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    • Islam will never be compatable with the west.If it ever became so it would not be Islamic.That is the dilemma the West has to acknowlege before anything can be done.The collision course is set.Its just a matter of time before the day of reconning.

      • I agree. I don’t trust anyone who thinks that the evil Mohammed is a role model. A Muslim ban should have been imposed on 9/12.

      • Woodhouse, I agree with you!! It is just a matter of time.. I believe nothing these Muslim so called moderates say.. Imams are well versed in Islamic Law, and know damn well if Islam followed the concepts of Judeo Christian Law, they would not be valid.. That is the reason for a thousand years of separation of nations from Islam and the rest of the civilized world. Hindu, Christian, Jew, followers of Budda, and other smaller faiths.. NO ONE who follows law, civilization and modern norms can live with or within Islamic precepts. END OF STORY.

  1. WHAT? An ‘uncle Tom’ Muslim? How can that be?

    Don’t all Muslims have to endorse DISCRIMINATORY, SUPREMACIST, MISOGYNISTIC Sharia law?

    You have to pity the genuine Muslim REFORMERS! The reformers are attacked by the CONSERVATIVE MUSLIMS and by the black fascist LEFTARDS who have read NOTHING about Islam, and yet, preposterously, present themselves as SPONTANEOUS EXPERTS on Islam… by the miracle of NOT STUDYING Islam’s primary source texts!

    The LEFTARDS must have a OUIJA board that receives MESSAGES from MOHAMMED about ISLAM!

  2. Questions for Sharia Muslims: 1) How did people who elaborated Sharia law four or five centuries AFTER Mohammed, know MORE about Islam than Mohammed??? 2) Why do you need Sharia law manuals if THE KORAN IS ‘COMPLETE’?

    My conclusion, is that Sharia Muslims don’t believe that the Koran is ‘complete’ and they think they understand Islam better than Mohammed.

    • Mohammed was not a moslem – the text of the Quran only uses the word a couple times. It uses the word translated as ‘believers’ many times. Islam is a concatenation engineered centuries after the Arab conquest of much of the Roman and Persian Empires in the late 7th and early 8th centuries.
      While ‘Christian’ was coined in Apostolic times, within the first generation after His Crucifixion, Islam as a concept took centuries to cobble together, mostly to cement Arab dominance in the territories they conquered so rapidly. Read Tom Holland, who cannot be called an ‘islamophobe’ for his unbiased scholarship in Under the Shadow of the Sword.

    • I am sorry…you dont understand. There are no law abiding moderate muzzes. They all follow the singularlife and teaching of mohammed and abrogation. Check out Dr. Bill Warner on youtube

    • i really like the direction you’re going here mortimer, and pere thanks for the book suggestion.

  3. wow. this is shocking. I wrote earlier today that I’m waiting, hoping, to see one of Islam’s own, denounce Sharia law and the brutality of it. And here he is!

    I hate to get excited with hope … will he live to continue his messages? Will he be arrested for criticizing Islam? Will a fatwah be issued against him, if it hasn’t already?

    It’s a seeming miracle that a Muslim imam actually says these things …

    • Well chill out . Tacqiya is lying to advance the ideology. It is common. I am sure this guy would gladly hold you down for your beheading. They follow one law and one mohammed.

    • Don’t miss the date the article in the Daily Mail was published:
      PUBLISHED: 16:18 BST, 1 April 2017 | UPDATED: 16:28 BST, 1 April 2017

      • PS:
        The point is that you can’t be honest within Islam. The very honesty of yours would catapult you away from this fake and man-made religion.

  4. “‘I’m considered fake because I would die for Australia’: Imam slams extremists who claim he’s a fraud for following Australian law over Sharia and not wanting a Muslim state,”

    And the funny thing is,

    I don’t believe him. Muslims lie to us like they breath. Consider the recent case of Rollins College.

    • well, if they kill him, we’ll know he was serious. if he lives? as you point out, lying is part of their method of conquest. Point well made, Emilie.

      If he actually preaches, and practices, equality of sexes, denounces terrorism, does NOT want the caliphate — I mean, I’ve not heard one anytime recently saying such things!

      But you’re right. Don’t trust. Don’t believe. We’ll see.

      • I noticed he did not specifically cite WHY he has made these choices and what it is about Sharia Law he denounces, or his support of the equality of women, etc. I want specifics otherwise it is another sham and he is to be watched very carefully…like I hope they all are but know they are not.

      • sounds a bit like a witch trial: if she floats she is a witch and must be killed, if she died she wasn’t…

        We have to give the moderate-sounding ones a chance. Otherwise there is none – for us.

    • …and he said he’s an Australian Muslim and not a Muslim Australian,’ Thing is the first word is the qualifier of the second, ie the 2nd term is the dominant one. He’s got it backwards if he’s trying to convince he’s an australian first.

  5. Sure. Their common tribe (Ummah) decides about everything. Mohammed was their original tribal leader, and since then he has had plenty of successors, each watching another and never allow them to slip out of the step with watchful, “never sleeping” an Eye. Some of them would claim that this ever watching eye belongs to “Allah.” But no, instead, each Ummah member watches another Ummah member and this is real “Allah eye” watching them all. Tribalism at full force.

  6. This Imam is an anomaly not the norm. I still don’t want more Muslims in the west. I don’t trust them.
    Too many want Sharia and too many pretend to be our friends.

    • Lilythewise, absolutely agree. Now, if Muslims said, We do NOT want a caliphate, we are (insert your country here: _____________________) who live under the rule of law of this country … if they denounced terrorism and all of Sharia law and its brutality … if they, in their daily prayers, QUIT praying from the Koran and its instructions to kill Jews and all infidels … those Muslims might be welcome. Might …

      • Exactly right, Michael. Specifics. And let’s shed the headdresses and start being neat, and clean and tidy…including the area within which they live..and learn to use TP.. And no more enclaves of secrecy. No more reading of Qur”ran to the exclusion of other world literature and no more brutality. Freedom of speech is essential and being able to study and discuss other religions,… It is a far hope I am afraid..

        Having read “Dune” I doubt we will survive this this muslim onslaught beyond two more generations. I do not give Europe one. Then the world will devolve to tents and latrines or pre-pit cultures, and very few will become scholars but, by God, it will be a Muslim World.

      • Yes but that would mean the end of Islam.There can never be a rewriting of the koran.The only thing they understand is violent confrontation.You might just as well try and stop the tides.

  7. It’s an attempt of Muslims to play both sides of the net and a concerted effort to fool the Australians in order to have them swallow the poison of Islam. If this fake fake Muslim was a law abiding Australian, he would totally turn away from the subversive and totalitarian ideology of Islam.

    • I think that in the minds of most muslims there are two’Korans’.One the all singing and dancing sweetness and light which most believe to to be able to live alongside us and the othef one that the jihadists use and quote when out doing their ‘caliphate creating ‘thing.Meantime our governments keep their heads well down hoping that we will fall for the first interpretation they themselves believe.

  8. Australia will follow UK as being islamized! Their administration is compromised and pro muslim.
    They need a Trump style administration to wake up the nation from their moral sleep. When their people will realized that only through Christianity they can survive, they will defeat this new age of islamic hijrah.

  9. Fake Muslims vs real Muslims is a futile distinction. The fake prophet Muhammad is fully capable of producing both kinds of Muslims.

  10. I see Muslim Imams daily slam Islamic terror.

    What’s the point, nobody listens. The fact that this story is not found on major news networks says a lot.

    If a Muslim does stand up, you guys say he’s lying. It’s truly madness!

    Meanwhile idiots who joined ISIS come back as celebrities in the news. Interviews and all.

    Every time I see that, I often wonder why this guy doesn’t have a bullet in his brain? I wonder why western authorities never stand up.

    Look at the guy in Belgium!!

    Alive and smilingly at you fools. I pray that I have the opportunity to wipe that smile of his rotten face.

    • He’s not lying, he’s self-deluded. He wants to keep his camel despite having moved to the city.

      The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one.

    • Malik- that it is NOT found on the major networks says a lot- YES- ABOUT THE NETWORKS.

      The networks almost always are careful not to say Muslim or Islamic and terrorism in the same sentence.

  11. I have a $20.00 gold piece that says he won’t live out the year.

    • I know, how disappointing. I’m surprised the Australian Federal Police can’t somehow make it safe enough for her to come. Either way, it’s a victory for enemies of free speech like the “Council for the Prevention of Islamophobia Inc”. Yes, this “council” exists in Australia – they sound like some governmental department from Saudi Arabia.


    • One find in that link a video, and the “voices” seem to try to push an anti colonist and very much a feminist point of view, and that Ayaan is really supporting “war, patriarchy” etc.

      The Melbourne Muslim activists are pushing the “Ask a muslim a Question” and how all “islamphobia” concepts will melt away with their female apologists, in their coffee cafe, infering that Ayaan will not debate them

  12. BUT ……….. what proof does he have to show us that what he believes ISN’T contrary to genuine Islam? He provides nothing specific to show us that the accusations against him are wrong.

  13. “Australia: Muslims slam imam as “fake Muslim” for opposing Sharia and obeying Australian law.”

    Of course– ‘ basic Islam.

  14. I cannot muster any hope for any reform within Islam. If this Imam lives very long, we’ll know he’s just a taquiya artist. He’s another Zudi Jasser and Raheel Raza, neither of whom want to remove any Aya from “Allah’s holy word”. They can screech out every day that they reject Islamic doctrine but I will never believe them.

  15. “compatible with the west”?

    Such trickery

    For Islam to take hold and change the west into Islam

    He is an anomalous infiltrator into the infidel mind via the infidel language which can be fuzzily adapted as was Islam & phobia for Islamic purpose


  16. In Engeland
    An Imam
    Who was in tears over what was happeming in the Mosque
    Said he would be killed if he said a word

    This guy is risking his life for an impossible so called Islamic ideal?

    The jury is out

    Long enough for Islam to make a move?


  17. This is an April Fool’s Day prank. Nobody would say what he has said in public without an armed detail of well trained security guards around him. See if this guy is still around in a week’s time, or whether his alter ego suddenly appears on a current affairs program as a left wing comedian trying to make a political point.

  18. The majority of Muslims say that Muslims must obey the laws of the host country … until it is transformed into an Islamic country.

  19. “I want an Islam that is compatible with the West”.

    What crap. Islam will *never* be compatible with the West. Just more lying bullshit from a lying Mohammedan.

    If he was sincere, he would reject his foul ‘prophet’, reject the disgusting koran, and apostasises.

    This is just more smoke to make us believe there is a ‘moderate,’ Islam out there. No, there isn’t, and there never will be.

    I’m not buying what he’s selling.

  20. You can’t be a Muslim unless you want The caliphate, Sharia, Jihad and using Taqiyya all muslims lie to get the opportunity to inflict the rest on civilization piece by piece.

  21. If deeply studied, one would find Islam to be a Christian heresy. It admits that Yeshua was without sin and lived a sinless life and that He was born of a virgin, and is the Messiah, and performed miracles. Compare that to Muhammad. it simply denies Christ’s death and resurrection. If Muslims considered all this, maybe more would convert. I pray such a thing might happen.

  22. OK, exactly what school of islam does he belong to? And what does said school of islam teaches about the rights of women, religious minorities and apostates from islam?

  23. Cult brainwashing gives confidence in the extreme to lie

    It overrules absolutely everything

    Including all the logic intelligence morality that ever was is and will be

    There is only apostasy that will deal with that

    Islam is a master of deceit!


  24. That is the beauty about Australia, our checks and balances are pretty good at the moment. Hope it keeps this way.

  25. As cynical as I am, if this guy is sincere, I hope that he does succeed. The odds are against him though, because of the premise in Islam that the Koran is the final, perfect, and unalterable word of God. Many people who frequent this place probably know just how high a mountain this guy will have to climb.

    Maybe he’s just a taqiyya artist, maybe he’s not. I asked myself how to tell the difference between the two a long time ago. And the answer was in the Christian Bible all along. “Ye shall know them by their fruit.” If he’s serious about reform, then his actions will bear the truth of his words. And if he’s lying, then those same actions will expose him as a liar.

    Just because the Koran asks Muslims to turn Islam into a zero-sum game with every other civilization doesn’t mean that there aren’t voices within it who don’t want to do so. But those voices are going to need outside help if and when they crop up, given Islam’s inherent hostility to change.

    TL;DR Let’s see if this guy can walk his talk. Then people like me can act accordingly based on what they see.

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