1. So the citizens of London have put an avowed enemy in charge of their city. One wonders how Mayor Khan will react if there’s a Jihad mass murder operation pulled off there. My guess is he’ll react with dignified silence except for maybe a platitude or two. For those he can look up what Prez Barack Hussein said after the many operations done during his presidency. Prez Barack is the guiding light for Mayor Sadiq, he can stand on his shoulders, so to speak.

    • Hi APF,

      Something strange is happening with the new London Mayor that makes me take a wait and see attitude. He just did something that will alienate the Muslim fundamentalists – He attended the Yom HaShoah ceremony at Barnet Copthall Stadium in London, a Holocaust memorial, and sat with a chief Rabbi, “..and received a hero’s welcome from London’s Jewish community at the end.”

      He is obviously putting distance between himself and radicals that might land him on a target list. One would expect any typical politician to do the same without worry. For Sadiq Khan that could have consequences.

      • muhammed (a curse be upon him), played this trick with the Jews in his early mecca years.

        In attempt to persuade the Jews that they worshipped the same GOD and that he was their prophet, MAD MO and his handful of retards prayed facing Jerusalem.

        Once MAD MO accepted that the Jews would NEVER accept him, he turned the qibla to mecca, and began to preach hatred and death to Jews.

        • A liberal Leftist Jew in early Medina scolded fellow Jews that it would be shameful and Islamophobic not to invite Muslim refugees from Mecca into their homes along with their caravan raider leader Muhammad.

          Muhammad and his bandits then stole all their money and murdered his Jewish hosts except of course for the wives and children who were taken as sex slaves.

        • It wont be long, they already openly scream that they have taken over and as such London belongs to islam.

      • He’s mayor. A figurehead. Too much drama going on with this. Major cities across the western hemisphere have had do have muslim mayors with no negative consequences. Life goes on.

        • “He’s mayor. A figurehead. Too much drama going on with this. ”
          I read a liberal account recently that said something similar to that.

          However, I am not ready to put my head in the sand just yet.

        • Could you perhaps rattle off a few names of ‘major cities with Muslim mayors with no negative consequences’? I don’t know of any. The only Muslim mayor that comes immediately to my mind is Lufur Rahman, sometime mayor of the London borough of Tower Hamlets. He was so blatant in his pro-Muslim bias as mayor that he was even expelled from the Labour Party. He then stood as an independent, and romped home because of the high proportion of Muslims living in the borough. He was subsequently convicted of criminal behaviour, and removed.’No negative consequences’? There sure were in this instance.

        • “He’s mayor. A figurehead.” Alistair, This is shockingly naive. If you are truly unaware that Western Civilization is under Jihad,
          you best get up to speed and fast.
          Alistair, this is your Wake Up Call
          Running for Political office is part of the Domination stage of Stealth Jihad. Just as Obama peppered his Administration with Muslim Brotherhood members, you can expect London’s new Mayor to do likewise. In the Muslim Brotherhood’s own words they have infiltrated every aspect of society in top
          level positions setting America up for a Take Over, By the time the Americans realize what is happening, it will be too late.
          The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Education system in the USA and Canada are converting the school kids to Islam without the parents knowledge.
          I just checked Google to see if the same thing is happening in the UK and it is:
          “British pupils ordered to ‘CONVERT TO ISLAM’ for bizarre homework assignment”
          Cadbury, UK Candy manufacturer recently announced it would no longer call their Easter Eggs Easter Eggs or their Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Easter Bunnies. Easter is offensive to the Muslims. Easter is gone from Cadbury labels but you will find Arabic word Halall on the labels.
          Look up Halall Certification. This is a new “Islamic religious food tax” dreamed up by an Imam. Companies are forced to pay to get their products Halall Certified, It’s a scam but it’s a xery profitable scam. Multi NationalCorporations are paying and this over trillion dollar business is being used to support terrorism. Look this up.
          In Germany, Military Age :Refugee Children” are policing German towns wearing “Sharia Police” T-Shirts. They are going intoClubs, Pubs and Bars and demanding that the locals stio drinking alcohol, stop the music, stop dancing as these are all forbidden by Sharia Law.
          In Italy, Religious Statues have to be covered and Crosses removed.In Sweden and Norway, Muslims have demanded that the crosses be removed from the National flags.
          Women in Scandinavia are being told not to travel on Public Transport at night, not to go out alone at night, be mindful of the clothing they wear, and to dye their blonde hair dark. Pork producys are banned in school. Jello has been banned in school because gelatin can be a pork product.
          In Germany, New Year’s Eve became a night od Wild Rape Rampages.This resulted in the cancellation of Octoberfest this year and maybe permanently.
          The Muslim Call To Prayer blares over loudspeakers 5 times a day starting at 4 AM. It doesn’t matter that this disturbs the non-Muslims in the neighborhood.
          Instead of using a Personal Alarm or cellphone app, EVERYONE has to be called to prayer. When the Mus;im Call To Prayer occurs, the Muslims will drop enmasse. put down their prayer rug and start praying NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE and no matter if that activity inconveniences anyone else. Businesses suffer because of demands to acomodate the 5 times a day Call ToPrayer. There are No Go Zones throughout Europe and Scandinavia. The Police don’t dare enter.
          The US is starting to get them too. It will just get worse.
          As The Muslim populations increase often at the expense of the Host Country’s taxpayer, the ethnic and religious makeup changes in tandem. Then Cities and towns become Muslim and Islam dominate. Sharia Courts pop up supporting Sharia Law.
          This Stealth Jihsd is well planned out and is a very patient plan. It is taking over a Society and replacing a Culture without firing a single shot.

          Shariah in American Courts: The Expanding Incursion of Islamic Law in the U.S. Legal System


          The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Jihad on Free Speech

          Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America

          “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran . . . should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” − Ohmar Ahmad, co-founder of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)

          “The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” — Mohamed Akram, “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,” May 22, 1991

          Shariahville, USA: Cities ‘surrender’ to Islam

          -Anjem Choudary, right-hand man of exiled preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, said: “It may be by pure conversion that Britain will become an Islamic state. We may never need to conquer it from the outside.” Many Muslims are having 10 or 12 children per family. The swollen Muslim population would be enough to conquer Britain from inside, they claim. He added: “We do not integrate into Christianity. We will ensure that one day you will integrate into the Sharia Islamic law.”

          “I think political correctness will destroy us. The Muslim Brotherhood, they said it in their Explanatory Memorandum (seized by the FBI as evidence in 2004 from a house in Virginia), that they will destroy us from within using immigration and political correctness as a weapon, and they are using it very aggressively at this time.”
          -Ayaan Hirsi Ali ,author: Nomad: “From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations.”

          “Norwegian Women Must Take responsibility For The fact Muslim men Find Their Manner Of Dress Provocative.”-Dr Unni Wikan

          “Since(Refugees) Believe Women Are Responsible For (Their) Rape…(Western) Women Must Adapt To the Multicultural Society Around Them”
          -Dr Unni Wikan

          “If A Woman Gets Raped While Walking In Public Alone. Then She Herself Is At Fault”-Dr Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan-Al Fawzan, Professor Of Islamic Law, Saudi Arabia

          “A Woman Walking Alone”…Is Only Seducing Men By Her Presence!…She Should Have Stayed Home Like A Mus lim Woman”-
          -Dr Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan-Al Fawzan, Professor Of Islamic Law, Saudi Arabia

          Since 2011, Women In Norway Have Been Dying Their Hair Dark Because Of The Refugee Rape Epidemic

          Austria Police Tell Women: Dye Blonde Hair Dark & Avoid Night Travel To Avoid Becoming A Rape Victim

        • Like it or lump it this is our future. Get used to it.

          Im no dhimmi idiot, not sticking my fkin head in the sand neither.

          London is over 50% foreign born.

          You really expected a right wing christian white man to be mayor of London??? If so it’s you sticking your head in the sand not me.

          As I said. He’s a figurehead representing the people’s will.

          There’s been plenty of muslim mayors in the west. Google it.
          I know of 3 just off the top of my head.

          Short of all right wing populist revolution or civil war the future of the west ain’t pretty and it’s only gonna get worse.

          Carry on.

        • Alistair cromley posted:

          London is over 50% foreign born.

          How many of them are ethnic, non-muslim Europeans? Because every once in a while I see ads of British-based companies recruiting in my country. I also have several non-muslim white European friends and classmates working in London – they’re part of those 50+%. Speaking of which, where are you getting that percentage from?

        • Trico

          You’re having a laugh right mate???

          You have no idea of my political background or history.

          I post under a pseudonym but I’m up there on the splc website.

          I’m the real deal.

          Or would you like to carry this conversation offline?

        • Alistair cromley’s idea that a mayor has no power is absurd.

          Then after pooh-poohing the importance of this, he goes on to say:

          Like it or lump it this is our future. Get used to it.

          So which is it–no big deal, or simply the future we have to “get used to”?


          Im no dhimmi idiot, not sticking my fkin head in the sand neither.

          Those are, of course, not the only choices…


          London is over 50% foreign born.

          You really expected a right wing christian white man to be mayor of London??? If so it’s you sticking your head in the sand not me.

          A recent article in the Daily Mail pegs London’s foreign born population at one in three–Alistair would have us believe things are much worse than that.

          And who here mentioned a “right wing christian white man”? The idea that if you don’t want to elect a “right wing christian white man” that you only other option is to vote in a Mohammedan with Jihad terror links is ludicrous.



          You’re having a laugh right mate???

          What did Trico have to say that was incorrect? I doubt Alistair can cite anything.


          You have no idea of my political background or history.

          I post under a pseudonym but I’m up there on the splc website.

          What “spic” website would that be? What is Alistair ranting about?


          I’m the real deal.

          OK–the real what, exactly?

          Not a real Anti-Jihadist, surely?


          Or would you like to carry this conversation offline?

          Is this a threat? Perhaps not so odd that this cavalier apologist for evil would descend to that level so quickly…

        • What an ignorant statement.

          First of all, just by becoming mayor it is seen by islam as a victory over the filthy infidel, this victory emboldens and furthers their cause.

          Secondly, no he is not just a figure head, as mayor he will have access and influence over London’s daily running and security. Imagine that information in the wrong hands. One incident could cause gridlock in London, now imagine what would happen if multiple incidents followed, London would be unable to respond, it would be chaos and a jihadis dream.

      • This reminds me of Arafat and the The Oslo Accords in 1993, when he signed a Peace Treaty with lsrael on the White House lawns – which he broke soon after [it’s the lslamic Trojan Horse].
        Saddiq Khan is just softening them up, and they stand there with open arms.

        As it says below:

        “The first challenge Arafat faced was reining in Palestinians who refused to abide by the agreement.6 Despite his pledge to crack down on terrorists, Arafat failed the first test of leadership as a peace partner. In retrospect, we can see it is a role he never planned to play. Instead of confronting terrorists, he concluded a series of hudnas, or tactical truces, with rival Islamic elements to prevent a showdown. That led to a tacit division of labor where the PA covered the diplomatic front and radical Islamic groups continued to carry out terrorist attacks.

        lsrael faced a “Trojan Horse,” an ancient metaphor borrowed by PLO leaders while still in Tunis. The Palestinians’ real intention was to destroy Israel, stage-by-stage, using the Palestinian Authority to establish a platform from which they could attack Israel. The scope of Palestinian terrorism following Oslo escalated to unprecedented levels, including systematic targeting of civilians in wave after wave of suicide bombings. Incredibly, the number of Israelis killed by terrorists in the two years following the signing of “Oslo I” was equal to the number of casualties from terrorism in the preceding decade.”

      • If Khan’s showing up a one Holocaust event signals any real change in him, I would be very surprised, He has never condemned antisemitism, and continued to associate with antisemites.

      • Westman, mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam did something very similar. Freshly returned from Paris after the november 13th terrorist attack to show solidarity with the victims, I saw him at a square in Rotterdam.

        With a Jewish small cap on his head! He was speaking during a public celebration by the small Jewish community in Rotterdam, who obviously were in attendance (as many wore the Jewish cap also) as well as passersby such as I. Next to him stood and after him spoke the local Rabbi (I suppose).

        Amazing, isn’t it?

        • I think this has more to do with Taqiyya than it does with any real transformation of Muslims into civilized citizens, Demsci.

    • He’s in charge of Scotland Yard
      This has to be reversed through a full and thorough VOTE FRAUD investigation and an annulment of his “election”
      Either Cameron or Parliament must order the VOTE FRAUD investigation.
      Wonder how many tourists illegally voted?

  2. Even the clueless and compromised dhimmi David Cameron was accused of “racism” for noting Khan’s hospitable attitude toward Islamic supremacists and jihadists.

    Meanwhile, Khan was engaging in actual racism:

    “I will reshape TfL’s board,” he said during a speech in Brixton this morning.

    “It needs to better reflect London’s diversity in the interest of Londoners. Did you know there are 16 people on the board of TfL? Thirteen of them are white men. Thirteen. Think about it . It only has three women on it. That’s less than one in five. “

  3. The Historical evidence proves in Islam there is no “Multiculturalism”.
    There is only Islam.

  4. ““I will reshape TfL’s board,” ”
    If the Muslim Trojan Horse known as Barack Hussein Obama is any example, London’s newly elected Religion Of Peace follower, Sadiq Khan, will
    reshape a lot more than just rhe TfL board.
    Help Wanted: White Men, Christians, Infidels NEED NOT APPLY.

      • No, I’ve never lived in London. I’m just seeing how much of the World is being reshaped by the religion if peace

        • Hmm i meant to say that ethnic minorities hold many government and local gov jobs, but I’m actually shocked that the tfls board are white British.
          How wrong I was in my reply to yours!

          Sadly Khan will fire half and bring in ethnics.

  5. OK, so we’ve read all the profound arguments. Very enlightened, of course (or so we’re told). However, I could probably trace my ancestors in the UK back to the Domesday Book (late Middle Ages). On my mother’s side I can trace my family back about 2 centuries in east London. They all had a big hand in building the place up from its post-Roman legacy, through the heady Renaissance times, Victorian expansion and WW2 blitz to the present day. I’d say that they were all pretty capable people and didn’t need the talents of outsiders to achieve something quite remarkable. In fact, they even rebuilt the place after certain outsiders decided to try and wreck it over 70 years ago. And even continue to expand and improve it further. So why the hell do we need the very dubious and not particularly well-qualified son of an economic refugee from a third-world failed State who ostensibly has nothing whatever in common with the culture, history snd people of this city to run the show? Is this an insult to the thousands who have been here a long time and could probably do a damn sight better job? Or is this perhaps an insult to the thousands who have been here a long time and could definitely do a better job? Or is this yet more proof that, in today’s UK, any old loud-mouthed rubbish is ‘OK’?

    • “Post Roman”???? 200 years ago???? You need to do more research.

      • Read the comment, I don’t think jayell is suggesting the Roman era was only 200 years ago.

        But back to the new mayor of London;
        1, My wife is a pretty good judge of character, her comment “Pure evil”
        2, The rot on London transport started back in the 1960’s started when British human rights do-gooders allowed Indian bus drivers to wear turbans instead of the official smart looking peaked caps.The turban just makes it look 3rd world.
        3, This new mayor is a Muslim, lots of London Transport workers are Hindu’s, ha ha, this will bring the India/Pakistan dispute to the heart of London.
        4, Third world attitudes and management skills can only take London Transport in one direction, that is down hill.
        5, Freeze fares will equate to cost cutting elsewhere, maintenance is usually the first casualty with the subsequent casualties being passengers and the general public when brakes and steerings fail or engines catch on fire.
        6, Security; Mohammad will have no problem letting one of his dubious mates have access to workshops and depots to plant explosive devices on a bus.
        7, In his mayoral duties Khan will at first be very moderate, as pointed out earlier, attending Holocaust memorials and the people will say;”This is a man for our times, multiculturalism is the way of the future, lets dance in the streets and sing Kumbaya.” This attitude will last for about the same duration as Robert Mugabe preached reconciliation.
        8, Must make the board of London Transport more inclusive. Translate, Well paid jobs for my Muslim mates. Result; Service standards will take a nose dive.
        9, What total madness and insanity has allowed this to happen to London???

        • Are yes, lots of changes on the way for London transport
          1. Separate buses for men and women
          2. All female employees to wear burkas, so as to not tempt men into having sexual emergencies
          3. Kaffir women to sit in a special Muslim grope section, at the back of the bus.

        • Hi Charlie Main,

          I always appreciate replies. Let us be certain of one thing; under this mayor London will never return to the “Swinging Sixties” (Where among other things a smart young London lass in her mini-skirt could safely travel on a bus or the tube.

        • Very perceptive comment.

          When instead of strictly limited immigration based on skills, which provides the spice of international viewpoints and foreign cuisines, you allow mass immigration of people who already have ambitions to take over and who are very fecund family size wise – you are committing National Suicide.


    • All this points to the fact that all those countries that people like Kahn hail from are abysmally failed states. And yet there is no shame
      on their part for having to travel thousands of miles seek refuge and pity from infidels. Pakistan is a perpetually failed state.

    • I’m not saying anything different for the US, we have plenty of cities being taken over by Muslims, but I’d say it’s the face of a demographic conquest.

      Muslims basically own the polls in London.

      • As someone noted on here, Khan wouldve won even without the muslim vote.
        Non muslims voted him in.

        • Or at least didn’t bother to vote him out. 45% turnover? F***ing hell…

      • Yes, apparently, he sent out leaflets targeting ethnic voters. l’m pretty sure nearly every muslim in London was ordered to vote for him. l know there are a lot of weak-minded liberals who did too, but still…..

        “Khan — who won 57% of the ballot, or 1.3 million votes, a number which happens to be roughly equal to the Muslim population of London”

        His opponent zac goldsmith warned them, but was targeted with the usual accusations of ‘racist and ‘lslamaphobe’:

        “Khan’s opponent, Conservative Party politician Zac Goldsmith, drew attention to Khan’s past career as a human rights lawyer that included repeated public appearances alongside radical Muslims.

        Goldsmith accused Khan of giving “platform, oxygen and cover” to Islamic extremists. He also accused Khan of “hiding behind Britain’s Muslims” by branding as “Islamophobes” those who shed light on his past.

        In an interview with the London Evening Standard, Goldsmith said:

        “To be clear, I have never suggested he [Khan] is an extremist but without a shadow of doubt he has given platform, oxygen and cover to people who are extremists.

        “I think he is playing with fire. The questions are genuine, they are serious. They are about his willingness to share platforms with people who want to ‘drown every Israeli Jew in the sea.’

        “It’s about his having employed someone who believed the Lee Rigby murder was fabricated. It’s about his career before being an MP, coaching people in how to sue the police.

        “It just goes on and on and on. To pretend those are not legitimate questions, to pretend that by asking those questions newspapers, Londoners or my campaign are engaging in Islamophobia is unbelievably irresponsible.

        “It is just obscene that somebody who wants to be the mayor of the world’s greatest city, to be in charge of our police and security, should behave not only with such bad judgment but in a way that is totally shameless.”

        Goldsmith also drew attention to Khan’s ties with Suliman Gani, a Muslim cleric in Tooting, the constituency in South London where Khan is an MP. “To share a platform nine times with Suliman Gani, one of the most repellent figures in this country, you don’t do it by accident,” Goldsmith said.”

    • This is an insult to your brave people who persevered ,ALONE against Hitler,until Pearl Harbor.
      This is an insult to everybody that slept in tbe subway during the Blitz
      This is an insult to the RAF of WW2 and those who died fighting off Nazi bombers in Spitfires and Hurricanes.
      The former subjects of the British Empire is conquering Britain..

  6. It is very sad this has happened and I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t some cheating going on as a Londoner I think my fellow citizens are nuts. I am wondering how I may leave the UK and live in the US where I could at least have the opportunity to defend myself. I am sure that eventually this guy will screw up Europe is on the road to hell with Trump maybe there is hope for America.

    • Trump will DEFEND the West
      The Left will try to SMEAR TRUMP
      Don’t believe it.

  7. Strange how talking about his religion was taboo until he got elected, and now that’s all we’re hearing about, like it’s some kind of victory, which of course it is.

    But only time will tell us for whom.

  8. Multi-Cultural Nirvana awaits

    Bearded Muslim men in London will shave and ….yes, even ‘behave’.
    Now that Goldsmith is out of the running for Mayor, the Labour Party will not feel as much need to blurt out a succession of anti-Semitic slurs.
    Therefore Khan can claim the credit of lessoning Labour’s Jew hatred.

    But wait a minute Sadiq Khan is quoted as being inspired by the Hadith and the Qur’an.
    What is the harm?
    Won’t sharia make Londoner’s a wee bit freer?
    Sadiq (the sneek) Khan, the deceiver.

  9. Good luck to London. This is the same as if Hitler had been elected mayor so that the Nazis would not hurt the British. What can possibly go wrong?

  10. Robert said: This is the same police force that Mr. Khan as London mayor would exercise authority over;

    Fortunately I believe that in the UK the mayor’s hold over the police is MUCH weaker than in a typical US city. The UK police are much more centralized (state level) than in the US.

    • Exactly. Lots of headless chicken posts going around right now.

      Mayors in the UK do not have an ooen check book or the ability to change laws at will.

      Government holds that power.

      I serioysly doubt khan will be imposing sharia law over night. BUT, as a figurehead he will promote the pc multi cult.

      Remember, London is over 50% foreign born.

      • I stand corrected, 44% are white british born in London.

        On a side note Queen Elizabeth I in 1592 ordered the mayor of London to deport all the moors from London.

        Somehow that ain’t happening in the 21st century.

      • “I serioysly doubt khan will be imposing sharia law over night”
        Alistair, that’s not how it works. If the Mayor blatantly blatantly “imposed sharia law” there would be a backlash. Stealth means are used. It starts with the building of a Mosque which is both religious and political center of the community. The community operates under sharia law outside the host country’s law. As the population expands and political office is achieved, organizations are formed which helps the community establish Tribunals to settle disputes under sharia law.
        As musloms get appointed as judges,you eventually wind up with courts allowing disputes and lawsuits to be tried using sharia law as the law of the land.
        UK already has this going on. it’s already started in the USA . Anywhere there is a sizable Muslim community there will be a push to have sharia law operate parallel with Host Country’s law until it can completely replace it.
        “The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal is a form of alternative dispute resolution…for Muslims who wish to resolve disputes without recourse to the courts system”
        “The tribunals … operate in…London, Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham and Nuneaton…-Wikipedia

        “Inside Britain’s Sharia courts dispensing ‘justice’ across the UK ”

        “SHARIA LAW UK – Islamic Sharia Law Transforming UK”

        “Up to 85 Sharia courts doling out justice under the radar of English law ”

        “Sharia Law in America – Current Status”

        “Muslims are ANGRY at Texas Mayor After She Stops “Sharia Court”

        “City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law | National Report”

        “Sharia Law Is Attempting to Replace the U.S. Constitution – FreedomOutpost”

  11. Shame on London UK. There is a Christian mayor in a city in Saudi? or in any other muslim country? Nope!
    Where is the balance? The weakness and political blindness of the Christian World is helping islam to invade and to conquer from within.

    • After the 7-7 bombings Khan praise the British for their tolerance

      Ignoring that fact that Muslims follow Muhammad’s example and that Muhammad was a war criminal is not tolerance, it is submission to Islam.

      • The night after London was Bombed by Hitler,Berlin was Bombed.
        Nobody thanked the British for their “tolerance”

  12. Very sad. In my youth, the dream of spending even a few days touring London would have been as a gift from heaven!
    But now? With “No Go Zones “, “Sharia Patrols” etc? Traffic halted by savage muslims at “prayer”? White folks harassed on the city streets? I but the tourist dollars will soon dwindle to nothing.
    The influx of near a million savages has turned parts of this once great city into bits of ME HELL on earth!

    • This is the people’s will.

      They want to live in a pc multicultural city.

      It’s a sad reality.

      Yeah, ive lived in London. Great buildings and history but lousy people.

      • About the people of the West; we can look at them in divers ways. One way of looking at them is using a high standard of what we expect them to be and do as the norm. And then we denounce all negative deviations from that norm, and the “substandard behavior” of people, lower than our norm. This is what is mostly in the news, I think. And we can also, for instance, regard Muslims, by virtue of their CHOICE of allegiance (as opposed to by virtue of their race), as negative deviations.

        Or, we can lower our norm, that which we expect from the total and average population of Western Nations. And yes, as we can be in favor of our democratic political system, we then can see how many citizens, a majority, are either disinterested, ignorant and very tepid about the democratic system, or even in favor of totalitarian principles in contradiction with it, like censorship.

        And then, might there be a positive exception to this new, lower norm for the general population? A section of the population that is truly democratic, interested in it, knowledgeable about it, well informed with ongoing news and passionately for it? I think so.

        Anthony Robbins says: Do not focus on what you fear, but on where you want to go. Others say; do not run away from something but TOWARDS something. It is fine if you formulate what you are against and guard against it; we need that too, but augment this with formulating what you are FOR, that which is BETTER THAN ISLAM.

        And in such a perspective, we can see a positieve exception among citizens defending and promoting true democracy with as much or more fervour as Muslims promoting Islam. And with a goal of at least a good functioning democracy and for that, yes, Islam and Muslims simply are an OBSTACLE, a threat, either in effect or potential.

        And in that perspective, in between those pro-Democracy and those pro-Islam, there are the majority of ordinary citizens, varying in degrees being neutral or supporting one side or the other.

    • Britain’s largest Islamic charity says it wants to “break down barriers” and portray Islam positively.
      They will do this by launching a new advertising campaign which will slap the phrase.

      “Being a Muslim gang rape target is good for your children and Islamic”

    • Many of us natives didn’t. I was on the Tube on 7/7 away from the bombs but my wife thought I was dead. Now I have a mayor who tells me it was my fault.
      I no longer trust my government to protect me and am learning skills to do the job myself.

  13. Khan is probably a stealth jihadist but the disturbing fact is that even if you take away the Muslim vote (12.4% of London pop was Muslim in 2011 census) Khan would still have won. Voting was more along racial ie White/non White rather then religious lines.
    Compare London borough results:,_2016#/media/File:London_mayoral_election_by_borough_2016_map.png

    with white/non white ethnic distribution in this map:

    • Interesting. Shortly after Khan´s victory, I watched a gloating hijabed Muslima interviewing a black African on the result. Said African was hysterical with joy, screaming ” he is one of us, He comes from where us come from. He will make sure we get what is ours “

  14. “Khan himself has written about the necessity to “ensure that the perception of Islam is not tainted by those with extremist views.” ”

    This is pure tawriya. Westerners hear this and think Khan is referring to jihadis, but he’s actually referring to those who criticize Islam and point out the intolerance, hate, bigotry and supremacism in it. To Khan and his ilk Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are the extremists, not jihadi murderers. If one reads any comments by these public Muslims with tawriya in mind it becomes plain as day that they’re ALL doing it, constantly.

  15. The British are so islamophobic and racist that they elected a Muslim as mayor of London.

  16. It has just occurred to me. I think Trump is banned from England. If he becomes president, then England has banned the U.S President. How would that look to the rest of the world?

    • The French would have a field day… “Ho ho ho. How about zem Rosbeefs, n’est pas vrai? What’s their problem? Afraid he’ll woo ze Queen Mo-there?”

    • No Trump isn’t banned. There was a vote on the houses of parliament to have him banned but the far left failed to get the vote.

      Saying that the protests everywhere he goes will be a major source of grief and expenses for the visiting countries.

      • Saying that the protests everywhere he goes will be a major source of grief and expenses for the visiting countries.

        Jihad-minded Mohammedans are not a problem–but anyone trying to protect against Jihad is a “source of grief”…

      • Shouldn’t Trump be getting a Peace Prize by now like Obama?
        What is the hold up?

        • Jay Boo, how unfair! After being sworn in on January 20, 2009, Obama had to wait eleven full days into his first term (February 1, 2009) before being announced as the recipient of this prestigious award. ?

        • Speaking of which, did Obama return the Nobel prize? Because the Nobel secretary regrets giving it to him. Too bad the Nobel medallion doesn’t have Churchill’s likeness in it 😉 . That, and the prize money isn’t printed in bills with Churchill’s face 😀

        • Angemon, that’s good! Real good! ? The monetary award in 2009 was about $1.4 million USD. That pays for a lot of golfing fees . . . including tips on how to lead from behind . . . ?

  17. His chapter in a book, entitled ‘Actions Against the Police’ which advises on how to bring charges against the police for “racism”. This is the same police force that Mr. Khan as London mayor would exercise authority over

    Particularly disturbing. The number one job of any mayor is protection of the residents of the city–will Khan allow the police to protect Londoners against violent Muslims? Almost certainly not if he can help it.

  18. I just came across this in my email from Breitbart (dot)com:
    Muslim Police Chief Says ‘Offending Culture, Religion And Tradition’ Not Protected As Free Speech
    A Muslim Police Chief Inspector for Greater Manchester has indicated that, according to his understanding, “Freedom of speech
    does not mean freedom of offending culture, religion or tradition”.
    Apparently after an uproar he backed up somewhat.
    Retreat is only temporary until the “enemy” can increase his numbers,
    Case in point is Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch Vows to Prosecute Those Who Use ‘Anti-Muslim’ Speech That ‘Edges Toward Violence’
    -dailywire .com
    :Rather than denouncing acts of terrorism, just one day after recent tragic events in San Bernardino, Attorney General Loretta Lynch
    told a group assembled for the Muslim Advocates dinner that the Justice Department is prepared to take “aggressive action” against
    people employing anti-Muslim rhetoric that “edges towards violence.”-Breitbart .com
    In a TruMews video I saw on YouTube, AG Lynch stated 225 actions have been taken against anti-Muslim rhetoric and she’s expecting to do a lot more.
    TRUNEWS VIDEO: AG Loretta Lynch to Prosecute ‘Anti-Muslim Speech’ on YouTube

  19. Sorry to say but I think Mayor Sadiq Khan needs to be watched carefully. He has a very checkered past in terms of his his associations
    if not in his views.
    I came across this article which I’ll share for anyone who hasn’t read it and would care to.
    “Meet Sadiq Khan – The First Muslim Mayor Of London”
    Some excerpts:
    “In 2009, when Khan was the Minister for Community Cohesion in charge of government efforts to eradicate extremism, he gave an interview
    to the Iran-backed Press TV. He described moderate Muslims as “Uncle Toms,” a racial slur used against blacks to imply that they are too eager to
    please whites.”

    “”In 2008, Khan gave a speech at the Global Peace and Unity Conference, an event organized by the Islam Channel, which has been censured
    repeatedly by British media regulators for extremism. Members of the audience were filmed flying the black flag of jihad while Khan was speaking.”

    In 2012, Khan addressed and praised the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), an umbrella group founded by activists from the
    Muslim Brotherhood. The British government has criticized FOSIS for promoting Islamic extremism.

    “n 2004, Khan was the chief legal advisor to the Muslim Council of Britain, a group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.”
    Bingo & Bingo
    I was looking for any connection Sadiq Khan may have with the Muslim Brotherhood and find it.
    I suspected I would after learning of Khan’s “coaching people in how to sue the police.”.
    That sounded straight out of the Muslim Brotherhood playbook.

  20. The more Muslim a place gets, the less livable it becomes. Look at Lebanon, Iran and Turkey of the recent past and look at them now. Look at some of the most stridently Muslim countries: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It’s plain as day, but none are so blind as those who will not see.

  21. I think we are past the tipping point. I’m from London, when I go there it’s not my home town any more. The Left have deliberately invited millions of immigrants, especially Muslims, in to permanently gerrymander the electorate. If anyone doubts that this was a deliberate, but undeclared, policy they should Google (Andrew Neather immigration). Peter Mandleson, heart of the Blair project, also has admitted well after the event that they ‘sent out search parties’ looking for immigrants to invite in, in furtherance of a socialist agenda. Immigrants are pretty well 100% solid Labour voters-after all, it is the hand of the Welfare State that feeds them.

    The other reason Khan won is that the so called Conservatives, who are as far to the left as the Labour party of my youth, put up an unelectable mayoral candidate.

    You have to understand that as a public sector employee in Britain, if I posted the above under my own name it might be enough to get me disciplined or fired under the new anti-Islamophobia/racism current of thought that is rapidly permeating my country. And we have no ‘conservative’ politicians to look to-there is almost nothing between David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn on this.

    the best explanation I can come up with for the surprising alliance between the political liberal/left and Islam it that hey have a common enemy-Christisnity.

    I am almost glad that I won’t be having any grandchildren.

  22. Seems as if time is ripe for a muslim as chief of NATO. EU chief as well. Anything seems possible. Horrified.

  23. Are we now finding out the truth about Trump?

    That Trump is a complete Fraud?

    All across the web ignorant Americans have been attacking the UK, some even stating that we should be nuked off the planet. All the while, these ignorant fools have been rallying for Trump, but what has Trump said?

    Trump is proclaiming that a muslim mayor is good for London.

    So what is this?

    Is Trump a Fraud?

    Is Trump a Fool?

    Or is Trump just your typical ignorant American, claiming islam is fine, just as long as it is not in my back yard?

    • Will they accept a muslim as chief of NATO and the EU as well?
      Hope not.

    • I don’t know what Trump is or what his motivations are. What I have been saying is that he strikes me as the kind of person who doesn’t take a set of values and stands by them no matter what but instead acts like a weathervane – he’ll say what’s more likely to get him what he wants, even if it means sending his previous warhorse to the glue factory. Case in point: big-money donations. When he was racing against establishment politicians he made a big deal about being self-funded (I believe he called his opponents “puppets” because the contributions they took came with strings attached). Now that he is no longer going against politicians funded by big-money donors, he says he will accept money from big-dollar donors for the general election.

      Weathervane, warhorse, glue factory.

      • Trump has already said there will be exceptions to his ban, and now he is kissing up to Kahn. So who will his exceptions be? Big money jihadi funding Saudis, business men and politicians etc.

        Trump cannot pick and choose which muslims can enter America, he either recognises islam as a threat and stands up against it, or he keeps quiet.

        Through his actions, Trump will end up looking like another obama bowing to islam, and yet again America and the West will appear WEAK to islam.

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