1. They should separate the inmates according to their religion, not only because of the bullying of non-Muslims, but also because of the way in which the Islamic ideology spreads inside the prisons. Normal inmates are likely to be transformed into Islamic terrorists.

    • Muslims inmates in a prison discover the power of real authentic Islam…it is a regiment! All Muslim males are soldiers whose job is the fascist one of imposing uniformity of conduct and tormenting those who don’t comply.

      Any jail guard can learn what real Islam is like from observation alone. However, in polite Western society, Muslims disguise their behavior and beliefs for the sake of harmony at the workplace. Only working class males and females can observe real Islamic behavior and hatred of the dirty kafirs because the working class Muslim doesn’t hide his feelings of hatred to the same degree.

      Hating kafirs is a duty and a virtue in Islam. The only question is that each Muslim has a different opinion about how much Muslims should hate the dirty kafirs and disassociate from them.

      • Ironic — for an ideology as FILTHY as Islam to use the expression dirty kafirs.

      • Raymond Ibrahim is right. Prisons in the Western world are ISIS centers of islamic supremacism and jihadist ideological hotbeds and thousands of violent drugs gangs are being converted to islam there by violent islamic jihadists who are already jailed there. These converted former drug gangs are being groomed for future violent jihadist agenda in the West and around the globe.

        • And those former gang members – wait, Islam, biggest gang of thugs ever – anyhow, those gang members also have criminal connections on the outside world! For Weapons, drugs to jazz up the Jihadis, you name it, they can Get it!

        • Yes, violent Black criminals find Islam appealing because it justifies their hatred of Whites and America, and allows them to rape, murder, assault and rob White infidels. ISIS members have their violent urges allowed in the service of the jihad against the infidels.

  2. Western leaders are unconscionably UNINFORMED and DISINTERESTED in even LEARNING about the JIHAD DOCTRINE.

    Without a solid understanding of the JIHAD DOCTRINE, it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand Islam.

  3. Faced with the option of paying up or suffering at the hands of the radicals, some prisoners have been pressured into converting to Islam to ease their time in prison.”

    Islam 101 – How historically islam spread.

  4. Islam is the religion of the criminals, by the criminals, for the criminals.

  5. Terror Crimes against so-called Kafirs are Directly Proportional to the Strength Muslim Population. Muslims More in Number means, more Number of Janaah Aspirants; thereby attacks and Torture on so-called Kafirs will increase. Kafirs; the so-called inferior creatures cry against crimes ignorantly.

  6. And if the convert gets to leave prison, they may remain moslim for to do otherwise is to be killed for leaving. But if they are of a psychopathic mindset, they will only use it to further their criminal career.

    In the past, some joined prison gangs in order not to be abused, killed, etc. by others larger and stronger. Evidently due to the numbers…inside and outside prison…moslims have the advantage.
    Numbers…a large part of what is happening and will only get worse is due to the large number of moslims on the move and all-too-ready to force islam on the rest of the world. Prison is their captive audience for the forced propaganda of the beast from satan.

  7. Alright. This is why I think we erred when we stopped flogging Quakers out of town at the cart’s tail. It was the Quakers, after all, who gave us the so-called “pneitentiary”.

    I, for one, resent having to support a Charles Manson for the remainder of his natural life, or a Joker Tsarnaev or Khaled Sheikh Muhammad through a decades-long appeals process that is more concerned with lawyers’ craft than justice. Yes, let’s have an appeals process to make sure things were done right. But let’s also see the executions of the incorrigibly violent and dangerous a bit more often. This isn’t about vengeance or atonement (for Heaven’s sake, a murderer does not “atone” for his sins on the gurney. Only in Christ is there atonement for human sin)–it’s about removing concrete evil from society.

    As for the thief, make him work off what he took from the victim several times over to benefit the victim and teach the thief that crime does not pay.

    The modern penitentiary is the university and graduate school of crime. That it has become a breeding ground for Islam should surprise no-one–for Islam is a religion that blesses the criminality of at least the male. And it doesn’t help that we tout the otterboggerfee of Malcolm X, that despicable mountebank, as a “tale of redemption” or “narrative of the attainment of dignity”. What an utter load of hog manure.

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