But the FBI intelligence report Khera purported to be describing didn’t actually say that converts to Islam were necessarily “on the path” to becoming “extremists” if they wore traditional Muslim attire, grew facial hair, and frequently attended a mosque; it simply included these behaviors among a list of fourteen indicators to “identify an individual going through the radicalization process.” Others included “travel without obvious source of funds’; “suspicious purchases of bomb making paraphernalia or weapons”; “large transfer of funds, from or to overseas”; and “formation of operational cells.” Khera selectively quoted and misrepresented the list to give the impression that the FBI was saying that devout observance of Islam led inevitably and in every case to “extremism.”

Despite the factual accuracy of the material about which they were complaining, the Muslim groups signing the letter demanded that the task force “purge all federal government training materials of biased materials”; “implement a mandatory re-training program for FBI agents, U.S. Army officers, and all federal, state and local law enforcement who have been subjected to biased training”; and moreto ensure that all that law enforcement officials would learn about Islam and jihad would be what the signatories wanted them to learn.

Brennan seemed amenable to that. He took Khera’s complaints as his marching orders. In a November 3, 2011, letter to Khera, thatsignificantlywas written on White House stationery, Brennan made no attempt to defend counter-terror materials and procedures, but instead accepted Khera’s criticisms without a murmur of protest and assured her of his readiness to comply. “Please allow me to share with you the specific steps we are taking,” Brennan wrote to Khera, “to ensure that federal officials and state, local and tribal partners receive accurate, evidence-based information in these crucial areas.”

“I am aware,” Brennan went on, “of recent unfortunate incidents that have highlighted substandard and offensive training that some United States Government elements have either sponsored or delivered. Any and all such training runs completely counter to our values, our commitment to strong partnerships with communities across the country, our specific approach to countering violent extremist recruitment and radicalization, and our broader counterterrorism (CT) efforts. Our National Strategy for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States highlights competent training as an area of primary focus and states that ‘misinformation about the threat and dynamics of radicalization to violence can harm our security by sending local stakeholders in the wrong direction and unnecessarily creating tensions with potential community partners.’ It also emphasizes that our security is ‘inextricably linked to our values,’ including ‘the promotion of an inclusive society.’”

Brennan assured Khera that all her demands would be met: “Your letter requests that ‘the White House immediately create an interagency task force to address this problem,’ and we agree that this is necessary.” He then detailed other specific actions being undertaken, including “collecting all training materials that contain cultural or religious content, including information related to Islam or Muslims.” In reality this material wouldn’t just be “collected”; it would be purged of anything that Farhana Khera and others like her found offensivethat is, any honest discussion of how Islamic jihadists use Islamic teachings to justify violence. Brennan assured Khera that he saw the problem just as she did, and that remedies were being implemented quickly: “We share your concern over these recent unfortunate incidents, and are moving forward to ensure problems are addressed with a keen sense of urgency. They do not reflect the vision that the President has put forward, nor do they represent the kind of approach that builds the partnerships that are necessary to counter violent extremism, and to protect our young people and our homeland. America’s greatest strength is its values, and we are committed to pursuing policies and approaches that draw strength from our values and our people irrespective of their race, religion or ethnic background.”

The alacrity with which Brennan complied was unfortunate on many levels. Numerous books and presentations that gave a perfectly accurate view of Islam and jihad were purged and the Assistant to the President on National Security for Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism was complying with demands from quarters that could hardly be considered authentically moderate. Now, four and a half years later, this entrenched policy of the U.S. government ensures that people with potential terror ties simply cannot be vetted, since the administration is bound as a matter of policy to ignore what in saner times would be taken as warning signs.

Johnson’s soothing words are thus null and void. There could be jihadis working in airports all over the U.S. – and no one will know until they strike.


  1. The comment / answer that DHS Secretary Johnson gave is shows complete ignorance of this administration. Wow! They all are fools!

  2. I feel the same as you this NWO has to be stopped or life in the US is going to change to an unreal hell on Earth

  3. Before Brennan acted upon her demands did he check out HER claim to citizenship? I CANNOT wait till Obama is gone!

  4. “Jeh” Johnson is a maggot like his boss and so m,any others infesting our government.
    When is he going to learn to spell his name correctly?

  5. Presumably Johnson and his team have consulted their extensive database of card-carrying Islamic State members, and have diligently compared it to their list of airport employees, and have removed those who appeared on both lists.

    Yup, that would be my guess as well – they’re looking into known criminals, not looking into the actions and behaviour of each individual to try to assert whether or not they pose a threat. Because they don’t know what the hell the threat is, let alone what to look for.

  6. Excellent documentation of the situation Robert. This is a stunning indictment of current policy, and your work will be of historic importance to tracing the downfall of America.
    If you folks think Obama was bad, just wait to see what Hillary has in store for you. You think the Constitution protects you from Sharia? You wait and see how creative she will be.
    Goodbye free speech, hello hate speech, because if you say anything unkind about Islam, it will be prosecuted as such.
    I hope this article is read far and wide.

  7. Robert Spencer wrote: “Johnson’s soothing words”

    All we need is the laugh track after he makes a soothing statement! He does great deadpan.

    What we could do if we had the budget to ridicule these professional liars…in the way they slander and ridicule the counterjihad.

    The US was caught with its pants down at Pearl Harbor and also at 9/11. Civilian awareness of jihad…not jihad denial from Johnson…is what will save lives.

    Johnson should be ashamed of asking the American people to remain unsuspicious and uninformed about jihad. Jihad is a compulsory duty incumbent upon all Muslims.

    • One of the commonalities among jihadists is attendance at Islamic STUDY GROUPS. At these groups the ‘DEEPER, TOTAL ISLAM’ of jihad is laid out by the study of jihad references in the FOUNDATIONAL SOURCE TEXTS OF ISLAM.

      Without studying ALL THE TEXTS used by the jihadists, how can law enforcement agents recognize the code words and behaviors of a jihadist? The FBI agents and other police looking for jihadists must have real experts on the jihad theory such as Robert Spencer to train agents to become alert to the key words and phrases that indicate a devotion to jihad.

      It should be elementary to spot a jihadist through a lie-detector test and a list of questions prepared by a jihad expert. 15% of Muslims say they support Islamic terrorist groups.

  8. Every Muslim is linked to terror through Islam: Allah & Moe. “I will cast terror.” “Allah cast terror.” “To strike terror”. “To terrify thereby.” “I have been made victorious with terror.”

    Offensive Jihad is fard al-Kifaya. When we retaliate, defensive Jihad is fard al-ayn: individually binding on every Muslim.

    There is no excuse for any Muslim to be employed where he can endanger security. There is no excuse for any Muslim to be within our borders.

    Those who are obligated to punish us for not being Muslims must be expelled and excluded.

    • dajjal wrote: “Offensive Jihad is fard al-Kifaya. When we retaliate, defensive Jihad is fard al-ayn: individually binding on every Muslim.”

      True. All Muslims are obligated to conduct jihad or ‘pay off’ their obligation by paying for jihad. Therefore, ALL Muslims in principle, are jihadists, but not in fact, since most Muslims are neglecting their duty and are thus ‘living in sin’.

      • So massive migration is not obligated duty, even if they neglect some of their duty…and live in”sin”, in communities with mosques with funds from Islamic entities, that require obligation, if not in action, but support.?

        So why in this country? Unless it is to eventually to overpopulate, gain political control and complete the caliphate. by bring sharia law.(hate speech)..which seems they are near accomplishing all of the objectives while the jihadist gets support…..money..defense…and our administration is making no connection….with Ivy league, vocabulary and eloquence to impress and maybe deflect the


        • Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 59, Number 598:

          Narrated Majashi:

          I took my brother to the Prophet after the Conquest (of Mecca) and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! I have come to you with my brother so that you may take a pledge of allegiance from him for migration.” The Prophet said, The people of migration (i.e. those who migrated to Medina before the Conquest) enjoyed the privileges of migration (i.e. there is no need for migration anymore).” I said to the Prophet, “For what will you take his pledge of allegiance?” The Prophet said, “I will take his pledge of allegiance for Islam, Belief, and for Jihad (i.e. fighting in Allah’s Cause)”

          Spiritually, it is better for a Muslim to remain in Dar ul-Islam where there is no impediment to practicing Islam. Migration is allowed if the destination is open to Islam and does not impede its practice. The come to conquer, not to be like us.

          For more detail, delve into Malik’s Muwatta. Search for migration at sunnah.com .

          Allowing Muslims to colonize our societies is the ultimate suicidal insanity.

      • It is called “the forgotten obligation”. abd al-Wahhab, al-Banna, Qutb & Maududi remind them of that obligation.

    • Exactly dajjal: that is the doctrine…so that is why I asked “who vetted him”, if you get my drift……quite alarming to see the “need to be vetted”, in positions to do vetting…eh? Of course that is just a query, just a hunch…..that really can’t happen, can it?

      • How will you vet a Muslim to know i he is a Believer? Reminds me of an old racist joke: “Boy, does U believe?”…”So long ….!”. 3:28 gives Muslims a license to lie to us, so it is hopeless except for the rare case like Chowderhead.

        If America had competent and patriotic leaders, there would be no Muslim within our borders, much less in the security services.

  9. I don’t which is more disgraceful, having persons with known terror ties working at airports, more than a decade after 9/11, or purging law enforcement training of persons and materials deemed offensive to the Muslim Brotherhood. As Robert points out, the latter leads inevitably to the former. I wish that one of the Republican candidates would make an issue of this. A complete betrayal by our leaders.

  10. Vetting,,,

    Do you believe Allah is God and Mohammad his messenger?


    Sorry we can’t5 use you…

  11. Vetting…
    Do you believe Allah is God?


    Don’t call us, we will call you…

  12. Excellent article Robert…and this is just about airports…..now we have Lakeland,Texas. military base shooting..not too much information yet…but it sure shows the problems we fact when accurate information about jihad is deliberately removed, diversity takes away intelligence and the threats spread. It is akin to the global warming strategists saying we might loose our atmosphere, magnetic protection, that protect us from massive solar radiation…..global warming …. or subversion, stripped of intel data facts

  13. Statism is the worlds problem. It stems from the Catholic Church and carried out by the Jesuits. They are actually whats behind the joke word “illuminati”. History proves this over and over from Constantinople to Rome to present day. Statists are religious to the core and have been completely indoctrinated by the Jesuits of Rome. They have literally no ability to critically think or question whats happening. They merely wrap themselves up in a corporations flag and yell racism until they get what they want. Malignant narcissistic sociopaths control the world, but are you really surprised in a sin fallen world with the greatest deceiver as their leader?

  14. Robert Spencer writes: “There could be jihadis working in airports all over the U.S. – and no one will know until they strike.”

    I’ll eat my hat if would-be jihadists aren’t on the airport payroll . There is no way to “vet” for evil intentions. And let us not fool ourselves. Would-be jihadists come in all shapes and colors. There is no detector that can screen for evil intent. CAIR would have a cow if Muslims were denied employment based upon “religion” and their adherence to said “religion”. The lawsuits would fly.

    All we can reasonably rely on is a background check, which is flimsy at best.

    Slightly OT: Just got my homeowner’s insurance bill. There was a yellow sheet of paper with big bold lettering informing me that I can inquire about “acts of terror” insurance. My annual premium is $1400.00. I called my agency and for a mere $375.00 more a year I can get me some terrorism insurance. What does THAT tell you?

    I want to protect my home from a fire, tornado, hurricane, theft, and/or personal injury. Either the insurance agencies in Massachusetts are toying with people’s fears, or the underwriters know something…

  15. An individual jihadist, who has never left of the country or had military training, comes along, destroys your home or business…..how would you prove it to receive payment….they would call it an act of God and not pay you? Any insurance guys out there? By reading all these peculiar reports of weird events…it has already occurred across the country. I think the word they use to communicate to one another is disrupt or agitate…or bringing chickens home to roost….just listen I think “he” has said it many times.

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