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  1. Just shows Moderate Muslims do exist – for a very short while. They’re either relinquished of their positions or deprived of their heads, depending on who’s in charge. Democratic institutions have no laws to protect and defend moderation in religion, leaving their exponents to persecution. Incidentally that much-vaunted period when Islam was open to discussion and dialogue lasted only about 5 years in history. After that all dictates of the hadiths are above question or discussion – that is the legacy of Islamofacism .

  2. Texas imam forced to resign over support of Trump’s Muslim immigration plan

    And we wonder why there are so few “moderate” Muslims.

    I wonder what the Imam replacing him is like?

    • I’ve been saying just this would happen: A LOT of Muslims LOVE freedom in North America and actually DON’T WANT MORE MUSLIMS TO SPOIL OUR FREEDOM!

      I believe there are many Muslims in the West who feel the same as Dr. Nidal Alsayyed!

      Dr. Alsayyed is agreeing that Islam destroys freedom and Muslim immigration increases the terrorist threat! He is obviously reconsidering the truth of Islam. There is no historic basis for Islam…he must now that as well. I hope he has the courage to leave this Death Cult. I pray for him.

      • Yes Mortimer, one way or another we ignore these voices and leave them to the wolves. Meanwhile the more rigidly minded and hostile spokesmen are kept in the limelight. We have duped ourselves into blindly embracing traditional Islam and putting the brakes on those who are stepping out of line and thinking through the issues and problems of the day.

      • He should leave the death cult

        Mortimer, If he left the death cult, they would kill him. This is why I say that no Muslim should ever be trusted. They are all under continuous coercion to hate or kill us. There is no way out for them except death and they are taught this from birth.

      • The following, excerpts from a recent e-mail from a cherished friend who is also my mentor in my study of Islam, former Bangladeshi Muslim, “Abul Kasem.”


        Dear DL;


        It is impossible to have moderate Muslims in the absence of a moderate Quran.

        Those who claim to be moderate are actually hypocrites and opportunists, dishonest and practice takiyya and kitman. Actually, they are more dangerous than the Jihadists.

        Good Muslims are the ones who are honest, and truly live by the words of the Quran and Sunna.
        Those veering from the above tenets are bad Muslims–or not Muslims at all. But they are afraid to declare their apostasy for fear of facing the wrath of good Muslims.

        Much of what is stated the in the essay is true and shows the scope and ferocity of Islam.

        Donald Trump’s idea deserves some merit. The only point is that he should distinguish between bad Muslims and good Muslims. I think, US should only accept very bad Muslims–. Allowing these bad Muslims protection for their apostasy. They will be allies. The US must stop admitting the good and moderate Muslims.


        Read more:

  3. A political conflict is playing out within the walls of the Muslim community in Southeast Texas. A man who was the leader of Muslims in the area said Thursday the conflict has resulted in his ousting.

    “Don’t get me involved in any political games in the name of religion. I am not here a political man,” Dr. Nidal Alsayyed said.

    Ah, so he’s an apostate – or at least what islamic orthodoxy refers to as “hypocrite”.

  4. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is returning fire against the Saudi prince who told him to drop out of the White House race.

    Trump called billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal “dopey” and accused him of trying to buy U.S. politicians with “daddy’s money” in a tweet late Friday.

    • I don’t see many Saudi princes taking in Christian refugees to live in Saudi Arabia.

      • They don’t take any Muslim ” refugees” either and proudly admit it. A Kuwaiti Sheik( sp?) stated they had a nice country and did not need barbarians ruining it. But only Trump is ” Hitler” ?!

      • Some time ( I think 5 or 6 weeks ago) a Saudi Prince said that in a conflict between Hamas and israel, he would support Israel. Then he was forced to say that he was misquoted.

        I think he was threatened.

        Consider- the Saudi intelligence agencies share intelligence with Mossad ( but probably not the Us-probably don’t want the Iranians to know what they know). And even they cannot/do not trust Obama.

        Consider- when the first exposes of NSA messages were out- they were critical of Bush; then when Obama was claiming that Israel, with the settlements-was creating issues, and the NSA documents showed that the Saudis were concerned about Iran and Hamas, and could not give a piece of shit less about Israeli settlements, and that Obama and crew were lying bastards- then it became treason, etc.

        By the way, i did nto see that the US was taking in Christian refugges, either. Just Muslims.

    • Harvard University (US) – Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program

      University of Cambridge (UK) – Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies

      University of Edinburgh (UK) – HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World

      The American University in Cairo (EGY) – Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Center for American Studies

      The American University in Beirut (LBN) – Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Center for American Studies and Research

      There’s another one in Georgetown. In fact that’s whence I got the list.

      Yeah, al-Walîd is buying off our academia and, from that, our government(s).

      • To Zimriel: Thanks for that. Woof! Academe sells out to misogyny, pedophilia, torture, persecution, xenophobia, Arab racism, Arab supremacism, backwardness, obscurantism, child marriage, FGM, slavery, theocracy, taqiyya, dictatorship, bigotry, discrimination, barbaric punishments, kamikaze murder-suicide, permanent warfare, personality cult of a human, etc.

        Islam contradicts all the ideas of the Enlightenment.

      • The bloodsucking politicians in Washington must have learned their trade from academia.

    • buy U.S. politicians with “daddy’s money”

      Wildjew, Paul Ryan is now organizing an effort to get Trump out. Trump must be threatening his cash flow

  5. While I am very glad to see what Dr. Nidal Alsayyed has to say here, he is also heavily involved with “Islamic finance” here and in the UK, which is a form of stealth Jihad–albeit one of the more subtle ones.

  6. It would be great to have Dr. Alsayyed working on the side of freedom and democracy and human rights, rather than supporting this sick Death Cult. I hope he will leave it and help other Muslims to leave it. That is the greatest way he can help the world.

    Dr. Alsayyed must realize he cannot change Islam from within. There is no mechanism to reform it. Normative Islam defends itself through vigilante murder. Surely, Dr. Alsayyed understands that already and that his life is now in danger for breaking ranks.

  7. Banning Muslims tends to make Islam look bad, so those agreeing with Trump are guilty of ;slander;…’The future mist not belong who slander…’ The Imam will be lucky to stay alive…

  8. Mosques are at the center of Quran-Sunnah inspired teaching and rhetoric that leads to Islamic violence in the West. All funds from Saudi Arabia to support or build Mosques should be prohibited by the US government and confiscated if the funding does not stop.

    It is insanity to fight Daesh in the ME while allowing petro-dollars to circulate back into Wahabbism, an indoctrinator of future home-grown terrorists, in the US.

    • Westman said: “It is insanity to fight Daesh in the ME while allowing petro-dollars to circulate back into Wahabbism, an indoctrinator of future home-grown terrorists, in the US.”

      Indeed, and under the leadership of both the Right and the Left, we have done just that.


  9. I don’t imagine the good doctor is stupid.

    So why the “The text of the holy Qur’an says the loss of one life is equivalent to killing the whole mankind,” crap?

    Beyond that, even, why do “journalists” not just “look it up”? Computer not working?

  10. Given that Muslims lie for alla, can you believe either side?

    That’s the conundrum.

  11. Interesting- the media is making a great deal of Mr. Trump calling for a halt to Muslim immigration to the US.

    BUT CHUCK SCHUMER-DEM/NY–SAID THE SAME THING- AND THAT WAS BEFORE SAN BERNARDINO. (Also, before the paris Fridaynight/Sat. massacres)

    But mentioned once or twice. I wonder why. Schumer is Jewish, so i doubt that he recanted.

  12. “’s political motivations he said have forced him to resign as Imam.”

    But it seems to me that theological incompetence was also a reason. This guy doesn’t seem to know his Islamic theology and actually believes that Islam is a religion of peace. Fancy not reading the whole Quran verse properly and fancy not reading the very next verse commanding Muslims to slaughter, crucify, chop off hands and feet for causing “mischief” in the land. This is serious lapse of knowledge for an Imam. What has he been reading? Mary Poppins? If I were a Muslim I’d kick him out too. In fact he’d be an apostate – and we all know what the penalty for that is.

    • ” If I were a Muslim I’d kick him out too. In fact he’d be an apostate.”


  13. So instead of taking out all the imams preaching jihad out of all the mosques they go after the who finally stands up to them. Yeah this verse about killing someone is like killing the whole world I see is the only verse the moderates can seem to come up with to defend their religion of peace. Next time I hear that I’ll have to ask them to quote the verse after. I think all the many other verses that pretty much say the opposite kind of cancel that one out. I think if any ME country should have been invaded by the west a long time ago it should have been Saudi Arabia. We could have eliminated like 95% of terrorist funding, had control of nearly all the oil in the world plus taken all their money which we could be using to fight climate change. Lol

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