be able to comply with our company policies?” If they say no and later start making demands for prayer time, they shouldn’t have a leg to stand on especially if you hire them and have them sign an employment agreement.”

        Fire her for something unrelated to her religious demands.

        • Thank the American Left.
          They are the ones facilitating this.
          They did the same thing with the Soviets during the Cold War and the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War.
          They are traitors.
          Always have been.
          Always will be.

      • Think you’re a bit optimistic about UK justice
        Remember Cheri Blair won a case for an extremist girl
        who wanted to wear full slave robes & face mask to
        school. The wretched woman won, (at taxpayers’ expense)
        but the girl did not go to school & her brothers, who were
        Hisp B’d Tahrir extremists took over the case once they’d
        Only today a mohammedan terrorist woman appeared in
        UK court & refused to stand for the judge as it was against
        her religion.
        He said OK !
        I’d have given her 6 months for contempt & then had guards
        pull her up.

  2. Meanwhile a US court official goes to jail because she feels that issuing same-sex marriage licences is contrary to her religious beliefs.
    Only in America!

    • Rob, that was because the Kentucky clerk was Christian, not Muslim. Had she been Muslim, CAIR would have immediately denounced this action, filed a lawsuit, and all charges against her would have been dropped in deference to workplace accommodation for religious belief. The afforded special accommodation applies only to Muslims . . . certainly not to Christians or Jews.

      • Actually, it was because she wouldn’t let anyone else in her office issue marriage licenses to same sex couples either (despite 5 out of 6 of them being fine with it). If she’d only been recusing herself she’d have been fine. Please get your facts right.

        • And if she was a muslim, she would NOT be in the least bit of trouble.

        • She can’t be sacked. It’s an elected position. But she can be jailed for contempt of court, and she was.

        • Francis, I agree with you that five others agreed to issue licenses, after they saw that their boss was jailed. According to the New York Times article, “after seeing their boss jailed, most of Ms. Davis’s deputy clerks said Thursday that they were willing to break from her demands and comply with Judge Bunning’s order, even if they did so with deep reluctance.” The issue, however, is that the clerk felt that it was against her religious beliefs to issue the licenses or to direct her deputies to do so. My point was that had she been a member of the protected class, she would have been relieved of that responsibility by a someone senior to her. Yes, she was in an elected position, a position that at the time she was elected, the law did not require her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. I also agree with you that if she had recused herself, there probably would not have been a problem, but I am not sure about how that process works when she is the supervisor of those deputies. My point, again, is that she — whether rightfully or wrongfully — felt strongly that it was against her religious beliefs to issue or to order others to issue those licenses. She was jailed for contempt of court specifically because she refused to honor the judge’s order to direct her deputies to issue those licenses. I stand by my assertion that a Muslim woman would have been accommodated and supported by CAIR to ensure that she did not have to execute a directive that she considered to be contrary to her religious beliefs. This all having been said, I do appreciate your comment. You made me give it a little more thought. Nothing wrong with that.

          See NYT article at following link:

        • True, she was preventing others from doing it but she has no authority to prevent another employee from doing their job. In that case she can be dismissed so why send her to jail?
          If she was a Muslim she would be perfectly safe from even being dismissed.
          Still, I can’t understand how she could prevent others from doing it. Was she physically restraining them?

        • You should check *your facts* again. One of the deputy clerks is her son. Another clerk is the daughter of a minister and said, as she cried in court, that it was the “hardest” thing she had ever done.
          They aren’t happy or *fine* with it….they just don’t want to lose their jobs or go to jail until they are willing to comply.
          Freedom of Religion in the Constitution should be protecting them all and since there are other offices in the state that have clerks, the people could go there if getting married was their main thing.
          The main thing with this muslim is not that she thinks serving alcohol to others is bad. She sees big bucks in her future.

        • The point I was making was to compare the ‘go to jail’ approach for the court clerk, with the ‘maybe she’s got a point and we should be more accommodating’ for the hostess.
          I don’t know what the equivalent is in the US, but in my country the court clerk would be asked to take administrative leave and the matter dealt with by an employment process.
          If the clerk became disruptive then an appearance before a magistrate would likely occur and she would be bound over to keep the peace.
          Jail as an option is waaaaay down the list of possibilities.

        • I’m going to play a bit of devil’s advocate here. The woman jailed for not issuing marriage licenses, when she took the position did she swore to uphold state law or federal law? Is the law in her state amended to define marriage as not just being between a man and a woman? And how can she be arrested for “contempt of court ” simply for refusing to issue marriage licenses?

          In any case, it’s a diametrically opposed case to the muslim stewardess in the sense that what changed was not the religious views of the woman in question but the law – she was suddenly required to perform an action she didn’t sign up for rather than signing up and deciding she couldn’t perform an action she’d be performing and that she knew beforehand she’d be required to perform.

  3. Every job has a job description that potential employees can and must read. If you can’t do the job for whatever reason, don’t accept it and certainly don’t accept it and then complain later. Refuse to do the job – OK, you’re fired, end of story. These whiny crybabies are getting on my nerves.

    It’s a clear case of Infidelophobia.

      • She knows converting to Islam means POWER. That is why we will see many more with psychological issues and PD converting to the religion of privilege.They can demand anything, get away with most everything, and this satisfies the naturally narcisstic and borderline types as never before ! All about power not religion. But we knew that. Now to convince the other 99% of the population …..

  4. Time for employers to wake up and rewrite their employment contracts.

    When every employee has agreed to terms by signing a binding legal contract that comprehensively clarifies every aspect of the practical requirements of the job that they do or take, then there should be no grounds for this kind of stunt.

    By the way, what is the penalty in sharia law for causing ‘mischief’ in the land? I forget.

  5. According to the article, she ‘converted’ to this vile ‘religion’ *one month* after she was hired.

    This is deliberate, in order to win a huge payout from the airline. muslims aren’t supposed to *drink* alcohol, but there’s nothing to say they can’t serve it.

    It’s a scam, and I hope the airline takes this to the wall.

    • Many questions, here.

      What management directions did she follow in order to work “out an arrangement with her coworkers to accommodate passenger requests for alcohol”?

      Are all of the other employees really O.K. with this? Did none of them tell her no?

      If she’s practicing her “religion” properly, does she wear hijab during the flight? Does she refuse to shake hands with male employees and passengers? Does she wear tight fitting clothing? Does her uniform cover her “charms” sufficiently?

      What happens mid-flight when it’s prayer time? if it happens in IMC conditions, how will she know what direction to face?

      Can’t imagine her sticking her butt in the air in front of men.

      What happens during ramandan?

      Can she serve a pork dish–or even jello?

      What if she decides to wear a niqab on the job? Or a burka?

      What takes precedence–Friday prayers or the flight schedule?

      What pandemonium might ensue inflight if she has to chastise a cross wearing Christian or a Kippah wearing Jew?

      What if she catches a passenger reading a Bible on the plane?

      Where will she stash her prayer rug?

      Feel free to add to the list.

      • I believe she is also insisting on the scarf thingy.

        A question to add to your list: What about being out in public places without a male family member? Does one buy a ticket and go with her on every flight?
        Does this mean that she is speaking freely with male strangers, interacting with them?

    • Mirren10 wrote:

      According to the article, she ‘converted’ to this vile ‘religion’ *one month* after she was hired.

      Yeah–it’s not *impossible* that Charee Stanley (I wonder what her Muslim name is?) just happened to convert to Islam a month after coming on board with ExpressJet–but how likely is it?

      Chances are, of course, that she “reverted” before this, and wormed her way in posing as a civilized Infidel. Likely this whole nasty thing was planned.

      • What do You mean “Likely” 🙂
        They a pulling that nasty stunt everywhere ! A nice little earner for the Cult ! 🙁

    • Mirren 10, Nicely spotted

      According to the article, she ‘converted’ to this vile ‘religion’ *one month* after she was hired.

      Yet Geller overlooks the original article and asks

      <i.Why would a devout Muslim want to be a flight attendant in the first place, when half your job is serving alcohol?

      • You’re showing your lack of comprehension of thw written word, again.

        Obviously this bitch has now declared herself to be a devout muslim, so she should quit a job, which, as Pamela notes, requires her to serve alcohol.

        Also, as gravenimage notes, it is also likely she was already a mohammedan, and lied about it, in order to a) force the airline to bow to sharia, and b) to sue for a large sum of money. If she wins, half of that will go to fill the coffers of CAIR.

        You’re an idiot.

  6. This is just sickening!! These Muslims are creating problems in the work place and then play victims extorting money from the corporations. Our own EEOC(?) willingly supports them in the guise of freedom of religion. If the religion is so important to these scumbags then they should not live here, or join kuffar’s business’s. This is a regular behavioral pattern of Muslims and its high time they are shown the door if they object to doing the work.

  7. The last time I checked, the Koran only says for Muslims to not drink intoxicating beverages. It says NOTHING about handling or transporting alcohol.

  8. What’s someone called Charee Stanley doing being Muslim in the first place? A little attention seeking, perhaps?

  9. Besides being a totalitarian ideology of conquest by force and violence, the ENTIRE CONCEPT and practise of islam is a blame game, with outrage at the drop of a hat.

  10. Muslims should not be allowed to work anywhere near airplanes after 9-11, which anniversary is coming up.

  11. ***Why would a devout Muslim want to be a flight attendant in the first place, when half your job is serving alcohol?****
    PM ADDS: CHOICE (and sanity and fairness) would dictate that she apply to work on a MUSLIM airline… of the few that there are ! DDDUUUHHHH !

  12. Your conviction requires your sacrifice, not mine. This is a compliance issue. If the flight attendant cannot comply with the duties of her job she must resign her position. In America, you cannot demand that others sacrifice for your religious conviction. Case in point on my side? My Christian belief does not allow for abortion. I choose to work in a hospital which does not perform abortions. Should the same ever change course, my conviction requires my sacrifice. I will resign my staff position. I will not burden my employer and shackle them to my conviction. But in the case of the flight attendant her anti-democratic stance goes further. By her actions, she is denying a service to paying clients.

  13. So maybe the passengers she refused to serve alcohol can sue her and the airlines for discrimination, just like the Muslim woman who bitched because she didn’t get her diet coke a few months ago did.

  14. If she wpins this claim stand by for hundreds of claims from bar staff, suprermrket checkout operators and and butchers ad any other job where alcohol or pork are served

    • But what a Great Idea ! I’ll convert to Islam and sue the boss for Squillions for making me sell Pork Roasts to the Filth Kaffir !! 🙂

  15. In Kentucky a strongly opinionated evangelical Christian refused to serve up marriage licenses to gay couples against federal law. The Obama justice was swift and she got thrown in jail. (I am not sure why she was not merely fired).
    No doubt Muslims are smiling over this.

    Two Muslim immigrant brothers walk around Boston with pressure cookers and Obama tells the Russians (for-geda-bout-it) and then it takes two years to get to trial while Rolling Stone mad and Huff Post run interference.

  16. According to US labor laws, an employer cannot force an employee to do anything that the employee thinks is immoral. Pr-employment interviews done correctly could fix that problem. If the employee already hired, suddenly becomes too religious for the job, then resignation is called for not a law suit…

  17. She knew when she applied for the position that she would be required to serve alcohol. Therefore her application was a lie and was deceitful. From here on out, every airline will be requiring a signature saying the the applicant is willing to serve alcohol.

  18. “…the strongarm tactics that Islamic suprmacists … have used for years to get special accommodation for Muslims in the workplace…”

    And special facilities to meet Muslim’s ‘special needs’ in the universities.

  19. If my memory serves me (somewhat iffy) if a believer (in Islam) is in a non-friendly (to Islam) environment which makes compliance with Islam difficult or impossible, it’s OK to postpone religious obligations to another time or place. Or, if it is necessary to violate an Islamic rule or law, it’s OK because Allah realizes people are imperfect.
    I think it’s in the Quran, but I can’t cite chapter or verse…

  20. She should be fired for refusing to serve alcohol. It is an outrage that she is suing. This is not something where the employer can easily accommodate her. She brings the cart, she has to serve the drinks. This is ridiculous and EEOC should have immediately dismissed this case.

    • Exactly!
      How many other duties could she have later refused to perform, basing it on her above-all-others’-rights ‘religion’? And very possibly endangering other crew members or passengers?
      As so many have pointed out, this is a stinking SCAM for a big pay-off. Or aren’t muslims capable of greed?
      As a member of any other ‘group’ she would have been given her walking papers by the airline and this would have been just another silly hot-coffee-at-McDonald’s story.
      Next will come one about a muslim who called 911–then contacted a CAIR lawyer– because the pizza place delivered a special with a bit of Canadian bacon accidentally thrown in.

  21. To further emphasize how ridiculous this is, there are several Christian denominations that have prohibitions on drinking alcohol. As far as I know, no employee from those sects and I am sure there are several, has refused to serve alcohol.

  22. There is absolutely nothing in the Koran preventing this person from serving alcoholic beverages to infidels. Can her.

  23. It’/s Ok To Rape Girls and Divide Time Between Husbands and To Kill Jews, Christians, And Non believers of Islam; but you cannot serve Alcohol???

  24. These Muslims need to be treated fairly. Therefore bring them before a federal judge who will find them in contempt and they can serve time with Kim Davis.

  25. Many a Muslim store owner in the USA has no problem selling alcohol, therefore all these lawsuits should be deemed frivolous and the Muslims ordered to pay all costs related to said lawsuits.

  26. Muslims – at least when visible — are obviously bad for business. Half the American population wonders if one of them will go Allahu Akbar at any unpredictable moment and blow up or open fire. If given a choice to fly on an airplane with some Muslims aboard, or to fly without, large numbers would pick the Muslim-free airplane, understandably. The same is true in other businesses. Significant percentages of Americans see Muslims as potentially dangerous, and see Islam for what it is, a totalitarian cult. Fear of Muslims is putting free speech about Islam (except anonymously on the internet) into the cold freeze, and except for a few brave experts on Islam. If possible, many people avoid businesses where Muslims are present. When I see a woman with a hijab, I feel kind of outraged and disgusted, and just try to look away. I feel it is kind of an outrage for a person to be a Muslim, given what Muhammad taught and did, and what Islam seeks to do in my nation and other liberal democracies.

  27. mohammed atta went to a bar and was seen drinking alcohol before he went to the airport and boarded a plane in order to kill on September 11, nearly 14 years ago.

    muslims regularly break their own *rules* in order to commit unlawful acts upon all who do not worship their despicable beast from satan. They drink, they smoke, eat non tortured animals in order to pretend to be just like the people around them and avoid suspicion.

    Then in comes the women who pretend that they are just like everyone else…can do a job that requires them to be bare-headed, wear a certain thing on the head, serve alcohol or any food requested by customers, etc. and when they are hired….don’t they just all smile so lovely when being interviewed for a position against which they know they will be rebelling…they don’t bring up any needed *accommodations* as though everything is just hunky-dory.
    Once they have the job…first call is to the disreputable cair…to let them know and ask, “just when do I go for the throat?”
    It’s all a scam to get laws made especially for them, to get rich, to make all others subservient to them everywhere.

    • One of bin ladens sons, living in britain made sure a photographer was at the night club to see him smoking and drinking… i would have picked him up for questioning..

  28. We need to be careful. Unless we convince those who matter that Islam is not a religion, but instead an evil ideology, we need to accept that she is a victim. That is little different than the Christian court clerk calling herself a victim for practicing her religious beliefs. We can’t have it both ways.

  29. What else does a Muslim have to look forward to each morning without grievance mongering?
    It is not enough for a Muslim to simply let Allah know that they pray 5-a-day unlike us ‘infidels’.
    They must dress up in their Muslim costumes and squawk about alleged Izzy-phobia so that we will know that they are so very ‘special’

    Muslims must otherwise face the unbearable emptiness of Islam when there is no audience to watch them role play their phony religion.

  30. So glad to be living and working in Lima, Peru. Not a mosque or a Muslim for hundreds of miles. After 7+ years in the Middle East, and this being a reward for my sacrifice, I cannot tell you how refreshing this is not having the Black cloud of Islam, always present ans inescapable in their culture, hanging over my head..

  31. I see the muslima and kim davis in the same light . Kim davis refusing to sign marriage licenses for gay couples is in violation of the separation of church and state. Her faith doesn’t matter in the course of her governmental duties. Faith is a personal decision. While there are a majority of christians in this nation, we are not a christian nation or under christian domination or christian law (thank the nonexistent god I don’t believe in!), stanley should just be fired, without recourse for refusing to do her job. Once again, faith is a personal decision and cannot be allowed to interfere with job duties in non-religious areas. If she wants to obey muslim strictures in her professional life she should move to a muslim country governed by shari’a law. Hopefully to one that will make her obey ALL of the shari’a tenets like saudi arabia. I don’t care if you are religious in your personal life but don’t try to make me comply with your wacko religious ideas in mine.

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