1. Pretty soon there won’t be any room left in hell for these Muslim suicide bombers.

    Pure evil.

    • ; Oh, no, sorry, you’re wrong, they’re going to heaven,
      I thought you knew that?

  2. How does Trump look now to all these clueless infidels as they get run down and beheaded in cold blood and broad daylight.

    Can we impeach our radical leftist activists judges here in America that are blocking our travel ban from “five predominantly Muslim countries now? Please…

  3. How is it that the average citizen in the Uk can’t have a weapon to defend themselves, but these idiots can get military grade weapons?

    • Well actually the terrorists were using hunting knives.
      But I think trained and qualified Brits should be allowed to concealed carry. An armed society is a polite society.

    • They used knives and a vehicle. That’s the point they want to make. You are never safe, we can kill you with a tennis racket or whatever.

      • I don’t think that it is clear that they had only knives. I keep hearing about “Crossfire.” That would indicate the police were shooting in response to shots being fired at them.

  4. Even from that censored photo, I can see the outline of his jihadi hate beard.

  5. London jihad attacks: Photo shows man with “canisters strapped to his body”

    Jihad suicide bomber.

  6. Multi-diworseifycation of western culture from the lovers of their prophet mo, allah and death. More kufr dead and wounded, bless all these poor souls. Leave these western leaders, they are blind, or collaborators, corrupt, vile, a waste of oxygen. They will tell the public, this murder was caused by global climate change, much worse than a jihadi attack.

  7. It is better in my country, no Muslim – except those Tatars who have been here for 400years- no terrorist attack.

  8. I understand that the wife of one of the London Bridge terrorists was quoted as saying: “I am happy that my husband has now entered paradise” If this is true, she should made to pay a steep price and forced to cooperate with the police. How many times have we heard a pregnant Palestinian woman saying that she was “honored” to have given one of her sons or daughters lives in the effort to kill more sons and daughters of the Jewish people? And how she would be “honored” if her next child would become a suicide bomber as well as the first? Why is this situation so hard for us to understand clearly?

    • … and she will be monetarily compensated for the rest of her life by Terrorist Organizaion(s).

  9. Another “low tech” terror attack to show vans and knives are as effective as bombs in terrorizing the infidel. The fact it occurred during Ramadan is highly significant though no MSM will draw that to attention. This is Britain’s future as the Syrian ISIS base crumbles and the rats return home.

    • The Muslim Socialist Media will NEVER draw attention to the fact that Islam is a death cult and that its adherents are TOTALLY XXXXXXX INSANE just like their lunatic ” prophet” Mad Mohammed of Mecca.

  10. People were evacuated from hotels and told to find accommodation away from the area. Are the authorities lying about those ‘fake’ bomb belts on the terrorists? Were they real?

  11. We Europeans should start to arm ourselves, concealed, of course. I hope that there are some Real men in my country that carries, because we need to be able to take out these rats swiftly, when they run amok!

    • But if you should do that, TheDane, you will be prosecuted and jailed while the terrorists will go free. Your governments have disarmed their citizens, paving the way for the barbarians to take over.

      • Hopefully, your police and prosecutors are astute enough to employ selective prosecution.. After all, they do so for other items & subjects. This one should warm the cockles of their hearts.

        • Certainly not in the UK, RD Lankes. No such thing as selective prosecution, nor should there be (favouritism in the eyes of the law is/would be a very bad thing, indeed)

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