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  1. No doubt Christians in Pakistan are under constant fear of death and persecution. However, it should also be noted that Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan face even greater danger. In fact, it appears that there has been an even greater persecution of these two communities than of Christians. Their trials and tribulations are no less than those of Christians.

    • Agreed. Atheists and agnostics are also at risk of being murdered for a false accusation of blasphemy. Pretty Hindu girls are frequently kidnapped in the so-called ‘love jihad’.

      Islam is a cult of enslavement, torture, vigilante murder, rape and plunder. No one is safe in a Muslim majority country. Everyone lives in constant unrelenting fear from cradle to grave.

      • The point of the story is this: Sharia law forbids Jews and Christians from worshipping outdoors where Muslims can see them. For that reason, the Christians were murdered in the park.

        On the other hand, Muslims are permitted to worship anywhere at any time…blocking streets, making traffic jams, screaming through loudspeakers at all hours louder than jet engines.

  2. Nobody should have to die just because someone filled with hatred, from Satan feels the he needs to kill someone. He can go our and box a tree or stomp a bug!!!

  3. The phenomana of Terrorism in Pakistan is an open secret to global community. It is not question of Shia, Sunni, christian no body is safe from terrorist attacks. The terrorist are not differniating thy are just killing and destroying.
    We should do justice because we akk know the facts. Mr Spencer you know the reality very well but tou are misleading. It is intelctual dishonesty.


    • So, Peer, you don’t think the discrimination against Christians in the Pakistan Constitution, and the targeting of Christians using blaphemy laws makes the persecution of Christians more direct than the collateral damage done to Muslims – BY MUSLIMS?

      How about the assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti? Was that done by Christians? Where are those Christan militant Jihadists?

      Let’s try a little honesty here. It is men who were raised in or converted to Islam that are in the news every day for violence committed in the name of Allah; usually with shouts for Allah. Islam is the seed of bitter fruit.

      • PEER ZULQARNAIN SHAH believes that the ISLAMIC terrorists of Pakistan are indiscriminate to soothe his conscience for supporting the Islamic vigilante murder cult. There is no justification for Pakistan’s breeches of human rights and the UNDHR. PEER ZULQARNAIN SHAH wants us to think he is a civilized man. He is not. He is theocratic fascist.

        Christians in Pakistan have been specifically targeted by Muslim bigots who believe they are merely enforcing Sharia law and the Pact of Omar by taking the law into their own hands as SHARIA VIGILANTES. These bigoted, pre-planned attacks is not in dispute…unless one is committing ‘intelctual dishonesty’ like PEER ZULQARNAIN SHAH.

        By the way, the interesting name ‘ZULQARNAIN’ of our interlocutor is one of the many proofs that the Koran is a man-made, plagiarized fabrication: ‘ZULQARNAIN’ (dhul qarnayn) means ‘the one with two horns’. That’s the nickname of Alexander the Great who in Egypt declared himself the Son of God…son of Amon…the two-horned creator god of Egypt’s pantheon. Coins bore the image of Alexander with the horns of a goat. The Koran claims Alexander was a monotheistic proto-Muslim, while, in fact, Alexander was a blasphemous polytheist declaring himself to be a living god. The

        Dhul Qarnayn is a prime example of the many human fingerprints on the pages of the Koran, They demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt its entirely human origin. The name ‘dhul quarnayn’ is one of the greatest proofs that Islam is false. Mohammed (or whoever wrote the Koran…likely Hajjaj) was so delusional and semi-literate, he did not think his spurious ‘revelations’ would be found out. Modern scholars have found out the literary source of the ‘Dhul Qarnayn’ story: ‘Pseudo-Callisthenes’ (ca.200AD) and the ‘The Alexander Legend’ composed in or around Syria (ca 630AD) in the Syriac language. The word ‘dhu’ (de) is a distinctively Syriac word. Mohammed made no attempt to have the complete Koran assembled, showing that he himself did not think of his revelations as ‘eternal, perfect and complete’, but of merely opportunistic and temporary value. Mohammed and the other Koran creators did not realize modern scholars would discover their fingerprints on this hoax.

  4. Christians need to come togther in prayer to support their brothers and sisters under attack throughout the world. Instead of packing themselves into megachurches to hear a distorted false gospel of prosperity we need to fall on our knees; and seek God’s face and forgiveness for choosing mammon over the truth. Christians under attack around the globe are not praying for larger cars, houses, and bank accounts. When the enemy rushes in like a flood, do you really expect God to stand up for people who have only been taught to use Him as an ATM? The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but . . . . . And if you do not know the rest of this scripture, you’d better learn it soon.

    • I couldn’t agree more J Smith ! Amen! Amen ! Amen! My prayer also is that God The Holy Trinity will once again Revive and Reform His Church through the Power of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ and the Efficacy of The Person of The Holy Spirit ! Or better yet ” Even so come Lord Jesus ! ” No doubt in My Mind that The Islamic Invasion is The True God’s Judgement upon Especially Europe and North America for Replacing Real Christianity with Neo Marxism and Prosperity Gospel Etc . Also rampant in Africa and South America Etc! REVIVE US AGAIN !

  5. So long as the Teaching, Butchering Kafirs (Inferior creatures) is an Assured way to get Visa to Jannah,is Engraved in the minds of people who follow Islam this Phenomenon will continue.

  6. Ironic that the religion of cab drivers, gas station attendants and convenience store managers who sell pornography, should think themselves superior to Christians.

  7. Actually its Christians of US murdering Christians of Pakistan.U.S is bankrolling pakistan’s economy.In addition they are being supplied F 16 fighters courtesy U.S taxpayers money.It is high time U.S imposes sanctions on countries who threaten Christians.

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