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  1. Should have ash The Black Muslim President if he wanted to “Ride On A Jet” and that way you could drop his Muslim BUTT in SYRIA with your bombs…

  2. It would be more effective if they struck at the Jihad Enabler in the White Wash House

  3. US-led coalition airstrikes killed two judges that presided over a Sharia court in the so-called Islamic State’s (IS) de facto capital of Raqqa

    Awww, now who’s going to tell muslims there to chop limbs of thieves, or cut the throats of infidels, or demand the jizyia from Christians? Oh, wait, the quran. Phew, crisis averted!

  4. Re: Sharia court judges? First of all, can John Kerry or David Cameron or the U.S. Catholic bishops kindly explain why an entity that has nothing to do with Islam has Sharia court judges? And second, Hamas-linked CAIR has fought hard against anti-Sharia initiatives as being “Islamophobic.” Will Hamas-linked CAIR now denounce the US airstrikes against the Islamic State as being “Islamophobic,” since they killed these two Sharia court judges?

    Oooooohh. Huge points to Robert Spencer. He so knows how to work this material. Yeah, three big points. This also nails the Anglican Church and the Vatican, who are all kissy lovey dovey with the Koran and Islam.
    I have to start thinking like Robert Spencer. He’s so good at this. Really gets the job done.
    Big fan. Yep, am gonna use this. Thanks for the good material.
    I think it’s time for the Clash. Just a little celebration. With the hope that more Sharia judges get nailed over in Islamic State.

    The Clash – Rock the Casbah

    Anyone for shawarma?

  5. Airstrikes, at least for a start, are a good way to handle and defeat the Muslim villains of ISIS. For the method the callous,cruel, vicious and murderous fiends who compose the brutal and deadly jihad entity ISIS should be dealt with is by many very strong powers of military might. As Thomas Jefferson had so well stated “With every barbarous people…force is law.”

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