1. I feel so ashamed . Jewish people are leaving Europe again because it has become too dangerous for them to live here . I feel ashamed being a European .

    • Please do not feel ashamed if you are not a Muslim or a Muslim of a different ethnic group you soon will be their target. You must act not PC because that is a western concept that they take advantage of. The governments and news media are far left and hide a lot of the truth or slant it to the advantage of the perpetrators. Wake up Europe and protect your culture,religion and your right to think and express your ideas without repercussions. First they came for the Jews,then the Gays and the Christians and other religions.

      • Dear Noel ‘I’m not being Political Correct . My shame and sadness are genuine , as is my anger . Hiding my feelings/emotions would be P.C. .

        • You should be scared and wonder why the governments and news media are buttering the truth.

        • Shame, yes, for electing the Quislings who allowed these animals into Europe. Shame that you aren’ getting up of your arse and doing something.

          Shame and anger that you probably won’t, ever.

        • Ron it’s literally going to take a military coup in most Western European nations to change direction in time. What the heck are you asking Ernie to do?

          Ernie, let your military know you’d support a coup, move to high ground when the time is right if that doesn’t happen.

        • You are right to feel ashamed, so do I. That this is being allowed to happen to Jewish people again in Europe and in Germany especially is heartbreaking, but we must not despair, it is not too late yet to do something. More and more people across Europe are starting to realize the full horror of what is happening and new political parties are starting to emerge that are prepared to face reality and take on these barbarians. Of course the bourgeois/liberal/left media desperately try to portray such parties and their supporters as knuckle-dragging fascists in order to discredit and marginalize them and put respectable people off from voting for them, (common tactics include news crews covering rallies/demos focusing entirely on small groups of masked/rowdy/aggressive young skinheads – who may often be leftist provocateurs – while studiously editing out the much larger numbers of peaceful families, elderly people, students and professional types in attendance) but people are getting wise to all this just as they no longer take any notice when politicians mouth blandishments about Islam being a ‘religion of peace’ after every new outrage. Democracy still works after a fashion in the west, if enough decent people vote with their hearts and consciences we can still force a change in direction, the left will either have to comply or be forced to reveal their true anti-democratic position, either way it will force the fight out into the open light of day where everyone can see the truth for what it is. Don’t despair, there’s still time, we’ll call the traitors out yet!

        • Ron W . I didn’t vote for these ‘ Quislings ‘ at all , I’m voting for Mr. Wilders as I have done for the last 10 years or so . I’m NOT sitting on my arse as you are suggesting so nicely and I’m doing what I can . What I can do is talk with people and try to make them aware of what islam stands for , what the enablers of islam stand for , and that we must reclaim our freedom . Maybe you have other suggestions for me ? Besides , I don’t really appreciate your way of expressing yourself . Better save your anger/agression for islam and it’s henchmen/enablers . Have a nice day Ron ! O yeah , I’ve one question for you : and what is YOUR CONTRIBUTION in this battle Ron ?

        • Dear Myxlplik , thank you for your reaction . The military of my country ( the Netherlands ) will never stage a coup . Or they are loyal to the sitting government , who pays them , or they support islam ( there are many muslims in our military , some of them even left the country to fight for Islamic State or AlNusra .). And I’m not going to leave my beloved country in case it comes to ( civil ) war . I’ll stay and resist/fight for freedom and democracy . I love my G-d , my people and my country .

        • Dear Geoffrey , your comment is heart warming and giving hope to all fighters in the trenches , a boost for morale . You think in possibilities . Many people have already given up on us ; here on Jihad Watch too (” Europe is doomed ” and all that negative crap.). It is essential for our struggle to recognise and exploit all our possibilities in a smart , intelligent way . Thank you Geoffrey , I highly appreciate you and your comment .

        • Geoff,

          I just don’t see democracy working here, due to the fact that freedom of thought/freedom of conscious is the mechanism which keeps it (democracy) alive and well.

          Everyone from Molly Norris to Robert Spencer who dares break from the group think is either killed by Muslims or driven from society and ostracized for telling the truth by Liberal Fascists, and it’s been happening for a super long time. Since Enoch Powel for instance, who tried to talk about this subject and was sacked, so long ago & they are currently prosecuting many more including Geert Wilders.

          Stay well friend.


        • RonW says:

          ”Shame, yes, for electing the Quislings who allowed these animals into Europe. Shame that you aren’ getting up of your arse and doing something.”

          Point 1, you have no idea whom Ernie voted for. Point 2, you have no idea what Ernie is, or isn’t doing. Point 3, before you gratuitously open your gob to tell someone else to ‘get off their arse and do something’, why don’t *you* tell *us* exactly what **you** are doing ? If anything.

    • Ernie,

      don’t be shamed to be European. Likewise, because of Obama Americans shouldn’t be ashamed to be Americans. The fault is not with the vast majority of the people, (of course, we all have skeletons ion the closet) most people want to live in peace. However, if the other’s don’t want to, then we, the people who want to live in peace have no choice.

      For the people of Europe and the US, and our women in particular, here’s the answer, and a pictures says a thousand words.

      Incidentally, doesn’t matter if Gentile or Jew. The truth in that picture is universal. And no I am not Jewish, but what is true is true; and what needs to be done, needs to be done. The sooner the better, or: the sooner the less messy.

      Regards all and
      Delando Islam

  2. I just now looked for this on Google News Deutschland. Only a half dozen news reports total on this crime. Note that the two perps have been released on their own recognizance.

    In other news… yesterday evening, a number of foreigners (Pakistanis, a Syrian) were roughed up in Cologne by unknown, allegedly ethnic German attackers. Number of German news reports: more than 400, and German politicians are out in full force extracting maximum leverage from the incident.

    • In other news a teen with a machete just tried to attack a Jew in front of a synagogue and BO invited a “refugee” to his last State of the Union address. We are have these nut jobs imported and it’s already getting worse by the day in the US! I don’t know if these cry bullies should be believed. Why can’t Merkel and co. tell them the had it coming to them just like the girls that didn’t manage to keep hordes of men at arms length?

  3. I apologize for the length of this. I’ve cut it as much as I can, but I believe it is of value.

    For the beginning of this new year, I’d like to recommend the following book.
    “A Safe Haven: Harry S. truman and the Founding of Israel.”(Allis Radosh and Ronald Radosh. Still availble on Amazon).

    It goes back to the very beginning of the story of how modern Israel was brought into existence. Its an amazing book for any regular Jihad Watch
    reader because as you’re reading what it relates, you see things that others might not see, and in the end you realize that Islam was
    a virulent ideology even before Israel was ever founded. And it shows just how pivotal America’s role, and specifically Harry Truman’s was.

    Here are the key episodes, with what I notice as a Jihad Watch reader.

    1.) President Franklin Delano Roosevelt meets King ibn Saud on Feb. 14, 1945,right after Yalta.

    Not wanting to directly antagonize the King, FDR opened his discussion by asking King Saud for his advice on what the allies should
    do with the displaced European Jews. First the King told FDR that they should be sent back the countries they came from. FDR said that wasn’t possible
    because their homes had been destroyed. Then the King told him that they should be settled in the Axis lands that the Allies had captured, saying that
    that was the Arab way. And then the King made it plain to FDR: Arabs and Jews “could never cooperate, neither in Palestine, nor in any other country,”
    and that “they would rather die then yield their land to the Jews.” As far as the king was concerned, Arabs had done nothing wrong to Europe’s Jews
    and German land should be given to them.

    … Then FDR mentioned the success the Jews currently in Palestine had had in reclaiming the
    desert through irrigation and planting of trees. And King Saud said to him “My people don’t like trees; they are desert dwellers. And we have enough water
    without irrigation.”

    I imagine that this is where Mr Tennessee Valley Authority, Mr. Works Progress Administration, Mr. Civilian Conservation Corps
    – lost his cigarette holder when his mouth dropped open. But, as the book reveals later, when the Arabs were later pressed, the only concession they were
    willing to make was only for few Jews to enter Palestine, and only as an internal ‘minority.’ We Jihad Watchers know what the word “minority” really
    means: dhimmi. Degrading subservient slavery to Islam under the worst conditions imaginable. King Saud simply did not want boat loads of undhimmified
    Jews entering Palestine because they would eventually give his dhimmified Jews “ideas.”

    2.) When Harry Truman comes into office, he becomes the main engine for getting the Jews into Palestine. He’d received reports that the surviving Jews in
    the concentration camps were still mainly in the concentration camps. Much of Europe was destroyed. Law enforcement was non-existent in much of Europe.
    And Jews who had gone home to Poland were immediately murdered by their neighbors. The camps had been slightly upgraded, but were the only place safe
    place for them for the time being. But their continued residence in them was causing more of them to die off. There was talk of sending them to places
    like Brazil, but the voyage of the St. Louis in 1939 (during which refugee German and stateless Jews were denied entry to various countries) plainly
    showed how that would workout. Harry Truman became greatly concerned that the sheer indifference of the allied nations would finish the work that Hitler
    had begun. … And when he began his quest to get the displaced Jews into Palestine, he was opposed by his own State department because there were
    US diplomats who had had long service in the Arab world and had become acculturated to the Islamic point of view. (dhimmified, in other words) And he was opposed by his military leaders because they wanted to make sure the US got the Saudi and Iranian oil and the Soviet Union didn’t. Harry Truman had to carry on against tremendous opposition..

    And we have in embryo the Western world’s tendency to have it’s cake (doing right by the Jews) while eating it too (getting the Islamic oil).
    This tendency has been the source of much of our grief in the middle east.

    3.) The British had the Mandate for ruling Palestine. Churchill has sympathy for the Jews. But he is voted out of office
    and replaced with the labor government of Clement Attlee. Ernest Bevin is the labor government’s new foreign minster. Under Bevin, the Balfour Declaration
    is effectively repudiated and Jewish immigration to Palestine is greatly reduced and repressive measures are instituted against armed Jews in Palestine
    who are defending themselves from frequent Arab attacks on their settlements.

    On June 6, 1946, Truman urges the British government to allow 100,000 Jewish immigrants into Palestine. Ernest Bevin then tips his hand when he replies
    sarcastically that the United States wanted displaced Jews in Palestine “because they did not want too many of them in New York.” His statement was
    recognized in its own time as outright antisemitism.

    And here we see the beginning of the Leftist-Arab Axis beginning to form. It has only grown from there.

    4.) Harry Truman’s has now gotten the Palestine issue delivered to the newly formed United Nations. The British labor government was not going to do
    anything. The US had little military power to force the issue. (demobilization after WW II) So the UN was now there to boot the ‘buck’ to.

    The UN sends a subcommittee to Palestine to make a recommendation of what should be done. The subcommittee was populated by people from countries which had absolutely no dogs in the fight, like Guatemala.

    At first the subcommittee was treated to the views of the Arab Higher Committee, led by Jamal Husseini, who was a relative of the infamous
    Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Nazi-loving ally of Adolf Hitler who during WW II had caused the deaths of 400 Jews in Iraq. Newsweek
    had at the time called him “The Archvillian of the Mideast.” The Grand Mufti was enjoying sanctuary from the allies in Cairo (like bin Laden did
    in Pakistan), and the subcommittee quickly found out that Jamal Husseini was simply the Grand Mufti’s mouth peice. Jamal Husseini had been part of a group that wanted the Grand Mufti to head the government of any Arab state that arise out of the negotiations. (!) The subcommittee therefore gave him short shrift, and the Arab side lost its only voice.

    The subcommittee then went to places where Jews were energetically doing their nation building and to places where Arabs where. They immediately
    noticed the contrast. The Jewish settlements gave them a vigorous and warm welcome and proudly displayed all the improvements they’d made in making the
    desert blossom. In the Arab areas, the people threw stones at them when not hiding in their dwellings and generally being unhelpful and unwelcoming.
    Koran 3:28 “Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers.” The subcommittee was treated as a gaggle of

    To every inquiry of what improvements the residents were making to their settlements, the subcommittee was given the answer of “inshallah” (“God willing”)
    and finding that God did not will much for the Arabs. “My people don’t like trees; they are desert dwellers. And we have enough water without irrigation.”

    As the subcommittee was doing its work, the Jewish Zionists were astonished at the Arab’s behavior. “They did nothing to help their cause.”
    The Israelis were later to say of the Palestinians “They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” This was the first inkling of that
    continuing effect.

    5.) the subcommittee returned to the UN and gave its support for the partition of Palestine into separate Arab and Jewish States. And the voting began.

    Initially, it was thought that the Soviet Union would oppose the creation of Israel and stop the process in its tracks. But instead the Soviets voted for it.
    Why? Because they had long been distrusted by the Islamic states because they were an atheist state. But the Soviets knew of the Arab phrase
    “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and they had decided to give the Arabs a nearby enemy that they could then become the enemy of and thereby become the Arab world’s friends by giving them weapons. It was a classically Machiavellian ploy that just later turned out to benefit the Israelis-to-be.

    With the Soviet blockage removed, Harry Truman was content to let the UN voting go on its own steam. But then he started getting reports that
    the Arabs states where doing all they could to move the voting their way. A Quick flip back to today: between 2006 and 2013 Israel was condemned in
    46 percent of resolutions devoted to specific countries by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). That 46% was mainly due to the
    influence of Islamic oil money. Back in Harry Truman’s time, that oil money was mostly in the ground and not yet as powerful as it is now. But there
    was still some power even then. So Truman, the “buck” having come back to him, started applying some pressure and got no votes changed to abstentions
    and abstentions changed to yes votes. And Israel came into existence again as a modern nation.

    The UN would never have done it any other time going forward. May of 1948 was the only time in
    world history where all the forces where exactly aligned for Israel to become a nation again. And that’s important because once the Islamic oil
    money started coming out of the ground, Jewish minorities in every part of the world would become targets of jihadism, as well as any other
    non-Muslims. Harry Truman carried the main burden on his shoulders. David McCullough’s biography of Truman is extremely worth reading too.
    You find out that Truman was the just right man at just the right time.

    • You forgot to add that US had imposed an arms embargo against a fledgling Jewish state, while the Arabs were supplied, not only with arms but with officers, by Great Britain. British also got American help to spy on American Jews to prevent shipment of arms and money to young Israel in violation of that embargo. It made Israel’s and the Jews situation hopeless. the UN might have voted to create Israel, yet the international community made it sure that the Jews didn’t survive the joint Arab onslaught. I
      It may be worth noting that young Israel defended itself with German guns, they got from Czechoslovakia. Those shipments were in 1948 only, shut down by Stalin who had purged all those sympathetic to Israel, but if not for that arms flow from Czechoslovakia, the Jews would have nothing to fight with, Israel would not have survived and most, if not all Jews there would have been slaughtered.

      • Yes, that was made clear in the book. As I said, I needed to shorten my post to just what struck me as a Jihad Watch reader.

    • “And Jews who had gone home to Poland were immediately murdered by their neighbors” – this is BS. I believe you can provide some solid evidence for this, otherwise you should apologize for calling Poles murderers of Jews.

      • I am reporting what the book said. I apologize for not giving the book’s foot note on this item, as it is a sensitive statement to repeat. (I passed the book on and don’t have it now)

        That said, there is this:

        [quote] As survivors began to return home to search for relatives they were often treated with hostility from the non-Jewish population. A lot of Jewish property had been taken, not by the Nazis, but by the local people. Many of the locals feared that the Jews would demand that their property and belongings be returned.

        In Poland from the end of the war to the summer of 1946, Poles murdered approximately 1,500 Jewish survivors. Included in this number was the man who had led the Sobibor uprising.

        On 4 July 1946 the Blood Libel was revived in Kielce, a town in southern Poland; 42 Jews were murdered and as many as 80 others were wounded during the pogrom which followed. This led to over 100,000 Jews fleeing Poland, many to displaced persons camps (DP) camps.[/quote]

        This is not to single out Poles. It was a problem in a lot of places. I did mention that at the end of WWII, law enforcement was mostly non-existent. And clearly, these Poles were criminals.

        • “And clearly, these Poles were criminals.” You would agree that this statement is very different from the one you’ve quoted before. Being Pole I’m well aware of the negative prejudices towards Jews present in our society for centuries but quotation in question paints a picture of Poles wanting to finish Hitler’s job and this is far from the truth.

  4. Let me guess…..

    In no way shape or form does anyone believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what happened at the train station in Puttgarden.

    God. Help the West to see they’re blind to the truth of Islam: The Religion of Hate

  5. A rather inconvenient and awkward attack given Germany’s history of the 1930’s and recent events there. Is their guilt from the holocaust going to kick in or are the German authorities going to tell Jews not to act provocatively just as they told young German girls to cover up in Bavaria and give Muslim males a wide berth in Cologne. It will be telling which way they jump but I’d put my money on the Islamic Apartheid.

  6. Way to go Germany.
    Trying to relieve their guilt from WW 2 and the unspeakable crimes committed against the Jews by inviting in millions of new Jew haters.
    How ‘ironic’.

    • The big difference is – these Jew-haters hate not only Jews but all infidels, including atheists.

      • I know. But I just think that ESPECIALLY for the few Jews that remain in Germany, as well as in the rest of Europe, this must feel like an enormous betrayal.

  7. The news story (on the site of a public television station) helpfully mentioned by Sam Hawkins above (link below) notes that a court issued an arrest warrant against the two perpetrators (i.e. to permit their continued detention). The arrest warrant was SUSPENDED SUBJECT TO REGISTRATION OBLIGATIONS.

    In other words, the two violent Muslims were released on their own promise to report to a police station.

    BTW, in current German practice, even being convicted of violent crime by itself is NOT grounds for denial of asylum, let alone actual deportation.,fluechtlinge5548.html

    • I bet they never show up in court and will be arrested in the future for terrorist acts.

    • They *should* have been given a suitable jail sentence with deportation – to Afghanistan and Syria respectively – to take effect as soon as their sentences were served.

      Syria and Afghanistan, by the way, used to have Jewish people once upon a time…remnant communities of Dhimmi Jews (going back to *pre-Islamic* times) who had somehow managed to hang on down through the centuries (no thanks to the Muslims!)…but who were attacked with increased energy once Israel came into existence. The Muslims used the restoration of a non-Dhimmi Jewish state as an excuse to attack their resident Dhimmi Jews. And Islamophiles blame *Israel* for the massive Muslim pogroms against Dhimmi Jews which led to the flight of all who were not killed outright..”Look what you made the poor, poor little Muslims do…If only Israel hadn’t been formed all those Jews wouldn’t have had to flee….” (except that those which got out are living far, far better as free people in Israel than they ever did as exploited, degraded, humiliated and terrorised Dhimmis).

  8. This is what you get when you allow mohammedan savages to come and live in your much more civilized society …gosh what could possibly go wrong? sarc :-/

  9. Germany: Muslims screaming “Jew” attack and rob Jewish man

    Whatever happened to “Never Again”?

  10. The problem is, that the majority of Germans don’t have a clue about Islam. They believe this fairy tale about the religion of peace. They’re told so by the politicians and the MSM. The Germans are very gullible people, remember Hitler was elected in a democracy which he immediately changed when he was in power. Now the Jews aren’t feeling safe any more. As the verses Robert quoted tell us Islam is intrinsically anti-Semitic. In France we’ve got the same situation, muzzie anti-Semitism all over the place. But there is a big difference the Germans didn’t have to take these scumbags in. I can’t tell you how the Germans disgust me. No idea about democracy and no idea about freedom. Nothing learned from the past forget about “Never again”

    • Goethe comes to mind here, epistemology. Paraphrasing him, he said that the Germans make trouble for themselves and for everyone else as well. Since I am of German stock the whole way back on my father’s side, I feel at bit more at ease criticizing the Germans, who have done great things but terrible things as well. Like the Russians, they have many qualities but they also have fatal flaws too. I must say that I am grateful to my great-great-grandfather who came to America from Bavaria amidst the 1848 revolutions. Just about the best damn decision anyone in my family has ever made I would contend.

      Best to you again, epistemology. I truly am aghast at what Merkel has done and have caught myself at times wondering if she will end up harming the German nation even more than Hitler did, which would be no mean feat. Take good care my across-the-pond friend.

      • As I said they learned nothing from the past. It’s so depressing. The German majority is disgusting. I’m fed up my dear friend. Obviously you’re a true American and haven’t inherited the German love of dictatorships.

        All the best to you and yours, take care my dear friend

  11. Achtung! Frau Merkel and associates; your immigrant Jihadis appear to be gearing up for a final solution to the ‘Jewish Problem’.
    Germany’s good standing, thoroughly earned since the post war reconstruction, is unravelling, thanks to your reckless mass importation of rabid Jew haters.

  12. My father was a member of the Dutch resistance in WWII. He risked his life for his country and in doing so tried to prevent what is happening right now. Thanks to a bunch of self proclaimed intellectual superior but definitely politically correct morons, who wouldn’t dare to take up arms to stand up for what is right, we are now back to square one.

  13. So many synagogues in Britain keep welcoming ‘refugees’ and ask their congregation to donate clothing for males. They don’t want clothing for children, women and large men…are they crazy?

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