1. As a reporter recounted, Husain “felt privileged to be a part of a religion that gave so many rights to its women” and believed that the “fight for feminism in the West has been done already for Muslim women in Islam.” While women worldwide have struggled for equality for centuries, supposedly “all those rights were given to women 1,400 years ago” in Islam, according to her

    Yes, we all know how hard women in the Western world fought to be considered half that of a man, receive half of what a man gets when dividing inheritances, the right to allw men to have more than one wife and as many female sex slaves as they want while women can only marry one man at a time and are not allowed sex slaves, etc – you know, “equality”…

  2. I live in Florida, the American Part of Florida, & the Rise of TERROR LINKED CAIR, is frightening. The Majority of Mayors in Florida have become so islamatized, that they are now brazen enough to use the Rag Media to call out individual Americans, who dare disagree with Islam!
    One of our exMayors was able to frighten the City Council, to a pressured vote, to place the Ex-President of CAIR, NF, on a powerful Commission.
    Notice that the Muslims & Mayors are not brave enough to risk a General Vote of Citizens, but that is a future Terror!
    May God Protect Us From Islam!

  3. From what I hear, CAIR is still receiving money from individual Muslim families in the U.S. as part of their annual tithing (Zakat). But who knows where this money is going? Is this legal for a non-profit organization?

  4. Awad is such a slime ball and bucket of lies! There is so much evidence linking CAIR(THE COUNCIL FOR ALL ISLAMIC RADICALS) to the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood and why the mainstram media gives this lying, smug BUFFOON with his smug mug the time of day is beyond me!!

    I would love to see him go up against Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel, Sarah Geller or David Gaubatz who exposed this smug hoodlum in his outstanding book Muslim Mafia and the evidence supporting his terrorist ties from the documentation obtained in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

    CAIR and Awad’s time is soon coming to a close just as the radical BUFFOON anjem choudory’s time and sentencing came in London. The American Patriots are on to you!!!!

  5. How is it that the likely new President has a Muslim Brotherhood connected chief adviser (since 2000) who was raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and attended the infamous George Washington University. And is someone that Hillary regards as almost like her own daughter.

  6. Maybe we will get a president that will send this sham civil rights charity packing or investigate them for racketeering and terrorism. They need to be out of America. They are liars, frauds and implied supporters of Islamic terrorism.

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