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  1. “Lay ambushes for them and go after them in every stratagem if war”, Koran 9:29.
    Islam in action.

  2. No doubt John Podesta will tweet his dismay that the attacker was not a Christian “white nationalist”. Taqiyya–not just for mohammedans anymore.

    • “Taqiyya–not just for mohammedans anymore.”



  3. About all that Jazz, searching for motive, is not clear yet why, and so on, and so on.

    To quote and then to paraphrase Peter Ustinov:
    To quote:
    “The last voice to be heard when the world explodes is an expert saying: ‘This is technically impossible’…”
    To paraphrase:
    “This has nothing to do with Islam.”

    Any bets about the outcome?

    • DFD– years ago, someone sent me an email– the ‘story” being- Jews forced to live on the dark side of the moon; all Christians , etc killed. Muslims ruled the earth.

      The Sunnis and Shiites got into it- each side had nuclear weapons- (meanwhile, the jews established cities, farms, businesses, etc on the dark side of the moon).

      and the Muslims blew the planet up- but they launched a missile to the moon- with the message THIS IS ALL THE FAULT OF THE JEWS.

  4. It’s clear that this student skipped the play dough, hot cocoa and campus petting zoo. If only the Universitys could shed their racial bias when designing their Safe Spaces and alienating non-white cultures, perhaps students from afar could go there too and relieve their angst. This perhaps could prevent unfortunate incidents such as this in the future. Face it, cuddling a puppy might be great therapy for a young Caucasian coed, but for a Somali male for example, a stress reliever might be practicing FGM over and over on female manecins. Campus Safe Spaces must have diversity if they are to work.

    • OB-I hope that this was satire.

      Seriously, on the radio over the weekend, a professor or dean from (I think Iowa) said that there is a law school in Michigan where there are rooms forLAW STUDENTS TO GO AND COLOR; ETC.

      To me, sounds like a kindergarten or first grade type of setup.

      • Yes–coloring books for adults are now very popular. More of the infantalizing of the Western public–at the worst *possible* time for such childishness.

  5. He was welcomed to the land of opportunity. The opportunity to commit violent jihad unvetted thanks to O’ Balmy.

  6. Abdul could be Barack Hussein Obama’s son, perhaps Obama will give us some schooling on this Murdering Thug.
    What Terror we Americans are asked to accept by the Little Dictator! It’s long past time to fight back, this ugly savage will never be punished, in our country without the Rule of Law.

  7. Ohio State University jihad attacker now identified as Somali Muslim “refugee” Abdul Artan

    Funny, I don’t remember Jewish refugees trying to murder Americans after WWII–nor Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees going on murderous rampages against the people who gave them sanctuary in the ’70s and ’80s…

    But this is standard operating procedure with Muslim “refugees”.

  8. Quote from WW2 veteran: “The hell you can’t. Because we did it. These Muslims are no different than the (Imperial) Japanese. The Japs had thier suicide bombers too. And we stopped them. What it takes is the resolve and will to use a level of brutality and violence that your generations can’t stomach. And until you can this shit won’t stop. It took us on the beaches with bullets, clearing out cavbes with flamethrowers, and men like LeMat burning down thier cities killing people by the tens of thousands. And then it took 2 atom bombs on top of it. But if that was what it took to win we were willing to do it. Umtil you are willing to do the same….well I hope you enjoy this shit, because it aint going to stop.” Quote from a WW2 veteran overhearing someone say that “You can’t bomb an ideology.”

  9. Law enforcement officials told NBC News the suspect’s name is 18-year-old Abdul Artan, a student at the university. He was a Somali refugee who left his homeland with his family in 2007, lived in Pakistan and then came to the United States in 2014 as a legal permanent resident of the United States, officials said

    From Somalia to Pakistan an then to the US – and bringing Somalia and Pakistan with him…

    • He was a young man in Pakistan. Old enough to be trained and taught in Pakistan before being sent on the USA.

      This need not be an Islamic State inspired attack at all.

      Plenty of jihad-mindedness in Pakistan long before the rise of Islamic State.

  10. Away from the terrorist side of this attack, I can’t help to notice how easily this man made his way (or how easily the way was made for him) to university. At 18 years, he was already in university, not happy or grateful, but complaining about the lack of prayers room!

    About 35 years ago, I was already a highly qualified professional and managed to move to the UK only after nearly a year of correspondence with various bodies and universities for further education which I obtained after years of hard work. Those days, there were no prayer rooms and we didn’t even think of prayers.

    University education devalued, like everything else.

    As to the attack itself, it is typical of everything we warn about, and others sweep under the carpet.

  11. Gov Kasich, back during the Republican Convention, could and did not go- EVEN ONCE, TO SAY WELCOME. (Go back to the 1980 Rep. convention in Detroit- the DEMOCRATIC MAYOR, WHOSE IDEOLOGY WAS TOTALLY OPPOSITE THAT OF PRESIDENT REAGAN, WENT TO THE CONVENTION; CONGRATULATED REAGAN; WELCOMED DELEGATES,ETC.

    So, now, will Kasich go to the injured and/or their families and say something, or go to the Somali neighborhoods ( did not know there were such in Columbus, saw that in a JW post) and say that he will try to prevent a ” backlash”?

    Ass kissing slime. My opinion of the architect of the Downfall Of Lehman Brothers.

    • But, i forgot to mention, his father worked for the Post Office.

      Why that qualified him to be Pres. i don’t know. (Nor why qualified him to be governor of Ohio- I also don’t know, but never lived there, nor had any desire to).

    • Ohio has the second largest population of Somalis after the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

  12. he must be mental

    thats why he made it to college

    now I will have to endure all the muslims I know posting
    how its our fault

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