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  1. Thank you for this.
    There was certainly one example of a complaint. A concerned spectator filmed herself making a complaint to the police.
    It is highlighted on Liberty GB’s Facebook

    “I have only just seen this, but everyone needs to watch it. The British police are now working with Islamic fundamentalists against the British people. Make sure you watch to the end, where a black police Inspector behaves like someone from the secret police in a third world dictatorship – even down to the sunglasses. It is difficult to argue against those who think Britain is finished when you watch this. Truly shocking. This really isn’t Britain any more. Tragic.

    They are literally refusing to even speak about the terrorist flags. Our country is lost.— Jeff Covfefe (@EngageTheRebels) June 18, 2017


    Mayor Khan is also responsible for the police. Will there be any action against the ignoring of the complaint?
    Don’t hold your breath.

  2. Excellent video, accent included….factual information from Anni, who lived under sharia law which is Islamic legal code in Iran. I have often wonder howw much money goes to the major news media outlets from foreign and domestic left leaning political groups to spin the issues to protect Islam…which is dangerous, deadly, aggressive and telling that there is a powerful influence from the sharia based countries that practices muruna and always also creates the fantasy Islam as victims and Israel as a occupier.

  3. Leftard, secular, American JINOs (Jews-in-name-only) do not care about Israel or Judaism or Jews in general and leave the job of protecting Jews to someone else. They are fools. If secular Jews would speak out about HATE-THE JEWS-DAY (Al Quds), this sort of hate-fest would not take place in civilized countries. Secular JINOs are complacent idiots. They are not paying attention to the canonical Islamic hatred of Jews which is normative in every Islamic country.

  4. Excellent expose, Anni…courageous people like yourself with first-hand experience with Islam are the only people that are not lying to the general public in western societies. I’ve researched Islam for three years now and I fully understand this evil that is masquerading as a religion. I also think Europe is already lost due to its own ignorance. I realize that Muhammed was an epileptic lunatic plagued by visions of “God”, numerous suicide attempts which all, unfortunately for mankind, failed. I think things will at some point come down to kill the Muslims before they kill everyone else in the world. Keep up the wonderful work!

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