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  1. More moslem deception. Well, if they actually are “beginning to feel the pressure” it sure as hell isn’t thanks to Obama and his “they’re a JV team” tinkering. It would be because Putin is doing something. The Obama led fiasco spent over a year trying to put pressure on has failed miserably. Largely because Obama, a moslem, was and is unsure if the caliphate really is ordained by Allah or not. This is a real dilemma for him, and all moslems. After his Muslim Brotherhood led caliphate dreams fell apart, the Islamic State has filled the void (created by his inaction and hesitation), it is hard for Obama to kill his baby octopus. After all, the Saudis and him are the parents of it. How can they kill their own baby octopus?

    • You lost me when you said Obama is a Muslim. Really, criticise his policies if necessary but don’t repeat such ridiculous lies. It is in the same category as saying the Moon landings are fake or the twin Towers were bombed by the US government – unsubstantiated and illogical rumours that weaken any merits of other arguments. I don’t know if the report about IS is a failed and false propaganda report but even if it is it does not indicate Obama is a Muslim. Even if someone in his family was a Muslim it does not follow that he is. If he was the issue would be that he lied about it as there is no law in the USA forbidding membership of a religion but there is just no evidence that he is a Muslim.

      At the same time, although I dislike Islam, I remind you that most of those fighting ISIS on the ground are Muslim – the Kurdish militias are mostly Muslim and the Shia militias and the Iraqi army are also Muslim. In addition there are the Muslims in the secular, government of Syria and the Iranian forces. Their merits vary – the Kurds seem to be the best of the bunch but they are mostly Muslim.

        • No, at least not in a free society, any more than a Catholic’s child is automatically a Catholic, no matter how much the parent tells him that.

        • From what I know, that’s a fundamental precept of islam. Just as being a Jew is passed down through the mother, being a muslim is passed down through the father. There’s no counterpart in Roman Catholicism.

        • My paternal grandmother used to say I was a Catholic as I was baptised one. Yet i was brought up as a protestant and when i was old enough to think things through I became an atheist.

          As for Muslims, there are Muslim countries where death is still on the books for converting from Islam. In other countries such laws don’t exist and a determined individual can change his faith no matter what the Koran or Muslim authorities might say.

      • Obama is on video as referring to “my Muslim faith,” only to be “corrected by George Stepanapolous in an interview. That’s the sort of blunder that a liar makes, not a person who has a religious faith in any God. Not to mention his ring that promotes Allah and Islam. Might try some critical thinking skills against your own party for a change.

        • For the record, I’m not an obama fan — not by the wildest stretch of my imagination. It’s even possible that I hate the man. I certainly hate the lies he tells — and much of what he stands for. In addition to being a liar, he’s also a scofflaw. No surprises there: Democrats are liars; Democrats are scofflaws. He’s a typical Democat in those respects.

          He says he’s a Christian. His saying he’s a Christian does not make him a Christian. Remember: Obama is a liar. Furthermore, my understanding of the tenets of islam is that it’s fine to lie if doing so advances islamism. It’s rather obvious that saying he’s a Christian even if he isn’t would inure to the benefit of islam. Nothing he does makes me believe he’s a Christian. Based on what he does, he could just as well be a lying muslim as a lying Christian.

          That said, he has never said he’s a muslim, particularly not in his interview with George Stephanoupoulous. What he said, as I recall, was that John McCain had not made an issue of his being a muslim — something many on the right had been doing at the time. His using the words “my muslim faith” was inapt, but it was not him saying he’s a muslim.

          Finally — if obama is indeed a Christian, he’s unlike any other Christian I’ve ever run into. By a huge margin.

      • I remind you, James O’Connell, that the Koran and all the hate and evil in it, is the same for all moslems. Or did you think that somehow the Kurds have a different version? You’re not too bright, are you?

        As for Obama, the conspiracy theory nonsense you try and lump Obama’s faith with are without any evidence whatsoever. Nice try, but you are only committing a logical fallacy. For you see, the case for Obama being a moslem is a direct result of his own admissions and actions and historical documentation. In fact, even by Islamic law, he is deemed a moslem because his father was a moslem. Let alone, his slips of the tongue, and all the rest of a huge list. I find most funny of all a fool like James O’Connell trying to claim Obama is not a moslem when we look at the following photograph of him giving the “there is only one god, and it is Allah” salute to the group of African moslem leaders. Just look at the astonishment on some of their faces, their eyes popping out of their heads, the big smiles of recognition — as he confirms for them everything they thought about the man named for Muhammad’s winged talking horse.

        Look at that picture. Look at the moments of revelation there. They now know for certain. He let them know.

        Now get off the stage, James O’Connell.

        • I share with you a disdain for much of what the Koran has to say. having met many Muslims, however, I know that they are not rabid apostate killers. There are two possible reasons for this; 1/ like Christians they ignore the kill ‘witches’ directive and some of the more brutal activities of the Bible, especially the Old testament and focus on the ‘nice bits’ or 2/ they are nominal Muslims who just pay lip service to the Koran, like a number of Muslims i have met who, for example drink alcohol.

          I do not agree with some apologists for Islam, however that Christianity and Islam are equivalent in brutality as JC is the ultimate focus for the latter. I am saying that secularised Muslims like the Kurds, have demonstrated by their actions in protecting Yahzidis and Christians that they are far removed from groups like ISIS.My own thought is to judge people by their actions. I might criticise their faith but i will treat them as individuals. There is a difference in being anti -Islam and anti-Muslim as the latter ends with hatred of people rather than ideas and can become a mirror image of ISIS..

          As for Obama, have you ever thought how much scrutiny a president receives and that anyone wanting to make a conspiracy theory will pounce on any verbal stumble and pronounce some deep meaning on it? It is a bit like seeing faces on Mars or in electric wall sockets.

          I think Obama is making bad judgements in certain policy areas, notably illegal immigration, but he is still a leader doing what he thinks is best for the USA.

        • “…In fact, even by Islamic law, he is deemed a moslem because his father was a moslem. ..”

          That’s right Don and James.
          His father was Muslim and therefore he is deemed by traditional Muslims (ie the vast majority of muslims) to automatically be Muslim himself. Therefore, in their eyes, if he claims not to be Muslim then he has the status of an Apostate – one who has left Islam.
          This is the trap for the faithful that Islam has always had in place, even for the one who has risen to the dizzying height of President of the United States of America.

        • James O’Connell is apparently a tool — an obama apologist? Nonetheless, he has as much right as you or I do to be on this particular stage.

          In the United States, fools have a right to their opinions — and they have a right to express them in open forums.

          (Frankly, at my age I’d prefer to be in an echo chamber. But I’m not.)

      • If obama is actually a muslim and not a Christian, the issue would be that he used an outright lie to become POTUS — not to say that other Presidents haven’t been elected because they lied. That would most assuredly be the case if Hillary Clinton is elected President.

      • Do you know, James, what *I** find, not only ridiculous, but also quite illogical, is your determined stance that obama is *not* a muslim.

        Your determination to exculpate obama from the charge of being a muslim, would suggest there is something, ipso facto, nefarious, or otherwise unsavoury in being a muslim. Or possibly even dangerous ! Good heavens, let’s kick *that* idea into touch !

        These charming muslims whom you think you ‘know’; well, may I suggest you ask them about, a) mohammed’s rape of six year old Aisha, b) the character of mohammed as evinced in the ahadith, the sira, and the koran. Then you can ask them how what the IS is doing is in any way different rom the ‘teachings’ of mohammed.

        I will bet my year’s pension they will turn like milk past it’s sell by date.

        • I don’t disagree with your estimation of the Prophet and Having read the Koran I found it thoroughly objectionable; nor do I regard Islam as equal to Christianity in its horrors of Inquisition, witch burnings (which are in the past) and so on. However, I could make a case that Jehovah was guilty of repeated instances of genocide, including the great Flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and yet i don’t think the average Christian is going to justify genocide based on such actions.

          Muslims might, possibly be illogical in being peaceful and happily co-existing with Christians , as opposed to ISIS types, who maybe are following the Koranic instruction in a very literal way. Who am I to tell the non-extremist Muslims they should follow the ISIS or Saudi government or Iranian government interpretations; I mean I don’t think those guys need any more help.

          Many Muslims could also be categorised as nominal in their observances just like most Western Christians are nominal, going to church just for weddings, births and funerals. What I don’t do is label every person of a faith or ethnic group as monsters. However, I do regard certain sub-groups as desrvingthat description.

      • There are many reports with videos of obama stating how he loves his religion islam, that there is nothing better than hearing the moslum call to prayer at sundown, he bowed to one of saudi arabias imans (or whatever he was) he did not bow to the Queen of England though, his father was a moslum (as is his brother) therefore so is he according to islam itself. You need to research this subject more thoroughly like i did, it is all on internet with video saying out of his own mouth so you can see for yourself.

  2. Yet another attempt by this administration to convince people America is winning. After all the Brouhaha of the administration editing intelligence recently to hide the truth, do they really think people are going to buy This? Sadly, a lot of Americans WILL, they are so desperate to believe that their blind faith in this administration’s lies wasn’t as misplaced as it was. Well, I, my friends & family aren’t falling for it the previous times now this one!

  3. If the ISIL is feeling any pressure at all, its because of the Russian campaign, although in the west, that effort is almost demonized and certainly ignored. To many american polititians, an ISIL victory over Russia would be a western victory. Everything that comes from USA is not credible. That’s simple. And that’s the result of years of deception and lies.

    • I a interested that quite a few Right Wingers seem to admire Putin – the former KGB man and despot! I have no doubt that Russian planes have bombed ISIS but that also most of the air strikes have been against other rebel groups, with the aim of safe guarding the Assad regime and coincidentally Russian military bases.

      Putin has lied about the targeting of civilians in Syria just like he lied about his support for secessionists in Ukraine.

      Putin may well do some good against ISIS although I note that an opposition newspaper in Russia once highlighted a story about Putin allowing Russia’s own fundamentalist Muslims travel to Syria. That may or may not be true but the existence of ISIS does hel to support Assad’s claim to be fighting terrorists and diverting attention from his barrel bombs.

  4. More likely Obama’s people are “in “desperation” mode and “beginning to feel the pressure”.

    Their strategy of encouraging TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS like the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is not working and will never stop the jihad.


  5. One of the ways to defeat the vicious ,cruel malicious and murderous jihadists thugs who compose the brutal and deadly jihad entity ISIS is by the use of many very strong powers of military might. That is hit them hard.Hit them long ad keep on hitting them and don’t stop hitting therm. Meaning take them down. put them down and don’t let them rise up again. As Thomas Jefferson had ,so well, stated ” With every barbarous people…force is law.”

    • I agree but would add that a political settlement that stops a new hydra’s head of terrorism arising is necessary. The indiscriminate bombing by the Syrian government and the Russians drives desperate people to join extremist groups. In Iraq, the discrimination against Sunnis led many ex-Iraqi soldiers and Baath party members to join first Al Qaeda and then ISIS.

  6. Col. Warren listed all the reasons ISIS *must* be defeated. What the White House hasn’t done is demonstrate significant success, or any overwhelming will to succeed.

  7. Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren highlighted what may be a forged document to insist that the Islamic State is in “desperation” mode and “beginning to feel the pressure” of the U.S.-led coalition’s efforts against the terror group.

    I’m certain that document is as reliable as Obama’s birth certificate…

    • As a NON-American, I want to know how this idiot BodyOdorama got elected to the highest Office in the USA? With all the prerequisites, checks and balances that are in place to ensure that only qualified people will have a shot at a presidency. Maybe the Terminator should have contested this office, would he have succeeded?

      I remember a snippet of wisdom (rare indeed) from G.W. Bush in his last 2 years, when he talked to BodyOdorama about him (BO) standing for President and what he should/should not do. To me, this suggests that the Presidency is a “rigged system” with potential winners already in the pipeline. Maybe I am wrong.

      Anyhow, you all have a (politically incorrect) very MERRY CHRISTMAS. May GOD kick Allah’s arse back into hell, where he belongs.

      • “[C]hecks and balances … are in place to ensure that only qualified people will have a shot at a presidency.” No such thing. Whoever gets the most votes at political conventions gets nominated. Whoever gets the most electoral votes gets elected.To think otherwise is naive.

      • If by “The Terminator” you’re referring to Arnold Schwarzenegger — he’s not eligible to become POTUS. There’s absolutely no doubt that he’s not a natural born citizen of the United States.

  8. ‘The Terminator’ would be disqualified from applying for the job due to being born a foreigner.
    Obama often appears indecisive, although he is influenced by Americans being war weary after the lastf ew Middle Eastern wars.

    • As much as it disqualifies the Kenyon/ Indonesian muslim in chief? The son of a muslim, raised a muslim is either a muslim or an apostate. Which is it Jim? As far as the “chickens coming home to roost” J. Wright knows Barry never renounced his muslim faith.

      • I realise that about one in seven Americans believes Obama to be a Muslim. This belief is especially strong with conservatives and those of basic education (not that those two necessarily go together). I think even his name was confused with Osama.

        I have never ‘researched’ this because it sounded so improbable except as a viral smear campaign. I am not looking at this as a backer of Obama or a Democrat but as an outsider (I’m Australian).looking in to what seems some very strange politics. We certainly have character assassination in Australian politics but I don’t think people get away with false rumour mongering to the same extent.

        For the record, I was a supporter of John Howard and later Tony Abbot, both considered conservative Liberal leaders in Australia. (‘That’s Liberal party as opposed to ‘liberal’ as it is used as some sort of swear word in America when used by conservatives, much like left-wingers use the word ‘fascist’ or conservatives once used the word ‘communist’. I’ve never been a big fan of labelling).

        Anyway, from what I can gather, Obama was raised a Christian and later, during his political career he was a victim of false viral e-mails and twisting of his family history. Personally, I don’t give two hoots about whether someone’s father was lapsed Muslim turned atheist or if the step-father was a nominal Muslim. For that matter i wouldn’t care if he was a human sacrificing pagan, so long as his son wasn’t. I am not a fan of the ‘sins of the fathers’ point of view.

        Again the whole proposition is so improbable that I think it unworthy of attention. People should stick to criticising a politicians policies instead of looking at what his relatives were. For the record I regard Wikipedia as an imperfect but fairly reliable and neutral source of information. What I could read there was that Obama had a father who did not stick around but was an atheist and former Muslim. Beats me why folks seem to think things people believe in are set in stone like some ones DNA is set. His step-dad was a nominal Muslim. His Christian mother raised him as a Christian, which is understandable given that his dad was only a nominal Muslim. He went to two school in Indonesia, the first of which was Christian and the second had members of various faiths. Obama was registered as a Muslim because his father was a nominal Muslim.

        Obama joined the United Church of Christ in 1988 which he later left and now worships with a Southern Baptist pastor at Camp David – he no longer identifies with a particular church.

        Contrary to stories begun in 2006 Obama did not take the oath of office on a Koran but on a Bible.

        To say that on occasion he has quoted from the Koran ignores that he also quoted the Bible on the same occasions. Any educated man can quote from a myriad of texts, religious or otherwise to make a point or to try to make common ground.

        Obama, like other Western leaders, tries to paint Islam as a religion of peace or that somehow ISIS is not made up of ‘true Muslims’. Now, while I regard this as incorrect I understand that they are trying to separate Muslims from terrorist groups in order to illicit support from non-extremist Muslims against Islamists. This may or may not be the correct course but it does not indicate that Obama or Cameron are Muslims.

        A lot of things are written on the Internet, not always for the cause of extending knowledge but often for pushing political agendas even if that involves distorting the truth. Even if I was a hard right Conservative American voter I would not be supporting the use of such paddock confetti to try to defeat an opponent.

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