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  1. “It will be challenging”, translated, is “We have no means of knowing”.

  2. And there is an ADDITIONAL probability:

    From below-the-radar contact by jihadist recruiters AREADY HERE IN THE U..S., that many hundreds of those “refugees” who had the best of intentions to be loyal Americans will decide to please Allah on a very dramatic and vivid basis.

    Maybe even try for the virgin bonus — because it sure would be an improvement over the boring ghetto lifestyle such self-marginalized people will face as years turn into decades — and nothing ever changes from living around Infidels.

    • J wrote: “many hundreds of those “refugees” who had the best of intentions to be loyal Americans will decide to please Allah on a very dramatic and vivid basis”

      Listen. Most Muslim youth are already radicalized with RADICAL JIHAD CHIC. It’s ‘cool’ to be a terrorist…didn’t you know?

  3. Yes, it’s very tough to identify jihadis, especially when it’s officially verboten to mention Islam and terrorism in the same breath. Knowing this administration, they’ll probably have the SPLC do the screening.

  4. Opinion surveys have consistently shown 65% of Muslims support a caliphate and strict Sharia. However, the 35% who are ‘secularized’ or ‘non-observant’ could easily change to being observant jihadists.

    Because of the doctrine of TAQIYYA, no Muslims word may ever be trusted. Which Muslim is truthful? Which Muslim is lying? IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL.

    Every Muslim must be suspected of being a jihadist, since jihad against the dirty kafirs is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

  5. Comey: “The only thing we can query is information that we have,” Comey said. “So if we have no information on someone… there will be no record of them… so it will be challenging.”

    Call it what it is – impossible. It’s impossible to identify jihadis. All of them, at least. The sane attitude would be to let no “refugee” in.

  6. “We must wait until they blow something/someone up with a bomb or build a timer that is used to set off a bomb, or they take a knife, hatchet, machete, sword, and cut someone’s head off and no one claims it is only workplace violence, anger over poverty or just a kid wishing to *help mankind.*

    “If any of that happens and people in government call it terrorism, then we will know.”

    The report from earlier, said they were already following 900 probes. There will be many more and like most unsolved crimes, after some time of not being solved, are put into the *cold file* until such time as *fresh eyes* are made available to take another look, these “probes” will be filed away.

    Terrorists sometime take years to plan before they execute. The more there are in a given place…as in Syria and Nigeria…the more likely they will take place daily. They all want to be in the news and get their 72 raisins.

    Ever tried to pull up a sprout of Tanglewood? That weed that grows in many areas of Texas? It looks like a lone piece of vine with thorns, but if one manages to pull its roots out of the ground, that one discovers the *lone piece* is not really lone, but connected to a vine that seems to go on and on forever. Not being able to pull that much out of the ground, when the vine tangles in among other plants, entire woods, etc., the endeavor is halted and left for another day. And while one waits for another day when energy and time are available, the plant is growing and tangling and spreading out of any control.

    islam breeds moslim terrorists and they are in some regards, like Tanglewood. The government brings them in and the FBI tries, unsuccessfully, to weed them out, to take them out.

    • What we called Tanglewood, is scientifically named *smilax.* Just one *branch of it* and, believe me, there is no smiling when trying to get it out of the yard or garden.

      Not doing any smiling at the prospect of jihaidiots coming to my neighborhood.

  7. Why on earth do these people in government feel the need to bring refugees here? The refugees do not want to be resettled in lands outside of their homeland. Not everyone desires to live in the West. The good ones will do their best and try to settle, but they are not happy. And why would they be happy? They are being brought into lands where they know they stick out like sore thumbs and overall are not wanted. That can’t feel good. The fake refugees are only going into western lands to take advantage of the people and the system and then find the real refugees and persecute them. Personally, I believe we can help, but it should be done in their own lands where they can keep their culture and customs in tact and not feel like outsiders. I would be perfectly fine to see my tax dollars that are ordinarily used as foreign aid given to countries with totalitarian dictators be diverted to the cause of the refugees in Syria and Iraq. Build facilities in safer areas in those lands and secure them with security forces. Then as the conflict subsides, hopefully, then the refugees can return to their homes. The way it’s being done is not humane at all. Not to the refugees and not to the westerners. I didn’t need a damn congressional hearing to come up with this thought. Just simply trying to walk a mile in others shoes does the trick.

  8. Flooding the country with dangerous and potentially dangerous people is part of ‘fundamentally changing America…It should be illegal for politicians to play fast and loose with public safety.

  9. Call me an Muslimophobe, but we must totally stop the influx of the Muslim migrants into the USA or suffer terrible consequences.

  10. Our grandfathers had not the time, money, nor method to sort out the good Germans & Japanese from the bad ones. So they bombed every German & Japanese man, woman, and child in sight until they surrendered unconditionally. Look at Battle Damage Assessment photos of Cologne, Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, etc, to see how The Greatest Generation felt about collateral damage and killing civilians.

    Collateral damage and civilian casualties was the OBJECTIVE, not an accidental by-product of attempts to strike military targets and weapons factories.

    We wouldn’t have won the war if we didn’t. We’d best develop the stomach and will to do the same. Quickly.

    Do we think we’re intellectually and morally superior to our grandfathers? They’re the ones who, within just three and a half years, decisively won two major wars against enemies FAR more superior to our enemy.

    Meanwhile, 1.6 Billion Muslims want us dead, Iran is weeks away from nukes, and the West is too stupid to even identify who or what our enemy is.

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