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  1. Perhaps it is time for Muslims to get up on to their soap boxes and call for respect to be shown to non-Muslims

      • 100 years of Muslim control??? Armageddon would have come and gone by then and ALL would have bent their knees in honor and submission to Jesus…. What a wonderful time that will be…. Waiting!

        • J D S, Is not the cult of the pernicious pedophile Armageddon? It would be the left’s version of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse where instead of righteousness, evil would prevail.

      • No we won’t, for if the status quo continues, they will be in full control long before 100 years, and will show the kuffar no respect whatsoever; as they have done all along, knowing full well the kuffar will never defend themselves.

      • Never going to happen. England is already lost! Migration as Jihad has been a complete success. The once great nation has sunk into complete dhimmitude.

        • Defeatist. What are you doing here, peddling despair and defeatism.

          What happened with Tommy Robinson and Sellner’s speech, at Speaker’s Corner, is potentially a spark to set a whole nation on fire… as it *needs* to be.

          Why are you so swift with a big wet blanket?

        • Not being a wet blanket. Just stating facts. The English have sold their souls to the gods of political correctness. You want a good example, you all elected a Islamist as the mayor of London. The English need to regrow their spines and take their nation back from the Islamo-scum. Or just continue to good little dhimmis

    • Muslims had ready taken over ‘speakers corner’turning it into an outdoor mosque.Last Sunday redressed the balance.I was there to witness it and what a great day it was!

        • No.It was my first visit to speakers corner.I chatted to people who were regulars though.It was they who told me that the place had beem virtually ambushed by muslims and how great it was to see so many patriots there

    • They, the muslims, are no more that untrained dogs running rampant through the civilized world.
      You don’t pet a “rabid dog” …. you remove the threat.

      • This comment is offensive. Islam forbids dogs, much as it forbids art, dance and music. Calling Moslems untrained dogs, or even trained dogs, is to insult them and their religion. Why do you insult Moslems? I axe cuz I’m always looking for new angles on the forthcoming world under Sharia.

    • You will be shouting to the wall. All Muslims follow the dictates of the Quran and that means that there is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim. All Muslims are working towards the same end, to be dominant in the world and they will lie, deceive, kill, injure, rape, twist and cheat to get there. The only way to deal with Muslims is to evict and ban them. Send them back to the Middle East to kill each other (and they will) to live in caves and tents where the uncivilized live. Isolation is key. Humans use isolation and it is called jail. God uses Isolation and it is called Hell.

      • That’s on helluva list. Got to go. Going down to the local mosque and signing up for Islam. No more second class citizen for me. Allahu Akbar.

  2. Amen!

    And thankfully I am both an “articulate political orator to an end-of-the-world-is-coming [town crier]” !

    It seems that Speaker’s Corner is shutting down, but for now we have Spencer’s Corner!
    For now.

    • Hey, I like that one – Spencer’s Corner! Definitely fits this “open-mike” forum!! Also, check out “Geller’s Corner” on Pam Geller’s website!

    • Yes, Benedict, it is a remarkable compilation of straight talk about jihad. Most of the time, however, 99.9% of Muslims dissemble and disinform about the meaning, motive and methods of jihad. Such prevarication about jihad is VERBAL jihad.

      In that remarkable video they speak plainly about the jihad doctrine without hiding it.

  3. The police are correct. The Muslims will riot. That’s what they do. The problem is they, the police, are elevating public order over public rights.

    • That is why no action is ever taken against the followers of that false religion.Our government is scared gutless of them taking to the streets thus forcing our so called law and order officers taking real action to stop them.They prefer to defend their every attempt to take over.They are playing a very dagerous game.Their policy(if it can be called a policy)is to hope that the muslim ‘moderates ‘ will become numerous enough to keep down the more radical elements long enough for a similation to occur.Of course this wont happen but these politicians will be gone and out of office to face recrimination

      • Yes, i see them playing the game in the way you describe it.

        If the pot ever boils over, there will be no more hiding from the fact that it contains a nasty and poisonous concoction. So they try to keep it at a heavy simmer, hoping no one notices.

    • That is absolutely true. The Police in these modern times give priority to preventing “breaches of the peace” over the enforcement of laws.

      Therefore rapists and thugs threatening and molesting teenage girls are allowed to continue in case stopping them and arresting them for breaking the law might provoke riots. Keeping everything calm is the modern holy grail of policing. Unpleasantness, such as rape, violence and threats etc are better swept under the carpet.

      • That is not what the police are getting paid for though. They are supposed to uphold the laws of the land not cave in to these Terrorists that were brought in the country in the guise of refugees, when in fact they are and always will be a plague and a blight on the nations where they invade.

  4. “Islam is the enemy of reason.” — Diderot

    Muslims are not capable of responding to criticism articulately, cogently and without violence.

    • Jaws, do you have the provenance of that quote by Diderot? I have not been able to find it myself. I would love to use it if it is accurate.

      • It is difficult to get to a link and for context and further understanding..

        “L’islam est l’ennemi de la raison.”

        Lettres à Madame De VOLLAND

        Denis DIDEROT
        Orani Fallaci

        she quotes from the 18th century philosophe Diderot: “Islam is the enemy of Reason.” Yet Islam today is not the Islam of Diderot’s time–an Islam that is content to be the enemy of Reason in Dar el-Islam. It is rather an enemy on the march–but not the forced march of armed ranks of soldiers, against which the West could wage conventional war, but a different kind of march, against which the West appears to have no defenses.

        Sorry as the ‘lettres’ are in French and nor can I track through the French language.

        • Denis Diderot – Lettres a Mme Volland. Folio books – 1984. Edited by Jean Varloot.

          Diderot’s correspondence with Marie-Henriette Volland was intellectual in nature. He called her ‘Sophie’ because in Greek Sophie meant ‘wise’. No paintings of her survive but she apparently wore glasses.

      • graven, I read it in Oriana Fallaci’s book, “The Force of Reason.”

        “As Diderot wrote two hundred and forty-five years ago to Madame Volland: “Islam is the enemy of Reason.” (165)

  5. Hugh Fitzgerald: At Speaker’s Corner, It’s Time to Show Muslims Some Respect

    Excellent piece–thank you, Hugh.

  6. Respect is earned by respectable actions, not by banditry, murder, pedophilia, rape, slavery, totalitarianism, and genocide.

    That being said, we all treat Muslims with far more respect than they deserve, because we have ethics that state that we should treat all people with respect.

    • Absolutely. So respect is traded according to how it is earned. Which would mean that muslims in the West are currently running a massive overdraft, which they have obtained illegitimately through menaces.

    • respect is not earned: everyone is born with it. That is the most important message of Enlightenment. Respect is also called dignity. That is the respect Hugh is talking about. It is not the I have more, am bigger, am more brutal type of respect that most people use.

      We can kill with respect and civilised people kill bad people leaving their dignity intact. The islamic State intentionally kills, trying to take away the dignity of their victim. They end up taking away their own dignity.

      We must never forget that, otherwise islam would have won.

    • Yes! Respect must be earned — especially if there is reason to suspect that it might not be warranted. We might give a person the benefit of the doubt, and show them respect until they give us reason not to. But an ideology has to prove itself worthy of respect before any respect is due.

      Islam has proven, for 1400 years now, that it is definitely NOT worthy of respect. In fact, of all the ideologies that have been popular throughout history, Islam is the LEAST deserving of respect, for a multitude of reasons. That makes it very difficult for any devotee of that barbaric ideology to prove that they are worthy of our respect.

      Certainly the onus is on Muslims; and their demands for respect would be laughable if they weren’t backed by the threat of violence — a threat recognized by everyone from dedicated counter-jihadis to the most PC, Islam-friendly liberals.

      In my opinion, the only way for a Muslim to truly earn our respect is by rejecting Islam entirely and becoming a former Muslim.

  7. They’ve had 1400 years to exhibit to the world if they are worthy of respect or not. 1400 years to show if they prefer discourse over violence. I believe we all have our answer.

    Imam Huysein said to his Muslim brothers that they were going down the road of violent jihad too far..and what was the response of his coreligionists? He,his family and followers were all decapitated..Islam is Islam is Islam.

    • Search “images world map average IQ” “images world map marry first cousins” “images world map corruption”.

    • Have you got a link to the info in the second paragraph? I searched for a bit and the spelling of “Huysein” does not bring much up.

      • Yes there are varied Latin spellings of his name.
        If you search teachings of imam Husayn you will see many varied results based on the school of Islam that is writing it.
        What is indisputable. is that Husayn the grandson of Mohammed wanted nothing to do with the violent ,thieving early expansionism of Islam. He was in many ways a holyman that saw spiritual pursuits to be more important than earthy conquest. .
        The following article is succinct enough to give you a basic idea of him .There are more in-depth pieces on his life and beliefs and demise if you search .

        • “Husayn the grandson of Mohammed wanted nothing to do with the violent ,thieving early expansionism of Islam. He was in many ways a holyman that saw spiritual pursuits to be more important than earthy conquest. .”

          Not exactly a man after mohammad’s perfect example then. No wonder they killed him.

        • The article claims that Islam was taken away from it’s initial holy and peaceful path. How can this be so if Mohammed was a living example of sanctified violence and evil? The article states that Husayn was present during the slaughters (but would not partake in them). Unfortunately Islam can’t “be” something and “not be” that same something at the same time. Did Husayn feel entitled to reject that Mohammed’s actions spoke louder than his initial words? Attempting to cleave Mohammed in two is just more forked tongue for Islam.

  8. I was taken to Speaker’s Corner when quite young, and can still remember it, all these years later.

    Guys stood on soapboxes to raise themselves above the crowds, and ranted on about politics, religion or whatever they wanted to talk about, and it was proudly called the only place in the world where anyone could say anything.

    That boast was possibly true, though there may have been other places, but it was certainly enshrined in the consciousness of Londoners, and that was the whole point: in a country without a single, written constitution, Britain relied on these popular rights and responsibilities which became part of our persona – not unlike the notion that deals in the City of London were done on the gentleman’s agreement of a simple handshake.

    We now have many people and cultures, not all foreign by any means, which do not hold to these principles.

    The homegrown opponents are Corporates who now use all legal means available to rob and cheat, and extreme Leftists who bully and also cheat to get their view, and their view only, heard. The heckler’s veto is a perfect example as pointed out by Hugh, above.

    During Sunday’s event, it was clear that Tommy’s message was about Free Speech, which was well understood and supported by the vast majority of the crowd.

    The disturbances appear to have happened earlier while people were arriving in small groups and as individuals, only to be ‘picked off’ by waiting packs of those wanting to prevent the event, but that didn’t happen, and as more good people arrived, the mood became something more akin to an open air concert and Tommy’s entourage was whisked through the throng, to cheers and chants and general delight.

    Antifa and their co-conspirators remained, but they knew enough to shut-up, and shut up they did.

    The media and establishment have done an effective hatchet job on Tommy Robinson, but we the people are becoming immune to their slanderous manipulation.

    I posted this on an earlier comment, but it’s here again if you haven’t seen it, and there’s a short clip included where Tommy says he’ll be back next week, so we’ve not been silenced yet:-

      • Thanks.

        I was gonna double-check before leaving, but I can now plan to do something else, instead.

        In a way I’m glad, because if he makes this too regular an event, then some really bad people are going to set-up an ambush. They are among us, and they have very bad intentions.


        • We need a British Spring, but perhaps not at Speakers’ Corner every time for security.
          We need to be a moving and responsive target.

        • Tommy gives direct updates under British Warrior on YouTube.

          British men off the sofas and out onto the streets, organise, communicate,mobilise, it is now or never for your futures.
          Crack on Lads!

    • Archimedes is said to have said, in another connection entirely – “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world”.

      If Tommy Robinson cannot be at Speaker’s Corner this Sunday – which does happen to be Palm Sunday, which might make it difficult for practising Christians to attend – then there is still nothing to stop all those who came *this* time, to come again anyway. At 3 pm.

      Gather in the thousands. People could, perhaps, bring copies of what Winston Churchill said about Islam – in “The Story of the Malakand Field Force” and in the 1899 original unabridged version of “The River War” – and read them out loud. Or they could bring G K Chesterton’s “The Battle of Lepanto” and read *that*….

      Or the formidable and plain-speaking Irishman, Conor Cruise O’Brien, on Islam.

      Here he is, writing in the wake of the fatwa on Salman Rushdie.

      “Islam: Back to the Dark Ages: We Should Not Repeal the Enlightenment to Appease Ayatollahs, Says Conor Cruise O’Brien”.
      ‘Friday 12 August 1994.

      And here he is again, writing in 1995, as Algeria was being ripped apart by a bloody civil war between the Frenchified semi-Muslim Muslims and the full-on sharia pushers who wanted a pure Islamic state:

      Friday 6 January 1995
      The lesson of Algeria: Islam is indivisible

      Money quote – “The Prophet Mohamed did not offer his followers a chance to live in harmony with their neighbours. He taught them to fight their neighbours, if they were unbelievers, and kill them or beat them into submission. And it is futile to say of those Muslims who faithfully follow those teachings today that their actions are “not intrinsically related to Islam”.
      We are facing an Islamic revival. ”

      Or someone could bring a copy of the English translation of Oriana Fallaci’s “The Rage and the Pride” and read *that*, with all due emphasis.

      Or they could look up what John Quincy Adams had to say about Islam, and read *that*. And, each time, just as Tommy did when he read Sellner’s speech, printed-out hardcopies of the speech could be brought, and shared around, for people to take home.

      Or they could write on the quiet to Geert Wilders, and ask *him* to write a speech that an English friend can read at Speaker’s Corner. “Letter to my English Friends”, something like that.

      Or read out portions of Peter McLoughlin’s damning report, “Easy Meat”, that discusses the “grooming gangs”.

      Invite Malcolm Lord Pearson, Earl of Rannoch, to speak. Invite Douglas Murray. Invite Gavin Boby.

      Let Speaker’s Corner be the place. Just as the Poles gathered; or just as the Estonians had their ‘singing revolution’… let the free Britons converge on Speaker’s Corner, and take it back for free speech – specifically, to reassert the right to publicly and rationally criticise Islam and express opposition to Islamisation – by sheer force of numbers.

      You *have* to have numbers. 2000 should be the minimum; aim to build up to *ten* thousand… *at least*.

      • I think the Muslim mob there would love to hear about the Islamic slave trades, from the trans-Saharan trade, Arab slave trade of blacks and the ottoman and Barbary slave trades of whites by Muslims. The USA becoming involved to quell the Libyans and then Algerians to eventually stop this barbarity and free the Mediterranean. Would these stick wielding darwah agents in Hyde park even know that Dutch ,Brits, hell even Icelanders where taken from their villages by Muslim slave traders?
        Islam will only melt in the light. Great topics for speakers corner you mentioned.

      • Speakers Corner would be a wonderfully symbolic place to begin a massive uprising against the current destruction of Free Speech and tolerance taking place in that once great beacon of freedom, Britain.

        Moslem and Lefty thugs are bullies, and thus by definition cowards, so numbers are important, as WorkingClassPost observed above. Keep it up, Tommy Robinson & Co.

        • As the poet Dryden said: “Beware the Fury of a Patient Man”.

          Let us hope the British authorities are too arrogant to grasp the significance of this phrase, and that they have made the fatal mistake of confusing tolerance with weakness. I think their utterly unjustifiable banning of these few ordinary folk who just want to say their piece may well have tipped the public over from Patience to Fury.

          If the patient British do explode out of Speakers Corner it could be the start of something very big indeed. I suspect some people in high places might be feeling a bit nervous. They can ban a few and imprison a few, but they cannot do either to all.

    • Very nicely put. As a born-and-bred Englishman now living abroad I am truly horrified at the way free speech and tolerance are being destroyed in that once-lovely country.

  9. Liberty is defined by the right to choose and most of all that nobody has the right to tell you what to think, do or how to vote. Kahn has created an incubator of discontent and a plantation filled with mindless Muslim slaves that will do what they can to take your liberty away.

    I’m saddened by England’s plight and I won’t be going back to London, I won’t even go to SF anymore.

    • San Francisco has its problems, no doubt–I live there. But it is *not* overrun by ravening Muslims.

  10. “He (or she) could make the following speech in defense of that right and its exercise at Speaker’s Corner:”

    The solution is super and should be implemented now everywhere.

    What happened to the word equality.

  11. “Do Muslims themselves not see that by welcoming such censorship on their behalf, they are signaling both that they are not up to the task of answering critics civilly and convincingly, and that they are unable to control their emotions, but are almost certain to respond to words with violence? ”

    The violent disrupters do not care and peaceful ones do not want to say anything about the violent disrupters.

  12. Fitzgerald wrote: “they are signaling both that they are not up to the task of answering critics civilly and convincingly, and that they are unable to control their emotions, but are almost certain to respond to words with violence?”

    There are several points here that should be answered : 1) Muslim are not ‘up to’ answering probing questions about Islam, because Islam is illogical and self-referentially incoherent, Islam is unhistorical, lacking a provenance, and Islam is amoral and opportunistic and therefore, Islam cannot be defended ethically. 2) civility is considered a lack of FERVOR and ENTHUSIASM for Islam, so Muslims think that a lack of emotion or neutral, calm affect is a sign of lacking true faith. 3) Muslims ‘convince’ themselves by self-hypnosis and not by facts. 4) Muslims do not WANT to control their emotions, but rather, they wish to show GHEIRA a passionate intensity and RELIGIOUS, RANTING, RAGING JEALOUSY for the honor of the prophet and for Islam. 5) Violence is not considered ‘losing it’ by Muslims, but to the contrary, it is sign of DIVINE INSPIRATION and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Muslims LOVING getting VIOLENT because there are 164 JIHAD VERSES in the KORAN that call for violence.

    • Of course you are correct. Those who wish respect on such a people who have proved themselves incapable for 1500 of being civilized are simply dreaming. Islam has never been a system that can produce neighbors who can live in peace BECAUSE it is not nor shall it ever be a peaceful system.

    • Hi Moritimer,
      Gheira can not find a word or link.

      Ghayrah (Arabic: غيرة) (sometimes transliterated Gheera, Ghirah, or Ghayra) is an Arabic word which means “protective jealousy” or “justifiable jealousy.” From the Islamic perspective, it is seen as a good and necessary type of jealousy that men have for the womenfolk (e.g. their wife, their sisters, and their daughters)[1] and is perceived as a necessary part of Islam……[controlling to have hijab, niqab, burka etc.],,,,,

      ……Salafi scholar Muhammad Al-Munajjid indicates that the concept also applies to protecting the Prophet Mohammed from blasphemy although the determination of guilt and application of the penalty (execution) is to be solely applied by Islamic authorities I do appreciate what you bring to jihad watch, thank you.

      • Ghira also refers to “a feeling of fury with great anger when one’s honour and prestige is challenged or injured.”

        Another Arabic term would be “asabiyya”, a favorite of Ibn Khaldun. It refers to the
        solidarity of the community, the vigor and espirit des corp of the tribe, and specifically, the primitive fury of the Muslim Arabs when they came out of Arabia to conquer to the world.

    • Very important points, Mortimer.

      The only point I would make is that Islam is not amoral–instead, it is deeply *Immoral*.

  13. The British people have to tell their politicians that it’s time to take their HANDS OFF the freedom of expression and that the British people WILL NOT TOLERATE restrictions or erosions of the human right of free expression.

    Just because a thought is unpopular is not PROOF that it is wrong. To discover what thoughts are supported by facts and logic, we must DEBATE and DISCUSS those controversial ideas.


  14. We Christians (and Jews) were warned that during the end times this will come to pass with a deadly and false system. And so it has.

  15. I believe Mr Fitzgerald is being ironic.

    “If the people of this religion [Islam] are asked about the proof for the soundness of their religion, they flare up, get angry and spill the blood of whoever confronts them with this question. They forbid rational speculation, and strive to kill their adversaries. This is why truth became thoroughly silenced and concealed” al-Razi 865-925 AD

  16. Mortimer, I think you are so right, and I still think there is a bigger plan behind this all, it must be that NWO, agenda 21 with one State, with one totalitarian center of government, it all went too fast and too smooth. Were all those people with the banners paid to do so and the feminists.After those first moves, you never saw anybody or heard anybody any more, and not a sound either.And people, YOU ARE ALWAYS STRONGER BY NUMBER IN DEMONSTRATIONS.
    I live in a western country, in a so called “democracy” the only time we got something changed was when we showed up with 250.000 people in one time and that were a lot of people, but it helped.
    The government never expected so many people, it was hardly manageable, but people came from all over the country, but it all went well, and you will probably see in the near future , that they will forbid demonstrations and all.
    Whenever I went to London, I always went to Speakers Corner, we always spoke of the “orange crate”,
    the only place of Democracy, where you still could speak your mind and had freedom of speech.
    What has this world come to?

    • Terra Nova, you write, “I live in a western country, in a so called “democracy” the only time we got something changed was when we showed up with 250.000 people in one time and that were a lot of people, but it helped.”

      Details, please. When and where did this gathering of 250,000 people take place, and what change was effected?

  17. “They suggested that “violence” could result if Lutz Bachmann were allowed to speak, or Martin Sellner before him, reasons which were sufficient to keep them out of the country. Do they have so low a view of Muslims as to think they are incapable of refraining from violence?”

    Come now Hugh. Do you think the politicians are scared of Muslim violence? They don’t care beyond their tenure in office; besides – they have protection.

    However, a crowd of thousands just waiting for the spark to embark on a purge of their quisling “leaders” – now THAT’S dangerous.

    • Just vote in some decent people. The idea that there is no recourse but violent revolution is just claptrap.

      • Where are these decent people and where is the decent voting system that will deliver them? Or at least there are some decent people but no-one votes for them.

        And where did I suggest that the only recourse was violent revolution? Though that is what it will come to.

  18. Of course you can criticize Islam, it happens the same with poisonous mushrooms which are edible … only once.

  19. Freedom of speech has been trashed by leftists all over the Western world. As well as direct confrontation at street protests, most countries now have Human Rights Acts, which were intended – supposedly – to protect ‘minorities’ from undue ‘criticism and offence’. But this insidious legislation also has the effect of stopping debate on issues such as Islam, out of fear of litigation. And there are plenty of instances where this has happened, with people virtually ruined financially and emotionally.

    The Muslim reaction is typical Islamic dualism. On the one hand, Islam commands Muslims to wage jihad against the kuffar (Quran 9:5 etc), but Muslims accuse critics of Islam of ‘racism’, ‘bigotry’ or ‘Islamophobia’. Under Islamic law, criticism of Islam is forbidden and punishable by death. (Reliance of the Traveller O8.7).

    We will never make progress until Islam is declared a criminal ideology which threatens national security. That will enable action to be taken in legal cases and immigration. But to do that, the present crop of dhimmi politicians in most Western countries will need to be replaced.

  20. Unfortunately they are ‘incapable of refraining from violence’ as has frequently been demonstrated.

    • Many Muslims ARE incapable of refraining from violence when their religion is criticized or ridiculed. But we need to do it anyway. We need to speak honestly about Islam, in all possible venues, before it’s too late — and stand ready to deal with violent responses, with overwhelming force.

      That’s the only course that makes any sense in the free world, if the free world is to remain free. Free speech — the bedrock of civilized society — must be defended at all costs. We cannot allow that right to be denied us by savages who have no business being here in the first place.

      And maybe, if enough of us speak the despicable truth regarding Islam frequently enough, in enough public venues, some of these Muslim colonizers will decide to relocate back to Muslim-majority countries where their precious faith is shown more respect. That would save us the trouble & expense of deporting them.

  21. “….Let the Speaker’s Corner at Hyde Park return to being what it has been formally for 150 years: the preeminent symbol of the right of free speech, and the place where it has most famously been exercised…”


    Since that 150-year history – formally established by an Act of Parliament – has now been terminated by Shariah May’s fake “Conservative” government that neither conserves nor governs – I shall tweak Mr Fitzgerald’s words for greater accuracy:

    “Let Speaker’s Corner at Hyde Park return to what it was formerly for 150 years: the pre-eminent symbol of the right of free speech, and the place from which it has been most infamously excised.”

  22. 20% of humanity has had Allah/God stolen from them. Muhammad dictated his personal beliefs into a finite book.He mutated all the prophets into his own counterfeit versions. Muhammad’s diatribe trapped infinite Allah forever into a few garbled angry sentences.

    Muhammad, Muslims’ single-source supplier of Allah. Muhammad, the weakest link and single point of failure between Muslims and true faith, love and wisdom, has been broken from the start.

  23. Islam is the only religion that depends on a single man for every word of its doctrine. In the Koran, Muhammad monopolized Allah/God and the prophets, mutating them into his image.

    There are no other Islamic doctrines but the Koran, a typical Iron Age diatribe dictated by a single man.

    The hadith and sunna are merely supplemental exegesis not true doctrine, as they were written hundreds of years after Muhammad crooked.

      • Does it make sense that Allah would depend on a single person in order to communicate with his entire universe, and only for a brief time through a single small book?

        For Muslims, Muhammad is not the last prophet, he is their only prophet, the one who kidnapped Allah and locked him into a very limited book.

      • A “Prophet” who never prophesied anything. How does that work? Oh I get it, a self-proclaimed Prophet. Says it all.

  24. How long you man-children here gonna just whine about this stuff? The UK and U.S. govts have declared war on our traditional societies and peoples in favor of neo-marxist, postmodern Utopian ideas that fail everywhere they are tried.

    They are destroying Western civilization every day. And don’t care about the law or reason, they just want to win. They must be stopped via force if you want to save the West. But nobody on the Right wants to really face this as we are too polite and love this country far too much.

    Bottom line? We can’t have Western civilization and all it implies and neo-marxist postmondernism. They must be excised from our society. Utterly. Completely. And immediately – and even then, it may be too late cuz a pickle can’t become a cucumber again.

    • The idea that educating people about the threat of Islam makes us “man-children” is ridicuous. Moreover, many are not just acting on-line, but out in the real world like Tommy Robinson.

      What are *you* doing to oppose the threat of Jihad?

  25. Free speech is dead in Britain.

    We knew they were headed for sharia but I didn’t expect it this soon. The British people must be terrified, they are literally witnessing the fall of their nation. Child rape and FGM are an accepted practice now as it is “too much trouble” for their judicial system to prosecute, and blasphemy laws too are in full force. Consider the recent Lauren Southern case. The Canadian born activist/journalist was detained under schedule 7 (terrorism law) and banned from Britain for distributing “racist” material in Luton. Of course she was not acting racist, she was merely performing a harmless social experiment that had the temerity to mention allah in sharia controlled Britain. They treated her worse than their own returning terrorists, they humiliated her and kicked her out. And there was also the Pettibone case too, she was banned for simply wanting to interview Tommy Robinson. Truly bizarre. In the mean time former ISIS fighters, hundreds of them, are welcomed back and presumably getting all kinds of aid. It’s more than unfair, it’s insanely stupid and dangerous.

    I’d like to think this was a temporary thing, like maybe the British government is simply suffering a kind of temporary madness. But I doubt it, their ruling class seem completely content with embracing islam’s supremacist ways at the expense of safety and individual liberty. And if kids must get raped and free speech must die then so be it. This should be our wake up call in America. Those who doubted this could never happen in a western democracy were obviously wrong, it has happened in Britain. Democracy is dying in the West because there are too many muslims to deal with, and the jihad mentality in islam is too ingrained in their culture to eradicate. Putin is less a threat with his nuclear arsenal than muslims are with their “religion of peace.” You don’t need bombs in today’s world of insane political correctness, just invent a god that hates us and we’ll grant you religious protection for our own destruction. We live in the West at a time of self loathing, we must all pay for the mistakes of our forefathers, never mind that every culture in history has blood on its hands. The British government has made their true feelings known: they think so little of muslims’ cognitive and behavioral abilities that it’s imperative they shelter them from any discussion about their 1400 year old religion. Britain’s new theocratic government are acting like the worst kind of bigots and haters, stomping on citizens rights while disparaging muslims with belittling and denigrating over protection. Robert Spencer is an example of someone who truly respects muslims by dealing with them as adults who can handle the truth. But don’t ever say that in Britain, you will surely be banned.

  26. Show them respect by unapologetically holding them to the same standards of conduct as the rest of the world and pointing it out when they fail to meet those standards of basic decency and merit. Don’t treat them like children when they should know better.

    Respect needs to be earned, not demanded with the threat of consequences for non-compliance.

  27. Idi Amin’s quote exactly reflects Mrs Theresa May’s mentality…”You HAVE freedom of speech,BUT, freedom AFTER your Speech……..THAT, I can not guarantee….

  28. I have just returned from a trip to a city I lived in for many years, I am feeling very unsettled today. I went into a store that I have shopped at for years, there were five women dressed like me, all the others wore a hijab, five were in long outfits with just a slit for eyes, others had long outfits with their faces showing. I was the minority in a store in Canada. The Imams who have been calling for Shari’ah in Canada for many years now must be very happy. Today we here all about M-103 and what we are allowed to say. Damn Justine Trudeau and all the collaborators who have assisted in the ruination of Canada. Shhhh, you can NOT say that.

    • Ironically I think the response by western governments is only going to deepen the divide between us and muslims. Had they given our concerns a fair hearing there’s a small chance we could have effected positive change through dialogue and mutual respect. But as it is, islam is elevated to superior status despite its jihad aims and inherent human rights abuses, while we are defamed as bigots and irrational islamophobes. There was never any attempt by government officials to establish a middle ground that might encourage thoughtful debate or fair-minded action. Nope, we’re bigots and they are the poor, maligned peaceful muslims who always get abused unjustly for their bigoted and murderous doctrines. Now that free speech is on the brink of total elimination regarding islam, we can be sure there will be little western nations can do to stop their own ruination.

      • There will never be mutual respect; it is not in the Islamic ideology. The infidel is the “worst of creatures”, he does not merit or deserve ant respect. He deserves to be humiliated, despised, pushed to the gutter. This is what Islam is about.

        • There will never be mutual respect; it is not in the Islamic ideology. The infidel is the “worst of creatures”, he does not merit or deserve ant respect. He deserves to be humiliated, despised, pushed to the gutter. This is what Islam is about.

          You’re right of course, islam is all about submission. They are duty bound to convert the rest of us for allah unto death, that will never change. But my point is, despite all their protestations about wanting to improve the situation by stamping out “hate speech” they only made things worse. They have deepened the divide between us and muslims with their bigoted, draconian policies against our views about islam. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we could ever tame the snake, we won’t. But I think I’m right in pointing it out, western governments have destroyed any hope of positive change by crushing free speech to protect muslims sensibilities. And by “positive change” and “mutual respect” I wasn’t referring to our relationship with muslims, no, we can never feel safe with allah’s totalitarian ideals. I mean positive change in the sense that our views might have been more likely to gain respect in the arena of public debate if our governments had stood strong in defense of free speech. So don’t misunderstand me, I’m not at all hopeful that muslims will ever learn to live in “mutual respect” with our views. I’m only pointing out the irony in the governments wrong-headed approach. But again, you are 100% correct in what you said.

        • Japetto, I don’t believe that Islam *ever* would have been compatible with the civilized West. But you are correct that dhimmi Western “leaders” are just enabling and emboldening Muslims.

  29. The “freedom” of choice (free will) is not a part of Islam. Islam deems that all persons must either be Muslim, converted to Islam or be killed. That is not choice and will never be choice. Therefore, freedom of choice does not exist. As long as people can conceive of freedom of choice, Islam cannot stand. Therefore, Islam demands that people die who want this freedom. It’s time for a continuation of the concept of the Crusades for all peoples who will listen.

  30. What you need to show those fake refugee muslims is the door. If not all of Great Britain (culture, tradition, law,etc) will be lost. Eventually they will capsize the monarchy. Action should be taken

    • As long as there are lefty ideologues in Britain we have no chance of even curbing the advance of the islamisation of our country.They are deaf to our warnings.In fact they laugh at our concerns.We are talking to ourselves here.Our politicians are blind to what is happening.Our present form of governance has to be removed either violently or preferably by the ballot box.Things have to change quite drasticaly though before the supine British become aware.

  31. Hi. I go to Speaker’s Corner regularly and critique Islam from a Christian perspective. It’s not quite true that the UK gov bans ALL speech critical of Islam at SC. It’s hard work because of the behaviour of some of the Muslims (and the police aren’t always supportive ) but we can still say what we want – for now.

    Love this website – keep up the good work!

    • It is true that people can still talk about Islam, and preach Islam and preach against islam at Speakers Corner, like Jay Smith had before he came back home to America, but those who do, don’t usually have REVOLUTION in mind. (Unless it’s a Muslim). But then I haven’t seen all the speeches there either. Only Jay Smith.

        • Great stuff Lizzie, and everyone else with you!

          May Christ keep you and call His sheep through your work.

  32. Looking at Fitzgerald’s essay, it is that people with clout won’t speak, and people without clout but with facts aren’t allowed to speak. Britain is sealing itself off from truth tellers who would come into the country, such as Spencer and Geller, and those within, such as Tommy Robinson.

    This is a sure recipe for disaster. Among its many benefits, free speech let’s a population let off steam in a harmless way. With government controlled speech, pressure is building in Britain, and elsewhere, and will surely blow one day.

  33. It is not that Muslims cannot bear to hear Islam mentioned or criticised; it is dependent on who says it. When an infidel relates anything about Islam,even if it is from the Koran or Sunna; if Muslims don’t want any particular sura or Hadith brought to public attention ,they will react aggressively or violently. They consider it slandering Islam if it comes from an infidel.
    Islam teaches that the infidel is not fit to talk about Islam because the infidel is nothing but a beast,”the worst of creatures”. The faithful will never accept the Infidel criticising Islam and they will always be aggressive or violent when such speech occurs because in their ideology if the infidel does this he must be punished and put back in his place,the dhimmi,the oppressed, the subservient, the inferior to Islam’s superior.
    A lot of commentators do not seem to grasp how deeply the faithful of Islam despise the infidel,”the worst of creatures”.

    • Then we must teach these people that in the enlightened West we believe that everything and anything is open to scrutiny.Even their book.If they cannot accept this they are free to return to the sh%thole country that their book came from.

    • Yes–in Islam, “slander”–“Ghiba” is anything Muslims don’t want to hear said. It does not matter if it is true.

  34. It must be remembered that everything is in change. The attacks on these liberationists like Spencer, Geller, Trump, and these latest are not separate from the British urge to go to war with Russia. Johnson and May wish to withdraw from the Globalist EU but they seek to convince the Globalists that they are still good Globalists by making war on Russia. Hillary Clinton in the weeks before the election November 2016 was referring continually to Putin as a Fascist and a Nazi. Now Johnson has echoed Hillary Clinton. Considering the loss of life to the Nazis these are very grave insults and risk thermonuclear war. What is driving them to such reckless behaviour? I think this is also a very bad omen for Israel and the Jews. Those who are so lacking in logic could well trigger or lead another great killing of the Jews. How can this be countered? The issue still centres around Donald Trump. He must be defended at all costs. It is not necessary to agree with everything. At the same time the critical issue is also the Britain First leaders. All progressive groups, and my revolutionary socialist group is such, must band together and without ambiguity call for their immediate release. We state our point of view, our own political programme, but we must unite to defend the freedom of discussion and to fight against Fascism. Mrs May and Johnson represent proto fascism. This is what is historically known as the “United Front”. In practical terms this is what must be done. We must not rest until the Britain First leaders are released.

  35. Exactly why should moslems be respected when their qur’an calls for violence against non-moslems? Don’t respond that most are moderate – the evidence does not support that view.

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